Dear Editor: Why I too should be a UN ambassador; BOBOL founder makes tongue-in-cheek application

“Short of attaching a resume, which can too often be interpreted literally (thereby demonstrating my inadequacy for the post), I shall outline my experience and qualifications in my own words…”

The following Application for the position of UN Ambassador was forwarded to Wired868 by G Balisier, who suggested that his record speaks for itself and ought to be seriously considered:

Photo: Foreign Affairs Minister Dennis Moses (right) presents the instrument of appointment to Trinidad and Tobago’s new Ambassador to the Permanent Mission of the United Nations Office, Makeda Antoine.

To the Honourable Dr Keith Rowley (Uncle Keith, if I may):

Please find enclosed my application for the post of UN Ambassador.

Short of attaching a resume, which can too often be interpreted literally (thereby demonstrating my inadequacy for the post), I shall outline my experience and qualifications in my own words:

  1. I am a lawyer. Which means I can assume any position in Government, even Minister of Health or Minister of Education! UN Ambassador is therefore clearly within my ‘bailiwick’ (see how I slipped legal jargon into this letter? Pure genius! I am clearly well suited for Geneva).
  2. I am the founder of Balisier OBservers Of the Land (“BOBOL”). A “horticultural society” (wink) I created last night, on Facebook, to commemorate all things ‘related to’ the balisier. To date, the group has 12 likes, spanning 5 continents. This is a fact.
  3. I have 30 years ‘international experience’ in Switzerland. Ever since my childhood, I have watched football and the Olympics. And, according to Wikipedia, both organizations are based in Switzerland. This is a fact.
  4. I have also ‘done business or been involved with’ over 190 countries to date. Last night, I used Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. All three sites have users in over 190 countries. By posting to those sites and/or liking certain comments, I interacted with much of the world. This is a fact.
  5. I also incorporated a company (Progressive National Manufacturing Inc). This shows that I am worldly and experienced. As you know, not everyone can incorporate a company. It takes diligence, effort and skill.
Photo: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley enjoys an exchange with the media.
(Courtesy Jyoti Communication)

In sum, I trust that I have demonstrated my experience for the post. As you may know, UN Ambassador is a senior role that requires an incredible amount of diplomacy, tact and life experience. I would hate for the position to be occupied by persons ‘currying’ political favour (no pun intended). Let’s not repeat the sins of the past.

Yours truly,

G Balisier

Editor’s Note: This application was not done by Mr Live Wire but passed to Wired868 on the condition of anonymity. The author does not wish to be known as he would like his application to be judged strictly on merit.

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  1. Key to this apppointment is who she has around her and whether she listens to them.

  2. The continued argument about qualification irks me. She has no experience in International Relations, Career diplomacy protocol and International Trade

  3. Only solution, constitutional reform. For roles like this they pass through a, “appointment and confirmation” process in the parliament and senate, where their credentials, suitability and fit are evaluated and debated, before final final selection. Create a list of the positions which will be eligible for this process and make public

    • Brian, what you propose has to be the eventual solution.Meanwhile an interim one needs to be found.Our country’s Foreign Service is a national and international disgrace and has been that for almost a decade and this mess is costing taxpayers a pretty penny.There will be resistance by both major parties to the constitutional solution because they now both view the FS as a place to offer candy to their respective cronies; it is what one commentator’s hashtag has aptly called bran tub behaviour.While our politicos are messing up big time others in the region are doing really well.Quite some time ago in JA it was agreed that no less than 70 percent of the Ambassadorial appointments would go to career diplomats.That has often been exceeded and has been respected across political lines.Guyana,within two years,under a very able Foreign Minister has appointed first quality Ambassadors to every position and that country is earning international respect.Meanwhile in sweet T&T………

  4. I like the rest of this country was flabbergasted by this appointment but i was privileged to meet this young woman a few nights ago and she is no fool and i found her to be poised, eloquent, intelligent and a far better choice than Ms Cornelius who embarrassed the hell out of us a few years ago. I wish her all the best.

    • I met her too and also think she is a nice and smart person. But what differentiates her from other nice and smart persons I know?
      I feel all State jobs should have set criteria and a selection process to ensure that people are hired because they are the best possible candidates interested in the position. Nothing to do with Makeda.

    • Lasana Liburd Just how many persons do you know with her academic qualifications, her years of experience as a Senior Manager at one a huge organisation and her courage for founding not one, but THREE organisations that have grown since their start up?

    • Annette, I could answer you but that’s not the point. It’s not a personality issue.
      For instance, when I’m looking for someone to provide a service I don’t only think of the best person I know. I make a few phone calls to others in that field and ask them for referrals. Then I search the people, ask them to send me evidence of their work and prices and try to find the best fit.
      It’s not really rocket science. If I just hired the best person I knew in my limited circle of associates, I wouldn’t get far. And if the Govt hired that way we would probably have a messed up public sector.

    • Lasana Liburd ,Reginald Dumas who is an expert in this field was utterly disrespected for expressing a view which everyone who knows this business shares.I also saw Dr Farrell’s comments on it which are similar to Mr Dumas’.A way forward might be for a two person team comprising objective and highly respected persons like Dr Farrell and either Mr Knowlson Gift( a career diplomat who was also Foreign Minister) or Mr Dumas to have a second look at this and prepare a shortlist of the best qualified and experienced persons in the country for this position.They might also be requested to review other appointments made in the Foreign Service,many of which are not working well and to fill existing vacancies,a number of which remain after more than two years.Any position paid for out of the public purse should be able to withstand objective scrutiny on grounds of merit.

    • Lasana Liburd Huh, don’t we have a messed up public sector??

    • He may be wrong – BUT he is a young man I admire more than any other and therefore give full support to his understanding:

      “Pearce Robinson
      This entire article wreaks of intellectual bankruptcy. But I can’t say I am surprised, the level of jealousy that is publicly peddled is astounding. Once again, the media in Trinidad & Tobago has failed to do their due diligence and are jumping on a bandwagon of ignorance and stupidity to which we ought to ignore.
      Makeda has 4 degrees and more experience in her little finger than half the people flapping their traps out of jealousy. It’s funny, none of these people had anything to say about a vet getting a diplomatic posting. But now the sky has fallen down and the people are supposedly demoralized. No, they’re jealous!
      Why is that? Who cares! I support this strong and very experienced woman, who has extensive international commercial experience across the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean and this unique insight positions her well to deal with the dynamics of her newfound portfolio. Full support Makeda!”

    • Annette that is laughable. Once it starts with “intellectual bankruptcy, ignorance and stupidity”, Pearce attacks everyone who disagree and calls them all sorts of names. I cannot take that seriously.
      A mature response is to listen to points and address them. So people like Reginald Dumas are intellectually bankrupt, ignorant and stupid?

    • Its interesting to note he started off defending the appointment but went on to attack a previous appointment
      And this is why I am continuously confused. Why put someone new if they are only going to resort to doing what was done previously?
      And despite 4 degrees, I am well acquainted with persons with tertiary level qualifications where one really grasps the concept of book sense v common sense, I wonder just how much diplomatic experience one can have at the ripe old age of 30.

  5. From “Uncle Ketos”: Dear Mr Balisier, while you have presented a very “stunning bio of yourself never-the-less it is with great sadness that you application is been placed on file for consideration after the 2020 elections. (Therefore it’s in your interest to get up and vote us back) At this moment you are far from the sweet lass that has been appointed and strongly recommend that you consider a sex make-over. The ladies are much more attractive to deal with. Seek Deyalsingh’s advice on the matter!


  7. I am very disappointed at people who feel that this young lady is unqualified for the posting to Switzerland. She is highly qualified and I’m sure she make a much better representative than Nan Ramgoolam

  8. If Dennis Moses had any sense of principle and decency about him, he would have objected, then resigned if the politerates who foisted this on him and the nation didn’t withdraw it. Embarrassing all round.

  9. Dear G. Balisier,
    A gynecologist was the Minister of Education. No more to say. I have run out of words and ideas.

    • That may give an insight into manner in which we were perceived.

    • …and a failed engineer is the Minister of Finance….
      BTW a gyno was the last Min of Ed and now a ‘woodman’ is the present one. For some reason, there seems to be some sort of a pattern.

    • Presently: Minister of Finance is an engineer (remember the Stadium in Grenada), and the Minister of Public Utilities is a ‘Banker’. Minister of Works is a Businessman (say no more). Who on earth knows the qualifications of Shamfa et al.

      Last Govt: The Minister of the People was a Vet. Hmnnnn.

  10. Half mark for this government is fast approaching. I am excited for the satirical pens ahead ✌

  11. I am a lawyer. Which means I can assume any position in Government, even Minister of Health or Minister of Education! UN Ambassador is therefore clearly within my ‘bailiwick’ (see how I slipped legal jargon into this letter? Pure genius! I am clearly well suited for Geneva).

    hahahaahahah this was indeed pure genius Lasana lol

  12. Young Lady go and make your mark. I can see you will not be in the cocktail crowd.

  13. Based on “The Application”, what evidence does “The Applicant” have to infer that the recipient of the ambassadorial appointment may lack the “Diplomatic” ability and “Tact” to permit her to successfully function in the subject role?

  14. I need to apply, I have resided in 5 different countries, out side of the Caribbean, 8 states in the US, and 7 Caribbean countries ………….

    let me n sell out myself and write my application eh

  15. I aint read it as yet…I can’t seem to laugh past the headline lol

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