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Intercol 2017 (Video): Signal Hill aim to go out with a bang after rough season

Relegated from the Premier Division, defending Tobago champions Signal Hill Secondary have no plans of going out with a whimper.  Captain Akil Frank, coach Nigel De Souza and the rest of the squad sound the war cry:

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  1. Shakeel Francis killa can’t plat that fro or. Watch him at 5:20 nah he wild. And at 6:00 wiz that shot you hit there Jabari George

  2. Eh look Kyle Civilien and Darry Winchester wda Chevelle McPherson

  3. Hahahahahha Kedar Combie tag adriel nah the man say he crunch you but watch at 2:49 wa go on

  4. Watch d video from begining an tell me who u see Kalyssa Best

  5. Damn…..this football need rebuilding……why they kicking away the ball?

  6. Mr Xavier King I am not impressed with that pitch, player could hardly show case their skills on that muddy field.

  7. why they didn’t cover we game ? and he say they covering everything