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TTFA confirm Nov friendlies against Guyana and Grenada, Warriors include Levi, Molino and Bateau

The Soca Warriors will aim to build on their closing 2018 World Cup qualifying win over the United States with friendlies against Grenada and Guyana in what the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) has termed as the beginning of their new mission.

Both outings will be played at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva—coined “the Home of Football” by the TTFA—on Saturday 11 November and Tuesday 14 November respectively.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Levi Garcia (left) holds off USA right back DeAndre Yedlin during 2018 World Cup qualifying action in Couva on 10 October 2017.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

The Grenada fixture will kick off at 6pm while there will be a 7:30pm start for the Guyana encounter.

The Warriors will be near full strength for the two matches as head coach Dennis Lawrence included Eredivisie-based winger Levi Garcia, MLS-based playmaker Kevin Molino and Kazakhstan-based central defender Sheldon Bateau in his 23-man team.

Costa Rica-based forward Jamille Boatswain and Finland-based full back Aubrey David were also included after serving internal suspensions for playing minor league football.

Saudi Arabia-based midfielder Khaleem Hyland, who captained the Warriors against the United States, was excused due to club commitments while Daneil Cyrus, Kareem Moses, Trevin Caesar and Joevin Jones also miss out.

Lawrence told the TTFA Media that the upcoming matches are the first step towards his new goal of turning Trinidad and Tobago into Caribbean champions once more.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago right back Alvin Jones (right) smashes a long ranged free kick towards the USA goal during 2018 World Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 10 October 2017.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

“Obviously we want to continue where we left off versus Mexico and the United States,” said Lawrence, “and end the year on a good note, as we look ahead to the future.”

Grenada are ranked 141st in the world by FIFA while Guyana are ranked 165th. Trinidad and Tobago are ranked 83rd.

The remaining five nations from the 2017 CONCACAF Hex will also be in action during the November match window.

Honduras will tackle Australia in a two-legged FIFA Play-off on 10 and 15 November while Mexico are due to face Belgium and Poland, Costa Rica play Spain and Hungary, Panama take on Colombia and the United States will travel to Portugal.

Warriors fans can see both local games for the price of one ticket due a special from the local football body.

“When you buy a ticket for the 11th, you automatically have a ticket for the 14th,” said TTFA president David John-Williams. “These games represent the start of a process envisioned by coach Lawrence and supported by the TTFA and we want the fans to be there from the beginning.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago defender Sheldon Bateau (left) tussles with Panama attacker Abdiel Arroyo during the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup quarterfinals at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on 19 July 2015.
(Copyright AFP 2017)

Tickets go on sale from Monday 6 November at all NLCB outlets. Covered stand tickets cost TT$100, uncovered are TT$50 while children under the age of 12 will be admitted free of charge.

(Trinidad and Tobago team)

Goalkeepers: Adrian Foncette (Police FC), Greg Ranjitsingh (Louisville City FC—USA), Glenroy Samuel (Morvant Caledonia Utd);

Defenders: Mekeil Williams (Colorado Rapids—USA), Curtis Gonzales (Defence Force), Sheldon Bateau (FC Kairat—Kazakhstan), Alvin Jones, Triston Hodge (both W Connection), Kevon Villaroel (North East Stars), Josiah Trimmingham (Club Sando);

Midfielders: Leston Paul (CD Pasaquina—El Salvador), Nathaniel Garcia (Point Fortin Civic), Kevan George (Jacksonville Armada—USA), Jared London (Club Sando), Neveal Hackshaw (Charleston Battery—USA);

Attacking midfielders: Kevin Molino (Minnesota United—USA), Nathan Lewis (San Juan Jabloteh), Neil Benjamin (W Connection), Hashim Arcia (Defence Force), Kathon St Hillaire (St Ann’s Rangers), Levi Garcia (AZ Alkmaar—Netherlands);

Forwards: Shahdon Winchester (Murciélagos FC—Mexico), Akeem Roach (CD Vida—Honduras), Jamille Boatswain (LDA Alajuelense—Costa Rica).

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  1. I wonder if Joevin asked to be excused, because he supposedly left without permission last time? The first leg of the Western Conference Championship against Houston Dynamo is not until November 21st.

  2. Can’t blame him. It’s only so many times a man will fly down to play bottom kiss bench.

  3. Ranjitsingh declines Trinidad and Tobago call-up in favor of remaining with Louisville City FC for the USL Cup Final.

  4. So now they want to give him a call up eh, because they now realizing that the Soca Worries needs another top of the line goalkeeper moving forward eh, he shouldn’t be taking no call ups to represent our Soca Worries especially when the players are not being paid the well earned monies after each game steeuuppss. Them really good yes.

  5. Ranjitsingh, Louisville FC will play NYRB II on Saturday, November 4th in USL Eastern Conference final. If Louisville FC win, he will play for the USL Cup 2017 Championship on Monday November 13th. Are we sure he is accepting this call up?

  6. @ Malik Johnson, You really good yes.

  7. Them really good yes.Toolah Julien

  8. A new start should have meant teams higher than us in the FIFA rankings. We have to start doing like Jamaica and Haiti and start courting tougher opponents outside of the Caribbean pool.

  9. It’s nice to have back Boatswain and Cato back in the team. Come guys lets be dissaplined and move forward with the beautiful game.

  10. KJ still has alot to contribute …he’s only 32 if not as a starter then an experienced head off the bench

  11. So is this squad and acceptance that K Jones days for is over as long as Lawrence is coach ?

  12. Hannibal Najjar

    By the way I could somewhat agree with Lookloy that we may not win both games – remember, Guyana have oil now! And, Grenada, the prices of spices have soared!

  13. Hannibal Najjar

    Lots flying all over this TT football scene here but, and though there will never be a, one-correct answer to this puzzle, my one comment would be to categorically support what Travis has stated – “That’s why we should build a competent local team”. I have been long in my insistence that a coach would be wise to build on that strategy. Before taking up the job, convince the players that a patriotic effort is afoot. Convince the players that there will be trust between the coach and them at all times and that the program is ALL about and only, THAT – a total commitment he, the coach to them, and they, the players to the him and the cause. Convince them that, not too long ago, these very same, “foreign based” players were right here in these soils and were then, picked up – they too will and the more they buy into this total philosophy, the more their value will sore and the better their chance will be to gain a contract in a first and surely, second tier team of a prominent league. Convinced the players that the team to be picked will more likely host 70-80% local players and the other percentage will be carefully selected from those playing abroad. Convince the players that their efforts will not be in vain and their hard work will give hope to the younger players that would be just a hand’s reach away from their new heroes – the future will be better because of you and your making better that which has been given you. Convict the nation that you, the coach is bent on your fiduciary responsibilities and will, at all costs, maintain a genuine sense of integrity – being true to the truth and remaining faithful especially when no one is looking. Ya! No mas! Khullas! Punto finale! Nuf said!

  14. Lasana Liburd… can we get a clear the air article on Attula Guerra ??

  15. Dennis don’t study the negative comments go foward with your plans alot of football lovers are with you.

  16. Posh there no stadium to far real supporters follow their team home and abroad

  17. ..There is a presumption here that we are by definition better than both opponents. The team with the most to lose is Trini. We lucky if we win both..

    • We’ve played these teams many times before in situations like this just after a failed qualification attempt and such games have never worked for us as we always fail to qualify for the next world cup. Why not try something new by playing only difficult teams. Please note that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity.

    • ..If we win both we lucky. Moreover, people seem to believe that there is a long line of top footballing countries clamouring to play Trini. Wishful thinking. This is probably who we could get..

    • Keith. I totally agree with you. As a footballing nation, we need to face reality and recognize where we are and what is the goal going fwd..
      Let me add.. I attended a pro ProLogue game yesterday and one of the team’s showed up with no goal keeper…when I left, it was 5 – 0

      Out side of our national team, who should be the benefiter of players coming from the top local leagues is not producing. That is a fact.

      So we need to get off our high horses and feel we to good to play other Caribbean teams.

      We have to understand first, every thing is a step. And to me this is a start..

      Let’s fix our situation from the ground up.

    • Keith Look Loy Keith. I totally agree with you. As a footballing nation, we need to face reality and recognize where we are and what is the goal going fwd..
      Let me add.. I attended a pro ProLogue game yesterday and one of the team’s showed up with no goal keeper…when I left, it was 5 – 0

      Out side of our national team, who should be the benefiter of players coming from the top local leagues is not producing. That is a fact.

      So we need to get off our high horses and feel we to good to play other Caribbean teams.

      We have to understand first, every thing is a step. And to me this is a start..

      Let’s fix our situation from the ground up.

    • I’m not trying to discredit Grenada or Guyana but we should attempt to play teams that are comparable to us on paper such as Venezuela or Guatemala. I wouldn’t be surprised if Grenada or Guyana defeats us due to the woeful state of our football but that should not be the reason to play such teams. Play teams whose style of play is similar to the styles of teams that consistently defeat us and prevent us from qualifying such as Mexico and Costa Rica.

  18. De season pass still good for these games? Supposed to be valid until November 2017, but dat could mean either de beginning or end of de month.

  19. Guyana and Grenada???? We just not making any sense!!!!

  20. We should be facing tougher opposition.

  21. And if he fails to qualify for the Gold cup fire him and bring in another coach? Carlos we need to be real. We are not a top footballing nation tho God has blessed us with talent. Talent is luck you were born with it. Success as you very well know calls for more tgan talent. When you send your teams out to battle without proper preparation you should prepare to fail. Look Carlos Lee at who playing against next USA playing Portugal. We coulda go Venezuela and play Caracas F.C 2 friendlies and derive more from thay exercise.

  22. Why kick the can down the road Travis? Did you see anything that suggest an extension is needed? Why not fire him now and start afresh with a new coach and use the Caribbean cup as their initial assessment?

  23. And the TTFA/you all don’t consider qualifying for the 2020 Olympics a worthwhile goal?
    Cause this rebuilding squad doesn’t seem to cater to the Olympics.

  24. Better I try and make this team boi

  25. It is a FIFA window so therefore the coach has access to the country’s best players…so he calls who he sees fit…but my grouse is the quality of the opposition the TTFA has seen it fit to test our players against.

  26. I dont agree with that . He should be given till the Caribbean Cup just like Latas when he also oversaw a failed campaign. Its not like we are expected to qualify for EVERY WC . Our yardstick should realistically be the hex . And with grenada and guyana as friendlies not even the hex. But the next tournament is in the caribbean . So lets see

  27. Thats why we should build a competent local team.

  28. I’d be very surprised to see the Central America based players traveling to these matches while they are in the crucial part of the season.

  29. Where is Alvin Jones? He needs those caps.

  30. I know that but we have a different dynamic than the US and mexico they can call on players from the MLS or Liga MX to step up

  31. I expect to see Ranjitsingh play

  32. You are so so correct Carlos Lee because if Stephen Hart was disposed-of…then why not Dennis…but i guess the TTFA top-brass will be scratching their heads as to wonder who will they appoint…and then the issue (AGAIN) of finance comes into play

  33. Fans should stay away until a thorough review of the failed WC campaign is done and shared with the general public. Time for accountability is NOW! I’ll also like to know why Dennis is still the head coach of the national team. You don’t reward failure.

    • Well he did come midway into the Hex with a hill to climb. In my opinion the quality of play improved but we had some poor results that maybe didn’t quite reflect how the game went.

      I think we should have some patience. We shouldn’t keep swapping managers all the time. He didn’t get a full campaign. It’s his first top managerial role. We have some years to review before making such a definitive decision

  34. Waw. Caribbean teams and we still calling foreign players?

    • That’s nothing new Travis since back in the 90’s I remember watching Yorke Latas Leonson Marcelle & Nakhid all foreign-based at the time playing vs Cuba Jamaica etc in Shell Caribbean Cup…later years Stern & Ancil who were US-based also got called into the squad. Maybe DL wants to begin the integration process of Local -US-European-CentralAmerican from now and future squads will reflect that balance?

    • But the same mistakes of that era might be made i think a local based squad should be developed

    • Respectfully disagree, today’s local-based is tomorrow’s foreign-based…Perfect example is Boatswain who made his debut for the National side back in March this year but is now plying his trade in Central America…we need to develop team chemistry so if we can get a core group playing together regularly Coach will have less work to do getting men to gel and accustomed playing with one another.

  35. Watch out for Kathon St Hillaire

  36. Am starting to think that someone on the staff or in the TTFA don’t like Ataulla Guerra because I can count more than 5 players he is better than and I know for a fact he was playing week in week out for his team after he came off injury and they got knocked out of the playoffs

  37. Guyana and Grenada?..great way to start preparations for the next major tournament.