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Wired868TV Presents (Video): Intercol champs, San Juan North

Defending National Intercol champions, San Juan North Secondary, open their doors to Wired868 in the first instalment of our Chasing Goal series, which takes you behind the scenes of our Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) Premier Division teams:

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  1. Proud of you Miss DeNyssa Furlonge…keep supporting and motivating. An excellent production as well…all the best Bourg!

  2. Blessings flow! To my old school big up class of 95 and still going strong….

  3. Great to see my former school doing well.. #class of ’99

  4. How does anybody watch these games from outside Trini?!?!

  5. I forgot to share one of the most interesting parts of this episode.
    The school vice principal is Joseph Taylor, who is a current TTFA board member, head of the referees associations and the son of former Jack Warner “associate” Harold Taylor.
    He took our call on doing an interview with Wired868 on show but subsequently stopped taking all our calls and didn’t answer any messages… Only for us to then hear that he allegedly said he doesn’t want to hear about Wired868 and will only talk to SportsMax!
    Thankfully, a dean at the school, Phillip Fraser, stepped in to ensure that a senior faculty member spoke to us about how their football program fits into their school vision.
    So thanks Mr Taylor!

  6. This is excellent Lasana. I feel that I would have liked to hear the name of the players who were interviewed. You can consider that as helping them in their sporting careers to ‘make their mark/name’. It will also give the viewers a personal side and connection to the same names that are mentioned during match time and in published results.

  7. Good…Lasana…it would only get better….

  8. Looking forward to the future episodes.

  9. Great stuff! Always a fantastic atmosphere at Bourg Mulatresse.

  10. Nice vid Lasana Liburd, me being the Secretary/ Treasurer of the East Zone I want to wish all competing schools great success for the Season.. Gooooooooo East Zone……………….

  11. Kudos to the teachers who take the holistic approach towards the players.

  12. Nice job Lasana and company. Good quality video and audio.

  13. Really enjoyed this video production. Students and schools are getting an opportunity to showcase their talents, goals and ambitions. Continue the great work wired868. …. Also like the energy of the host

  14. Love it. I like the part about “student athletes”. However not sure I’m buying that from that school though… I hope I’m wrong though

    • DeNyssa, what does school do towards that?

    • Well firstly whatever feelings you have you’re entitled to them. However, we work very hard with our students. We do not get the “best” or “brightest” but we give our all and we work with them. For privacy purposes I will use initials TC was in my form class and I taught him POB he has a full certificate with a 2 in POB and is in L6 and I now teach him Entrepreneurship, KT also my past student has a 2 in POB and 4 passes he is determined as they come doing over the 2 he wasn’t successful in and 3 others which he wants to pass. His personal aim is to leave us with at least 8 passes. I will also reiterate the community is at risk, the economic situation is not always positive but we do all we could and yes not all will pass but we try with them and endeavour to empower them with the right attitude and survival skills. Mr Moe did not exaggerate a lot of our students have after school and weekend jobs to assist their often single parents. I don’t know what is your yardstick but for me as an educator it’s moving them from point A to B or E and we are doing that. Most of the team now in form five and we are hoping for the best. So don’t assume anything ask a question.

    • DeNyssa – keep pushing those kids. Don’t give up on them. Continue to give them a fighting chance. Do you offer any type of tutorial service to the players? Would be good to partner them with suitable mentors to ensure they keep up academically.

    • Carlos Lee I push all my students especially my boys. I live San Fernando and have 3 young children 11, 6 and 3. Staying back for additional classes is tough but I do what I have to in the classroom and have given one on one time during lunch with them. KT had the opportunity to train and travel with the under 20 team. During that period he was able to complete SBA’s and we were in contact daily via fb messenger. I am very hands on with my students and parents. I would love to do more because there is definite potential but I believe what I am able to do at this time is being well received and I have no intention on letting up. I chose this vocation and I give it my all

    • Nice – the kids are lucky to have a dedicated teacher like yourself. It’ll be good to enlist the form 6 students to provide tutoring to the players who need it. I suspect the form sixers would love to help their fellow students.

    • Let’s be honest some kids will want it and some kids won’t. I am not faulting the admin but rather I’m happy to here they are trying. I’m not convinced most schools in trini focus on the student athlete aspect because if we did, we would have minimum academic standards in order to play sports. For the record DeNyssa Furlonge, I’ll be the first dude in line to help kids get a scholarship with my contacts if the academics and football align.

    • Brent Bennett let’s stay on touch TC and KT are worthy candidates

  15. This is beautiful it truly captures us! Excellent Lasana Liburd