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Is TTPS “extorting” public with exaggerated figures at events?! Ex-MoNS blows whistle

“Nowhere in the world, in any business, [does] the provider of a service demand how [many officials] should be hired and the host cannot verify if the officials he hired even arrived.

“The host also cannot advise the provider of what they should be doing [at the venue] as the provider says they are the experts and would decide what needs to be done.”

In the following Letter to the Editor, ex-National Security Minister and Defence Force Captain Gary Griffith blasts the Police Service’s “exaggerated” manpower requests to private bodies to stage events:

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Marisa Dick (centre) was accompanied by five police officers at the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation (TTGF) media conference on 20 April 2016 at the Chamber of Commerce in Westmoorings.
(Courtesy Wired868)

As a previous member of the Protective Services I have always tried to preserve and defend its reputation, which is crucial to win over public support.

However, it is difficult to defend the present unacceptable scheme that is taking place, whereby certain individuals in Management in Law Enforcement Agencies virtually squeeze funds from private organisations. They [are] demanding totally unfounded manpower strength for events, even for sport and charitable functions, and the host is obligated to pay, otherwise the Police and Fire Services would not approve a bar license—hence forcing the host to cancel the event, unless the exorbitant [requests] are approved and paid for privately.

Now, it is understandable that these law enforcement officers would welcome opportunities to bolster their deficient remuneration packages, including overtime and extra duties. However, such initiatives should not negatively impact the national community, particularly with the hosting of national events.

The first thing some defending this scheme would say is that the law enforcement agencies are the ones trained and skilled to know what is the manpower requirement for such events. But this is the first misconception—due to fact that few persons in this country [have] knowledgeable security training [and are] able to challenge them on this—as there is indeed a difference between crowd control, which requires police supervision, [and] crowd management.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago supporters pose for a photograph during a break in Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying action against Costa Rica at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 11 November 2016.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

Being recently interviewed by the Audit Committee [which has the aim of] restructuring the Police Service, I brought this to their attention. It is greatly affecting the image of a body that is established to serve with pride, yet are using an avenue to virtually extort funds from the public, as they tell them: “you better hire this amount of officers, otherwise we would not approve your event.”

It has now reached a point whereby it [might] affect our chances of qualifying for a World Cup football campaign, since the TTFA stating that [one] consideration in moving to the smaller [Ato Boldon Stadium] venue for our next home game—which we must win and need maximum support—from the larger Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain was the exorbitant cost demanded by Police and Fire Services.

As a Security Consultant for the TTFA and TTCB, I have brought this to the attention of the National Security Minister and asked for him to meet with these bodies but, months later, there has been no response.

When every organisation voiced their concern about the ridiculous numbers demanded, the Management of these Law Enforcement Agencies used the red herring of “you never know what can happen and we would become responsible if it does.”

To clarify this matter, I have acted as Security Director for the West Indies Cricket Team at the World Cup T20 in London, represented the TTFA as Security Liaison for away World Cup Football matches, and I am the National Security representative for these bodies at the Official Match Commissioner’s briefing prior to all International cricket and football matches.

Photo: Ex-National Security Minister and TTFA security advisor Gary Griffith (left) surveys his surroundings before kick off between Trinidad and Tobago and the United States in 2018 World Cup qualifying action on 8 June 2017 in Commerce City, Colorado.
Looking on are Sport Company facility manager Anthony Blake (right) and TTFA manager Richard Piper.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA Images/Wired868)

And I am involved in meetings with ICC, WICB, CPL, FIFA and CONCACAF officials, who know fully well of the International standard requirement for security. And, at every meeting, I am scolded over the ridiculous numbers, demands and excessive fire power strength that is used, seen and paid for at international events held locally—in total contrast to what is used worldwide.

[…] At a recent World Cup qualifying football match, the Police Management demanded over 150 officers for an international football match, using that same line that “we can never be over secure.”

However, when the next game was changed to a National Event—which meant that the host did not have to pay for the law enforcement officers—there was a reduction of officers by almost 50 percent. And the next game, when it reverted to the host hiring the Police, the number went back up.

So it seems that the “you never know what can happen” approach only occurs when a host is paying for Police and Fire Services.

Likewise, the system for hiring is ridiculous. Nowhere in the world, in any business, [does] the provider of a service demand how [many officials] should be hired and the host cannot verify if the officials he hired even arrived. The host also cannot advise the provider of what they should be doing [at the venue] as the provider says they are the experts and would decide what needs to be done.

Photo: A police sergeant from the West End Station gets a wine at the Sunny Side Up Breakfast party during the 2015 Carnival season.
(Copyright Trinidad Guardian)

What is usually done is [the officers] stand in the best place to spectate at the event, as we all notice when the corridors are packed with law enforcement officers, serving no purpose of Crowd Management other than causing a management problem by crowding the aisles and corridors in contrast to FIFA and ICC Regulations.

[…] Additionally, overt use of weapons by security officials are forbidden, yet the Police continue to demand armed officers with assault rifles, which has caused us to be red-flagged on several occasions by FIFA and ICC.

At any English Premier League game, there would be less than 20 Police officers in a game being attended by over 60,000. What you would see are hundreds of Security Stewards, wearing bright yellow vests, who are trained to handle crowd management—such as scanning, clearing aisles and guiding spectators, which are not be done by Police and Fire Services. On most occasions these Security Stewards are off-duty law enforcement officers employed directly by the host [who can then instruct them and ensure value for money].

Below is a simple table showing the manpower strength at international events with higher risk, to what is demanded locally to prove my point:

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago captain and forward Kenwyne Jones (centre) offers advice to midfielder Khaleem Hyland during 2018 World Cup qualifying action against the United States in Colorado on 8 June 2017.
USA won 2-0.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA Images/Wired868)

Trinidad and Tobago vs USA in Colorado, World Cup football qualifier: Crowd 18,000 with 18 Police Officers and one Fire Marshall;

Trinidad and Tobago vs Mexico in Port of Spain, World Cup football qualifier: Crowd 14,000 with 150 Police officers and 60 Fire Officers;

India vs Pakistan, Champions Cup Cricket Final in London (right after terrorist attack): Crowd 30,000 with 22 Police officers and one Fire Marshall;

West Indies vs Pakistan, cricket match in Queen’s Park Oval: Crowd 3,000 crowd with 90 Police officers and 50 Fire Officers.

[…] It is not for sporting events alone, that this virtual extortion takes place. Recently at a fund-raising dinner for 500 persons in a school compound, the Police stated that 26 Police Officers were needed to watch them sit and eat.

[Let] the Audit Committee of the TTPS properly deal with the remuneration package for Police Officers, so [these events] are not used as the avenues to deal with the perceived shortfall of pay.

Photo: A police crew on the beat.
(Courtesy News.Gov.tt)
[And] these officers should be hired—just as in all major sporting events internationally—directly by the host, so they can get value for their money. Or have these international matches [categorised as National Events] whereby the State foots the bill. Rest assured, realistic numbers would then be used.

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  1. Waste of time…daytime event ,they fightin fuh the nearest shade….night event in a corner cock up hiding to drink a beer… they dont perform their duties in ed or if they do it’s lack lusterly done..

  2. This article hit a few spots…hhmm

  3. I agree totally. I have been gouged on more than one occasion by them. I hope this engenders some inquiry and a newer and saner process.

  4. Well I think an ex politician should know a thing or two about extortion seeing that politicians are the number one extortioners in the country

  5. Lol. Wouldnot. Be. Surprised outside. Of. Politicians. The ttps. Is. Trjnidads. Biggest. Mafia

  6. They do and have been for a longtime now. When they come to the event they are more a guest than the guest

  7. True talk! I have been to party that buss! and there was more police than patrons..in a controlled A/ C building…

  8. Sorry gary cant agree with you on this one……..

  9. People need to discuss issues and not personalities. What Mr Griffith does or did not do has no bearing on the issue at hand.

  10. From my experience you have to be very mindful of the officers. The magistrates decides the amount of officers but this is done on the advice of the police. The magistrates doesn’t just pull a number of of a box. When the event arises they bring half the strength or an amount less that was agreed to. The question is who pockets the extra money? At an event I made a register for them to sign, because I did this we were able to request a refund and get it for the officers who did not show up!

  11. Until a fight breaks out ..or a gunman buss ah shot

    • Ok. So hire 2000 police officers for a cricket match. 100 yrs of international cricket and football and never took place. Why – because in these events bomb searches are done. Weapons are banned. Everyone in searched and scanned. But say what. What does ICC and FIFA know. We Trinis are more qualified in security and crowd management and we know better

    • I’m sure America believed they would of never been attacked on 9/11 also with all there high tech equipment. ..but it happened..but say what..you also know better.

  12. Mr. Griffith, this is not 1985, young people going to party with guns, knives and cutlasses. If

  13. It’s about time someone talks about this because I can testify to this… the amount of officers they want you to take is really ridiculous and they don’t even take non profitable events into consideration.

  14. I normally recommend 10 to every 100 persons, and they still have an issue with that.

    Could you imagine half of that 100 attacking my 10 officers?! Madness!

    • These same security don’t want to arrest and charge they depend on the police officers to do that.

    • In major sports events, the issue is not crowd control but crowd management. ICC, FIFA etc are all wrong ?. This is why you do not see hundreds of police officers. What they do is hire mostly off duty police and they wear the bright yellow jackets so they can actually do crowd management work whilst having powers to arrest. The present system is to pay uniformed police to watch the game

    • The International standard for all international sport events is 1 to 200. So a 40000 crowd, you would see 200 security stewards. Mostly off duty police and fire officers and about 10 uniformed officers.

    • Your recommendation of 10 to every 100 is interesting. So an event with 20000 persons, you would hire 2000 police officers. Interesting because by your logic, suppose all 20000 are criminals and rush the police. Then we should really hire 20000 police. And go one vs one. Anything other is madness !!

    • Gary Griffith the general public and contained events require entirely different security arrangements. The risks are different, and the confined area presents many challenges.

      If a bomb goes off in POS, there would not be the kind of risk as if that same bomb went off at a stadium or fenced party. The exit routes would be flooded and people would definitely be trampled to death.

      Also parties attract different personalities, who are risks, themselves.

      A wedding, a sporting event, and a dancehall party, should all treated differently, by my experience.

    • I am agreeing with you. Which is why ICC and FIFA has a 128 page security mandate that has worked and is adhered to everywhere except here. There is a difference between crowd management ( such as a 70000 crowd in a football match) to a massive fete( crowd control). Which is why at any major cricket or football game, you see no more than 20 officers. But 200 plus in bright yellow jackets. However they are off duty officers who act as Stewards. This is what can be used and have them replace private security.

  15. I have my experience with the TTPS and it is truly ridiculous the cost they charge for sporting events, fundaisers and such. To protect and serve. Really.

  16. I believe Mr Griffith have some merit in what he’s saying because our citizenry live by a mantra “eat a Food” What debacle me is that when we are no longer in a position to make that change is when our voice becomes the loudest. Change is inevitable I may add once it is for the betterment of all and not for a few

  17. What is the difference in hiring off duty officers in comparison to hiring officers who on duty dressed in uniform? A uniform will be a first deterrent to an intended trouble maker, because it is physical likewise uniform presence. In comparison to a person who is dress in plain clothes. However plain clothes is good, in fact it is great. However what may work or seem to be working overseas may not work here. We must stop comparing ourselves however we will reach 1st world just now. Even if it may take a 100 years. If u do the maths across the board plain clothes and uniform personnel working at a sporting internationally in comparison to local, I’m sure the figures are slightly off. They have more plain clothes personnel who they hire privately. Whereas locally we have more uniform personnel and a few plain clothes officers who are hired officially as part of the law enforcement contingent…

  18. And then they want free food and drinks

  19. Is Gary Griffith the sole authority on all security matters?. Gheeze.

    • Instead of doing a survey of who is the sole authority, why not focus on what is said and respond to that. Anyone is free to comment or ” be an authority” if they feel they can. Just ensure that what you are saying can stand scrutiny and that they are able to justify what they claim.

    • Based on the event, a recommendation is made by the TTPS on the security requirement ( manpower) in relation to the event for which there is a standardized rate per hour according to rank and the recommended manpower for the event, which is paid for in advance of the scheduled event. It is the right of the promoter ( if he/ she) so desires to make the requisite checks to ensure that what is paid for is supplied. If by chance , there is a disparity, of what was paid for against the supply, then a differential refund is due. How difficult is that??

    • Not true. The host does not know when they arrive or where they are.

    • So TTPS makes a recommendation of numbers to hire and pay themselves. You dont see the problem ?. This is why at every world cup game or international cricket game abroad with 3 times more supporters , the numbers are 10 times less than here.

    • ICC, FIFA,CPL, WICB they have all red flagged us based on security breaches due to this. So they are all wrong and our outdated system is right

    • ….and how long ago were those ” red flags ” raised, and what steps have taken to remedy the issue?.

    • Last 2 yrs. The local sporting bodies speak to the police and they are ignored. They say ” we run things “

    • There ought to be a meeting of the minds to address this. If there is a push for economic diversification, and sports tourism is on the drawing board as an option, ….that ” we run things” is not acceptable.

    • That is my point. But some refuse due to egos, ignorance or being pleased with the present system. I amended dozens of backward policies and laws . I drafted several others. This was one. We are the only country in the world that has the Police doing this. Just like camoflague. Customs misinterpreted the defence force law and we are the only country that camo of any type brand pattern or colour is illegal.

    • You just might correct. Ego/ Ignorance or pleased with the existing system.

  20. Heard something similar recently.

  21. Well watch how this former minister trolling comments. Lucky he wasn’t still relevant or he would do like his comrades in government and sue every person that spoke negative about him here.

  22. There should be much more transparency in these costs so that event promoters can effectively plan for these costs in advance.

  23. Are crowd control stewards utilized at T&T football games as they are in UK?

  24. First time he making sense, but the Magistrates are part of the corruption

  25. Lasana, I almost got gave them $9700.00 last year. That’s what the Chaguanas police quoted me for having them at my bridal expo for the 2 days. And yes they told me that the cost was discounted and final. They tried to convince me that I shud really try and pay it because if I don’t and something happens they can’t guarantee to come. I eventually hired 2 off duty persons with military experience that cost me 10X less.

  26. Is long time not now stupess

    • You did well in your exchange and explanations.

    • Eron Hackshaw our systems are always open for criticism however don’t just criticize just for the sake of it, let’s look at solutions and betterment for the good of all citizens! ????

    • Junior Nizo I just think police and private security are two different things. What a police officer can and cannot do varies when they are on duty vs when they not on duty. I have seen how the public respond and react to police officers in uniform vs “rent a cops”.
      As with all systems where human inputs are required there will be room for improvement but not all change is improvement!!

  27. Garth Brierly look at the comments your partner at it again…

  28. Well hear what…..don’t get permission from the Court to hold your event an see what will happen providing the SDO I/C knows what to do

  29. Actually it’s the magistrates who determines the size of the police officers required not the station

  30. Gary Griffith had his time and he failed. All of a sudden he knows what to.

  31. They prefer to make a police report instead of having the police there to prevent

  32. The research in this article could and should be more balanced and in depth. Not just the utterances of the ex minister. The legislation which the TTPS is guided by forbids officers from being contracted directly, also the magistrates are the persons who have the final say as to the strength which is recommended to maintain peace and order. And as per the duties being paid in cash, the record of payment can be requested or looked at as per the distribution of manpower. For sporting events a revisit in the distribution of manpower can be looked at. The author of this article is known for outlining facts in most of his articles which I diligently follow but the presentation of the facts seem to take a slant in wanting to cause the public to look at the protective services in a manner that is unbecoming as well as showing pictures that are not related to the facts in issue

    • What i am revealing is fact. You have no training or knowledge in Crowd Management. But hear what- ICC, FIFA, WICB. They are all wrong and our Police is correct. Makes sense

    • Any member of the public that have experienced this type of nonsense is already of the view that this is unacceptable. I do not need to influence them.

    • Gary Griffith I’m speaking to the facts that it is illegal for the organizations to hire the police officers directly and secondly I do have both knowledge in crowd management and training sir, your presumption is incorrect however u seek to state that it is the TTPS who manadates the strength which is in fact incorrect, the persons at international sporting organizations must comply with the local laws and resources regulations so they would comply to the rules as per region and nation. So I’m stating what is the truth. What was done to see if this can be changed u can use your knowledge and expertise to let the current minister know the shortcomings of the current system for shortcomings so that they can be addressed instead of an article. We seek betterment of our nation not what in my humble opinion is an attempt to embarrass our law enforcement officers. You once sat in the seat that could hve had discourse with the Ag CoP to improve these systems.

    • Gary Griffith very well point taken

    • Well said. My point is to rectify what is there now as it is being abused so amendments must be made. ICC, FIFA, WICB, CPL, CONCACAF have all complained about this nonsense that only happens here. They cannot all be wrong.

    • Certain senior officers refuse to see these amended as it benefits them , but it is the Service that is affected .

    • Gary Griffith anybody else but the WICB and I would agree! Lol ?? but I understand that the media was chosen to attempt to address this situation.

    • Once we are putting country first!??

    • Lol. Understood. But i am talking about WICB regarding their Administration ensuring we adhere to ICC security regulations which are ignored by the Police. – use and presence of weapons, manpower strength etc.

    • Although the magistrate approves the strength, they rarely go against the recommendation of d police.

    • Correct. Which is 20 times more than similar events worldwide.

    • Kester Katalyst Lashley what are ur statistics to prove this? How many of these hearings have u attended?

    • As an attorney practicing in the Courts I can categorically say that even though Licencing committees that sit in court may find that the recommended police strength is RIDICULOUS there is absolutely no process to challenge it at the moment.

      Is the Magistrate a security expert? Are the attorney’ security experts? The ONLY “security experts” making recommendation would be the police, and they exploit this monopoly. They make recommendations capriciously which are not, and I am sure cannot be justified.The police recommend a the police strength and the Licencing committee will Rubber Stamp it

      The example of how they would send half the amount of people if the event was free surprises no one. It is a racket because the very group of people profiting from recommending absurd police strength are the same people getting paid to go to the event. HIMSELF to HIMSELF

    • Aaron Skeptos Seaton and once again I can tell you that I hve seen challenges take place with various branded events but as u correctly stated you are not security experts, nor do u know or have the expertise of the TTPS. In most cases the crowd and location and artistes performing are important factors! However in the sporting events I think that they can revisit and look at international standards as well as what our local legislature has provisions for. And not being an expert also means that integral considerations may be missed in the assessment as U believe may ridiculous but may necessary because your trained in this field

    • Gentlemen. All correct. Which is why it must change as it is being abused, it is causing security breaches, and it is red flagging us by International bodies

    • Junior Nizo get your head out of the sand. I am a promoter and it is happening

    • Junior Nizo clearly u not familiar. I have done dozens of events over the years. My partners are promoters. We all have the same experience.

    • Barry Wilson do u have the necessary credentials to say how many officers u need, for the type of event your keeping. And the ex minister speaks specifically about sporting events. But I know what is best, have to little security and something happens and u get sued for all u have and damage ur brand. When u build a brand especially hard to recover when situations arise and u failed to secure your patrons. But my head is not in the sand, you can make money without spending money. This system is used throughout the world when It comes to the police is recommending the amount of officers necessary for the event

    • Kester Katalyst Lashley yes but kester you have not gone to all the courts, and once again there are several mitigating factors which u may not have the expertise to accept that may be required should a situation arise bro

    • Junior Nizo I see u talking without specifics. I am talking from experience. But I will not debate the point. The police want a bribe, the fireman wants a bribe, and they pressure u. And that is from almost 15years of event management.

    • Kester Katalyst Lashley I choose not too king! But we know each other so when I see you we could have a nice discussion ????! And walk with pen and paper eh! Cause I eh see u in a minute!

    • And that’s where the window opens up for kickbacks and other forms of financial gain. Only the ttps has the credentials! Why not have a panel to present your event to that involves all stakeholders? This way it will be consistent and less room for underhandedness..you can’t defend telling me that the same size event and patrons has a totally different amount of officers required! It’s not about not wanting to pay, just be level across the board

    • Well said. That is my point. But we have some with ego issues or just ignorant of the topic to understand.

    • Barry Wilson I think u need to do some schooling into your trade. A concert with Eg. Ariana Grande would hve a different target market and type of crowd as say an alkaline concert bro. Teenage girls between say 14-21 would be the first concert’s target market as opposed to say alkaline which would be a market of adults so of which would be inclined to a rougher crowd king, and u argued with me about my head being buried in the sand. Of course a different strength would be required for the same venue, u agree or disagree?

    • Junior Nizo I’m basically talking about two events, same venue, crowd size and just Dj’s….i hear what your saying but it’s not practiced in real

    • I wish they all was thinking like you

    • Barry Wilson well G we all trying to make trini a better place! ??

    • That’s why I don’t stress on it cause I know there are many good cops trying to do right and hopefully it’s them that gets the money

  33. No shit but ttps aint identified as a gang yet…. the one gang to rule them all.

  34. Now in all my experience when you are holding a event and you apply to the court for a bar license the court based in the expected crowd the organizers catering for do their assessments and states how much police officers is required for the event. Based on the court decision the police then decides based on ratio how much constables, corparals etc to provide in order to make up the amount of officers based on the courts instructions.

  35. Gary you was under a rock that you didn’t know this was happening before, during and after your watch. Extortion….steups. If you read the kind of profits Republic Bank made from the lower and middle class people of this country then you would realise what is Extortion.

  36. Is years now they robbing people blind. Just for a bazaar the want $27000.00. If a community throwing a bazaar it is to raise funds and by the time you done pay the police u remain with nothing

  37. Is this the same man who own a private security firm. I wonder what event he biding for boi

    • Dont make a fool of yourself. What bid is there if the Police provide the security. If you can read, you would notice that i said that sporting bodies should hire off duty police officers directly. So try again. But as you are unable to make a worthwhile contribution on the subject matter, you resort to rum shop talk.

    • Rum ? Lol ? I was fortunate to serve in a particular office within my short time in the protective service and would have seen certain people and certain behaviors so don’t tell me anything about RUM Sir. That should be apart of your party’s manifesto

    • Gary Griffith security firm wants to monopolize within this country. Also as a former Minister of NS you should know that police officers are discouraged from something called MOONLIGHTING.

    • Gary Griffith don’t even answer back some ppl will never understand when they read no wonder so many fail English Language at CXC O level..

    • So true. The man is clueless.

    • But is hiring off, off duty police officers legit? Moonlighting is good until something happens at the event, then heads will roll i am sure.

    • This is done worldwide. Watch any English football game or an international cricket match- the majority in bright yellow jackets are off duty law enforcement officials.

    • The present situation is unacceptable.

    • This is a former Minister of NS speaking. Encouraging this wrongdoing. Now I understand the importance of the word former in his post also TTPS policing events isn’t a new development so I wonder what did he do about this while we were under his watch or is he only seeing plays as he is now of the board

    • No wonder you had a short stint in the Service. Obviously not good enough.

    • Rather than ask what i did, as many already know, tell us what have you ever achieved, other than bore us with your senseless contribution.

    • You see how you lack. I said something and you ran with it instead of doing a proper check. I am a serving member. Oh my. What is your agenda ? Enlighten us. Did the police take food out of your mouth ? You certainly seem to have a grouse

    • Oh. You seem to be one of those who is enjoying this free ride. Well tough. Those who are ignorant of Crowd Management like yourself would think otherwise.

    • I dont need to do a check. You sound more like a joker rather than a law enforcement official.

    • My agenda is to expose liabilities like you who affect a good Service. And you are exposing yourself the more you speak.

    • I have a grouse when slimy persons abuse the system and affect the image of the Service. Looks like my point hit home.

    • A so called serving police officer being political and talking about another manifesto from a party. You are a disgrace to the Force.

    • I haven’t gone political nor will I but you will only gather support from the unlearned and the persons who prefer to telephone the police after an incident takes place.

    • I specifically remember working at an event at the Center of Excellence where your charges was unable to control an unruly crowd and the TTPS representative there had to intervene. Please focus on the CPL ( that’s if your service is retained ) and inform your charges ( some of whom were dishonourably discharged from the TTDF ) that they cannot instruct any police officer.

    • I can continue on the inabilities of your firm and the need for the TTPS but I’m going to have a beverage, something abused by your colleagues when you sat in Government. How I know this ? I’m one of the persons who was responsible to keep your colleagues safe while they staggered to their vehicles.

    • Also you spoke of DISHONOR and DISGRACE. In this light please tell us why you was instructed to tender your resignation as a highly decorated officer in the TTDF

    • You idiot. I was never instructed to do so. I received a medal from the President for 12 yrs of unblemished service . So rather than sound like a fool and ask questions, you tell me and let me deal with you .

    • I submittedmy resignation to become a politician to remove scum like you from the Service.

    • And stop hiding . Tell us who you kept safe. You cannot secure yourself due to your obvious limited training. Tell us what have you achieved. Let me expose you as a fraud that you are

    • You are an example of why many have no respect for the Police. An untrained idiot.

    • You keep people safe . In your dreams. You would never have that authority as you are not good enough. But go ahead. Tell us and let me inform the PCA of what you claim. Dont be a coward. You like to brag and lie. I dare you. Proceed. Pretending to be a police officer. Damn fake.

    • There you go with the insults. Emotion stepping in. I feel pity for you. Being untrained isn’t a fault of my when you headed a ministry when I was incepted. But for someone like yourself with all the training and experience to be speaking to foolishly its such a shame. Thank God your sorry time have expired and will never be renewed. I held you in high esteem but as you open your mouth I realise you’re just garbage with a pretty front.

    • Tell us what you have achieved. You are a fake. A fraud. Tell us who you secured. Liar. You are so concerned about me exposing the few crooked officers. Water certainly fell in your garden.

    • The persons in the division in which I serve can attest to my character. Go to the PCA. No problem. I have nothing to conceal as do you.

    • You cant ” renew” me. You would always be irrelevant

    • You’re better than Leary clearly. You should take to the stage because you nothing short of a comedian

    • I am dealing with an issue that needs to be addressed and you pop up like the true idiot that you are , discussing issues about me . How has that helped

    • But typical of a fool. Cannot deal with the topic due to your limited ability in the subject matter, so you get personal and spit lies about the messenger.

    • Only if you had integrity your words may have bore some level of respect but you are the one hoping the TTPS can be out of the way in regards to EDs making it easier for your personal gain.

    • The power isn’t mines but you are no better. You’re just a pretty looking heap of trash.

    • You couldn’t deal with anything effectively when you was granted such responsibility and now that you are expired you voice is loud. But as a child growing up I’ve always heard that empty vessels are the loudest

    • That is your opinion but as i said. You are irrelevant. Rather than focus on me due to your inferiority complex, try to deal with the topic. If you can based on your limited knowledge in the matter.

    • We are TTPS strong and your voice …. Wait …. only hear howling

    • There you go again. Dealing with me. Your opinion differs to most. Including your own party who not once ever questioned my ability and i was commended by them and they still do. But i guess you know more than them also.

    • I’m certainly relevant to you who have now focused energy on me. As as recall you said you was tending to an issue but I didn’t realise the issue was me.

    • My party ? Who may that be Sir ?

    • You are one of those who were and are still concerned of my desire to remove filth from the TTPS. It is that small percentage that affects the image. You are a full time member in that group.

    • Dammmmmmmmm this topic went from 0_100 reallllllllll quick

    • And your comment about persons cannot instruct police officers -You go and show a badge in a private event and feel you could go where you want. Rest assured you would be the first one to get thrown out. Your comment is typical of the few law enforcement persons who are ignorant and feel that they have power to do what they want.

    • You have said nothing about the topic. You cant due to your inability to do so.

    • Again. Let us hear Minus- what have you ever achieved?. Busy talking about others. Typical of a failure.

    • And discuss the topic. Let me expose your stupidity. Instead you have wasted our time with lies and rum shop talk about centre of excellence, why people resigned etc. You have become boring.

    • Instead of being thin skinned, you would understand that the issue has nothing to do with police officers but bad Management and systems that are being abused and even affect very junior officers like yourself. There is no accountability to verify numbers hired. So there could be a payment for 180 officers but only 80 are rostered. Who loses out ?. The junior officers.

    • This discourse is funny smh lol

    • What is the difference in hiring off duty officers in comparison to hiring officers who on duty dressed in uniform? A uniform will be a first deterrent to an intended trouble maker, because it is physical likewise uniform presence. In comparison to a person who is dress in plain clothes. However plain clothes is good, in fact it is great. However what may work or seem to be working overseas may not work here. We must stop comparing ourselves however we will reach 1st world just now. Even if it may take a 100 years. If u do the maths across the board plain clothes and uniform personnel working at a sporting internationally in comparison to local, I’m sure the figures are slightly off. They have more plain clothes personnel who they hire privately. Whereas locally we have more uniform personnel and a few plain clothes officers who are hired officially as part of the law enforcement contingent…

    • This is amazing. 1. The difference is when they are in uniform, the host has no input in their role and function. They can assign themselves where they want, do what they want and serve less value. You obviously do not understand the difference between crowd control and crowd management. In sport events there is no ” deterrent” requiring 200 police and fire officers. We look clueless. To say what” may work overseas” is comical as it is the same tournaments and the same regulations that FIFA and ICC demand. Your logic goes with the nonsense stated that crime is a culture. So what the whole world doing is their business. Let us do our thing and have 200 plus police stand up and watch the game

    • I can go on and on but I’m not at liberty to make certain remarks not for lack of knowledge but for the office if which I serve. GAYRY – you think you can bully others but I’m certain contrary to your beliefs thats 1 group I certainly do not belong to.

    • Minus Lezama. Well proceed. But stick to the topic. You have already embarrassed the office that you serve by the things you have already said. We are dealing with an issue and you have refused to focus on that . When you give a fool some degree of authority, it makes a lethal cocktail.

    • So you now understand who you are Gayry Griffith. A mango tree can bear but only mangoes so you will only bear foolishness.

    • That is your opinion. But you are irrelevant.

    • I am dealing with an issue to improve the Police Service and the image. Read the comments. Most agree and are upset. Stop burying your head in the sand due to your issues with the messenger

    • Police are being underpaid. This is not the way to go. As Minister, i realized over 25% take time off to moonlight for Carnival. I got Cabinet approval to give each officer $500 bonus. Those who were absent went to 4%.

    • This system allows windows for senior officers to demand 200 officers for an event. Then roster 100. And get a paid for 200. Who loses out ? The very junior officers like you.

    • Try to focus on the topic please.

    • All you are doing is causing private entities to view the top brass of the TTPS hence the entire TTPS as a group that extorts thus creating mischief. You have accused the management of committing serious crimes against the private entities. Tell us when did you make these findings. Was it while you sat as Minister or was you that you went to bed and awoke having baseless dreams ?

    • You do not have a clue. You never held any senior post of authority. So your impression of what i speak about is based on your ignorance of the subject matter

    • But you are right and ICC, FIFA, CONCACAF, WICB, CPL, TTCB, TTFA are all wrong as you are so much more qualified, trained and experienced than them.

    • It is these private entities who complain and report the nonsense. Read the comments from the public on this below. They are all liars. This never happens. You keep burying your head in the sand

    • And it is lack of ethics. Pay the police for what is not required by ICC or FIFA or we would shut down the game
      Tell me what you call it

    • And fyi. As Minister i drafted a policy for Security Management for major events to clean up this nonsense of hundreds of police and fire officers being paid to watch the game. But it would have incirporated off duty police and fire officers replacing private security and they are paid directly by the host. It improves the quality, it diminishes excess personnel and adheres to FIFA and ICC mandate.

    • The present Minister has ignored it. So what is your point.

    • Take an E for effort but why didn’t you implement this plan. Planning is good but executing is better

    • The present minister also probably smell the rot of an agenda

    • You are such a fool. That is your contribution? He smelt what is being done worldwide as an agenda ? Idiots like you need to be thrown out asap.

    • Seeing that you can grade, please tell us what have you ever done of substance? A nobody trying to grade people

    • Your ignorance is being exposed. You are totally unable to bring one point to the table on this topic. Only personal comments about me. . If you are ignorant on the topic, go and do some research rather than bore us

    • Look at your initial comment. Coming from someone who claims to be a police officer. All you are doing is embarrassing the Service.

    • Mr Linus J Lezama I have over ten years experience in the para military industry however I wish to inform you that police is events dont really serve a purpose most of the time they come sit in a corner an does nothing secondly 99 percent of the time they are working extra duties when they are working events an yes they do send a set of unnecessary police in a event

    • What’s embarrassing about that Sir? Coming at someone of your stature hurling insults and getting all emotional because someone voice disagreement with your opinion. Thank God you time have expired as Minister because we need someone with testicular fortitude something which you certainly lack and more than likely never had.

    • Thank goodness you are done and dusted or my service may have been cut short by you. You think you can bully and intimidate people who share different views. Go to the PCA if you think I’m in breech of anything that I should be upholding. Lets see how much will the PCA entertain you with your frivolous allegations especially in lite of you attacking the Director of that very same institution.

    • Mr. Saran Ska. The only para you seem to know about is paratha. Come on man. You more than anyone seems like the one sitting in a corner doing nothing.

    • Again. Absolutely nothing to do with the topic. Shows your ignorance of the matter. Just full of venom . You are truly a disgrace to the Service as you claim to be

    • Persons are commenting on the topic and yet all you continue to do is bark. You are boring us

    • I certainly have that fortitude. It included removing the few scum from the Service. You know what i am talking about

    • And you are right. Your service would have most certainly been cut short.

    • And such a liar . When have i ever attacked the PCA. You are so dumb. Not one comment of fact

    • And still unable to deal with the topic. You could remain in the service for 25 yrs and would obviously remain as a Constable.

    • Minus. Why are ignoring the views of others on this topic. Almost all agreeing with what i have said. You want to spit lies and attack them also ?. Grow up

    • Look how childish you are. Someone gives a view , explains their training and you discredit it , talking about paratha. Shows your ignorance and yet again, it questions whether you are what you claim as no one knows you.

    • Look at a mirror and see the defination disgrace. If I recall correctly your former pm had to sack you for what ? You are the one who was referred to as A STRANGER the the very same chamber you sat in as Minister.

    • You feel you are helping. You are disgracing the Service. You are clueless. Unable to discuss a topic without being personal, and spitting rum talk.

    • Sacked me because i had ethics and insisted that i say what i know. You would not understand that as ethics is probably foreign to you

    • And you keep boring us. Only gutter talk about others. Little boy. Grow up

    • Anyway. Stop trying to imitate being a police officer.

    • The most junior Constable has more class and training than you

    • I am making you feel important by just communicating with you. No one knows you. You have achieved nothing. Start dealing with the topic and show your intelligence. I dare you

    • Mr Linus J Lezama thats what they call total ingnorance an stupidity to the highest an I am sure you live paratha more than me an let me tell you something I am sure you are working for someone I am not

    • So you need to understand the topic an dont stray from it secondly stop embarrassing yourself

    • So amazing and disappointing that persons who should know better using this social media platform to engage is negative derogatory insulting debates instead of constructive debating. Nothing wrong with disagreeing but wow. So much emotions.

    • I don’t disagree with what you just said totally but all this originated from my 1st comment. Refer to that. Also that is the most minor of the issue being addressed. Mr. Minister . He alleges extortion and acts of larceny on the part of the Management of the TTPS along with other crimes.

    • Mr Gary Griffith, i would respect your past achievements and the respective posts you would have served. You probably deserve it, however you need to stop. As a person who held some top positions in the public service, you should be setting an example for persons like Linus J Lezama and I, not engaging in this type of negative debates. But to refocus on your issue with the extra duties, i believe there is merit to it however same can only be remedied with consultation amongst all stakeholders involved where a mutual solution can be found. Police presence in events are very important and comparing foreign events to local ones should be done taking into consideration the different cultures involved. Eg in europe there are certain sporting events where there is a limit on the amount of alcohol that can be consumed. In trinidad there isnt any such stipulation. Alcohol consumption influences the amount of distirbances that may occur in events. Thats just one aspect though. As i said, proper discourse needs to occur.

    • Let me also state that not all police officers abuse the extra duties. I actually believe its in the minority. Many officers including myself when i worked extra duties really rallied and gave performance….even going beyond on many occassions. Remember that before a broad brush is used Gary Griffith

    • Guys, I’m sorry for taking so long to get involved and thanks for trying to calm things down Hayden.
      We can disagree without being nasty. I think Gary raised some points that needed to be raised. At the same time, there is always more than one side to the story, so it is natural that not everyone would be in total agreement.
      Emotions can run high but it doesn’t help when we stop listening to each other and are just throwing insults. The spirit of Wired868 is to consider fresh perspectives and, at times, challenge conventional wisdom.
      But it helps when people don’t feel personally attacked so that we can all contribute to the best of our ability.

    • Linus J Lezama, i have stopped working extra duties a long time now and yes you may attribute that to the fact that i work in an overtime section. However, regardless of that, I could understand where the dissatisfaction from the private entities originate. Too many officers abuse the extra duties. I have witnessed it on several occassions. They view it as ‘easy dogs’ and more times than not shirk their responsibilies or underperform at best. Eventually there were gonna be uproar. At the end of the day we provide a service to the clients and when they pay for a service we should return with value for money. And from my experience witnessing extra duties for several years, i would say we sometimes leave a lot to be desired.

    • Mr Hayden Anthony Gonzales lastnite I did a event however I must the officers that work there work well I am not sure if its were because of the type of crowd or if it was the willingness to work so not all. Officers I should abuse the extra duties

    • These that were there mr Hayden Anthony Gonzales were very annoyed of the situation an what were taking place but couldnt do so because the inspector had the final call but you know how it goes grease is a hell of a thing even the person that were in charge of the west division came an was annoyed an was willing to shut down the party but the inspector knows how to answer so his senior couldnt do much

    • I would like to here your views on this mr Hayden Anthony Gonzales an mr Linus J Lezama as police officers would, you allow minors of ages 12 to 17 to come into an event with alcohol in there hands an party plus adults mingling with these minors

    • An believe you me is more alcohol than what we may drink

    • An the inspector would then say telling his subordinates an the senior that he cant say or dertermine if these if these minors are comsuming alcohol an smoking weed an saying that this is a private event not a public event how can it be a private event when there is tickets on sale an alcohol on sale with a license bar

    • I can answer for myself as well as my friend Hayden Anthony Gonzales. We certainly uphold the law. Regardless of who you are the law is the law.

    • I have worked extra duties where officers from my crew arrested and charged artistes for narcotic infractions. Its a subjective thing. I wont allow such things to happen in my presence and no senior officer can instruct me not to arrest and charge persons committing offences. That would be an unlawful instruction and borders Perverting the course of justice

  38. Absolutely spot on! All part of the ongoing corruption that’s rampant in our national services.

  39. Maybe they are taking a page from the business community and that includes you mr/mrs promoter who dig out the eye of the public in pursuit of profits hmmmm

  40. trini different in behaviour so prevention of their unruly conduct is required to circumvent disaster if not party at ur own risk

  41. Nooooopeeeeee ehhhhhhhh friend ….nooo money collected this was ah detailed duty..

  42. And after all that you are now getting requests from officers for comps for their friends

  43. Ive seen them with my own eyes crowding the walkway

  44. A private event is not duty for officers and no officer leaving his home to come and stannup in ur event for free. There is a going rate per hour for each rank. The money must be in cash because officers are paid at the end of each duty.

    • Everyone likes money after they work. But most people don’t get paid in cash. Large cash payments usually raise eyebrows for valid reasons.

    • Well the police do and so do most ppl who are doing a PJ which is what an extra duty is for all intents and purpose. I am sure they can come pick up the money or provide escort so no worries in that regard
      Additionally there are many officers who only work extra duties because they need or want money at the point in time. And if that is the case but they hv to wait for it they may as well not work. No events. No worries. Additionally the strength at an event which determines the cost, is dependent on several factors and the final decision rests with the magistrate, not the police.

    • It is paid at the police station itself prior to the event whether or not the amount of officers actually turn up at the event

    • Then u return and collect ur balance. Of course its paid b4hand btw, how feasible would it be for a promoter to pay each officer in cash at the end of his event?

    • Cash means no paper trail and that leaves room for corruption. It is scandalous for anyone to refuse work unless they are paid in cash.
      I’d refuse to pay in cash and let the TTPS expose themselves if that is what they want to do.

    • Well dont pay in cash and if no officer work u keep no event. No worries. Simple

    • Yes Nicole. Every business in the country should subject police to that too starting with the grocery. No cash, no service.
      But it is clear that some animals believe they are more special than others.

    • Scandalous for anyone to refuse to work unless they paid in cash? Haha. Thats funny. Lol

    • Nicole St John does your boss pay you in cash every month end?

    • It wouldnt bother me nah Lasana Liburd because ah positive sure no business – except those that make a profit from hire pirchase could ever say that I ever ask them for anything, anything at all, and didnt pay for it same time

    • I am not doing an extra duty or a private job on the side for my boss so its not the same thing.
      When I did photography privately though yuh damn sure the clients had to pay me on completion of the job

    • You still didn’t say if your job pays you in cash. I’d say there are very few service providers left who say ‘cash or nothing’. And I’d love to hear the names of the other people who only deal with cash.
      Then compare their reputations to the TTPS and see how they rank.

    • Quite clearly you are being as a member of the TTPS and through the TTPS–as you said, the private company doesn’t pay each officer separately.
      So you do photography? If TSTT asks you to shoot an event, you will demand cash? (We both already know the answer to that, don’t we?)

    • When u want to put forward an objection to something and u are making references or giving examples u need to make comparisons that are relateable. I am employed by the govt and I am a mthly paid employee. See where I am going with this? When I did private jobs ( an E.D is a PRIVATE job) I made sure I was paid on completion of the job. If u are not using similar situations then ur argument is pointless

    • As I said I am mthly paid and I happen to be an official police photographer. I get paid for performing my duty at the end of the mth

    • Again, Nicole St John if you do a private job for TSTT or Republic Bank or NP… You will ask them to pay you in cash? Is that relatable enough for you?

    • If I do a private job that cost small money? Yes, I want my money in cash. Whether or not they hv other ppl to pay hv nothing to do with me. I eh accepting no small money in no cheque

    • U and I will never agree on this obviously lol. Have a nice evening

    • Lol. Now we are hiding behind subjective terms like “small money”. Unless you’re asking for $20 for your work, no company will pay you with cash. You timed your exit well. Have a nice evening 😉

    • For the amt of hours on yuh foot, or in the hot sun etc, is small money but me eh calling no figures. Ppl too farse lol
      But trust me when I say Lasana Liburd u eh taking dat in no cheque neither

    • One more thing, it only appears to be a lot because it adds up and you hv to pay all of it in cash but for each individual officer, it small. Real small 😀 😀

    • Lol. If it is so small, they can hold on to the cheque until some bigger business draws them to the bank. 😉

    • But u eh thinking bout mih police at all! They might need it one time lol

    • Let it pass through their bank accounts so their wives/husbands know what they got! Lol.

    • Would business ppl really want to go tru all that? And with ppl doing thing last minute and the wait for the magistrate to approve it and all that the time will pass for the event lol
      Doh get tie up with these business ppl nah. They eh telling yuh dey does come two, three days b4 and expect yuh work magic? Or the magisteate does give them a criteria to meet and they keep going back to court without meeting it until by the time they get license the event practically ready to start? Yuh feel is one thing with them? Lol lol

    • Well… Okay. I can see a bit of that too! Lol

    • Lasana having worked in numerous events even small ones these days you not walking around a lot of cash. You going to get a check or transfer funds directly into an account. You not going to see a lot of private companies either agreeing to a lot of cash payments.

    • The whole accounting system in the police is archaic. If you request a police certificate of character it has to be in cash as well. And each month they have to literally shut down so the physical records can be sent for processing. During that time you can’t apply for a certificate of character.

    • I wonder if Ms. Nicole St John realized that she just made the argument less favorable for the police. I could answer for her. If she get a cheque, she would dam well take it. Lasana, like many things these days, is a wuk. And extra duty is a humongous rip off.

    • But u eh bound to hire no police to do no extra duty fuh u, what yuh worried bout Leslie-Ann Bristow? Bout u could answer for me. Girl take ah seat eh. E.D paying in cash and ah still eh wukkin none far less for if it was paying in cheque hahahaha
      Allyuh good oui

    • Nicole St John. Typical dotish, undereducated police. God bless our nation. We seriously scraping the barrel. If you so cacahole as to refuse a cheque from TSTT as implied, what can I say. Let’s hope you better with a lens than in a debate. Because girlfriend, you are hopeless and hapless. ( yes. that’s a word).

    • Nicole St John….. leave that there…. judging by the last response…you can see going further is pointless….

    • Ehnt! Hahahaha
      Ah not able nah!! Lol lol

    • I dunno where they does come from? Look….lemme go watch mih plants grow….

    • Big woman dat inno. Yuh see why de wuk so hard boy??? 😀 😀

    • And U wasting yuh blasted time to answer that….i vex with u too wiii….??

    • Boy FB is entertainment fuh me. I am guaranteed to laugh when I log on. Hahaha
      Is like ah Learie Joseph comedy show with these ppl oui! Hehehehe

    • I have neither time nor patience to entertain that nah…..

    • 😀 😀
      Is like debating with yuh boy…..I eh calling no name. Yuh know who lol

    • So y is it required to have police at an event when it is not their duty and they tell you this when applying for your permits.

    • Is too much to type but yuh could ask the magistrate when she doh want to give u a license without dem Daniel Pedro

    • A community group throwing a bazaar to raise funds for whatever reason and they request $20000.00 in police fees. That’s draconian.

    • The police give a proposed strength and the cost per officer based on rank. The magistrate adds or takes away from this number prior to granting the license. There are a number of things that affect price but at the end of the day the final figure is not up to the police.

    • In the first place special duty is like overtime because it is a part of your function that you can choose to oblige.
      Officers are not paid after the duty at the same time because the dept that collects the payments operates from Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. So reasons for cash only payments is pure nonsense!
      You also have no redress when officers who are paid per hour and don’t work the hours assigned.
      I know of NO cases where officers reach late and leave early and promoters or event managers are refunded…NONE!
      Any other occupation where you pay an hourly rate, you pay for ACTUAL hours worked. This does not happen with special duty. You are told you have to have police for a stipulated time and you must pay ‘x’ and whatever happens after is your arse to catch. Even getting a refund for officers who didn’t turn up at all can sometimes be a task. And that is from personal experience at the St James Police Station.
      You also have to contend with officers eating and drinking alcohol whilst on duty in all inclusives where patrons have spent their money. During their duties they can have a meal but it should be at their cost or at the discretion/suggestion of the person(s) holding the event…but not by officers helping themselves and sometimes with no limits.
      The is NO clear, rational, sensible, logical reason for making these payments in cash…NONE whatsoever. And I’m sure if this is probed some strange situations may come to light.

    • Police officers not suppose to be doing extra activities for money.

    • Your job is mandated and you must serve in public interest. Not at private gathering or parties.

  45. That is so true n that’s y many events cannot be self sufficient as yet cuz all d profit have to go in security payments. If u can’t pay it e wants r cut short as well and that shld not be.


  47. They dont say that when they hv insufficient security and de ting get sticky though

  48. Just another ugly side of the police service

  49. Without knowing the current situation/ facts, it is not easy to comment. However, back during “The Journey to Germany 2006” (2004/2005), we worked with the Police at all matches. We argued that for National team events 9any sports) the “Promoter” should not have to pay, the Govt. should pay. The presence of the police is necessary, but too ofetn they arrived late (and we could not open the gates/ ticket sales, and they left as soon as the event was over, not assisting with traffic after the event. The defence Force also provided soldiers in attendance at the matches. One of the first items in Event Promotions is contact with the Police and the TTPS tells the promoter what manpower is required. Are we sure that the current “impasse” is an impasse? Or is the choice of venue more assessed by size of crowd anticipated?

  50. Shonda Moore Deborah King tell us something we don’t know

  51. Dat eh new wen he was minister was d same thing so wah

  52. International 1000:1 Trinidad 30:1

  53. And police also still require you to hire private security for your event since they don’t get involved. It is just ridiculous. Not to mention the payments are required in cash

    • So what exactly do they do? Just stand around? And if something happens, let the private security deal with it?

    • No they don’t stand around. They take in the scenes, invite other officers who not on duty at your event, drink your drinks, eat your food….

    • Yes Lasana Liburd. They require all payments for extra duty in cash. No managers cheque, no company cheque…not even linx. Smh…if that isn’t a security risk I’m not sure what is. And on top of that so times all the officers you pay for don’t come and not all the relevant stations are forthcoming with refunds. An inspector at St James asked me some years ago if u could prove all the officers didn’t come and supposed they were in plainclothes. Since they are mandated by the magisteates court they must be in full uniform and I let him know that was what I was aware of. After some back and forth we were eventually refunded for FOUR officers who didn’t report for duty. And although you pay them per hour from one hour before your event starts and up until one hour after the end time. You have no case when officers reach two, three and four hours late and/or leave hours early.
      I’m not even going to get into what they eat and drink and who they give access too. That’s a whole other kettle of fish.
      I’ve had the pleasure of working with some very punctual and hardworking officers for special duties but I’ve also had some officers from hell…

    • Lasana Liburd what is the real issue with cash? Transparency?

    • Junior Nizo, yes. Transparency is the main issue there. In terms of if all 150 officers were paid or if we didn’t have some of the URP/CEPEP tricks.
      Also I don’t think people should be required to move around with large quantities of cash for legitimate business.

    • Lasana Liburd I understand but those are things that can be checked however there are issues that the minister spoke to that are beyond the remit of the TTPS that he didn’t clarify! But the issue of hiring the police directly that would be illegal, according to our laws which the Ex Minister should have been aware of. But no one knows everything but it’s good for us to enlighten each other. Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Act and Regulations. I omitted to say that they can pay be escorted to hve their cheque changed as well. But I catch ur drift though

    • I am fully aware of what i am saying. I am bringing this to the forefront to have this untidy situation rectified and amended. Not to say who is to blame.

    • They are paid cash. They not paying tax on that. U cannot double check their numbers. They try to invite ppl to come in for free. They demand drinks. I did an event and before it even started an officer demanded a bottle of JWB. When I refused he told me he go lock me up. When I start to laugh a big one with one of them large guns came up behind me. I only got away cause I usually hire police as private security and is the same team I use. They pulled him aside and that was it.

      Paying for police is a waste of time. They do nothing and often hamper your event. They have been the main contributor to a large increase in event costs and have probably led to many losses suffered by promoters.

    • Yep Kester people don’t realise all that happens behind the scenes

  54. I was a supporter of Mr Griffith’s efforts while he was MONS, and I write this response while retaining full respect for him. His position as stated here is at best disingenuous! This practice of the police is not new and was in effect while he was in office. He said and did nothing!

    Over the years I became aware of these demands from the police which I’ve never felt to be excessive. There is a certain number of officers per hundred or thousand participants. So the public needs to know this. It should be transparently communicated to promoters when an event is being hosted , Thru the joint efforts of police and fire department. Further it makes full sense that the police or security representation is proportional to the crowd. Don’t sit here now that you not in office and express thorough knowledge and wisdom. You had a chance to fix it. What we seem to need more urgently is a repair of our politics

  55. This is so true….just imagine they were insisting on 12 officers for a small pool party….12×1000=12000 plus you have to pay for fire officers and private security….madness with TTPS

  56. Captain Kangaroo now knows this? WOW. The world knows this, Sherlock; even my dawgs do.

  57. So who don’t know dat wen Dem was wen they were there it was no different