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PITT STOP: Former judge rules on West Indies cricket case of Bravo vs Cameron

It cannot be in the best interests of West Indies cricket to persist in the exclusion of Darren Bravo.

The younger Bravo has again been excluded from the West Indian ODI team. There is no reason to doubt that his exclusion is a result of the tweet he made on learning of his demotion, as far as remuneration is concerned, in the regional team.

Photo: West Indies batsman Darren Bravo (right) raises his bat and helmet to celebrate a century against Pakistan as team captain Jason Holder (back) and Pakistani bowler Mohammad Amir look on during the final day of the first day-night Test between Pakistan and the West Indies at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium in the Gulf Emirate on 17 October 2016. (Copyright AFP 2017/Aamir Qureshi)
Photo: West Indies batsman Darren Bravo (right) raises his bat and helmet to celebrate a century against Pakistan as team captain Jason Holder (back) and Pakistani bowler Mohammad Amir look on during the final day of the first day-night Test between Pakistan and the West Indies at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium in the Gulf Emirate on 17 October 2016.
(Copyright AFP 2017/Aamir Qureshi)

In his tweet, he was rude, perhaps even abusive of the president of the WICB. It is clear that his tweet was the product of anger that was, at least in part, spawned by what he believed to have been the President’s confusion as to the category in which he was at the time the decision was made.

It is also a fair inference that Bravo has not offered a satisfactory apology to the President or to the WICB.

In deciding what is an appropriate punishment for Bravo’s offence, it is not only fair but customary to examine other statements he has made or actions he has taken that would provide a fuller assessment of his character.

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One rather notable piece of evidence about Darren’s character that is obviously very relevant is the decision taken some time ago by him to reject opportunities—likely lucrative—to play the shortest form of the game (20-over cricket) in order to concentrate his attention on the longer forms of the game (50-over and Test matches).

In both these areas, considered more prestigious from the region’s perspective, the West Indian Teams’ performance has been worse than in the shortest form.

It is relatively easy to pass judgment when the person being judged is of unambiguously bad character and the conduct involved is clearly abhorrent. Few cases, however, fall into those categories.

Photo: West Indies batsman Darren Bravo (centre) prepares to play a shot on the second day of the second Test between Pakistan and West Indies at the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi on 22 October 2016. (Copyright AFP 2017/Aamir Qureshi)
Photo: West Indies batsman Darren Bravo (centre) prepares to play a shot on the second day of the second Test between Pakistan and West Indies at the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi on 22 October 2016.
(Copyright AFP 2017/Aamir Qureshi)

Here the WICB is called upon to make the kind of decision that requires the assessment of an angry outburst of a young man who has, in the past, demonstrated an exceptional willingness to sacrifice his personal financial and, indeed, emotional interests for the benefit of the region.

It is also important that the region, for any number of reasons, has a limited supply of quality players. Nor can we ignore the fact that Darren is arguably the best batsman in the region, which has a really painful recent record of poor performances and that he already holds the record for the most “Test” runs of any West Indian cricketer ever away from home.

I think it bears repetition: It cannot be in the best interests of West Indies cricket to persist in the exclusion of Darren Bravo.

Photo: West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president Dave Cameron during a function at WIPA's office in Jamaica in 2014. (Courtesy WIPA)
Photo: West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president Dave Cameron during a function at WIPA’s office in Jamaica in 2014.
(Courtesy WIPA)

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  1. West indies president is to blame for the failure of the team most players jus stay shot to keep their contract even some players dont cear wen they have franchise contract because dey way under paid under this west indies board

  2. Raval Thompson someone lies to the public, about you,are you going to reply “I love you”.”Yuh DUMB ASS.”You worse than Trump. And by the way Bravo star’s, with a capitol letter.

  3. If Mr Cameron was a leader this issue would have been resolved already , regardless who was wrong or not … whatever it takes , do it … Over the past decade how many “great” players have been mishandled . Why is it that sportsmen with differing temperaments are handled efficiently all around the world ??? Why is it usually our BEST players that fall victim to this mismanagement .. All “egos” can be handled so these failures must fall at the feet of management . When last have we fielded our strongest side ??? If a leader can’t control his flock , he is not “the” leader . This is a sport and it’s results should be judged from the top come down , just like football and basketball .. management gets fired first not the players … Simple as that ..

  4. WICB President yuh on shit. Separate your personal feelings and be the professional person you try to make everyone think u are. You show pure biasness towards Darren Bravo and other great cricketers who have proven there worth over and over. Do I really have West Indian cricket as your best interest or yuh just in it for financial and personal gains???

  5. We don’t pay our money to see the cricket administrators, we pay our money to see the Cricket Players.
    Like the tail wagging the Dog

  6. How do we fix this The man is getting older and Cameron got another term

  7. Cameron is back because of the Minions who gets a free ride..they will always sing or vote for their supper …has ANYONE ever paid, sat up all day or night to see WICB directors play the game?…yet they believe themselves as OMNIPOTENT…reality..they are simply IMPOTENT.

  8. There is a clear line of authority, which was breached by Bravo’s tweet. Simply put, no matter the organization, you cannot reasonably expect to call your higher up an “idiot” and expect that there would be no consequences. That without even addressing whether Bravo’s response was necessary or proportional.

  9. This what I don’t understand. We all feel that Cameron is not good for West Indies cricket then why the hell was he voted back in. That is mind boggling to day the least.

  10. Lol. Sorry for the dressing down Rondene. Convos can get a little robust sometimes. But I can take it when it is dished out to me too. 😉

  11. Oh no Gonzi you just want a chuckle on my bealf. Lets just say Lasana and I had differing opinions on an article and he all but said (and I paraphrase) “maybe you should write my articles for me” ….I got a proper “dressing down”…lol

  12. Yes Rondene Tomlinson Enquiring minds what to know.

  13. Cameron voting in by cricket administration here in the west Indies as president Darren bravo must respect that can’t disrespect the president and think it’s ok.Darren bravo told to apologize and him refuses to these players like to disgrace the board and want to play again stupid ass them

  14. Lol. I drew you up? How you mean?

  15. In the first instance Cameron was wrong to make the comments he did and to mislead the cricket public again. Secondly, we are not aware that the matter was referred to the Disciplinary committee of the Board. Thirdly Darren was very wrong to do that offensive tweet.
    Having said that people need to sit down and resolve these unfortunate matters behind closed doors. Resolve the matter and move on in the interest of WI cricket, if this is still relevant.

  16. David Cameron does not have the West Indies team best interest at heart! He is immature and has lied blatantly to the public about issues surrounding West Indies Cricket

  17. Reynold, Bravo was responding to a breach of confidentiality and inaccurate information put out in the public by Cameron. I don’t see how you can censor one party and not the other.
    And why does he have to show remorse? If the relevant independent committee finds him guilty then sanction him. But he is a grown man. Why should he apologise when Cameron hasn’t?
    Just sanction them both and move on.

  18. Bravo should ask Cameron to publish the alleged A Contract within 14 days, failure by Cameron should lead to court or a demand from the President for the alternative fact that he uttered which incensed Bravo.

  19. So …there is no compromise between the two individuals??


  20. It appears that Bravo would not issue an apology to Dave Cameron…
    So what next?? The icebergs would refuse to melt?

  21. i want to see the tweet.It’s interesting how people suffer amnesia in the Caribbean. How many young cricketers including Brain Lara was forced into early retirement, not because of lack of performance, but incompetent administrators in WICB, before present day CAMERON. (at what age did Tendulkar play (42). It seems as though the WICB can say, do and victimize players as they see fit and no one should respond. When you push a human too far he will react. I’m not condoning what Darren did, but this is not only a young man’s dream , but livelihood. VICTIMISATION. Why don’t WICB members tell us what is their annual SALARIES. Why you want to shortchange the boys?. They have families and responsibilities. Playing for country is no longer pride nor profitable. many of them a revered outside, but starving in the Caribbean. Why by some minnie-men who never hold a bat. More than that an inept TTCB, who have also added to the woes of the local boys. When WICB chided Gayle some years a back, he told them where to step,(at least he said what was on his mind) Did JCB abandon him?. What support Darren have beside QPCC. Where the lame duck, politically stained TTCB dead horses. I stop listening watching cricKet since lara’s retirement. I watch 20-20 now and then. pay to see a 7th side never. WICB in my mind made a deal with ICC to ensure we remain at the bottom of the listing. People WICB have been doing the same things for over 2 decades and getting the same answer and we still talking. Really

  22. Lasana Liburd….what-ah-gwaan?? You drew me up one time…but love you still. Keep up the writing….keep us informed.

  23. Dat just get me more vex. Dunno y I read it.

  24. What was Bravo’s Tweet??? Anyone has it???

    • Reuters excerpt:
      In an interview with SportsMax TV, a Caribbean television network, Cameron said that Bravo had been offered a grade ‘C’ contract due to his slipping batting average.

      “It is explicit that if your averages are not above a certain level, it tells you what contracts you get,” Cameron had explained. “It is very, very explicit.

      “His averages in the last two years have been declining, so what do you do? Reward poor performance or do you encourage him to get better?”

      In response, Bravo said he had never been offered a grade ‘A’ contract, tweeting. “You hav been failing 4 d last 4yrs. Y don’t u resign and FYI I’ve neva been given an A contract. Big idiot @davec51.”

    • But, right now he is the best the WI has. Unlike Lara and the other greats before him, the team was well rounded, so the fate of every game wasn’t squarely on their shoulders. Bravo literally carries the WI team. Cricket is a TEAM sport, not individual sport, the performance of the team does affect ones overall performance. If you had bad management to the mix, performance suffers more. You see it in ALL team sports.

  25. Reynold F. Ollivierre
    has Cameron shown any remorse for destroying West Indies cricket?

  26. Lasana I am surprised that Cameron did not try to block him from going to the IPL…

  27. As indicated above Darren Bravo has made the sacrifices and a decent record compared to current players in the WI team and regionally. I believed that he is such a good player that we cannot afford to lose him which is why mediation should have been by the TTCB or a WI selector or even a former player to bring together the gentlemen for the betterment of WI cricket. It should not have been left to fester. Someone needs to intervene…Mr Lloyd, Sir Richards, Mr Garner, Mr Basarath…the ball and bat in your pitch.

  28. Since when does the WICB care about West Indies Cricket?
    It should really be called WEAFB: We Eating Ah Food Board

  29. Here too baby. This is a business. He is a top employee. He needs Cricket….Cricket needs him.

  30. In Trinidad we call this .’Cutting off your nose to spite your face’.

  31. Good article. All good and valid points. Let’s apologize and play some Cricket. Cricket must be the winner here.

  32. At the end of the day Cameron is the president in a similar case to Kevin pietersen calling his former captain Andrew Strauss a derogatory Afrikaans terminology and he got suspended and now he is out of the loop

    • I don’t see how this is a similar case. A major part of this is Hinds selling out WIPA. In the absence of a trusted channel Darren did what most people do all over social media now…he vented. I am not saying he was right but to say that a player who is demoted without reason and lashes out is on par with a racist slur is a false comparison

    • Not in the business of what hinds said whether of it he is wrong and he wrong! But Cameron is the president first and foremost and in Strauss case he was the captain of the English team you simply can’t get away from that you tweeted sorry!

    • It is disingenuous to ignore the actual content of the tweet. I maintain the situations are not the same. But you are entitled to your opinion and that’s fine

    • West Indies cricket does not belong to David Cameron, even though he is president. He is just an elected member. That’s it.
      A spat between Darren Bravo and Dave Cameron ought not to be treated as though it is a student versus the school principal in my book.

    • West Indies doesn’t belong to Cameron but he is in authority he is in charge and yes he is an elected member and it’s not a case of student versus school principal you have rules set out as any governing body read between the lines I needn’t say more and i am sticking to those principles don’t get me wrong I am a bravo fan and this is world wide Alex Ferguson is an example, any sporting discipline

    • Ferguson is in charge of the dressing room. If Bravo called his coach an idiot, it would be different.
      Cameron is not the boss of west indies cricket. As president, he ought to have certain areas of responsibility. And those do NOT extend to banning or disciplining players.
      That is abusing power that he doesn’t have. And people are being very lackadaisical about this because of their perception of the perks of power in my opinion.

    • Lasana was it Cameron who personally suspended him or the Board?

    • Part of the issue is a lack of transparency over the matter Nigel. I believe the decision was relayed by the then CEO.
      But they never explained who took the decision and whether Bravo ever went before the disciplinary committee.
      And Bravo was not called before any committee for his side to be heard either from what we know.

    • Fair enough then… in the least he deserved a hearing, and the public deserves clarity as to whom it was actually took action. All of that aside, this has gone on too long now.

    • A six month ban–or however long it has been so far–and running for calling an elected WICB board member an idiot. Smh.

    • Definitely not proportional to the “crime.”

    • Regardless he just have to remove the tweet you don’t call your boss an idiot or those who is in authority this issue is an ethical issue and in sports ferguson is just one that comes to mind if you could remember Dennis Rodman with his issues this is libelous I needn’t say more

  33. An athlete is no normal employee. Therein, in my opinion, lies the flaw in your thinking Orin.
    During Barcelona’s negotiations with Messi over a new contract, a club director politely told a reporter that no player is bigger than the club and the club will be here long after all the current players are gone.
    Messi didn’t take very kindly to that and called the director a fool and wondered aloud if that thinking was the position of the board.
    Guess who had to leave the club immediately? The employee or the director?

    • So what’s the dividing line between normal and not normal employee? The fact that they earn more in a week than most people do in a year? And as proof you cite Messi? Messi? 😀

    • No. The dividing line is If that employee has a specialized skill that makes them more valuable than directors.
      In other words, how much of West Indies business is tied into performance of players as opposed to directors? Is it easier to replace employee or director and be successful?
      If KFC cleaners strike, you can probably easily bring in cleaners from anywhere and get job done.
      If pilots strike, you can’t ask a cleaner to land the plane.
      Top athletes have a special skill like pilots. When they threaten to strike, you can’t afford to be flippant. Not if you care about your business.

    • You’re really off your game with your analogies today, bredrin. No one is suggesting replacing Bravo with Joe Public. Im just saying he can’t talk to his CEO like that and get away with it. Whether he’s a cricketer or a clerk. No matter how just his cause.Valued and highly paid are not the same things, but I will grant you that Bravo is the more valued of the two, in terms of being able to enhance the quality of the product. However, whether or not that is the case, CEOs will be CEOs. If Derek Rose abused the NBA commissioner (or his head coach), he’d be out on his ass tomorrow. EVERYTHING has broken down in WI cricket, including player discipline. Including the quality of the admin.

    • Athletes are not employees because they are the ‘commodity’ for the business..employees are the coaches board etc…and I disagree fundamentally that authority deserved a particular type of treatment solely on the basis of being an authority.

    • Well, I’m saying the analogy between a worker and an employee that you started with is off. That’s all. A sportsman and director don’t have the same relationship as what you would find in a normal workplace at all.
      An athlete is much more valued than that. Akins is much closer to the truth by defining the sportsman as a commodity.
      If a gifted NBA commodity said the NBA commissioner is a fool, you can bet your ass that player will still have a job tomorrow.
      In fact, the NBA is a bizarre analogy. Latrell Sprewell physically assaulted and choked his coach. Walked away came back 20 minutes later and hit the same coach. And this was after he had previous incidents like going at a teammate with a two by four and threatening to shoot him and fighting other colleagues.
      He get a 10 match ban for attacking his coach twice. Ask yourself this Orin: how many matches has Darren Bravo already missed?

    • Sooo…just a comment from a layman’s point of view…stick with me for a minute. What if, just for argument’s sake The CEO actually DESERVED the feedback by way of previous performance OR lack thereof. You as an employee, will you take a position to withhold your comments and feedback when you’ve obviously decided that enough is enough? If not then, that’s the problem right there with West Indies Cricket and probably the region as a whole. Continue to sugar coat everything while the obvious rot occurs directly infront one’s face.

    • Athletes may be viewed as employees depending on the level of control the WICB (employer) has over the person’s behaviour (where, when and why in relation to plying their trade). Their pay packet is also important (does the WICB have total control over how much he/she can make and where) otherwise the athlete is an independent contractor with a commodity to offer to the highest bidder if he/she is so inclined.??? I think everyone agrees the incident was very unfortunate but is the punishment that is being meted out justified?

    • Dave Cameron does not own West Indies cricket. He is just an elected member. If Darren Bravo called him a fool, then it is rude. But he did not insult West Indies cricket. Just Cameron.
      It is oppressive to ban him as a result and the West Indies directors, technical staff and anyone else who thinks that West Indies cricket should do without the services of Bravo for calling Cameron a fool while he was making a foolish statement…
      Well, anyone who thinks that is a true Trini I guess. Always quick to geneflect at a whiff of power. Bravo and Cameron are two grown men representing West Indies cricket. And one doing it a damn sight better than the other one.
      If there is an issue then take them both before a tribunal and decide. Anything else is unfair to me.

    • Lasana, I have no idea how many matches Darren missed, but if youre saying that it should have been a finite number, I wholly agree. Thank you for rescuing me from the painful and unusual position of defeniding Dave Cameron.

    • Lol. I don’t think Darren Bravo should have banned for a single match. What ought to have happened is the matter be taking before an independent committee to rule on the behaviour of BOTH parties.
      Bravo isn’t a child and Dave Cameron isn’t his headmaster. Bravo has a right to be treated with respect as an adult, even as they consider possible sanctions for his tweet. And they ought to be looking at Cameron’s role in it too. Because Cameron was also wrong. But nobody is talking about a ban for him.

    • I agree with your sentiments about Cameron’s wrongdoing but two wrongs do not make a right. There must have been a more productive way of treating with this issue.

    • Good to see Orin and Lasana finally settled this matter. Can’t fault you guys for your efforts. Just a quick comment for consideration, what happens to Cameron for breaching the players contract by speaking publicly about a player and further giving misinformation in an attempt to address a legitimate question by Bravo and then by a reporter. For the record, it was Cameron who breached the contract first, Bravo responded.

    • I hear all the arguments, but Darren absolutely should not have been allowed to get away with those public statements. And it was correct that he wasn’t. As for your question, Dinnas, Cameron should have been censured too. This is where arbitration in sport comes in.

    • Look we all agree that the comments made by Daren is unfortunate and yes some action should be taken but we must be consistent because we cannot have one rule for Bravo and another for Cameron. It’s that kind of conduct and behavior that have us in such a position.

    • if i have time later, i comin to join this discussion!

    • We’re doing fine without you, young Fraser 🙂

    • Lol. WICB is not Dave Cameron Sporting Club. How the hell can anyone justify banning a player indefinitely until he says “Sorry Sir”?
      If Darren Bravo had little respect for the WICB directors before, he should have zero now.
      An athlete’s career is short and they have that over his head to bully him. But they can’t ban me. Lol.
      Next, you will be hearing that Dave Cameron wants players dropped because they don’t bow their heads and acknowledge him when they are in his presence.
      Oops. Phil Simmons said that happened already. And yet people think the problem here is young Bravo. Steups.
      If I were the WICB coach or chairman of selectors, I’d tell Cameron to suck it up. He will live. I’d refuse to be dictated to about my squad on such grounds.

    • In another part of the world, Bravo would have been fined for his conduct and would be on the field playing. As for Cameron, well he would not have been President in the first place. LOL

    • Let’s not forget when Cameron tweeted about the players, what sanctioned did he faced and where was the public outcry for more than 15 mins.

    • Yes, I dislike the overseer scenario too. And saying that Cameron has sinned similarly, while true, doesn’t improve Darren’s lot one jot. Arbitration, humbling himself or a lawsuit for restriction of trade are Darren’s choices. Cameron’s are seeking peaceful mediation and letting someone else announce a reduced fine for Darren.

    • I think someone said it before: this need to abuse power and to be dumbfounded by its presence remains at the heart of our maladminsitration.

    • Orin Gordon i humbly suggest your assessment is wrong.

      One has to judge this situation from the historical context of Windies cricket especially since Cameron got elected/India 2014 tour pull out – where Cameron has been caught (but media and fans have failed to hold him accountable) making many false statements about players and many Windies cricket related issues – and has gotten away it.

      Off all the West Indies senior players who have spoken out publicly Darren Bravo does not do interviews with press outside of assigned post match/pre game stuff, where WICB media can vet his scripted comments.

      Bravo while seeing his bro, other TT and senior players being victimized by board, stayed quiet, blanked it out and focused on his personal ambition to do well in test cricket.

      Cameron went on the Sportsmax zone and shamefully lied to the public about the reasons Bravo wasn’t offered one of the higher WICB A contracts.

      It was a shocking moment and Bravo’s response considering aforementioned reasons was totally his character of staying quiet. Thus one can have no fault from Bravo’s tweet

      The issue now is get to bottom of Cameron’s lie – because if Camero’s lie is reasons Bravo gives up on windies cricket for T20 leagues or to become a Kolpak player in England – no one will blame the tweet.

  34. It is amazing how the regional boards unanimously voted the IDIOT Cameron back into office, and there was no one who had the testicular fortitude to go up for president of the board.

  35. You simply can’t talk like that to or about your CEO. Cameron’s tenure has proven disastrous, and he has proven disruptive — but Bravo has correctly been censured. The rot in WI cricket is at both ends — players and the senior management. Anyone who thinks that Bravo is right must have been working for themselves all their lives.

  36. The good Judge wrote little and said even less.

  37. The WICB is right to exclude a player,(any player), if they fail to abide by the simplest of rules. How can anyone condone this type of continued indiscipline by any player. The Board must stand firm. In this instance the player has (publicly) refused to do what is necessary to make himself eligible for selection. What message is to be sent to the other players and for that matter our own children? Is this a representative we want? Does this sound like a team man?

    • Earl Best

      There is no disputing that Darren erred; I really don’t think that is in issue. But are you suggesting that Cameron has the right to misrepresent the truth in public with impunity? He has nothing to apologise for?

      You could have played in McFarlane’s band and you probably would not have needed a costume, massa! And before you go off on some tangent about my being racist, I’m talking attitude, not skin colour.

  38. Indiscipline in any form or fashion is not to be tolerated. He is/was part of a team and it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the barrel. As of today has he shown any remorse for his action?

  39. We don’t take talent management seriously in the West Indies and sadly I don’t think winning is important for some strange reason.

  40. This matter is ideal for Mediation. I recommend that both parties seek the skills of a good Mediator to assist in the formulation of a speedy resolution.

  41. CARICOM Heads of Government are doing everything but treat with this abomination that is the WICB. Why is no one taking on the recommendations of the Patterson Report? I am so fed up with this West Indian mafia group that is being allowed to hijack and destroy West Indies cricket. I applaud Bravo for his insolence!

    • As Charles Wilkins, the former chairman of the WICB governance reform committee who resigned in protest in 2013 told me recently: “CARICOM and WICB and in a close battle to be the most dysfunctional administrative bodies in Caribbean society”

      Cameron may be a fool from a cricket context, but he is a smart politician in the circle he dwells and is well aware of the above. So while TT, Grenada and St Vincent Prime Ministers have been vocal voices since 2015 calling for WICB to be disbanded – Cameron and his goons preyed on weak CARICOM unity structure and insularity and got other government heads and sports ministers to be against the board being dissolved – that’s why he is has been voted back unopposed.

      Case in point the WICB got help financially from the Antigua government to have its new offices stationed at the old Stanford ground in Antigua.

      The way how the Indian government via its courts just removed Indian cricket board officials cannot happen under the current CARICOM structure unfortunately.

  42. Leave it up to the WICB to destroy a player’s career. They’re good at destroying careers of good players.

  43. Caribbean people need to start boycotting Windies cricket completely until WICB steps up. It is not a quick fix however our cricket is in the gutter and we need real change.

  44. Bossmanism is alive and well in the wicb
    We were successful in spite of Cameron and his cohorts. Firing the successful championship T20 team management and coach is a metaphor for all that is wrong in West indies cricket.

  45. Someone should resign and it ain’t Bravo.

  46. I also don’t think Darren wants to back down either. Cameron won’t and Darren doesn’t want to.

  47. So what next? I don’t think Cameron going to back down. Pride is a hell of a thing.