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Dear Editor: PNM red-faced and unready for crime, so let us pray for them

“Time and again, prayer is said to be the best crime plan, as the entire nation is converted into one big “hot spot” and “the Devil” and ‘evil’ get full blame.

“While the clueless, talking heads in khaki uniforms boast of how many days Laventille has been “murder-free,” they have collectively failed to comprehend the seismic shift in criminal activities.”

The following Letter to the Editor on the PNM’s failure to deal with crime in T&T was submitted to Wired868 by Rudy Chato Paul, Sr, of D’Abadie:

Photo: A candle light vigil for a murder victim.
Photo: A candle light vigil for a murder victim.

Less than 48 hours after being reported missing, another one of our females was found murdered. And the silence from those in authority continues to be deafening.

These are the same people in red who condemned the previous regime, arguing that if the government could not solve the problem of crime in the nation, then “the government is a part of the problem.” They, of course, were “red and ready.”

When I speak with citizens of this nation, many of them young women, they express the feeling of being sitting ducks, simply waiting for their number to be called. After 18 months of Dr Keith Rowley’s PNM being in office, the nation is now endowed with an insatiable murder appetite.

Yet time and again, prayer is said to be the best crime plan, as the entire nation is converted into one big “hot spot” and “the Devil” and ‘evil’ get full blame. So while the clueless, talking heads in khaki uniforms boast of how many days Laventille has been “murder-free,” they have collectively failed to comprehend the seismic shift in criminal activities. Evidently this has eluded them.

Ella Andall had warned us about “a missing generation;” apparently they have found us.  Yet we have a regime comprising a pack of clueless jokers, all of whom have found themselves in positions for which none are fit. Every last one has demonstrated his or her total incompetence.

Photo: Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon. (Copyright CNC3)
Photo: Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon.
(Copyright CNC3)

The nation is forced to look on helplessly, acknowledging that we have gone from “wuss” to “wusserer” in a very short space of time; we have gone from the proverbial frying pan into the fire, where as simple a thing as the purchase of US dollars is a challenge.

It is an indictment against this nation when one individual in this nation, Phillip Edward Alexander, is making more noise and expresses greater outrage than the political parties, unions and pressure groups combined. The Opposition, who have no credibility anyway, are dead silent.

Where are PLOTT, Womantra, Fixin T&T, David Abdullah, Hazel Brown and the 1.3 million other “concerned citizens?” Where is the outrage? Where are the priests, pastors, imams, pundits and other clergy members?

More and more of our young people are being murdered without so much as a hint from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) as to the cause of death. In most cases, I have noted, they even “lack a motive.” When info about as simple a thing as “motive” is lacking, how then, pray tell, does one initiate an investigation?

How do the police authorities determine where to begin, whom to question?

A motive, as vague as it may be, provides one with a starting point. Translated “no motive” means “no place to start.” This explains, at least in part, the sorry murder detection rates across this nation—less than 10% annually.

Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago National Under-15 player Abiela Adams, was found murdered on Saturday 11 February 2017.
Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago National Under-15 player Abiela Adams, was found murdered on Saturday 11 February 2017.

Victims’ family members are thus given merely a promise—“a comfort to a fool,” remember—when they inquire about an update; they are told that “The investigation is ongoing.”

Meanwhile, back at the Forensics Centre, bodies continue to pile up, with many cause of death examinations being described simply as “inconclusive.” My question becomes: do the overworked pathologists at the Centre conduct extensive inquiries or do they just take a cursory glance at the body and determine that the cause of death exam is inconclusive?

And when a body is found and cause of death turns out to be inconclusive, can someone be charged with murder? Perhaps someone can also explain why there is the need to determine “cause of death” on an otherwise healthy victim—usually someone who was liming—who has been shot a total of 15-20 times?

As a pseudo-professional, it is my analysis that T&T has issues greater than crime with which we are confronted. Failure to deal with them in a meaningful manner will result in our spinning the proverbial top in mud. One of those issues is the inequalities built into the social institutions, beginning with the classroom and continuing for generations. Another issue is the lack of trust, with no one trusting any else.

Trinidad and Tobago is recognized as one of the wealthiest nations in the region. It is well recognized by social scientists that the bigger the income gap, the more social problems a society will experience.

Photo: Protest in La Brea. (Copyright Trinidad Guardian/Rishi Ragoonath)
Photo: Protest in La Brea.
(Copyright Trinidad Guardian/Rishi Ragoonath)

It is also well known that social problems are often related to a society’s distribution of wealth. That we continue to experience some of the most challenging social problems is great cause for concern.

A report made public sometime last year indicated that 300,000 of our citizens live on less than TT$985 per month. Fixing that is really a baby step for our managers but a giant leap for mankind in T&T.

About Rudy Chato Paul Sr

Rudy Chato Paul, Sr, is passionate about gardening, music and writing and boasts post-graduate certification in Anthropology, Criminology and Sociology. He also studied Theology, which is why he is actively seeking to make Trinidad a better place rather than waiting for divine intervention. 

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  1. Whatever crime solution is put in place, criminals always beat the system. The people has to change their mindset, think differently and work with the law enforcement agencies. Saw a video of two men trying to beat an off duty policeman. People are too lawless and undisciplined.

  2. Why Pray ?. I thought God’s a Trini. Just fed up with all this “Let’s Pray Talk “. I also thought that God does not help those who don’t help themselves. So, which one is it?. The Majority of Trinbagonians are quite comfortable demanding a Change of ANY GOVERNMENT, without first looking into the mirror and realizing that WE ARE THE ONES THAT HAVE TO “CHANGE “. WE RESIST CHANGE. We continue to litter, and then blame the Government, we continue to create” Parent less ” ill DISIPLINED children and place them in our Schools, and again blame the Government, we demand high paying Government Jobs while not performing or producing. I can go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Society have failed, our Churches have failed us , and continues to do so. SO LEAVE GOD OUTTA THIS. “WE JAMMING STILL “.

  3. These dotish people who call themself writers is the worse thing sin cobeaue mess

  4. Has anyone observed that many of these gang related murders started after the Bail Bill was not supported…….and all the incarcerated gang members got bail? Blame Dr. Rowley

  5. I thought allyuh red and ready dumb jackass

  6. I guess dillon going to build a another police station in maraval because 5 people got gun down also

  7. Looks like Trinidad and Tobago needs more than prayers. Maybe a solid educational system that serves the time and age we live in. Maybe better living conditions and higher salaries for all. Maybe less corruption and more emphasizing in our everyday life?

  8. They wete red and ready…..to mash up the country….9

  9. Quite frankly both parties are a mess. They have no solutions for crime and other issues plaguing this country. It’s time for a change but it starts with us. We have to change our mentality and demand better from our leaders because as far as I am concerned, they are just talking, no action.

  10. Dillon you have to build a station in Le Plette village now

  11. New party needed ,new change and tough decision needed. Both parties have reached their peak or lack thereof. Time for Trinidad and Tobago to stop this small minded thinking. Time to be color blind and be patriotic to your country and not a party.

  12. The Mr .Dillon has no idea of what he is doing because if he did the crime rate won’t be so high and further more not even the past minister of national security knew what he was doing.They all are great TALKERS with no action.

  13. If so y take d position of top cop,should’ve been a damn pastor,I will always say we need new young blood. Bad boys doing WA they want & u talking about prayers. Go in allyer rocking chair or geriatric home with this shit na

  14. LMAO the more allyuh pray the worse it gets

  15. All yuh keep praying and wasting time

  16. Talking about Patrick Manning an dem community leaders? Dat wasn’t de last government!

  17. These propaganda sites whats up with dem is everything 2 make d country look bad

    • Yea, de country done looking bad without dem already, don’t need no more help!

    • Thats where your wrong,pray is needed and if we do maybe we might be saved from destruction,its my belief that trinbagonians politicizing crime and both parties playin blame game when it is obviously a social issue ,this needs 2 stop otherwise the almighty will find away 4 us 2 unite , lets stop this division and fight this plague

  18. Say a pray for d retired members of d Defence Force whose back pay wasn’t paid to them ,,thank Dilllon and Rowley

  19. If the PNM was compromising with the criminals like the last regime I wonder if things would off been different? But a true government who but country first would not do such thing great is the PNM and they has prevail.

  20. Good article. Hope it makes an impact to those in the gov’t and willing to listen.

  21. I’m reminded of the ‘pot-hound’ who just got caught sucking the egg, which he knew was wrong. He would just quietly walk to a corner, with his head down and avoid eye contact with his owner. His somberness is a sign of guilt.

    Perhaps the once loud persons mentioned in the article are quiet now because of said guilt… “we elected them.”

  22. Don’t our MPs come from within the population? Is their ineptitude a reflection of our society? Animal researchers point to the problem solving abilities of an animal as a key indicator of intelligence. Are we solving our societal problems? How many developed countries are there in the tropics? The general population call for God’s intervention, (God doh sleep, God will give me justice, pray and fast for the nation, religious instruction in schoosl, more $$ for religious bodies). How many countries have solved their societal ills by prayer?

  23. Well written. I like the part where he says we have issues bigger than crime . Any govt in such a small country should be proud to boast of reducing crime to a minimum and there are people in this country who know exactly what’s fuelling this crime but are fearful of disclosing the info .

  24. Wired868 you were going good until you mentioned PEA.

  25. Citizens of T&T have learned the hard way to ‘see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing’. Man is by nature a survivor and in order to do so will do most everything to protect himself and his family from harm. Sadly, things seem to be getting to the stage of no return.

  26. Don’t blame the Government for the things you allow to happen every day and say nothing.

  27. Earl Best

    I hear the Rottweiller bite plenty worse than he bark so when yuh hear he eh saying nutten bout all these attack on he government, you should try to make some friend in the A&E department closest to you.

    And doh be surprise if I pass yuh straight when we in public; I doh want nobody know I know you because me eh have no pyjamas good enough to wear in hospital.