Wired868 editor, Liburd, sues TTFA freelancer, Gordon Pierre, for libel

Wired868 managing director, Lasana Liburd, initiated legal action today against Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) freelancer, sport presenter and secondary school teacher, Gordon Pierre, for libel after a series of Facebook posts made on 16 and 17 March 2017 respectively.

Pierre’s comments, ironically, were made in response to an article entitled “Why the TTFA’s self-serving, classless behaviour remains the Warriors’ biggest hurdle.”

Photo: TTFA freelancer and secondary school teacher Gordon Pierre (right) poses with ex-FIFA vice president Jack Warner.
Photo: TTFA freelancer and secondary school teacher Gordon Pierre (right) poses with ex-FIFA vice president Jack Warner.

The article, written by Liburd, referenced Pierre in four paragraphs and criticised him for travelling with a female companion to perform duties with the National Beach Soccer Team in Tobago. Pierre’s female companion joined him for breakfast with the squad on occasion.

Pierre did not go on to the CONCACAF tournament in the Bahamas since he did not have valid travel documents. He was supposed to act as the TTFA’s media officer in Bahamas.

In response, Pierre made several allegations against the veteran sport journalist. Attorney Gabrielle Gellineau, who is acting on behalf of Liburd, today called upon Pierre to provide the following reliefs:

The immediate removal of the offending words from your Facebook page;

An immediate and unequivocal public apology in terms to be approved by me on my client’s behalf and published on your Facebook page in a manner commensurate with the prominence given to the offending posts;

An undertaking by you not to repeat the offending words or similar words; and

The immediate payment of [substantial] damages to my client to compensate him for the injury to his reputation.

Should Pierre fail to respond in three days, a legal claim for defamation will be filed in the High Court.

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  1. I think this was a while ago. I even told you guys to stop it, if I am correct.

  2. The funny thing with this is my boy who get the wuk and toting he skettel — ah mean — female friend around with him while he doing the wuk:) Oh and toss in the fact that he had no idea his travel documents (?) were in order til he reach the people airport? Yuh can’t make this stuff up nah?

  3. This entire thing is ridiculous. I had to go search to find what was said and having found the published material it is unnecessary, scandalous, and seemingly reckless. If it lacks any basis in truth then it very likely could be deemed malicious as well. All of this is just unnecessary, but the onus is on Gordon Pierre to fix this, feelings might have been bruised in the article referencing his personal life but I didn’t think there was anything unnecessarily unfair about it.

    Read in context it helped make the case that the TTFA under David Jack Warner has been run in a vaille-qui-vaille manner with people treading all over protocol and common sense and otherwise acting like arrivistes. All of this is fair game and sometimes you have to take your lumps like a man. Now that being said, the defamation suit seems a bit of an overkill but I understand the desire to respond, with a heavy hand if necessary, and won’t second guess Lasana or Ms. Gellineau on that point.

  4. So sad, so sad, what a sad, sad situation. Sorry seems to be the hardest word sometimes.
    Worse yet, when you play wrong and strong and double down on your own nonsense … since settling is now impossible I hope you get your just rewards, Lasana. I’ve seen you beat the sidelines and beat out keyboards and even pesky arthropods but never anthropoid … female or otherwise.

  5. This will be epic. This name calling obnoxious behavior in TT must stop ! Behind you 100% Mr Live Wire

  6. Lolol … lemme get my popcorn yes.

  7. Sueing for fb posts? People low boy.
    Natural hate in y’all.

  8. I think hats off to lasana. Far too long people come on here and make comments that they pass off as idle or a joke. But please have regard for people’s families and their future. It is damaging and extremely hurtful to their husbands, wives and children. It’s just plain wrong.

    It’s bad enough, the individual involved is a teacher. Itjust damages his credibility on so many levels and the insitutions he represents.
    So we’ll done lasana for setting a healthy precedent

  9. Liburd, You talking about damaging people reputation and you show the man shaking hand with Jack Warner? If I was he I woulda countersue on those grounds alone!

  10. Gordon has been a malicious person to alot of people on the wired facebook page ….karma doesn’t take sides …it evens the playing field!

  11. Hahaha first advice get a lawyer!!! Hahaha let she know the mandatory time to respond reasonably is seven days hahaha!! Don’t play mass and fraid powder so go high court tomorrow!! Hahaha!!

  12. This is very interesting. First time I’m seeing someone being held libel for content on FB. As a media person, I’m all eyes on this. I know Trinidad’s law also allows the person to sue the publisher, so I wonder if Lasana can also sue FB ? Anyhow, Lasana, if yuh get ah change send yuh new found partner something eh ?.

  13. Whta is joke for the editor, an adaptation of the old adage says, could be death for the schoolteacher. And another one says if yuh spit in the air, it go fall back in yuh face if yuh not careful.

    Looks to me like Pierre doesn’t very very widely…

  14. I just spoke with Gordon… cause I really would have preferred some sort of settlement to this… I have the utmost respect for Lasana Liburd and an avid reader of his content for years..and Gordon has been a good friend over the years… so when I see this it kinda pains me but I don’t have the facts so I can’t comment on it…

  15. Lol ..Leh meh see the bad man talk now..hahahha

  16. And you know how long now that I told him to end this madness eh, because how can I have him as meh right hand man with respect to organizing the Players Association to defend our players rights etc.etc. etc. eh. and moving forward in order for them to get it correct in our sweet country and he always use to be talking about keeping the positive vibes eh, now it seems that I will have to look for a new right hand man/.woman eh. Them really good yes.

  17. I not picking sides or looking to lay blame …we all.know sometimes Gordon rambles and I leave it as idle talk but I will have a chat with him about this. I understand that the comments may put into question your ability to bring reliable information to the forefront therefore your reputation. Was there at anytime a sit down because you both are at a number of events to clear this up? I was really looking forward to all members of sports media to help make this a difference with positivity.

  18. Liburd hasn’t sued him yet, he has sent him a preaction protocol letter which is a legal prerequirement for suing someone in the courts.

  19. I actually went and look at his FB page to see what he said oui. I’m sorry, but, I would check him too for such statements!!! #LibelMuch #PettyMuch #UnprofessionalMuch #IndulgingInHighSchoolBehaviourAsAnAdult

  20. No relationship has deteriorated. He made allegations against me that I consider malicious and dangerous. I told him to withdraw them or show proof. He claimed he had proof and won’t withdraw them. And now let’s go to a court to find justice.
    If his allegations are correct, then he has nothing to worry about.
    If they are false–as I insist they are–then the judge will rule on what he owes me for the defamation.
    I think this is a very mature response.
    If he doesn’t want to go to court and wants to end it here, then he can contact my lawyer and agree to our terms.

  21. What going on here with my pal Gordo … Lasana Liburd. I honestly think this has gone far.. this relationship deteriorated too quickly to reach to legal proceedings. .. I am sure an amicable solution can come out of this..I will also chat Gordon

  22. Let dem walk with how many diaries they want.

  23. Well yes! ? Gi dem bois. “Stink an dutty” deserve no less.

  24. Leh meh get meh court clothes ready eh. LOL . Them really good yes.

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