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Mandeville knocks “Central cowards” for supposedly belittling Latapy in unsigned release

Russell Latapy’s business manager, Wayne Mandeville, has hit back at Pro League champions Central FC for their “cowardly” attack on the Trinidad and Tobago football icon, as both parties continue to trade words in a furore that started with a critical statement aimed at Sport Minister Darryl Smith.

Last Friday, Central managing director Brent Sancho and goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams knocked Smith for his failure to publicly acknowledge the club’s accomplishments, after their third successive Pro League title—an unprecedented feat—and back to back Caribbean club trophies.

Photo: LA Galaxy coach Bruce Arena (centre) congratulates Central FC custodian Jan-Michael Williams, after their 1-1 tie in CONCACAF Champions League action in August 2015. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: LA Galaxy coach Bruce Arena (centre) congratulates Central FC custodian Jan-Michael Williams, after their 1-1 tie in CONCACAF Champions League action in August 2015.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

Sancho was Smith’s predecessor as Sport Minister for the UNC-led People’s Partnership Government, which was replaced by the PNM on 7 September 2015.

Within a day of Central’s opening salvo, Williams backed down from his stance and said, via the TTFA website, that he had been used by the club for its own ends. Despite the retraction, Latapy blasted the talented goalkeeper for his initial statement and suggested that Williams had not done enough to demand recognition.

It prompted a fierce response from Central today in an unsigned release, which referred to Latapy’s statement as “shameful” and questioned his motives for speaking on the issue at all. The club statement further referred to Latapy as “one of [the TTFA’s] junior coaches.”

KFC Munch Pack

But Mandeville said Central were speaking with a lack of credibility once they got into the business of issuing unsigned press statements.

“It is a cowardly act for any organisation to issue a public statement or position on an issue with the express objective of attempting to devalue one’s creditability and accomplishments,” Mandeville told Wired868, “and not have the testicular fortitude nor courage to affix a name at the end of the release.

Photo: Central FC managing director and ex-Sport Minister and Senator Brent Sancho. Sancho is a former World Cup 2006 player. (Courtesy SPORTT)
Photo: Central FC managing director and ex-Sport Minister and Senator Brent Sancho.
Sancho is a former World Cup 2006 player.
(Courtesy SPORTT)

“It is therefore apparent that this person and/or organisation should not be taken with one iota of seriousness. Clearly there is a lack of business acumen, emotional intelligence, structure, methodology and creditability concerns as to their conduct.

“If you are going to put out a release, then sign it. If I send out a letter and don’t sign it, it has no value. And you can quote me on that.”

Mandeville said Latapy’s initial criticism of Williams was meant to be a public defence of the Sport Minister, whose office he felt had been disrespected by the club and the player.

And he accused Central of adding to their perceived inappropriate behaviour by now training their guns on the “Little Magician.”

“They are attempting to belittle Russell by talking about him as a junior coach,” said Mandeville, “because he has accomplished things as an assistant coach in the Scotland Premier League and he was also a former national coach.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Under-17 Team head coach Russell Latapy (second from right) has a laugh with his technical staff before practice in Couva in September 2016. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Under-17 Team head coach Russell Latapy (second from right) has a laugh with his technical staff before practice in Couva in September 2016.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

“They might say he is coaching the junior teams now but that is showing a disrespect for his accomplishments and trying to look down on him. Russell’s accomplishments are globally recognised and documented for the world to see and continue to appreciate.”

But was Latapy also disrespectful when he referred to the 32-year-old Williams as “kid” and downplayed the Central custodian’s accomplishments?

Mandeville said Latapy’s own cutting remarks were in reference to Williams’ behaviour and not aimed personally at the Soca Warriors star.

“I think Russell is referring to his behaviour there and there is also a run up to that with his behaviour with [ex-National Senior Team medic Dr Terrence] Babwah,” said Mandeville. “How can Jan-Michael publicly chastise Babwah by saying the players don’t want him working with them? He was also one of the players who were behind the problems with [former National Senior Team head coach] Stephen [Hart] while Russell fully supported Stephen.

“But the fact is he is a kid compared to Russell; and what Russell accomplished, he has not yet accomplished. If you want to line up accomplishments, it is chalk and cheese.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago playmaker Russell Latapy (centre) shows off his dribbling ability for Portuguese club Boavista against Italy's Inter Milan in European competition. His victims here are former England captain Paul Ince (left) and France World Cup winner Youri Djorkaeff.
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago playmaker Russell Latapy (centre) shows off his dribbling ability for Portuguese club Boavista against Italy’s Inter Milan in European competition.
His victims here are former England captain Paul Ince (left) and France World Cup winner Youri Djorkaeff.

Latapy won league titles in Portugal and Scotland with FC Porto and Glasgow Rangers respectively and played UEFA Champions League football with both teams. He is also a Trinidad and Tobago Hall of Fame athlete and represented the Warriors at the Germany 2006 World Cup, alongside Sancho.

Was there any bad blood between Latapy and Williams—who he coached before at National Senior Team level—or Sancho?

Is there any bad blood between Latapy and Sancho or Jan-Michael?

“That’s a good question,” said Mandeville. “I would say there is no issue with Jan-Michael from Russell’s perspective.”

But is there any animosity between Latapy and Sancho?

“Tell me what you think,” said Mandeville.

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Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the managing director and chief editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. Clubs do their own marketing and attract their own sponsors. But in T& T it appears to be harder than most places. But in many countries, the media and govt give football a higher priority, which helps to promote the sport. Regarding Ministers, one of their key roles is to project the industry they represent. For example, education would reward top students, health would recognize excellence in medical care or nursing, energy would help to promote our oil and gas industry and culture helps with carnival. So why isn’t Sport acknowledging the top sporting achievements of the last 12 months? In a time when our national football teams are underperforming shouldn’t Sport and even TTFA, be promoting excellence under their watch?

  2. I think this issue is also another reason why we continue to REGRESS as a Football power in CONCACAF and CFU…It’s the old crabs in a barrel mentality…How can our football improve when those who run the damn thing are at war with one another??? Jan/Central FC criticising the Minister Latapy rushing to defend the Minister calling JM Williams “Kid” is IMHO insulting…EQUALLY insulting is the reference to Latapy as a “jr Coach” Now his manager trying to defend it…Is like a bunch a lil boys playing tit for tat …Nothing I’ve read has been CONSTRUCTIVE…There have been repeated calls for a team psychologist to work on our PLAYERS mental preparation…If you ask me I think it’s an excellent idea…But FIRST have them work with OUR football ADMINISTRATORS because THEY have clearly lost the plot!

    • Brian, I understand your thoughts. Maybe the statement was too subtle. The reference to junior coach was not a reference to Latas ability but to the fact that an employee in a relatively low position ( high being the President, Board, Gen Sec, Senior men’s coach, Senior men’s asst coach, seniors men’s team manager, senior woman’s team coach) would be allowed to speak on behalf of TTFA.

    • Unless I was mistaken, I did not read that he was speaking on behalf of TTFA. I stand corrected.
      And KH we could agree to disagree but I believe if a correspondence is being sent out on an organization’s letterhead proffering the views of said organization then someone should affix their name to it on behalf of the management of that organization. That does not make it their personal view.

    • Timothy, again, no Central FC press release has ever been signed in 5 years, yet suddenly its an issue. And of course, once the TFFA press officer puts an item onto their website it assumes approval of TTFA.

    • As I said ‘we agree to disagree’.

    • One difference might be that the initial release quoted the people who were speaking, which was Jan-Michael Williams and Brent Sancho.
      The second didn’t identify the speaker or speakers.

    • Agreed Lasana. As mentioned before, people – including some on this forum – immediately chose to politicize the comments because of Sancho. So it was felt it would be better to defuse that by making it clear these were the views of club management. Either way, TTFA effectively distracted people from the actual concerns raised. Still has been no discussion on why the Minister is snubbing professional football and why TTFA is not defending it!

    • Ok. So what are your thoughts on the original contentions and the reactions by TTFA?

    • Well, I believe if we have respect for the institutions that we are a part of or represent and also for the Honorable Ministerial offices of T&T then we will or should do things differently. Clubs need to do their own marketing to attract sponsors and be self sufficient. Can’t wait for any offices to congratulate you or the league for sponsors to say that they will help. That sounds like they do not really care about helping the club but their own image.

  3. As mentioned elsewhere, our original release was concerning the performance and attitude of the Minister of Sport towards professional football. The issue was railroaded and the debate became about Jan backtracking. Then came the usual political slurs. It was felt that any statement should come from a united management, rather than an individual. I see no problem with this. So who signed the TTFA release? Any press release sent out by Central FC has never been signed as it is assumed that it is the view of the club. Any personal statements are attributed to that person. By Russell making his statement on the TTFA site, it became the position of TTFA even though it wasn’t signed by DJW and his board. This whole nonsense about signatures is just a smokescreen to deflect attention from the key issues which are: why is Darryl Smith ignoring professional football and why is TTFA protecting him? Add to that the further question of why a celebrated player/coach would criticise one of our top international players in public? Don’t let the puppeteers lead you away from the key issues.

  4. Earl Mango Pierre
    {Image with a plaque awarded by Earl “Mango” Pierre’s Player Association to Kevin Harrison}

  5. Well it is obvious who is behind this, I mean to say if it wasn’t the ex – corrupted Minister of sports himself eh, it surely was his right hand man, his advisor in crime. Them really good yes.

    • Mango, you’re supposed to care about football. So why does every issue surrounding Central result in libelous statements from you? If you really cared, you’d put your personal grievances aside and focus on the issue. The scary thing is that you are linked to an organization that is supposed to defend players rights. God help the players if you’re advising them.

    • Steeuuppss Yeah the same organization that you once defended in your home country England ent, remind us why you had to run and leave again and come to our sweet country to enjoy a better life hence the reason you is always defending corruption eh. You really good yes.

    • And yes I will always be defending the players rights especially against corrupted individuals who likes to exploit our players because of their lack of education, do you remember the issues with Levi Garcia eh, look Mr, Man doh start me this morning if you don’t want me to also expose some other things concerning Central F.C. with respect to monies transactions and the Women’s league that Alyuh conducted last year eh. Them really good yes.

    • OUCH MANGO!!!!! Easy up, let keep it on a level. #dohdropthelevel

    • Nah man Joshua Mickel Lamb and Timothy Rochford this fella really feels that is only football is my passion eh, he really doesn’t know that once you become a police officer eh, you is police for life especially when you acquire the investigative skills and it is used to expose the corruption and madness that is fogging up not only our sweet country eh, but also the football/sports to eh steeuuppss. Them really good yes.

    • Then as a police officer you would be aware of various crimes such as slander and libel. You make up bullshit based on your biased viewpoints. The reason I “ran” to Trinidad was because people like you continue to want to mash up football. I have never once committed an illegal act or one of corruption. You, on the other hand, commit libel and slander every day. Them really good, yes.

    • And just to let you know that I also like the Central team for what they have accomplished in their short time in the league and yes I was offered the job to come on board by my ex- corrupted Sports Minister before he got into the politricks In our sweet country eh, but he wanted to offer me $ 10, 000 a month steeeuppss I said to him Mr Man you know my capabilities when it comes to Managing a team eh so try your best, what my color skin have to be white in order to get the monies that I really deserve. I wonder what is your salary at the end of the month eh. You really good yes. steeuppssss again eh.

    • And if you believe I commit libel and slander every day eh, bounce your head and take me to court nah man I dare you I really need to refresh my court room skills eh and my court clothes is always press and ready for the battle along with my lawyer’s number that is locked on speed dial. steeuuppsss. Them really good yes.

    • I received TT$1,500 last month. And I would always be on a higher salary than a manager because not only did I create the club with Sancho, but I run the club with him. That’s how it works. You laughingly scoff at $10,000 per month. Do you know how hard it is to earn that much for a few hours work per day?

    • You really wants us to believe that is what you getting at the end of the month and you now have a wifey and kid eh stteeeuppss well then post a copy of your pay stub since you posted a copy of when I honored you nah man. You really good yes. hahahahaha

    • Kevin Harrison better we switch jobs lol

    • Ah feel somebody going to get a ‘gag order’ soon. Them fellas overdoing it boy.

    • Mango you seriously turned down 10,000 though? To do what? Coach police Fc?

    • hahahahahahahaha I wanted the $ 10, 000 in the dead men presidents currency eh because I am positively certain that is what my foreign base Coaches gets paid with, and I am not Coaching my police team eh. I am just on board because if I wasn’t given the opportunity to serve my sweet country 30 yrs ago I would have never gotten the opportunity to serve the United Nations for 27 yrs so when I was asked by the Manager to come on board I told him my passion is to make certain the the Players Association is up and running in our sweet country to defend that players rights, educate them and also to help other impoverished areas with boots, balls, and other equipment of which I have been doing for many years now from my second sweetest country so I am helping with giving my police players incentives because I know our players will take it to another level when incentives are involved hence the reason why I was very successful when I use to do my thing in my second sweetest country…..one boat ride and it was a done deal my players got all what they needed even the cash incentives after each game so I also advised the Manager Foncette and Coach Hood what needs to be done for my police team to be very successful and win the league and tournaments (1) They need to give my players a real professional atmosphere by firstly fixing the field with seating on Long Circular road that is in the same condition that I left it 30 yrs ago and make it their home field in that way the field can also be rented out even to our national teams that doesn’t have a home of their own even up to this day (2) My police players after playing games they shouldn’t be doing any guard duties by no minister house or no BIG Shot house they should be doing community policing , training the youths while conducting their intel or just doing their duties in the Barracks while training twice a day like the real professionals abroad especially when we have an international goalkeeper Adrian Foncette representing our national team and (3) There needs to be someone video tapping their games and a room in the Barracks where the players can see their mistakes and also see the opponents game plans and I have a lot of Coaching DVDs that needs to be shown but in the mean time I am sharing it with them because I told them that someday some of them will be walking in the footsteps of Coach Hood so they really needs to understand the subject from now eh Joshua Mickel Lamb. Them really good yes. hahahahaha

    • And from the next Flow Sports youth football ball season I will be attending some games and will be giving out the same $$$$$$$ incentives and the boots of their choice at the end of the season because ah tired with meh hard back players in the professional league that cannot even score 20 goals for the season eh,hahahaha so I am going an scout and support the youths who have the ability to do so eh, because now is really their time. hahahahahaa

  6. Thank you for this Wayne Mandeville – it is so tragic whilst reading this it is reminding me of the JCC’s misleading and damaging paid advertisement, published in the Sunday Express of 10th January 2016 with no signature or name…this part was really succint and on-point, as Jim Armstrong would say – ““If you are going to put out a release, then sign it. If I send out a letter and don’t sign it, it has no value. And you can quote me on that.”

  7. Did someone steal a central letterhead? Or did the writer wish to remain anonymous?

    When speaking out, do just that, be bold, and sign what your write. Just as here what you write is ascribed to your name.

    • Sheldon Scipio, I know you have your dislike for Central but why write something so dumb? The statement was from Central FC management. Why does it have to be signed? That’s just Mandeville throwing red herrings are you’re catching them! The reason it was decided not to issue a statement by Sancho was because, as usual, people trying to make this political, which it ain’t. We have an underperforming minister protected by TTFA. That’s never happened before to my knowledge. All DJW had to do was call Sancho and ask him to dial it back a little. All Latapy had to do was call Jan and say the same. Instead, by using TTFA media and website, it became official TTFA policy approved by the President and board.

    • Mr Harrison I do not know who you are; but be truthful and factual

    • Mr Mandeville, I don’t know you either. But putting out a release stating people are cowardly because they did not include a signature is laughable. None of our press releases have signatures. Why would they? They are approved by club management. Did Russell’s statement have a signature?

  8. the tit for tat goes on and on. too much personalities. Mr harry Lebron. James StephenCurry amd Carmelo Anthony can openly voice comments because of the posotions they hold and their value to their teams. In this you talk you get ostracised ask the Bravo bros, Pollard, etc . Too much in fighting to

  9. Earl Best

    In my opinion, nobody involved in this sorry episode so far has done himself any favours. The only possible exception is the Sports Minister, who has thus far maintained a steely, maybe even contemptuous, silence.

    I wonder if we all should not do the same as of now and let this unflattering episode die a natural death. How does it advance the game to keep this far-from-positive-far-from-uplifting small talk going?

  10. Clearly we are dealing with school girls. Trinidad and Tobago football has fallen a long way.

  11. Blind loyalty and lack of contextual intelligence

    • Wayne, with all due respect, the same can be said of Latapy’s statement. See today’s Newsday’s editorial.
      It’s best to drop this now and shake hands in the interest of maintaining professional football relationships. And let the former Sports Minister and his successor fight their own battles.
      Unless, of course, one wishes to side with one or the other…

  12. Yuh spend plenty time defending Sancho Kevin Harrison. Loyalty, thats nice.

  13. I heard that an artist in the calypso finals was bundled off stage because their song was anti PNM? Surely, the point of calypso is to be satirical? Remember Uncle Jack? So are we in a state controlled media environment where no one can criticize the govt? I can recall Tim-Kee regularly attacking Sancho. Guess that’s not allowed any more?

  14. See what I mean

    Now it is a pissing match.

    Could have and should have been de escalated a long time ago

    • Well, if anything the ttfa should have tried to do that. They should have never published an interview with an unprovoked attack on their own player in my opinion.
      And that isn’t a judgmental call on whether or not Central were right in the first place.

    • I understand.

      I am not splitting hairs, I just wanted to sensitize you to the observation that “no one raindrop ever thinks it caused the flood”

      There have now been 3-4 correspondences on this incident, and worse yet each correspondence has been from a ‘new’ party to the issue.

      This is what I mean when I mention to you that Trinis have an inability to defuse a situation. And this in some way explains why our society has the level of violence it does. We have to fix this if we are to progress as a society

    • Excellent observation. No one snowflake ever took responsibility for an avalanche either. Lol.
      Mediators wanted. Paging Brian Lewis. Because Darryl Smith proved, since the Thema Williams/Marisa Dick issue, that he couldn’t give a toss about sport and athletes.

    • Shouldn’t’ need a mediator. Just one person to decide to ‘take it offline’ and resolve it there

    • This desire to have the last word is ridiculous and clearly counterproductive

    • Nicholas you are correct. But frankly you have this mature corporate approach because you had the experience at senior levels at Deutche. As you might have read in 90% of my previous posts the issues around football are “corporate”- lack of proper governance, form and actions not following stated or understood function, poor or impotent leadership. An inept minister and TTFF president don’t help at all. Then an icon who decides to exercise whatever little courage he has to beat down a man who recently has been treated very poorly by DJW and the TTFF. The on the field outcomes are direct results of the above. Results reflect the organization – always!

      Central should never issue unsigned releases but this comes way down the line – the BS was kicked off well before

  15. You are right Siewdath Persad. It is also informative at times especially for young aspiring coaches. Morning folks .

  16. If a media release was issued by an organization, although unsigned, once it is confirmed as an official statement or position by the organization, then the content can be attributed to the highest level of leadership or management.
    So in the case of Central FC’s media release it should be accepted that it contains the position of the club’s MD Brent Sancho and Operation’s Manager Kevin Harrison.
    Brent was the predecessor to Darrel Smith as Sport Minister and Kevin was his advisor. They have raised issues relating to the modus operandi of the incumbent Minister as well as whether the TTFA via coach Russel Latapy should involve themselves in the politics of defending the Minister via a sanctioned media statement published on the TTFA’s official website.
    In my interpretation, everything else is distraction from those two issues.
    If anything, the distractions provides entertainment value.
    I guess nothing’s wrong with the distractions of a little local football mouvais lang. After all TT is mouvais lang country and Wired 868 also serves up a fair share of satirical pieces.
    Ent?! Lol

  17. Brian Harry you preaching really good but knowing the Magician from since he was a youth he isn’t the type to speak out against injustices eh, perfect example when the 2006 Soca Worries took meh corrupted uncle Jack Warner and his cronies to court in order to get their well deserved millions that was promised to them,, the Magician wanted no part of that along with Dwight Yorke and the soldiers because Jack was like a father to them eh. Them really good yes.

    • then he needs to be silent and let those with the cajones agitate for better. Have you seen Chris Paul, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Steph Curry silent about big issues? No!

    • Being in the football business for many moons now I have seen players that never rocked the boat, knowing that it should be rocked because of the injustices and exploitation against our players and of course because of their own agendas to some day be the Coach of our national teams be it youth / senior teams because anytime they spoke out against the TTFA they were sometimes put on their black list and you then is deemed a trouble maker and still sometimes when they are fired from the Coaching position they have a whole lot to say what is wrong with the organization and some still doesn’t but just waiting patiently to be given another chance again to Coach the national teams and as the saying goes…”Whoever the cap fits let them wear it” and the Magician is always wearing his cap eh. Them really good yes. hahahahaha

    • This dialogue here brings David Nakhid to mind.

    • Well explain nah man don’t just have us in suspense nah hahahaha

    • Hahaha….well as you say black listed for agitating and speaking out…his name immediately came to mind….despite the fact that Warner came to his aid on a few occasions…Nakhid still maintained his outspoken manner.

    • So it is possible to do both….meaning…lick and bite the hand that supposedly feeds you – in a manner of speaking.

    • Do you also remember when he was only the real professional player at the time plying his trade in the real professional league abroad and when he returned to represent the 1989 Strike Squad that had not even one real professional player the Coach Gally Cummings felt threatened by his knowledge of the game ent and when he called to have a meeting with the players to educate them about certain things, one of Gally’s spies on the team the captain Clayton Morris reported back and sang like a canary eh, and of course Coach Gally had no other choice but to buss Nahkid’s throat eh. Them really good yes.

    • So was this an act of leadership or treason? Was this behavior required, justified, etc? I don’t remember the situation so just going off your description

    • Haha…. I remember hearing the story!

    • ….I’m saying story bczme eh ha’ no court lothes! lol

    • I’ve personally felt that Nakhid was a bit to self- serving?

    • How often have we heard him tell us how good he is, how much we need him, etc. I’m nit referring to verbatim comments but to the spirit of some of his fights. In other words – when u good and you are deserving, then state it once then let others say or for you

    • Well Nahkid wanted to be the president of FIFA eh and also the TTFA or was it the Coach of the Soca Worries? so I don’t know if that also was an act of leadership or treason nah. Them really good yes hahahaha

    • Maybe he might have come off as arrogant and egotistical, but one had the sense that he was genuine in his desire to make a difference. But such characters usually run foul of the establishment….I felt as though sometimes he deliberately projected himself that way to challenge them and show them up….some may say he was cocky, but I felt he was real enough….but he sure could play.

    • Yeah but he really bounced his head when he said that the drugs was being brought into our sweet country by the Syrians eh, and that was when he had to exiled himself from our sweet country and he wasn’t lying nah because sometime ago a whole heap of cocaine was found in this house down the islands eh and up to this day nobody never get locked up for the drugs nah, not even the owner . Them really good yes. Steeuuppss,

    • People dos get locked up – the guys who were loading and off loading. The owners of the house weren’t investigated

    • I always have to post after Mango’s anecdotes that there is no evidence of that as far as I know. I’m referring to the story about Clayton Morris and Gally Cummings. It could very well be an old wives tale.
      I’ve spoken to Nakhid, Clayton and Gally for years and nobody ever mentioned that story.

    • Just continue to wait very patiently for the book that is being written about the 1989 Strike Squad nah man Mr. Live Wire or do you want me to tell you who you should have really spoken to about the madness that took place behind the scenes especially why meh corrupted uncle Jack Warner had to sell out the game in order for my second sweetest country to qualify for their first ever World Cup in 1990 in Italy eh. Them really good yes.

  18. Wayne, with all due respect, Central definitely had their foibles in this exchange. Russell as much as we (and I specifically) has not uttered credible words!! He has come across as amoebic as he has ever been. I believe that players who have attained a certain level of respect and achievement as Russell, Dwight, Shaka, Kelvin, etc., and who can bring to bear examples of good practices from their respective high performing pro clubs, at times should speak up with that voice of credibility. Kelvin Jack has been the most vocal, Shaka has done it occasionally, Russell has never spoken up about anything! Not even when he was perceived to be treated badly. So yes, Central should not issue an anonymous press release but Russell didn’t come out smelling like a rose either- telling the player don’t say as he feels is not only gutless, it demonstrates that he doesn’t understand REAL professionalism. Professionals who are true to their profession tend to share a common ethic. Thus the current state of TT in general beyond football.