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Pro League receives monthly subventions… but no future guarantees

The Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago (SporTT) made out cheques to eight of the Pro League’s 10 member clubs—Defence Force and Police FC are excluded for obvious reasons—after newly appointed CEO Adam Montserin met representatives from the teams at the SporTT office in the National Cycling Velodrome on Thursday morning.

The clubs had not received their TT$50,000 subventions since September.

Photo: Central FC attacker Jason Marcano (left) offers Morvant Caledonia United goalkeeper Stephon Seepersad a hand during Pro League action at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 20 December 2016. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: Central FC attacker Jason Marcano (left) offers Morvant Caledonia United goalkeeper Stephon Seepersad a hand during Pro League action at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 20 December 2016.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

A SporTT release suggested that the late payments were due to “funding and compliance issues that prevented the clubs [from accessing] their monthly budget subvention.” These issues supposedly included: business plans, BIR numbers, audited accounts, strategic plans, incorporation letters, etc.

One counter proposal by club representatives was an amendment to the Corporate Act, so clubs can enter into business agreements regarding the use of community grounds. SporTT has promised to look at those issues, which can lead to more self-sufficiency from the clubs.

Sports Company chairman Michael Phillips admitted recently that his organisation is in dire financial straits.

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Pro League clubs believe that the government will honour their promise to fund the teams until the end of the season in February. But it is uncertain what will happen thereafter.

Montserin, the former CEO at iGovTT’s National Information and Communication Technology Company Limited, vowed to meet the clubs again next month.

“We would meet again in January to look at improving how we engage clubs and to further discuss the possibility of public-private partnerships to enable them to achieve their objectives.”

Photo: St Ann's Rangers midfielder Dylon King (centre) charges towards the Ma Pau Stars defence during Pro League action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 18 October 2016. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: St Ann’s Rangers midfielder Dylon King (centre) charges towards the Ma Pau Stars defence during Pro League action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 18 October 2016.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

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  1. Iceland invested heavily in coaching development at the youth level. The ratio of qualified coaches to youths is very high.

  2. Again Kendall Tull any model that suits us I am willing to try. But I need to see the Kendall Tull’s and the brian Jordans etc etc at pro league and super league games. Let’s make a resolution to support local football for 2017

  3. And for your records Lasana Liburd WASA is only SL team to win a national title involving both leagues

  4. As an aside, please look at the Icelandic model of how they improved their football. This in a country which does not have a full professional league with a fraction of our population.

  5. Maybe,but professionalism is a lifestyle, I don’t think I know that superleague players wouldn’t be able to train and play games 6 days a week,ad I told you the reason they are there is because they quit or aren’t good enough,straight.

  6. Travis, most Championship teams cannot compete in the Premiership but in their pre-season they beef up appropriately.
    As regards Pro League and Super League, I think the top two Super League teams in recent seasons would comfortably defeat the bottom two Pro League clubs.
    Let me not even say “I think”. I know! They showed it in the Toyota Classic Cup where teams like Guaya, Stokely Vale and Santa Rosa were giant killers.
    Central and Connection would probably whip them. But then the top Pro League teams are beating the likes of Point Fortin Civic 7-0 and stuff.
    I’d bet money that Santa Rosa and the Defence Force Super League team would beat Point Fortin Civic.

  7. Not bashing professor,i am simply stating the shortcomings of the model as it is presently .I had the good fortune yo play a full decade in the pro league so I would never want to see it crash but if owners continue on the same path it would. LasanaLiburd I never said to copy the MLS or US system to a t. I am saying use ideas from abroad and create something that would work for us. I hate the play off system,ay least the MLS awards a trophy for the best team in the regular season.thats evolution in the right direction. With regards to relegation how many super league teams could really compete on a sustained level in the pro league maybe Queens park but they not interested in that level of investment or commitment. How many super league men would get time off for 5 o clock games? I believe in discarding the pro league tag ,come with another name , have teams from communities from across Trinidad and Tobago, from carenage to mayaro to point Fortin . 16 teams two rounds let the teams sink or float according to their means and success or failure,at the end of the day who have the most corn will have the best fowls . But as it stands I predict the football would go back to the 80’s and 90’s where the army and police dominated because they offered job security.

    • Agree with all that… but sadly I won’t have Army or Police in it! No real League does that. Like you said with creative solutions…let their army or Police assign [officers] players, trainers, even coaches to the various community clubs [1 year or 2 year loans]

  8. Why do you all who are crying down the government subvention sponsor a team? I’m sure you don’t even attend games.

  9. That name keeps coming up Keith …but all the arguments we does have …where does Cale vote when it comes to opening the doors

  10. I always say in Trinidad we never use the constitution that we have in the first place, yet we always crying for constitutional reform. Lol

  11. ..You must have been in Guyana. LOL. Lighten up bro. Nobody against any of your clubs..

  12. But if one of the so called self appointed peace maker in the football from the Pro League was not invited…..well I get the picture

  13. I maintain I knew nothing of any attempt of a meeting in the past …maybe it was not for me to be invited

  14. I up for any meeting and I am certain most if not all the Pro League clubs

  15. Captain how the people in the TTFA see you is you and them business ….you know my position on all this constitutional mumbo jumbo ….so don’t waste you time with me with that

  16. So, yeah, the problem isn’t that three quarter of the TTFA is breaking the law eh… It is me for pointing that out. Lol.

  17. Pointing to the constitution is sour grapes Jamaal? That is why people in the TTFA will always see me as an enemy and protagonist.
    In reality, their only enemy is their inability to do the right thing and abide by the law.

  18. ..LOL. Sounds like SL will APPROACH TTPL for a meeting. We shall see what happens Fter that..

  19. K. Sounds like a meeting will be called so that PL and SL can discuss a better model. That is a little progress.. Hope other stakeholders can participate in some way.. It will take more than the PL and the SL to make it sustainable.. In my humble opinion.

  20. Lasana take that to your lawyers and Fifa please and lets put an end to this sour grapes

  21. ..Anyway. I trying again. Merry Chrisstmas guys…

  22. No Jamaal Shabazz. If someone is not permitted by the law to vote and votes anyway, THAT is what makes it unconstitutional.
    If the law says you need A, B and C to be a member and you only have C, then THAT is what makes you unconstitutional.
    It ent a matter of opinion. Not because I say so. The law says so.

  23. ..What you talking about Janaal? Come nah man. You know me better than that..

  24. You guys vote in an election and because you all lose it unconstitutional…..what if you had won…ha ha

  25. Hahaha. Keith Look Loy, the vast majority of the TTFA from president come down are unconstitutional!
    If the Super League gets its house in order soon, it might be one of just three or four proper football entitities in the whole of the country. And I’m being generous!

  26. ..Yeah. But you ain’t denying it though. Lasana! This is your cue! TTFA people elected by non-constituted bodies! Meantime, Jesus is Prophet. Merry Chrismas bro..

  27. You guys convenient with you all legality yes.

  28. ..Nah i could read. And I does follow. Me eh need FIFA to tell me what I seeing..

  29. ..From every serious league in the world. Right now TTPL ain’t duly constituted according to the TTFA constituton handed down by FIFA..What? You think TTPL created the concept of league football?..

  30. Ha ha you know me …who set up that meeting Kevin Harrison ? That had to be a secret meeting …Let people who really want unity and not control talk….call the meeting Again

  31. …Word games bro. If it can’t open them is to break it yes. SL has tried to meet TTPL. As I said, allyuh ain’t even come to an agreed meeting..

  32. And where did you get the idea to start the super league into an entity like the
    ……say it

  33. But what is the reality we start it …the process started…I willing to do my part to open a door but your mindset is breaking down …I am convinced the door need to open not broken

  34. commercially , our game is stronger … technically (on the park) we suffered

  35. Lasana … let’s do a story on how some of the Australian approach could help the TTPL … I say “SOME” because our dopey national body hurt the game here with a league that was too small, with a salary cap that hindered recruitment

  36. ..Correct! I saying so for YEARS! But certain people with vested interests not hearing..

  37. clubs should NOT be funding the league
    the league, the FA, and the government must start with serious investment … just like they did here in Australia

  38. I believe it’s baby and bathwater time and a new league model must be built … one that fosters clubs and helps them grow as businesses

  39. ..Well then! Break down the wall. Make the registration fee affordable. Open the league up to promotion and relegation. Let the best SL clubs in with their own model rather than forced statvation wages to claim they professional. And let’s play..

  40. But the League can survive Govt and those who waiting for it to fold must first KILL the spirit of resistance in those who want to make it into an industry.