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TTFA Media: The unveiling of new Trinidad and Tobago coach Tom Saintfiet

New Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team coach Tom Saintfiet talks to the media at his unveiling at the Marriott Hotel on Wednesday 7 December 2016:

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  1. I found this to be quite a quick appointment .. was this in the making a while now?

  2. Will love to hear all what ppl will have to say if the team start winning

  3. we have a coach but cat get a PC

  4. The clown boss hire ah boss clown

  5. From the new coach’s interview, he said that he will not give us ‘pretty football’ or tiki-taka football but will just seek three points at the end of the game. This means that he will stack the box with players in a defensive position and hope for a quick counter attack.

  6. https://youtu.be/-rSDUsMwakI?t=297

    Pretty much sums up my feelings, Just replace Trump with Saintfiet

  7. hahahaha Maybe not eh and I think we all know why. Them really good yes.

  8. Maybe Fuentes should interview him next I guess. Or perhaps I will. We don’t know if Isa has been asking to give a public report.

  9. Sorry Lasana Liburd I couldn’t help it.

  10. Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh ehhhhhhhhh :l

  11. Why does this man remind me of Therese Baptiste-Cornelis?

  12. Imagine the new Coach explaining the reason why he came to our sweet country eh, and the real reason is because he is was the cheapest on the short list steeuuppss, and Alyuh didn’t hear what he said that our Soca Worries team have some good quality players eh, and what is wrong with the Technical Director Isa eh, so he couldn’t dress more appropriately eh and the whole time his head was down eh looking like he was asleep eh. but instead he was only on his cell phone eh and how come since he undermined Kendal Walkes in order to get the Technical Director job eh how come we haven’t seen him in any videos speaking about his new appointment and explaining his duties the same like Prof Jamaal Shabazz eh Mr Live Wire Them really good yes.

  13. Will wait to see the end product on the field. Don’t care about this pretty words

  14. First Video
    1. Look at Tom’s humiliation at 3:20 – 3:50
    2. DJW is watching Tom kinda creepy some parts of the video.
    3. DJW’s expression at 6:56 – 7:03. If he opened his eyes any more they would have fallen out.
    4. Tom 43 or 63?

  15. Tom Saintfiet on FIFA rankings:
    (Reporter asks if T&T is the highest ranked team that Tom Saintfiet has coached)
    Saintfiet: No I saw the media report were it was written that Trinidad and Tobago was the highest team but my imagination was Togo was a bit higher…

    (Wired868 points out on that the highest Togo was ranked under Saintfiet was 96th, which was almost 20 places lower than Trinidad and Tobago)
    Saintfiet: I didn’t remember exactly [where we were in the FIFA rankings] but 96 and 78 isn’t a big difference.

    (Reporter asks Saintfiet about T&T’s upcoming games)
    Saintfiet: I believe that Suriname and Haiti are not easy opposition because Haiti is 69th on the FIFA ranking which is [12 spots] higher even than Trinidad and Tobago.

  16. Lasana you always have to be asking the hard questions steups