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Shabazz explains duties as TTFA technical programs coordinator

Former Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana National Senior Team head coach Jamaal Shabazz was appointed as Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) head coordinator of technical programs at the local football body’s board of directors meeting on Monday 5 December.

Shabazz, who campaigned alongside current football president David John-Williams for last year’s TTFA election as well as his unsuccessful Caribbean Football Union (CFU) presidential bid, is a former Caribbean Club Championship winner with Caledonia AIA—since renamed Morvant Caledonia United—and is a veteran in the women’s game.

The TTFA gave Shabazz a two and a half year deal, which will see him work alongside technical director Muhammad Isa and director of youth football, Russell Latapy. The following is an interview with Shabazz by the TTFA Media:

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  1. And the same folks being recycled over and over and over but just in different Technical positions eh. they eh know that we are very tired of the same things eh especially when they are always failing steeuuppss Them really good yes hahahaha

  2. Just a little confused about responsibilities,roles and functions given that we have ..a Technical Director ,a Technical Committee and now a Technical Co ordinator .

  3. Is a Co ordinator one who takes ideas and plans which are given to him/ her and implements same ?

  4. Fenwick did say shabazz is happy now when Hart got fired he will get what he wanted I now see why Fenwick said that …smh

  5. Jamal good choice, Gally might have been a better choice or Nhakid an even greater choice…hmmm! Best of luck Mr. Hyron Best.

  6. And Proof Keith Look Loy he did also say that yourself and Gally Cummings will be contacted to be part of the program especially because of you expertise and of course a salary will be discussed in order to do so eh, so I guess that this season will surely be your last Coaching season with your team Sports and Games Santa Rosa eh, so we will be looking forward to seeing you in action with the TTFA once more like back in the days and don’t forget that you will also be representing Wired volley 868 eh hahahaha

  7. hahahaha And Alyuh remember that I said my Prof Jamaal Shabazz was also going to be the Technical Director eh which means that we have two Technical Directors now eh. Them really good yes.

  8. Lasana Liburd I will buy you ten power ball tickets (you could win millions) in the USA if that job was tendered. You could even pay Shabazz salary easily if you win and even pay the new soca warriors coach salary to. If you lose all you have to buy me is ah RED BOX mauby.

  9. It is quite possible that the job went to tender and we just didn’t hear about it eh. There have been quite a few jobs that were offered out. So I don’t want to suggest this was different. I really don’t know and maybe they should have said.
    Unlike other appointments I think jamaal has a good shot at succeeding.
    The women’s head coach choice was easily the best appointment of this administration thus far.
    Not that there was strong competition when it came to good signings generally. Lol.

  10. i now realize something if screening was held through out south Trinidad for the under 14program and the guy in charge is now hired. Can someone tell me how that works please

  11. All the best Jamaal. We got eyes on you so don’t screw up? Every dollar must be accounted for and well spent. And in 5 years we want to see a bang up national youth team.

  12. was the firing of coach hart a distraction to hire people without putting out a tender

  13. There are more questions than answers and the more I find out, the less I know.

  14. Whilst the route to job may not be ideal or what we would want to happen… No one can criticize the committment and national pride that Jamaal Shabazz has. I truly believe that he can contribute greatly to development….

  15. he talked about everyone under the sun for the coaching job even went as far as to recommend one person and said no hard feelings no matter he and the person never got along. So the question is how long ago did the TTFA make the decision to hire him and then tell the public. I reading between the lines.smart man thing from two smart men.

  16. Lasana Liburd did the Technical Director’s job go up for tender the same eh. or Isa Muhammed just got slipped in just so, just so eh. Them really good yes hahahaha

  17. So Lasana Liburd how come DJW didn’t recuse himself from that appointment because he and Jamal Jamaal Shabazz are friends, but according to DJW he recused himself from the Soca Warriors trademark rights because he and Selwyn Melville is friends. War meh pardner Earl Mango Pierre does say again? ” dem fellas good yes “

  18. Congrats and know you have what it takes to get that program to the nxt level. ..best wishes jamaal…

  19. Lasana Liburd is 8 million dollars you talking about pardner. Yuh car tender that.

  20. Did this job go up for tender though Jamaal?

  21. Are Jamaal and DJW friends? Yes.
    Does Jamaal have anything to contribute? I’d also say yes.
    I certainly expect him to accomplish more than the other signing.

  22. the way he was recommending very one but himself when i saw it I was in a little shock but then i remembered that is how we Trinis work.

  23. Hmmmm…He really defended the President the other day….hmmmm

  24. Well the one thing that I know eh, that our youths will surely be developed and ready by the time they reached our senior national teams eh,

  25. Earl Mango Pierre based on the close relationship between DJW and Jamaal Shabazz and the 8 million from NLCB I am not suprised by the pick.

  26. I hope that you wouldn’t have to take the TTFA to court in order to get your well earned monies after your two years is up eh my Prof Jamaal Shabazz Them really good yes. hahahaha