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Hart: Babwah never told us that! Maurice, Ottley slam “very strange” resignations over Jan injury

Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team head coach Stephen Hart, goalkeeper coach Michael Maurice and fitness trainer Tobias Ottley have strongly denied accusations—published in the Trinidad Guardian newspaper—that the coach played goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams against medical advice by team doctor Dr Terence Babwah in their 3-1 World Cup qualifying loss to Honduras on 15 November.

The issue was raised initially by radio host Andre Baptiste on the i95.5FM station on Saturday 19 November. And, according to the Guardian article, that was the very day Babwah and paramedic Dave Isaacs handed in their resignations to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA).

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team medic Dr Terence Babwah (centre) signals for a change while goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams lays unconscious during 2018 World Cup qualifying action against Honduras in San Pedro Sula on 15 November 2016. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team medic Dr Terence Babwah (centre) signals for a change while goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams lays unconscious during 2018 World Cup qualifying action against Honduras in San Pedro Sula on 15 November 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

Babwah, who has been a member of the FIFA Medical Team for over a decade, confirmed his resignation but asked that all questions be directed to TTFA president David John-Williams.

“It is true that I resigned but anything more you will have to talk to John-Williams,” Babwah told Wired868.

John-Williams confirmed the resignations of Babwah and Isaacs, who are two of the Soca Warriors’ three medical staff members, but promised to respond to their allegations at an unspecified time in the future. Isaacs could not be reached by phone.

“Because of the current climate in football, I will have to make a full statement in due course,” said John-Williams. “Matters like these have to be treated in a responsible manner by the office of the president of the TTFA.”

(The TTFA subsequently released a press statement on both resignations, which is published below).

The 32-year-old Williams, who has 75 full international caps, was knocked unconscious and concussed after just six minutes of World Cup qualifying action in San Pedro Sula, as Honduras striker Alberth Ellis inadvertently smashed his knee into the temple of the Central FC custodian.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams is taken off of the field on a stretcher during their 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on 15 November 2016. (Copyright AFP 2016/Orlando Sierra)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams is taken off of the field on a stretcher during their 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on 15 November 2016.
(Copyright AFP 2016/Orlando Sierra)

Guardian reporter Walter Alibey, who quoted an anonymous source, claimed that Babwah “strongly recommended” that Williams not play, since he was “medically unfit” due to “a severe shoulder injury” sustained against Costa Rica on 11 November which left him “unable to raise his left hand or dive on his left side.”

“There was hardly any movement in Williams’ left hand,” stated the Guardian’s source, “and he therefore it could not be extended it and furthermore, play in the game.”

The TTFA release today claimed that Babwah quit because “his professional integrity and that of the Team’s medical staff, had been compromised by decisions made leading up to the Honduras game.”

However, claims about the severity of Williams’ pre-existing injury were vehemently denied by the coaching staff and the goalkeeper.

“[Babwah] never told me it was not safe to play Jan,” Hart told Wired868. “He never ever said that! He told me that Jan had an injury [while we were] in Trinidad. He said Jan hurt his shoulder and he was struggling with it.

“So I said let us see how it works out. We had a light training session in Trinidad but then we had two training sessions in Panama and Jan trained twice fully. He dived, he did everything.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team coach Stephen Hart (right) shouts instructions during 2018 World Cup qualifying action against Honduras in San Pedro Sula on 15 November 2016. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team coach Stephen Hart (right) shouts instructions during 2018 World Cup qualifying action against Honduras in San Pedro Sula on 15 November 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

“Before the game, Doc never came to me and said ‘I advise Jan-Michael Williams should not play’. Because he would then have had to [also] recommend that Jan not even train [in Honduras]. And Jan trained fully.”

The first point of contention was when Williams picked up the knock that worried Babwah. The article claimed it happened during the Costa Rica match. But, according to the goalkeeper, he actually hurt his shoulder in the warm-up before the game.

It means that, despite some soreness, Williams was able to play with his hurt shoulder for a full 90 minutes against Costa Rica without incident. He was not at fault for either goal conceded in their 2-0 loss.

Hart said Babwah discussed Williams’ sore shoulder with him before the team left for Honduras on Saturday afternoon. But he claimed that he never heard about it again until Baptiste’s program on the weekend.

Ottley, who is the third member of the Warriors’ medical staff, told Wired868 that neither Babwah nor Isaacs raised any concerns with him about the goalkeeper during the four days before the Honduras qualifier or the week since then.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams muses over Mexico's decisive goal in the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup quarterfinal. (Copyright Getty Images/AFP/ Mike Zarrilli)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams muses over Mexico’s decisive goal in the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup quarterfinal.
(Copyright Getty Images/AFP/ Mike Zarrilli)

“Jan trained in the two sessions in Honduras and there were no red flags,” said Ottley, who is a director at the Sport Company’s Elite Development and Performance Unit (EDPU). “I definitely was not told [that Jan couldn’t play] and I didn’t see him receiving any unusual pre-game treatment or strapping that would make me wonder if there was a problem.

“From what I know of the coach since I came into this team, I don’t think he will ignore a ‘I am not fit to play’ [report]. Remember there is a difference between ‘fit to play’ and ‘he might not be 100 percent’.”

Maurice, one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most celebrated past goalkeepers and the TTFA’s goalkeeper coach for over a decade, said that was he also stunned by the suggestion that Williams was declared unfit to face Honduras.

“I see this [Guardian] article and I don’t know where that information came from,” Maurice told Wired868. “They said as a result [of the injury] he did light training leading up to Honduras game. That is not true! Jan trained fully!

“I am a real professional and I played [professionally] all over the place including Costa Rica. Yes, sometimes players have slight injuries and can play with treatment. And, yes, Jan had a slight issue. But he trained just as he normally does [when he does not have] an injury.

“I found no sign of anything. I was surprised to see this article.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team technical staff members (from right) Michael "Brow" Maurice, Derek King, Hutson "Barber" Charles and William Wallace exchange ideas before kick off against Nicaragua on 13 October 2015. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team technical staff members (from right) Michael “Brow” Maurice, Derek King, Hutson “Barber” Charles and William Wallace exchange ideas before kick off against Nicaragua on 13 October 2015.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

Hart referred to the allegations as bizarre for more reasons than one.

“Why would I risk a goalkeeper if he couldn’t raise his arm?” asked Hart. “That doesn’t make sense. Something is not reading right here at all. I have a picture right now with Jan’s arm fully in the air, which is the same arm they said he couldn’t raise. So I don’t know what is going on at all.

“They also had a discussion with me that [back-up goalkeeper] Marvin [Phillip] made a save and he was a little stiff. But that is goalkeeping. That is playing [football].”

Ottley said he could not understand why Babwah and Isaacs did not raise any possible issue with their colleagues on the technical staff, if their concern was genuine.

“I am actually stunned by this [and] I don’t even understand what can be the motive to [submit their resignations] without a team meeting,” said Ottley. “Nobody said ‘I think we made a out’ in playing Jan. There was nothing mentioned in our post-match meetings and it is the first time we had a day extra to sit down because of flight arrangements [from Honduras].

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team fitness trainer Tobias Ottley prepares a session before kickoff against Honduras in San Pedro Sula on 15 November 2016. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team fitness trainer Tobias Ottley prepares a session before kickoff against Honduras in San Pedro Sula on 15 November 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

“Professionally, in my opinion, they should have voiced their concerns that with the staff and said ‘myself and Dave felt we should have been listened to on a recommendation’. To come to Trinidad and hear this after the fact…”

Ottley said Williams’ injury was totally unrelated to his sore shoulder and insisted that video evidence would confirm this.

“If you look at the save in slow motion, which we have done,” said the Warriors trainer, “it was a great save with the right hand [and] the left arm went up because he was anticipating the guy may have tried a dink or chip.

“So there was nothing [to claims] about the player being able to defend himself.”

Hart said he was hurt by the whole affair. He claimed Babwah and Isaacs have not taken his calls since the Guardian article.

“I have always had a great working relationship with ‘Zac’ and Doc [so] I don’t know what to think,” said the Soca Warriors coach. “I don’t know where this is coming from. I was there for two years and we never had any situation like this [and] I wasn’t given any opportunity to respond.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams is helped on to the stretcher by physio Dave Isaacs during their 2015 Gold Cup fixture against Cuba. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams is helped on to the stretcher by paramedic Dave Isaacs during their 2015 Gold Cup fixture against Cuba.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

“I’m just in shock that this is happening with some people I have had a working relationship with for the three years I have been here without a single issue.”

On Monday afternoon, the TTFA technical committee met to discuss the National Senior Team staff and, according to a source, they decided that change was necessary. The TTFA board of directors have a special meeting on Wednesday evening in which they will discuss the various allegations as well as the technical committee’s ruling. Yet, Hart has so far not been given an opportunity to be heard.

“I never met with the technical committee,” said Hart. “Yes, of course I would like the chance [to do so]. More so now as I find this situation [with Babwah and Isaacs] very very shocking.”

Ottley pointed out that timing of the two resignations, which were announced to the media this morning, could not have come at a more inopportune time.

“I don’t believe in coincidences and I find the timing off considering the current environment,” said Ottley. “It is widely known that the staff has been under the microscope for the longest while… It is disheartening.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president and W Connection owner David John-Williams (left) has a word with Soca Warriors coach Stephen Hart during Pro League action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 4 November 2016. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president and W Connection owner David John-Williams (left) has a word with Soca Warriors coach Stephen Hart during Pro League action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 4 November 2016.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

Maurice said he was especially surprised by the claim that Babwah felt disrespected after supposedly being overruled on Williams’ condition. He gave an anecdote from their time together at the Germany 2006 World Cup under then head coach Leo Beenhakker and the famous last minute decision by goalkeeper Kelvin Jack to pull out of the opening game against Sweden in Dortmund.

“Jack got a slight injury before the first World Cup game and, because he was the number one, Beenhakker told him that ‘we will give you the option up to the 99th hour [to decide on your own fitness] and rely on your professional judgment’.

“So he was told to warm up and depending on how he feels in the warm up, he will let the coach know. And when he was warming up, he said ‘coach I can’t make it’. So although the medical staff makes a report, the coach has the final say once it is not life threatening. So that is very strange what the doctor is saying because the doctor was on the staff then [at the Germany World Cup].

“So I don’t know where all this stems from at all, at all, at all… I don’t know what is going on and this sounds strange to me. But there is probably a lot going on behind the scenes that I don’t know about.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams (right) performs a duet with former Calypso Monarch, Cro Cro, at the launch of the National Elite Youth Development Program at the Trinidad Hilton on 14 October 2016. (Copyright TTFA Media)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams (right) performs a duet with former Calypso Monarch, Cro Cro, at the launch of the National Elite Youth Development Program at the Trinidad Hilton on 14 October 2016.
(Copyright TTFA Media)

TTFA statement on the resignation of Dr Terence Babwah and Dave Isaacs:

“The Trinidad & Tobago Football Association regrettably announces the resignation of two members of the clinical specialist team attached to the Senior Men’s National Team—Dr Terence Babwah (team doctor) and Mr Dave Isaac (physiotherapist).

“Dr Babwah, a member of the FIFA Medical Committee for over 10 years, cited that his professional integrity and that of the Team’s medical staff, had been compromised by decisions made leading up to the Honduras game. Mr Dave Isaac, another clinical person who has been with the team for the past four years also tendered his resignation, citing concerns about specialist advice being ignored.

“Despite its best efforts, the Association has been unable to avoid the loss of these two critical members of the clinical team. Their departure, and the loss of their accumulated knowledge of the players, individually and collectively, creates a significant gap in the clinical expertise, know-how and resources available to the team.”

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  1. Send home every1 and save that money

  2. Ladies and gentlemen…have we not entered the hex…if ttfa president want to fire hart then do it..if they staying with him then support him 100%…klinsmann got fired and we didnt have to hear all this bachanal….make a decision…stick with it and then full throttle ahead….this is sickening! All we want is proper football to be played in the hex…all hands on deck!

  3. There is a movie called, A History of Violence. This TTFA has compiled a history of unprofessionalism and pettiness in a pretty short time.. BTW. Check out the movie when you can..

  4. Dear wired i want it to be noted that i AM A STEPHEN HART FAN!! And i never bashed my coach at all, my response have been in keeping with the comments on wired about the great conspiracy! Which i will liken to d conspiracies that 2pac,biggy small, Michael Jackson etc alive!! When i state that coach Hart is a struggling coach and there is no need to create a story to fire him i am stating fact!! And showing y d conspiracy theories are so illogical!! I wish to say i still feel he is d best man for d job but he needs to find concrete solutions within his control and stop making his fear of job tenure paralyzed his decision making!!

    • Jan-Michael Williams, Stephen Hart, Tobias Ottley and Michael Maurice saying that it is inaccurate and dishonest to say Jan-Michael wasn’t fit to play against Honduras is a conspiracy theory?
      Clearly one of us has to search “conspiracy” in the dictionary.

    • Again let me clarify that d resignation is a TTFA conspiracy to fire d coach theory!! Understand now Lasana Liburd?

    • Okay Gordon. Well, it isn’t people in this group that think it bizarre though. It is the technical staff and players themselves who think so.
      People are free to speculate as they wish after that. This is nothing like those conspiracies you mentioned.
      It is very obvious that there is something going on.
      The only question is: what…

    • Ok Lasana Liburd we could agree with that, until all is revealed

    • By the way Gordon, it won’t be to sack the coach alone. It will be to avoid paying him off. This being the same TTFA president who claimed that the technical director Kendall Walkes’ contract was invalid based on legal advice that he did not share with Walkes or his board of directors too.
      So the speculation is based on things like that. There were silly reasons too about Randy Waldrum’s dismissal, even though he didn’t even have a contract. Still the president felt it necessary to concoct a story and claimed that he fired Waldrum for being an hour late in handing over paperwork.

    • Gordon Pierre Stephen Hart isn’t in fear of being paid for his job as he’s already worked for almost a year under Tim Kee without a salary. He is passionate about coaching TnT as it was always his dream to return home and coach his Country. So your money theory is out the window. I suggest you look at his performance over the last three years and not just the three most recent and you would observe his passion and dedication to his team and country. There IS a conspiracy to remove him and it started when DJW took over the helm. That is when everything turn ole mas. So you bury your head in the sand and if you know Stephen Hart the way I do you will know he is a man with integrity to the n’t degree and love for his sport and not money will always be his incentive. So drop the pretense that you ” love” coach Hart because I genuinely love him and am damn proud to call him Cousin.

    • Debbie Espinal i NEVER said anything about money!! I talk about tenure! And yes i believe coach Hart is a good man and great coach but he is in a bad cycle at a bad time and needs to find concrete solutions!! This is bigger than us all so all i am doing is calling on my coach to find a solution!!

    • hahahahaha Gordon Pierre yuh better doh mess with Debbie Espinal and meh famlly Savitri Maharaj, you will never win et all eh.

    • Gordon Pierre it is only now that you really understand Molino and Ballpest behavior eh, I can also mention other names, all who should have made plenty monies the same like Dwight Yorke eh and what about the corrupted politicians and the BIG FISH business men and them who continues the madness and never faces the courts and then jail time eh, and even look at your boss Mr. Peter C Lewis who owes my players that won the WI sports tournament since in August eh and they still haven’t received the monies as yet the $ 50,000 eh, and you still wukking for that smartman, so just be becareful that you doesn’t end up in St Ann’s eh because this isn’t a real country eh, so just go with the flow nah and leave meh Wired family alone eh, just let us hurry up and get the “Players Association” in our sweet country started so that our players will not continue to be exploited eh. Them really good yes.

    • Hahaha uncle Earl Mango Pierre not me and bacahnal

    • Man hiding behind skirt now eh Earl Mango Pierre

    • Earl Mango Pierre that’s what i am telling you if we can’t deal with logic and reasoning on wired we wasting time!! Then we is an alarmist group pretending to to be group of sport lovers!! To be honest this group have made me afraid for society going forward but have also give me a greater understanding of what is taking place in d world because if a group with so many elite minds could come up with some of the conclusions we come up with i now understand some of today’s youth behaviors, Briext and Trump victory wired have really been an eye opener over the last year or so!! Because this is not about win or lose!!

    • But we have to get d players association going!! And Debbie Espinal everyone who knows me i don’t hid no way in fact ppl does have to make me take it down!! Bc i don’t tolerate nonsense!!

    • Hahahaha and never forget that it is a bacchanal sweet country that we is from eh and even the song writer Kerwin Dubois said so eh Gordon Pierre.

  5. Question…. Based on observations, do members of wired believe the players are playing for Hart? Is their unity in team, players and staff?

  6. A set of finger pointing .. no one owns up when all is not well ..

  7. Why does it have so many brainless Trinidadians asking for Hart to be fired.. but they love the corruption of the ttfa and stay silent..idiots

  8. I think Harty was putting faith in his players to step up. He’s seen them do it before but now ….take the option out their hands and roll em out. Cyrus is the first man I dropping …. jones closely behind.

  9. Jonathan Glenn didn’t get called because of his domestic form. Cornell Glen has been on the radar but just didn’t get the call. And I heard suggestions that Carlos Edwards was interesting the technical staff too.
    Throw in Molino and Bostock and at least one new US-born player, Sheanon Williams, and the team was already likely to have a really fresh look by next year.
    Of course one legitimate question is: why did it take this long?
    For me, if I was satisfied that things are happening to improve the squad then I’d hold my hand. And I do think that is the case.

  10. I would call cornell glen, jonathan glenn, carlos and maybe lester peltier. Scotty even slower than KJ now lol

  11. Yep. It’s up to the board of directors now…

  12. But then again by this evening most likely we will have a new coach. Sigh!

  13. And just to note Coach Everad “Gally” Cummings had at his disposal, two teams eh a “A” team and a ‘B” team Strike Squad team, and then Coach Leo Benhakker had a large pool of players to choose from of which many of the were playing their trade in top level real professional leagues and the EPL league abroad and now my Coach Hart have to deal with plenty of the players who ply their trade in ah set ah bootleg professional leagues eh. Them really good yes,

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  15. ..Well said Kelvin. People who played and/or coach the game wil understand the point about the player ultimately deciding if he is match fit. Leave Hart. Dump/bench some of them players..

  16. We are struggling to qualify for our second World Cup finals and it’s problem after problem. Molino indiscretion and now this injury issue and who was fit and who was not unfit.. all sorts of nonsense. Who say this and that., Let’s make this crystal clear.. the player makes the final decision on whether he is fit enough to do himself justice. Usually it’s an important player who would be afforded that luxury. In 2006 Mr Beenhakker left the final decision to me to decide if I was fit or not. I felt my kicking and ability to come for crosses were impaired so I made the decision not to play. Jan Michael felt he could play.. he felt he could do himself justice.. there needs to be no involvement of the TTFA president or anyone else.. they don’t play; they administrate… that should be the end of the story. The doctor only has the final say if it’s a head injury. What is obvious is that they are considering the managers position. I have given my views on that. The manager should be given shown the loyalty to turn it around; at the very least the next two games. I say this without apologies.. some of the people on that technical committee are beyond useless and if they have the future of Trinidad and Tobago football in their hands.. may the almighty god show us mercy.. if I were David John Williams I would call me and he should listen to the advice I give. Unless they can get a manager of the very highest order it makes very little sense to sack Stephen Hart. The United States sacked their manager. We must remember that their resources and expectations are way way above ours. The also had a ready made replacement in Bruce Arena.. a World Cup quarter finalist. It’s not 2019 yet so I’m not quite available so I suggest they show loyalty to Stephen Hart for at least the next couple games and give him the tools to help him succeed. Support the manager.

  17. I could just imagine what my Coach Hart is going through with these bacchanalist people in our sweet country can’t have a team basically with the same bunch for 3 yrs and still juggling with the starting team because he really doesn’t have a large pool of real professional players to choose from in order to always have a bomb squad starting team hence the reason why every game he is making changes to the starting team which shows that he doesn’t have confidence in the players that he selects, his two most important players were out for the two important games Molino and Ballpest eh, because of the madness that they both did, his midfield/ playmaker/ prolific goal scorer still haven’t arrived as yet so that Mr Bound not to score can really start scoring the goals because he will be getting the right service that he needs in order to do so, and now the team Doctor resigns just so, just so, eh. Well I am waiting very patiently to see what is coming next eh. Them really good yes. hahahaha

    • Still wondering why Molino after apologizing to the country would turn around so soon after and repeat his mistake so close to a crucial match? Just wondering eh Uncle Earl Mango Pierre.

    • Well I wonder the same thing to eh Debbie Espinal and why the other player Keron Ballpest Cummings who was about to leave our sweet country the following day to go and join his partner Mollino at his club Orlando and decided to go to a boat ride eh and ended up getting shot in his leg eh and loose his professional contract and also a World Cup dream eh and after that cudda even by the boat himself and have plenty more boat rides with all of his friends and family eh. Them really good yes.

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  20. Taking note of the soul draining bacchanal that is Trinidad and Tobago football and by extension, life. This looks like our ideal playing surface.

  21. This is such a storm in a tea cup
    Firstly. ..if the COACH thinks the first chive keeper is five times better than his backup (which I also believe) and he asks him “yuh good”?…and he says yes ..what’s wrong with playing him even against the advice?..once it’s not head trauma.. how many players have played after injections of non steroidal to suppress the pain?…this isn’t new?..I remember Alan Suter doing so in the 94 WC
    Fuh d medic to get his panties all in a bunch and resign well….. get a new medic

  22. Hannibal Najjar

    So sad to hear what is transpiring at this time – this entire matter should be killed, stopped in its tracks right now! The team does not need any unnecessary negatives circulating in a body that is already receiving medical treatment and is in resuscitation mode. If this is allowed to continue, consider our Russia hopes DEAD. Let me remind everyone of the legendary Jamaican, Bert Cameron’s comeback 4th place semifinal run. In the Games of the XXIII Olympiad, in Los Angeles, California, United States in 1984, Cameron, came back after all considered his chances, dead, when he fell to last position inside the first 3rd of his semifinal 400 race. Twice in that early stage, he propelled himself into the air in pain and grabbing his left hamstring, either to cramp or pulled muscle. But, in true Trojan fashion he regrouped, and with the will and determination of only a Bert Cameron, he went on to stunningly earn that crucial 4th place that earned him and his country a place in the Finals. See the Youtube – https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=bert+cameron%27s+last+olympic+run&view=detail&mid=B21DA880F385DED01490B21DA880F385DED01490&FORM=VIRE. My father would also say, don’t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you! It looks like we are troubling trouble and my advise is to kill this matter where it is and not allow it live out its troubling course. Thank you Dr. Babwah and Issacs for your service and your resignations are accepted. But this Wounded Warriors team has to be left alone and allowed to lick its wounds. The wound-licking belongs to the players and staff that are in support of their leader – the rest must back off!

  23. In Jan’s case I think his response was tactful, timely and appropriate. Hopefully it’ll play a key role as the TTFA’s Board of Directors meet to discuss coach Hart and his staff. Bravo’s response was not as tactful, but I assume that was intentional.

  24. Quite correct Carlos, and the timing must also be right.

  25. Ah Bruce – Bravo like Jan was right to respond. When ones credibility is being questioned one has to defend oneself. Remember the old saying “Silence is an act of complicity”. The key is “how” you respond.

  26. I respect the views of everyone, but as Earl rightly pointed out, players are often dragged into these issues and end up being the ones who pay the price. I support each player’s right to speak out, but always at the right time in the right place. Look at Daren Bravo, he was wronged by the WICB President, was he right to respond the way that he did?? Absolutely not. And who is now paying the price? Just my view.

    • I think Jan’s timing was spot on Bruce Aanensen

    • You may be right Debbie, but from my perspective a properly managed statement would have been a better approach. The President is not exactly a big fan of Jan Michael, and there could be repercussions for him. I hope not. One thing this site is showing is that there are a lot of passionate people about our team, and while opinions vary, once there remains respect for conflicting views we are heading in the right direction.

    • The President doesn’t seem to be a big fan of anybody except his own inner circle Bruce Aanensen. Totally agree about the passion and everyone’s right to voice their opinion but it’s that same passion which cause some of us to get carried away. Moi included.

  27. As bad as things are–and our Wired868 community might be unable to help in a meaningful way–isn’t it still just a little comforting to have a place to discuss issues?
    It is just the smallest consolation perhaps.

  28. This latest bacchanal is getting quite bigly. Who really holding trump?

  29. Haha this just gets better and better …. Hart should sue these clowns

  30. “I told him I don’t know much about journalism but I know about life. And if there is a story that involves two or three people, you have to speak to all involved and get their side first.” This never happens in sweet T&T, hence the level of confusion and bacchanal engulfing us

  31. “At no point did Dr [Terence] Babwah or [Dave] Isaacs tell me they didn’t think I was fit to play the game [against Honduras].
    “Here’s what happened…”

    Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams gives his account of the lead up to his concussion against Honduras on 15 November, which sparked accusations of professional negligence against Soca Warriors coach Stephen Hart by team medic Dr Terence Babwah and paramedic Dave Isaacs:

  32. Amidst this conundrum there seems to be some Men of Honour…the real motives will emerge somehow

  33. ” Bab Wah de arse relly goin’ orn?”

  34. Players need to learn that the answer is no comment. I have a tremendous respect for Jan Michael who has always stood for what he thought is right. I had the opportunity to discuss challenging matters with him in the past and always found him to be responsible. Sadly, he allowed himself to become involved in this controversy which I am sure will become very political. My advice to him would have been to say nothing to the media, as it may well come back to haunt him. Say no more my friend.

    • Bruce, I disagree!!! It’s about time that we have real professionals and truth spoken in TT. In the past too many administrators and professionals have remained silent. His name was being tarnished as a player who did not exercise good judgement alongside a coach who was negligent. So now we have all sides. Had he not spoken it would have been typical TT all over again. We lack a professional ethic and I’ve not yet met one manager of a professional TT team who acted as a professional would. I don’t care about the politics – I care about doing things properly and behind a good structure . Enough of the contrived silences

    • Why not Bruce Aanensen? Because he might get blacklisted by the TTFA for exposing their agenda which is to get rid of the coach even if it means tarnishing his name. The Bruce Aanensen I know won’t want that for himself so why should another just shut up and take it. I’m disappointed.

    • Still trying to understand Bruce saying that in the face of lies and ethical breaches, he should have stayed quiet? That baffles me!

    • Absolute lala!! By him speaking out he’s cleared his coach of these defamation charges. It shows integrity and loyalty to his coach silence shows cowardice! If you stand for nothing then you’ll fall for everything. He didn’t allow anything “the honourable” Dr. Babwah is the one who dragged him into it. Thoroughly disappointing statement.

    • Brian Harry and that was the same thing that happened to Jan Michael Williams when he was with W. Connection eh, he got fired when he finally couldn’t take it anymore with the injustices against the players and when he spoke out he was fired and that is what Bruce Aanensen is speaking about hence the reason for years I have been pushing for the Players Association to be up and running in our sweet country to defend our players rights, the voice that they need so badly in our sweet country eh so they cannot be exploited anymore. Them really good yes

    • Earl mango pierre ….what injustices did he encountered ….man go over what happened at connection and come better than that…@ times players need to have respect and dont abuse their authority to…everyone has the right to speak and be listened to but also you need to know your place so go over what went on and see if there was anything that the club or head coach did that was abusive to the player…come on youll always bring something to go after the club or the president. ..smh

    • When players are wrong say that they are and dont try to condone stupidenes. …professionalism is for both players and administrators. ..

    • Jean yuh talking in riddles. …. make yuh statement put some facts on the board or else your statement is simply a vague opinion with no end result. That’s the problem with us …. you dont want to say what you actually want to say. This is equivalent to ……… that’s right. ….. nothing.

    • Earl made a statement implying that its the same way Jan got fired….did he investigate what happened …..as regards to his termination?????standards, standards what do we accept smh but we expect discipline

    • Earl Jean with all respect in the world, if you have a perspective on what the player did wrong – tell us. We are at a critical learning point. In management, what’s happening now is called “a teachable moment” so help us to understand so that TT and TT football will be better for your intervention. I don’t think anyone here supports indiscipline and we all want higher standards, that’s what this discussion is about. Importantly, we want to win and do it the right way.

    • The the player walked out on the coach in a team meeting. ..whiles the coach was having a go at the team in a video session….you know sometimes with all your patience you do have a go at the team…we lost a game to defence force and the nxt video session in discussing the game said player wasnt involved in this particular game but was at the meeting…he gave the coach an ultimatum when the coach use some tough language but not at anyone in particular. ..was just venting but not overly it happened once and though still surprise he told the coach if u repeat language Iam gone but I was was still in shock because it wasnt overly heated or anything. .and ofcourse coach is not one to say such so the coach did ask him what he meant and he should know his place even as the captian there are times u allow the coach to deal with his team within reason….well the coach did repeat what he said and the the player walk out and never did apologize he said that it was either he or the coach leaving the club..
      Well I guess he made his choice…not one player supported his action…he never tried to reason with anyone of my knowing to help solve that situation so the club took its action…the choice he gave was he or the coach….I have been involved in professional sports for over two decades and never saw a player give that kind of ultimatum to a gaffa in my life ….well maybe this can happen here but no where in the professional environment that I have played….that was the incident. ..and iam sure if he had for a moment try to make amends then things could’ve work out differently. ..but I guess people have their decisions where u live and die by it.

    • Earl Jean thanks for the detail. Much respect

    • We do have a lot of respect for the player because always think he has been an outstanding player and captain but just thought he got it all wrong in that situation. ..and I guess he never felt the need to apologize. ….

    • Earl Jean …. thank you for the explanation. Your point is well taken. Respect.

    • Never knew the back story but after you guys supported him when the issue with his girlfriend.

      I could not understand what happened.

    • Always three sides to every story. Will wait to hear Jan’s response.

    • Investigate. …wired should have the story iam sure….the truth is the truth… ..

    • Memories of the shoe pelting locker room incident with Ferguson and Beckham who didn’t last too long after that either.

    • Debbie Espinal you is so right eh and since W-Connection and his dictator President of the TTFA spokes man Earl Jean while you at it also tell us why Mr Bound not to score doesn’t like him at all nah and his promises of $ 5000 to another player that represented very well in a tournament a season and to this date he never got his thousands eh, look doh let meh continue to buss some more files eh on the injustices at your club eh Earl Jean because it seems that certainly you is in the dark. Them really good yes.

    • Buh A A where the dictator president spokesman gone eh, well talk nah Earl Jean. Them really good yes.

    • Yeah mango must be really in the dark eh…because for the amount that has happened for players and their families. ..who were without a dime…there should be more investigations..taking place at clubs come on the inside and find out whats going on….why isn’t that being done…we sit out there make all kinds of accusations but never find the time to find out the stories within….when you give players all sorts of facilities to accommodate them their families …loans upon loans like a bank and no interest paid …clubs struggling to make ends meet and still havent felt short of a month of late salaries …people not paying clubs prize monies owed to them but quick to run off on stories on one sided…it would have been good to hear the strories from the said players…and also the ones who dont give the whole story…the club is a business and what it has done and continue to do to help players and their families has always been amazing since I have been here…amd my stories can be very revealing. …but its our job to make lives better and that’s the bottom line…then on the other hand check clubs who owes players 3 qnd 4 months of salary and police has to escort people out of facilities. ..then you ll will understand …the sacrifices djw and family has been going through to sustain young lives in Trinidad. ..we bash we bash but investigate in the clubs and see whats happening…its easy mango to defend what I see and what I know…and I will defend my club when it is in the Wright and when it is wrong I always give my advice to the club…it has always been so whether they get rid of me or not..
      Iam my own person and always will be…nonone can change that…very resolute in that…

    • Mango I speak on anything I know and iam certain about and when I dont I keep my mouth shut. ..simple bring people to speak and I will answer accordingly. ..iam for the game my journey didn’t start now…always on players side been involved since 8 or 9 years…been in professional sports for over 26 years and never change my attitude towards players or administration. ..when its wrong its wrong…who vex loss…I stand by that..

    • You really good yes
      ..smh amazing earl…

    • Ah just like where ah does chain you up eh,LOL but you is so right the other clubs have mucho problems the same with respect to our players where their monies is concern and hence the reason why the Players Association is urgently needed in our sweet country to defend their rights eh. Them really good yes.

    • oh gosh yuh know everybody waiting on your story about who is the new Coach of our Soca Warriors eh, hurry up nah Mr Live Wire hahahaha

    • That’s the article you came with. ..lol you amazing yes…smh

    • Just happy that players have developed so nicely.here…nice touch

    • And I will always stand by my players who stands up against these Coaches that feels that they can cuss them up and blaming them for loosing a game steeuuppss I never believed in using obscene language when I did my Coaching back in meh Coaching days in my second sweetest country and I always got my point across in a professional manner but Jan shouldn’t have just walked out on the Coach, He should have had a meeting with him one and one after the Coach had cooled down and let him know how he felt especially if there are also my real God fearing Christians like Brito and others on his team and if the Coach still continued well then make your move.. Them really good yes.

    • The coach is not of that ilk mango just saying. ..this is a coach of utmost respect and great humility. ….just an incident that was out of the norm but which is part of all dressings rooms regards to sports iam sure …our standards are at a very high level and we do have respect for our professionals. …some players may go to other clubs and endure harsher words and many a times they keep quiet….but I guess such is life…eh .

    • Well I have heard before that some of our players might nit have handle some of the Coaches in the real professional leagues abroad eh because some of them does really cuss up the place eh Them really good yes.

    • Well would say from captain to coach would sometimes have a go to get things out from you …you must deal with it and see whether they are disrespectful or just coming across in a tough way…I think there are differences in that football environment. ..which I have been apart of

  35. I was waiting for his response. My take? What are they covering up? More in the mortar than the pestle. Why resign? Why not confront Hart if you were so secure in your allegations? Why avoiding his calls? The whole fiasco seems rather fishy to me

  36. You don’t like the man , fine . You don’t like his last 3 results , fine.. then fire him and use the results to justify a change . What is all THIS about ? Is all THIS necessary ? Seriously fuck off DJW

  37. Hahaha!! The lengths they will go eh?? Hahaha will love some young science or maths students to pick up these two stories with the back information and come up with some logical deductions!! Hahaha

  38. Even Babwah had his price. He should hang his head in shame aiding and abetting to ruin a man’s/ coache’s career. AS for DJW. TRAITOR!!

    • Earl Best

      Has it occurred to anyone to enquire about the Guardian’s role in all this? Is it possible that Mr Alibey is being used to provide an alibi for someone else?

      A reliable football source that doesn’t talk to Wired868 but talks to the Guardian? Ha!

      I am going to go back and listen to the whole interview with Lasana, DJW, the Salazar lady and AEB. There’s something very fishy about this whole issue and there may be a clue in that interview.

      Will share if I find something.

  39. A reduction in the price of blue soap is of no consequence Mr Speaker….poor people in Trinidad and Tobago use breeze….breeze Mr Speaker…..Breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze

  40. What can we really do ? These jackasses who run the TTFA just get away with this blatant disgusting tactics over and over again without any consequence… this dictator hates Hart so much he engineering a total smear campaign in order to justify a sacking . He purchased a radio personality who pushing his propaganda and now dividing a staff which have been together for years … madness

  41. We are only be given a small part of the big story….. Time, I hope, will reveal all….. Dr Babwah and Isaac are two individuals that I know very well, and I only know them to be 100% committed to national football, the team and the players. Let us hope all is revealed soon.

  42. OMG!!! Imagine setting up your Coach/ technical staff to satisfy your own agenda!!! Traitorious in my view. Jack Warner and 1989 all over again!!! SMDH!!! My advice to Coach Hart. RUN as fast as you can from those rattlesnakes before they damage your reputation further. These people are classless and i think it’s time to say enough is enough.

  43. And that’s is why football and everything else in this country in a mess

  44. I wonder if the politics is keeping people like away Bostock and De Leon away …

  45. This is a whole different kinda Bakanal here smh

  46. ..Meantime, Bruce Arena has been appointed new USA coach..

  47. ..I don’t see how a gk injured beyond ability to play, trained normally and allowed himself to be forced on to the field..