I’m Obama’s guy: US Ambassador doesn’t congratulate or mention Trump in resignation notice

United States Ambassador John L Estrada, who was born in Trinidad, has confirmed that he will follow established protocol by tending his resignation as the United States prepares to usher in a new president.

However, Estrada did not congratulate or even mention his adopted country’s new president elect, Donald Trump, in a press release this morning. The following is the full release from the US Embassy:

Photo: United States president elect Donald Trump. (Copyright Gawker)
Photo: United States president elect Donald Trump.
(Copyright Gawker)

Every time a new president is elected, US Ambassadors all over the world submit their resignation. It is up to the new President to either accept or reject these resignations.

I will submit my resignation, following long-established procedure. This would have happened no matter who was elected.

For now, I remain the representative of President Barack Obama, the US Government and the American people in Trinidad and Tobago. And I will continue to serve in that capacity until a decision is made.

Serving as US Ambassador to the country of my birth is an honour and a great opportunity to continue to build a strong relationship between the United States of America and Trinidad and Tobago.

Photo: United States Ambassador and ex-Sargeant Major John L Estrada.
Photo: United States Ambassador and ex-Sargeant Major John L Estrada.
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    so the man is a clown and whatever negatives you all could come up with …have you all any idea the hurt African -Americans and Caribbean people who are Africans living in the us face.. through their history , seams like it ok to treat people l like shit ….. and then they must be nice to you thats the hypocrisy . while .In Trinidad ..the 70’s80’s east Indians left in droves for Canada under the disguise of refugee status we did not hear most east Indians say it was wrong …they, the refugee seekers felt justifiable in that move ..so mr estrada must hear this man re energizes jimcrowism and down right white supremacist ideologues and treats to deport his family who would be Trinidadian migrants …what!!!! …he should be nice ni!!!..hell no!!! the modern day Jews should always be wary of Germans with swastikas Zimbabweans African should never trust anyone wanting to call them Rhodesian no true believer in Islam should adopt the principles that isis is allegedly propagating women who are vicsiously abused should now say nice things about their attackers no way!!! STOP THE DAMN HYPOCRISY!!!!!..WHENEVER IT IS RELATED TO BLACK AFRICAN LIVES… black lives matter …ny any means necessary….. HARAMBEE!!..HARAMBEE!!!…HARAMBEE!!!

  2. The way the system work in the US, when a new President enter office the previous President and his people automatically resign.Mr Estrada was simply following protocol. All the other Ambassador across the world will be doing the same. These are positions appointed by the sitting President

  3. Headline kind of unnecessarily bacchanalish tho…

  4. Thsts just plain rude and shows ignorance .

  5. So f**k he Trump should pelt he ass back home

  6. What is there to congratulate Trump about?
    Estrada, yuh damn right, who congratulates the devil?

  7. This headline is confusing the issue. I rather doubt he said “I’m Obama’s guy” to insinuate a political position, but rather he was appointed by Obama and as such he needs to resign to give the new president the chance to make a decision about the position in T&T. Also, there is no need for him to congratulate anyone in his letter.

  8. Is am proud of the Former Ambassdor of the United States to Trinidad and Tobago whether they call him “I’m Obama’s guy,He was not ashamed to say that he was from Laventille,as some of us Trinidadian do,he was proud of being from Laventille,he remembers his roots,he connected right back and was willing to help his people,and he did the right thing he did not wait on the New President asking him to resign,he did it forthwith he did not show arrogance and said he was not moving,that is statesmanship I am so proud of him so you see although he is from Laventille he has class,goods thing do come from there also just do not try to put him down,and talk about his mentality god made everyone with different mentality,and me remind you the little mentality I have I know that you cannot write a resignation letter and a congratulation Letter on the same page it is two different things,they are worded different at least that is what I was taught in my Secretarial Duties correct me if I wrong or I don’t know if with the new Technology things have change

  9. Blind loyalty to Obama. He demands it!

  10. Judy I agree with you.
    To many educated ass in T&T
    Trinbago protocol and USA are completely different
    If it was a lot of people would of been under arrest. Different countries.

  11. If he is an ass and he follow protcol. What you call the Ambassdors representing Trinidad and Tobago who refuse to leave office. What dey name Neverseecomesee Vomit.

  12. Sounds like a stupid way to go to me.. Trump is President elect whether Mr. Estrada likes it or not..
    There was an election and he won it fair and square.
    Sour grapes just like those fools protesting in the streets of LA and other areas right now..

  13. We don’t know if he did it by phone,a resignation letter is different from a congratulation letter how could you expect to write both resignation and congratulations in the same letter that is not the right thing to do

  14. He’s an ass, he’s an ambassador he’s supposed to be neutral

  15. Or just maybe he forsee dyer consequences for the region.

  16. Just tells you the mentality and by the way his holiday finish!.

    • Come Come Mr Lobo. Surely you know that it is standard US protocol for ambassadors to tend their resignation when a new President is elected as the above example illustrates.It is up to the new President to accept the resignation and replace him or ask him to continue. Don’t be mislead by the headline of the article.

    • Duane Michael Gonzalez that was explained this morning on one of the tv shows, the Ambassador also congratulated Mr Trump on his success, but made it clear that he still represents the Obama administration and the US government until such time as he is otherwise advised. I like this man he has class and am sorry that I judged him differently as I do now.

  17. He doesn’t have to. Might be good manners, but somehow I don’t think he is figuring on Trump’s radar down in T&T. Bigger fish to fry, so to speak.

  18. Someone report Lasana to the admin team…oh wait…never mind..hes d boss 😉

  19. Typing the words “president select Trump is too painful at this point. Man hah to take a few more drinks first!

  20. I noticed he said he was Obama’s ambassador. He should realise its a privilege

  21. He have to live under Trump’s presidency

  22. .Is back to the 1800s confederates rule the resurgence of jim crow

  23. Is it customary to mention the new president?

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