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Mr Magic: San Juan North striker Renaldo Boyce shares his vision

San Juan North Secondary striker Renaldo Boyce tells Wired868 about his magic touch, European football dreams and present schoolboy aspirations.

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Allan Powder
Allan Powder is an avid writer currently pursuing his BA in Mass Communications at COSTAATT. He is employed as an IT professional at Republic Bank Limited, and is a freelancer at Wired868. Powder is also a certified photographer.

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  1. Well done son you will make it very far in football

  2. Good speech son you will reach very far in your football career good luck on your journey may God bless and keep you all the way. Love you mummy

  3. Well done…Keep up the Great job….keep reaching for the stars….U can do it .Proud of You. Bless

  4. Since 1st year i know dis brother…and football was always on he mind, yuh know…he was always playing football…he father use to coach him, everyday after school he playing football…..he play for the primary school, leave primary school…he play for Fiver Rivers…..while going five rivers…they had d screening for Chelsea Fc…i bounce him up dey…, a woman open up a club….he join…i was on da team too….den yuh do so….he gone San Juan to play….He is a good child…i hope he reach far….from classmate to classmate Boyce Ronaldo u doing good baii

  5. You’ll reach far youth just stay humble and keep persistent and focused.

  6. Man sound confident and determined. Good luck to him

  7. Boyceeeeeee ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

  8. Looking forward to seeing this youth in the Premiership soon …..

  9. Iam very proud of this young man…. Trinidad still has hope…. Remain humble and you will make it

  10. Interview was great hope an I willnot say hope I’ll say u will make it outday

  11. Good head on his shoulders. Hopefully he has the discipline and domestic support to match the talent and self belief.

  12. LOVE the fact you guys gone into video footage now! Sponsors should latch on to certain sports/features. Just keep it less than 2 min IMO

  13. Good talent. Good luck to you Renaldo.

  14. Brent, the boy can play too. He caught my eye in the season opener against Naparima. They couldn’t cope with him.
    Like most youth players, I guess he is inconsistent. Because I thought he would have San Juan closer to the top of the standings. But he is a good talent.

  15. He shows good confidence which helps you to play at any level and with Jerry Moe guiding him and the others, no doubt if he puts what he says into action he will achieve much in the game good interview hope he has a successful season

  16. Nice interview.. seems committed to what he wants to do

  17. nice interview just wish he did not refer to him self as magical