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Manning moves on; Former PM surrounded by loved ones in final moments

Former Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister and ex-San Fernando East MP Patrick Manning passed away at 8:15am today at the San Fernando General Hospital, after battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Patrick Manning attends a news conference at the venue of the Commonwealth Summit in Port-of-Spain on 26 November 2009. The UDECOTT scandal contributed to the fall of the Manning-led Government. (Copyright REUTERS/Jorge Silva)
Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Patrick Manning attends a news conference at the venue of the Commonwealth Summit in Port-of-Spain on 26 November 2009.
The UDECOTT scandal contributed to the fall of the Manning-led Government.
(Copyright REUTERS/Jorge Silva)

Manning was 69 and, according to his wife Hazel Manning, was being prepared to undergo treatment. A statement from Manning’s family said he was surrounded by his family and loved ones in his final moments. Funeral arrangements will be announced in due course.

The following is a statement from People’s National Movement PRO and POS North/St Ann’s West MP Stuart Young on Manning’s passing:

It is with a great sense of sadness that the PNM Family has been informed of the passing of Mr Patrick Manning, former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago and former Political Leader of the PNM.

On behalf of the members of the PNM and on behalf of the Executive of the PNM, I take the opportunity to express our sincerest and heartfelt condolences to Ms Hazel Manning, her sons and Mr Manning’s wider family.

Mr Manning served Trinidad and Tobago for decades as a leader with great vision and his passing is a loss to the Nation and to his party, the PNM.

Photo: Late Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Patrick Augustus Mervyn Manning (centre) waves during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, on 27 November 2009. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, the titular head of the Commonwealth, was to officially open the three-day summit. (Copyright AFP 2016/Luis Acosta)
Photo: Late Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Patrick Augustus Mervyn Manning (centre) waves during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, on 27 November 2009. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, the titular head of the Commonwealth, was to officially open the three-day summit.
(Copyright AFP 2016/Luis Acosta)

We join in prayer for his soul and his family and thank him and his family for his life and his invaluable contributions.

We ask that God rest and bless Mr Manning’s soul.


Editor’s Note: Members of the public can sign the Condolence Book for Mr Patrick Manning, former Prime Minister and former Political Leader of the PNM, at Balisier House from 8 am to 6 pm from Sunday 3 July 2016 to Friday 8 July 2016.

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  1. I think the greatest accolade paid to him so far is from Dominica where they will have two days of mourning for him.

  2. Honoring Patrick Manning

    Unfortunately, I have no personal anecdote regarding the late Mr. Patrick Manning that I can share, as the only thing of consequence that he has contributed to my life has been his untimely demise which now prevents me from publishing a missive on the genesis of our leaders in Trinidad and Tobago, which was meant to be sent on the very day that he died. Not that the piece painted Mr. Manning himself in a bad light, but following the cascade of emotional and positive tributes that have poured in from all spheres, it may be considered bad taste to comment on anything even remotely negative regarding either his personal or professional life. Listening to the praises sung by none other than Mrs. Kamla Persad Bissessar in Parliament yesterday was so eloquent and touching, it makes me almost eager to hear her tribute to Mr. Basdeo Panday when he inevitably passes away.

    I say this all a bit tongue in cheek, not to make light of Mr. Manning’s tragedy mind you, but because it’s remarkable to see the nation come together to mourn such a polarizing figure. While he did have his flaws, who among us don’t, we still recognize that his actions have always been with the best interest of the country in mind. But to hear some of his detractors even go as far as to now justify some of the biggest controversies surrounding him, such as the “necessary evil” that was Calder Hart, makes we wonder what else we were misled into believing, not only regarding him, but also our other leaders and politicians. But putting all this aside, we should take comfort in the fact that he may be remembered in death as a pioneer and visionary who single-handedly prevented the PNM from going extinct, while also developing the nation in a fair-minded and progressive manner, rather than the way that we considered him while he was alive.

    While certain persons are now calling on Mr. Manning to receive the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago for his many accomplishments in service of our nation, I personally believe it may be a disservice to his honor. While I also had the idea immediately after his death, I realized that his decision to refuse the award only ten months ago should be respected lest we diminish both the act and the man. At that time, he felt that not only was the gesture a political gimmick, but also he still held the office of the Member of Parliament for San Fernando East at the time, which may have disqualified him from the award. Since then, the PNM had both retired him from office and acquired government, and as such, any move to reverse his decision may be as contrived as the initial offering. But there is another avenue available that seemingly no one has considered, that may be more fitting and deserved than the token gesture the ORTT may represent.

    In addition to the contributions that Mr. Manning made towards the development of our nation, his work promoting greater regional relations and integration is well known and was paid tribute to such in the ongoing CARICOM Heads of Government Summit. The Secretary General of CARICOM, Mr. Irwin LaRocque even went as far as to describe Mr. Manning as “true champion” of the Caribbean Community, a sentiment echoed by other leaders that were present.

    That all being said, there is in fact an award that CARICOM bestows upon nationals of their member states, “whose legacy in the economic, political, social and cultural metamorphoses of Caribbean society is phenomenal”. Based on the accounts of the leaders of these countries and our own Parliament, there is no doubt in my mind that the achievements of Mr. Patrick Manning surpasses that which is required for this prestigious honor and should at least be nominated for the Order of the Caribbean Community. Looking through the list of those whom the Order has been conferred upon, he may be the first person to be either nominated or possibly awarded posthumously, however, if anyone in the history of CARICOM was ever deserving of it, that person would be the late, great Patrick Augustus Mervyn Manning, former Member of Parliament, Political Leader of the PNM, Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and distinguished son of the soil, of both our nation and of the Caribbean.

    Best regards,

    Ravi Maharaj

  3. He lost an election. I don’t think it is disgraceful or ungrateful that a party decided to try someone new after a loss at the polls. Nothing lasts forever.

  4. Manning did not . move on or pass on he was dispatched

  5. “Suffice it to say” ladies and gentlemen that the Lord giveth and he also taketh away ….Be blessed Mrs Manning may God hold you up now and always.

  6. To God be the glory and now God has called him home to rest in peace. To the Manning family I pray that God give you all the strength to continue as a loving and binding family. May his sole R.I.P

  7. Thank for your service to our beloved country Mr. Patrick Manning.

  8. R I P Mr. Manning. You were a true true patriot of T&T. Your love for this country was displayed by you always putting the Nation first before self. Blessings to Mrs Manning a wonan of strength and courage. To your sons be the strength for your mom.

  9. God blessings upon you Mrs.Hazel Manning. What a beautiful hearted woman. Stay strong.. Blessed man.blessed woman. Blessings to the beautiful Manning family

  10. The People’s National Movement would like to inform members of the public and members of the party that the Condolence Book for Mr Patrick Manning, former Prime Minister and former Political Leader of the PNM is now available for signing at Balisier House.

    The Condolence Book shall be available from 8 am to 6 pm from Sunday 3 July, 2016 to Friday 8 July, 2016.

    Stuart R. Young, MP
    POS North/ St Ann’s West
    PRO of the People’s National Movement

  11. It was memorable occassion to spend with his close family members

  12. R.I.P, Patrick, u were a trur patriot.

  13. Leslie Ann, You should know “what” you are dealing with, take note I didn’t say “who”, so please disengage yourself.

  14. R.I.P, you have lived your life for this country.

  15. They just can’t help it… it’s ingrained in them

  16. Rip,thank you for your service to this land ?

  17. Leslie-Ann Boisselle why do you think neither Mr. and Mrs. Manning or Dr. Khan not calling actual names? But they know who they are, and people who are aware of the situation know better

  18. Leslie-Ann Boisselle his own people betrayed him and you trying to cover up for them now.

  19. Richard Zen O’Brien and Leslie-Ann Boisselle was it classy for Mrs. Hazel Manning to post up the exact same issues in a more coded manner on his facebook page while he was dying?

  20. Leslie-Ann Boisselle, class is just beyond them. You’re beating a dead horse.

  21. Leslie-Ann Boisselle how? Not only is he pointing out the trials and tribulations that Mr. Manning had to deal with, but he is also attempting to allow such tribulations to have greater meaning by asking that the Int’l Waterfront be renamed as a result.

  22. You are missing the bloody point. Dr Khans mention of that in his statement was unnecessary heartless and uncalled for

  23. Richard Zen O’Brien and Leslie-Ann Boisselle it is the same people that both Dr. Khan and Mr. Manning are referring to.

  24. Exactly Richard Zen O’Brien that article had nothing is the sort of tripe that was in dr khans statement

  25. Ravi, does that mean that Faud Khan had to include that in his statement? Is class really above ALL opposition MPs?

  26. With all due respect. That article had nothing of the venom that was spouted in that statement by dr khan. So please do not use that as backup for that nonsense.

  27. Richard Zen O’Brien and Leslie-Ann Boisselle Dr. Khan only re-affirming what Mr. Manning said this week on his deathbed


  28. What the hell is that from Faud Khan? I thought there was decency in him!

  29. Statement by Dr. Fuad Khan on the Passing of Mr. Patrick Manning

    My condolences go out to the family of Mr. Patrick Manning, as he passed away this early morning. This, even though one could say that he was nobly fell by the impious hand of treason and rebellion some time ago. Mr. Manning reportedly resigned this life in a calm and humble manner, reminiscent of his lifestyle in retirement, after he fought for the liberties of this country throughout most of his life and political career. As we pay respects and honor the man who served once served as the Member of Parliament for San Fernando East and both the Fourth and Sixth Prime Minister of this nation, we should also consider his final sentiments, if we are to truly recognize his lasting legacy.

    Having served in the Parliament with Mr. Manning since 1995, I enjoyed many discussions with him on issues that may not have been known to the public, including many of his challenges and antagonists who attempted to destroy both his career and his legacy. It therefore came as no surprise to learn that even on his deathbed, he still felt the ominous presence of persons who may have wished him harm. It was his vision to ensure that each arm of government was outfitted with their own permanent facilities rather than being burdened by the lease agreements they endured prior. This led to the establishment of the International Waterfront Complex and the building of many other infrastructural projects across the country. It would be an understatement to say that these decisions were not popular with the persons who would have benefited from the former arrangement however, and Mr. Manning was forced to pay a severe political cost as a result.

    Many may not be aware that Mr. Manning was once denied healthcare as a result of him not being allowed a loan from the banks to cover the costs, which was the reason he was forced to travel to Cuba and have the procedure done for free. When he returned however, both the the country and to government, he would face brutal attacks from these parties, through their media outlets, who attempted to tarnish his reputation, to the state remains today. Whether this is partially to blame for the deteriorating health issues that plagued his later years is unknown, but like Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ before him, he was unfortunately betrayed by those whom he trusted and served.

    This being said, Patrick Manning would not allow external forces to dictate his actions, and he continued to build the nation as he saw fit. For this, he will be remembered as a statesman and a leader who never compromised in the face of threats or hardships, and we can all learn from his example. It would therefore be a fitting homage, to rename the International Waterfront Complex in his honor. The Patrick Manning Waterfront Complex would stand as a monument and a beacon to the next generation to remind them of the great man and his selfless contribution to our country. It would also serve to reinforce his legacy to the nation and inspire future leaders to follow in his distinguished footsteps.

    Thank you.

    Dr. Fuad Khan
    Member of Parliament for the Barataria/San Juan Constituency

    Sincere sympathy to the family .

  31. RIP. Patos, as a human being with all your good points, and not so good ones like all of us, you come out with a great balance sheet. You served our country well since 1970 and you had a vision that many Trinis, sadly, failed to see.

  32. Rip Uncle Patos. Every morning I travel to work stress because of your 20/20 vision. I sail on your water taxi legacy daily, no more 2hour commute, no worry about the speed gun, peaceful sleep till I reach POS. Thanks for all that you did and all that you didn’t get to do!

  33. Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Manning. He may have gone too soon but it is a blessing that he was spared the pain of chemotherapy. He made some mistakes in his political career but no one can deny what a true statesman and visionary he was. As some of us sip drinks at the Hyatt or pass through the offices at the Government Campus (eventually ?), I’m sure we will spare a kind thought for the man who dreamed it all. Rest in perfect peace Mr. Manning.

  34. Rip Manning we love u even in death

  35. Condolences to his family .

  36. Condolences to the family. Thanks for your service Mr Manning

  37. R.I.P PM. My sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.

  38. I don’t think I would ever understand life. It is with much regret i share this post from the Manning family. Rest in peace my dear friend and mentor Patrick Manning. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me and the advice and guidance you shared. I will forever miss you. You were a GREAT Leader and a GREAT mentor. I would always love you and cherish every moment we had and I PROMISE I will take your advice. Thank you for giving dedicating your life to Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean. To Mrs Hazel Manning, Brian Manning David Manning and the rest of the entire Manning family thank you for sharing such a wonderful man not only with the country but with me. You all are my second family and I share your pain.

    • For all his faults, he was a true gentleman and quite charming. For his long standing service to our country, we thank you. Sad for a nation but may he finally have eternal health and peace. I am happy that he left this earth with the dignity that he lived his life. His illness could not have been easy for his family. My condolences to them.

  39. Earl Best

    The evil that men do, the poet said, lives after them; the good is often interred with their bodies. For as long as memories of the PP hang around, the evil that Patrick Manning did in giving them an opportunity to become the government will be with us, proving the poet right.

    But Point Lisas and GATE and NAPA and SAPA will remain as constant reminders of the good that former PM, now the late PAMM, did, proving that the poet was right to say “often” and not “always.”

    The entire nation’s best wishes go with thee, Mr Manning. May God grant thee eternal rest.