Fixin T&T says speed guns will save lives; congratulates Hinds and Police

The following is a press release from Fixin’ T&T on the introduction of speed guns by Works and Transport Minister Fitzgerald Hinds:

Photo: A British police officer uses a speed gun. (Copyright UK Telegraph)
Photo: A British police officer uses a speed gun.
(Copyright UK Telegraph)

FIXIN’ T&T congratulates Works and Transport Minister Fitzgerald Hinds on putting the infrastructure in place for laws governing speed on our nation’s roads to be ‘effectively implemented’ by our Police Service.

The radar guns are most welcome. Further we applaud our Police Officers for thus far demonstrating a no nonsense approach to proper enforcement.

While we are among many that support raising the speed limit, the law currently in place must be adhered to. We are a nation of laws. We must be made to become one that obeys them.

We hope that this will be a sustained effort on the part of the TTPS; one that will be a nationwide effort 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While we appreciate that nowhere in the world Police can be everywhere all of the time, a powerful message must be sent that they are always somewhere all of the time and that their presence is meaningful.

Photo: A USA lawman uses a speed gun.
Photo: A USA lawman uses a speed gun.

We respectfully recommend that the Ministry of Works and Transport engage an advertising campaign to remind citizens of the various speed limits on our highways, major and minor roads.

We also implore the leadership of our Police Service to proactively put measures in place to deal with those both in law enforcement as well as civilians with a penchant to bribe. Random sting operations might be a consideration.

We are confident that this initiative will save many lives. Congratulations again to all involved.

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  1. Warning: Undefined variable $userid in /www/wired868_759/public/wp-content/plugins/user-photo/user-photo.php on line 114

    Question…. if you get caught speeding how do they issue the ticket? There and then?

  2. 80 km is the speed limit at this time. It is the law, so live with it until it is changed. Done with the dotish comments.

  3. i hope the speed limit is for everyone including politicians army police officers unless the police are responding to an emergency

  4. Once mr fixin never go over 80nkm n 50km I respect his opinion

  5. Soon it will be realized that 80 km is too slow for a highway. It will cause persons to daydream or sightsee. It will cause accidents. 100km is a better limit. Somehow they do not realize that law is archaic , it was in the days of donkey cart, times and infrastructure have changed tremendously. People have to leave their homes much earlier to get to work, that does not auger well for productivity. People will be reaching home later, that affects family life.

  6. This measure will save lives? The first news release about the use of these instruments on the field spoke about three Audrey Jeffers highway between 5 and 6 PM. Pardon my disbelief, but is this an area that merits this attention? From the TTPS statistics this area at this time is the scene of many accidents? Just wondering..

    • Why some of you so cantankerous? Why don’t you get elected so that you can initiate all the wonderful ideas to get this country to utopia state? Thanks to Facebook you can get your moment eh? All you have to do is make sure you don’t get caught speeding, AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Perfection takes time and practice. Eventually the country will slow down, just as we all buckle up. BE CALM, GET SOME NEW MUSIC AND TAKE YOUR TIME ON THE ROAD. SPEED KILLS

    • Not all politics is done by getting elected. Some policy is affected by people asking the questions that are necessary to enable people to look at things differently. Some policy is affected by people exerting or trying to exert influence on the actors in society who make decisions. Everyone has a role to play in making society a better place. Bureaucrats, politicians are human beings and they can ( like all of us ) benefit from another point of view. Most people want to make things better, in my opinion, but we must always be careful to remember the children’s tale of the Emperor’s new clothes and that our responsibility as people does not end when we vote. Many thanks for your comments.

  7. What? According to grandma “dog eat he shame”?

  8. Let’s wait and see what happens on Boxing Day when the kids get tired of playing with their Christmas toys.

  9. PEOPLE will save lives by doing the right thing!

  10. Trini love alcohol and DUI alone is big moneu

  11. How much money do you all think traffic penalties -actually- bring in?

  12. Sadly making money trumps good logic with amending law

  13. I was driving at 79 just now and a police man not on emergency passed me

    Is he breaking the law??

  14. That’s crazy Lasana. Somebody get pulled over for going 5 Kph above the limit? That officer should be reprimanded. That’s ridiculous. This entire week the police should be pulling over those exceeding the limit and giving only warnings. That would be good PR and drive home the point that this is not a revenue generating initiative, but an initiative to improve road safety.

  15. As far as I understand, charging a man for exceeding the speed limit by 5 kph with that device wouldn’t even stand up in court abroad because of the margin of error.

    • I woulda also say…wasting of police and judiciary time and resources. Like charging a man for a joint while nobody charged for all the ‘millions’ and ‘acres’ destroyed. Lets temper the law with a lil bit of common sense pls.

  16. Nothing in that release supported a system that would be linked property with these guns. Are they unaware of the corrupt licensing division? Where is the MVA at present? Beside a building collecting dust. Electronic plates, emailed or posted tickets. Smh.

  17. Steups… What infrastructure? The purchase of 6 guns?

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