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T&T gymnast, Thema Williams, fights ‘character assassination’ after circulated photo

Twenty year old gymnast, Thema Williams, has vowed to remain focused on her dream of doing Trinidad and Tobago proud at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, despite falling victim to perceived character assassination yesterday.

At around noon yesterday, Georgette Heinz, the self-declared mother of an unnamed young female gymnast, sent a topless photograph of Williams to the Trinidad and Tobago media, the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation (TTGF) and members of the local gymnastics fraternity.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams. (Courtesy Heritage Radio)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams.
(Courtesy Heritage Radio)

The photograph, which was posted on Williams’ Instagram page, was captioned: “Being a Black Woman is an honour… Always.”

Williams covered up competently with her arms and there was no exposure of her breasts in the shot, although it was clear that she did not have a top on.

Heinz called the photograph “disgraceful” and demanded that the TTGF take action against the gifted athlete.

“Absolutely disgraceful for a young lady who supposedly represents the best that Trinidad and Tobago has to offer,” stated Heinz. “What kind of example is this? Should this be the standard that we uphold our future Olympians to?

“I, for one, will no longer support the sport or the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation if they continue to allow this to happen.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams.
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams.

Wired868 searched online and asked members of the local gymnastics fraternity if they had ever heard of “Georgette Heinz.” The response was negative in every case.

Yet, TTGF secretary Elicia Peters Charles said the local board will meet tomorrow to discuss Heinz’s email and promised to announce a decision immediately afterwards.

“We have received calls from the press about the photograph,” Peters Charles told Wired868. “The board will meet to discuss it tomorrow and we will announce a decision after that.”

For Williams, it is the last and the lowest of the obstacles she has faced since her historic finish at the Glasgow 2015 World Artistic Gymnastics championship made her the first Trinidad and Tobago gymnast to qualify for an Olympic Games, barring her participation at the Olympic Test event in April.

The former St Joseph’s Convent (Port of Spain) student explained that she took the photograph in February 2015 and meant for it to be viewed as an artistic appreciation of the female African body.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams performs at the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games. Williams is in line to be Trinidad and Tobago's first gymnast to perform at an Olympic Games. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams performs at the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games.
Williams is in line to be Trinidad and Tobago’s first gymnast to perform at an Olympic Games.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

However, she took it down within a day when her American coach, John Geddert, voiced concerns.

Williams did not think much of it again, until it suddenly resurfaced yesterday attached to an angry message.

At present, Williams is preparing for the Olympic Test event in April in Rio, which serves as the final qualifier for the Games. Marisa Dick, a Canada-born gymnast who is eligible to represent Trinidad and Tobago through her mother, Hannifer, is the alternative and will take Williams’ place if she is ruled out.

There will be no chance for a swap after the April event.

“I posted that image a year ago and that person held it for a year to use it, so personally I think it was just an opportune time to attack me,” Williams told Wired868. “I won’t say it is appropriate for my entire audience because I do have younger fans. So I feel sorry for any younger fans who felt offended and that’s why I took it down.

“It was supposed to be about appreciation for your body, especially in the skin that I am in. The caption itself said I am a proud black woman.

“I am into African art and a lot of that deals with the female body and shape of body and so on. For me, it was about bodily appreciation.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams. Williams said she left this photo up for just one day before removing it in February 2015. It was circulated today by "Georgette Heinz." (Courtesy Georgette Heinz)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams.
Williams said she left this photo up for just one day before removing it in February 2015.
It was circulated today by “Georgette Heinz.” The photograph was republished with the permission of Thema Williams.
(Courtesy Georgette Heinz)

The TTGF gave little away in terms of how the board views the photograph and what the possible implications might be.

Williams told Wired868 that, notwithstanding the TTGF’s meeting tomorrow to specifically address the photograph, nobody from the local body has contacted her for comment.

“My inner peace is not tampered with easily,” said Williams. “It has stressed me but it won’t throw me off…”

Williams was just nine years old and a student at the Diamond Vale Government Primary School when she first represented Trinidad and Tobago. And, at 10, she became the youngest nominee ever for the Sportswoman of the Year award.

The Tots and Tumblers starlet went on to become the first local gymnast to represent her country at the Pan American Games and World Championship. But she said the Olympic Games was always her dream.

At the Japan 2011 World Artistic Championships, Williams failed to make the grade for the London 2012 Olympics.

It only made her redouble her efforts.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams (right column, middle row) declares her passion for gymnastics while at Diamond Vale Government Primary School.
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams (right column, middle row) declares her passion for gymnastics while at Diamond Vale Government Primary School.

In 2014, she decided to snub a full gymnastics scholarship from the Michigan State University and take a two-year break instead to focus on her craft and another shot at the Olympics.

She also chose to leave Trinidad and join Geddert in Michigan, where she could benefit from improved facilities.

“At Tots and Tumblers, we don’t have the availability of pits which are important in learning new skills and so on,” said Williams. “We didn’t have a full floor either, so I couldn’t do a full routine… I would have to stop my music and run back to the start of the floor. So I moved (to Michigan) in 2014 right after my exams.”

As Williams and Dick prepared for last year’s Glasgow World Championship, they were sent contracts which spelt out the value of the competition. Trinidad and Tobago had only one Women’s Artistic Gymnastics spot for the Rio Olympics and it would go to the better of the two athletes at that event.

“The WAG gymnast who scores the highest all-around score at the World Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow 2015,” stated the TTGF contract, which was provided to Wired868 on the condition of anonymity, “will be the athlete selected by the TTGF Selection Committee to move forward to represent TTO at the Olympic Test Event in Rio, Brazil in April 2016 once her scores allow her selection by FIG to this event.”

Williams placed 59th overall—a record for a Trinidad and Tobago gymnast—while Dick placed 77th out of 192 participants.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Marisa Dick.
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Marisa Dick.

Yet, a month after the competition, the TTGF still had not officially announced that Williams had qualified to move a step closet to Rio and there were media suggestions—not attributed to a direct source—that the two gymnasts would instead square off in two other meets to decide the best representative.

In an email to the TTGF, which is headed by president David Marquez, Williams’ mother, Helen Adams, slammed the “unreasonable and unjustifiable delay” in declaring its choice for the Rio Games.

“I would certainly hope that this is not a deliberate attempt to frustrate and prejudice the physical and mental preparation of an athlete,” stated Adams, in a correspondence also forwarded to Wired868. “… The continuing delay by the TTGF could have the consequence of denying the athlete to requisite preparation and training.

“The lack of response and continuing delay suggests that the TTGF is acting in an unreasonable and irresponsible manner and not in the best interest of the athlete.”

Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) president Brian Lewis met with the TTGF on the issue and told Wired868 that Williams was the chosen gymnast.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) president Brian Lewis (left) with a delegate at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto. (Courtesy TTOC)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) president Brian Lewis (left) with a delegate at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto.
(Courtesy TTOC)

“The athletes are preparing for an Olympic Test event in Brazil, which is the final qualifier,” said Lewis. “As far as the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee is aware, Thema Williams is the athlete representing Trinidad and Tobago at this qualifier, which is in April, and Marisa Dick is the alternate.”

Yet, uncertainty still hung in the air over the young Trinidad and Tobago athlete.

Last month, when Dick earned her own bit of history by patenting a signature mount named after her, she told the Edmonton AM that she was still in the race to get to Rio.

“Only one of us gets to go to the Olympics, so it’s kind of a cutthroat time,” said Dick, in Edmonton’s CBS News. “But it’s exciting.”

Weeks earlier, the TTGF named Dick as its 2015 nominee for the Sportswoman of the Year award, although Williams became the first Trinidad and Tobago gymnast to ever qualify for an Olympics in that same year.

Williams admitted that the simmering distrust over the TTFG’s  handling of its first ever Olympic berth has placed a strain on her relationship with Dick.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Marisa Dick. (Courtesy Sport Archives TT)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Marisa Dick.
(Courtesy Sport Archives TT)

“(Dick) was very aware of the contract before we entered the World competition but she hasn’t said so,” said Williams. “We are teammates and we are normal (with each other) when we meet up. But there has been a little bit of awkwardness.”

Williams responded defiantly to the unnamed persons who were trying to take away what she earned in Scotland.

“When you are at the top, vindictive people always lurk and wait for a moment to pounce,” Williams told Wired868. “But my focus right now is the Olympics, so any curveball they throw at me I will be ready.

“I know that I will have to be mindful now of what I do and what I post, because anything that goes online is available for anyone to see.

“And there will be snakes in the grass waiting for the opportune moment.”

Andreas Stueven, the Trinidad and Tobago Triathlon Federation president, said the photograph was a storm in a teacup.

“I do not think that this is a particularly raunchy or unbecoming picture for my taste,” Stueven told Wired868. “Young people—girls and boys—are exploring their sexuality and once it stays within boundaries, I do not see that as raunchy. If you google Sports Illustrated, you will find a lot of pictures and some of them probably ‘raunchier’ than this one.

“Athletes train (and) as a byproduct they have sexy bodies. That applies again to male and female alike. Thema is not the only athlete to pose and show the result of her hard work.

“I know a few others personally and if you again google you will find a lot of celebrity athletes having posed for similar pictures. I do not see this as unbecoming.”

Lewis had not seen the photograph but was willing to comment briefly based on information provided by Wired868. And the TTOC president was concerned about the timing of the circulation of the photograph, for more reasons than one.

“The TTOC is very athlete-centred and athlete-focused and therefore at this point in time,” said Lewis, “all our Olympic athletes are very focused on preparing for whatever various qualification they have.

“They are at a crucial time with the Olympic Games just months away.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago's gold medalist Keshorn Walcott (centre), Ukraine's silver medalist Oleksandr Pyatnytsa (left) and Finland's bronze medalist Antti Ruuskanen, pose on the podium of the men's javelin throw at the athletics event of the London 2012 Olympic Games on August 11, 2012 in London. (Copyright AFP 2016/Johannes Eisele)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago’s gold medalist Keshorn Walcott (centre), Ukraine’s silver medalist Oleksandr Pyatnytsa (left) and Finland’s bronze medalist Antti Ruuskanen, pose on the podium of the men’s javelin throw at the athletics event of the London 2012 Olympic Games on August 11, 2012 in London.
(Copyright AFP 2016/Johannes Eisele)

“The timing of the release of such a picture, which I have not seen, is concerning because it distracts both the athlete and the administrators from what should be the focus, which is preparing for an upcoming Test Event which forms the final qualifier for Rio 2016.”

The TTGF letter sent to Williams and Dick before the Glasgow World competition noted only two reasons for an athlete to be ruled out of the Olympics: doping and injury.

However, a subsequent contract listed another criteria under the heading of “Ambassador of the Sport” and both girls were required to swear that: “I am a representative of TTFG and must conduct myself in a manner that upholds the name, reputation and goodwill of TTGF… As such, my conduct publicly known and not publicly known must not reflect poorly upon or bring discredit to TTGF, its other athletes, its coaches or its events and programs.

“My conduct extends beyond actions on the field of play, including but not limited to

actions/posting/images disseminated in the public domain.”

The TTGF will likely muse over that clause this evening, before arriving at a decision.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams performs a handstand at John Geddert's Twisters Gymnastics Club in Michigan. (Courtesy Thema Williams)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams performs a handstand at John Geddert’s Twisters Gymnastics Club in Michigan.
(Courtesy Thema Williams)

Williams refused to even contemplate missing out on Rio.

“I have been representing my country since I was nine years old and my dream was always to represent Trinidad and Tobago in the Olympics,” Williams told Wired868. “For me to do that would mean everything to me. People thought I was crazy to turn down a full scholarship to train for the Olympics. I put a lot of work and sacrifice into this.

“It would mean so much for me to be out there with the Trinidad and Tobago flag flying high.”

Photo: Young gymnasts in Trinidad and Tobago. (Copyright TT Sportslink)
Photo: Young gymnasts in Trinidad and Tobago.
(Copyright TT Sportslink)

Editor’s Note: The photograph of Thema Williams was published in Wired868 with the permission of the gymnast.

The following is the email from “Georgette Heinz” to the local media and gymnastic community:

As a parent of a young gymnast I must relay my shock when my daughter was looking for pictures of her favourite gymnast Thema Williams and what does she see but this.

Absolutely disgraceful for a young lady who supposedly represents the best that Trinidad and Tobago has to offer. What kind of example is this? Should this be the standard that we uphold our future Olympians to?

I, for one, will no longer support the sport or the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation if they continue to allow this to happen. When my daughter said “why doesn’t she have a top on?” I was completely horrified. I thought that I would send this to you as I am sure I am not the first person who has been appalled by this.

I believe it warrants further investigation. Why does a sport governing body allow an Olympic hopeful to do this? She is supposed to represent the best TTO has to offer.

If this is all TTO has to offer then why bother? Thank you for listening.

(Thema Williams)

In response, Thema Williams explained that the photograph in question was meant to be an artistic appreciation of her body. However, she said she took it off her Instagram account within 24 hours, exactly 12 months ago.

Editor’s Note: Click HERE to read the follow-up as the TTGF is rocked by a second ‘lewd’ photo—and, this time, it is a snap of Williams’ rival, Marisa Dick.

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  78. They are really beautiful, artistic photos. Nothing lewd or raunchy about them. She has every right to be proud. She is beautiful, talented and gifted and she works hard to get where she wants to go. And go she should!!!! She has my support.

  79. They need to leave this young lady alone.

  80. I am also a former national athlete. It is heartbreaking when an athlete has to spend important time and energy on non consquential things such as this. She should be focussing on her upcoming event in April. I loathe the “soccer mum” syndrome where parents want to fight battles for their children even if their children are sometimes not deserving of places that they are aiming for. The mother in this story just seems to be going off the deep end as far as I am concerned. I hope that Thema just blocks this all out and does her best, cause I think she has a damn good chance of going to Rio. I hope she does because I will be one of those cheering the loudest.

  81. Let a 18-year-old male waterpolo player post a pic of him in his jockeys. Wonder if anyone would kick up a fuss about his representing the country.

  82. What’s most annoying about this whole thing is considering Thema’s age. Who the hell is Ms Heinz to criticize Thema, a 20 year old adult? Also, does this human condiment not know what Instagram is? What she expects her daughter to flick through pics of only kittens and sunsets? But we know modern parents aren’t that naive. That’s why this has victimization written all over it.

  83. Leslie-Ann I couldn’t agree with you more. As a former athlete, I could just imagine what she is going through. It is not nice when your fellow athletes treat you “cold”, but when it is coming from admin. And you know you did nothing wrong it stinks to high heavens!

  84. I was under the impression that there were rules and procedures with respect to qualifying. Thema qualified ahead of all other TT gymnists which according to what I read makes her the top candidate. There are ulterior machinations going on behind the scenes on the part of coaches and parents. The top performing athelete shoudl be the one to represent, in my humble opinion.

  85. Well this is will be a clear case of victimization if that snake who is trying to bump Thema off her rightful spot succeeds. She has to fight this in court as soon as possible. She will win.

  86. this smacks of underlying motives to releasing this pic at the time and in the manner that it was. There seems to be underlying tension between Thema and another athelete about qualifying for Rio. There is a lot more in the mortar than the pestle

  87. I actually find nothing wrong with the pic. It’s not pornographic and lends itself more towards a artsy look. Look even Sports Illustrated did it.


    Trinidad mentality too backward.

    • I was surprised to see them, after listening to dale Enoch on the radio I thought “Oh Boy” but seeing them it looks like someone walked into the room and she covered herself with her arms. Not even sexy and farless lewd. Steups

  88. I just saw the photo. I must say I am hugely disappointed. Nothing to look at here folks, just mooooove it along.

    I am serious! Unless you consider an exposed shoulder and elbow lewd.

    Clearly there is an agenda at work here. This is a non issue desperately seeking traction so those who don’t even see the picture would just believe there is something significant.

  89. The photo was up for 1 day but this righteously outraged parent finds it and after sending it to the Gymnastic Federation threatens to stop supporting local gymnastics if the organization doesn’t act…Pretty sure the sport will survive without her…and should the young lady medal at the Olympics she can feel free not clap! Hopefully the TTGF lets common sense prevail.

  90. There is absolutely no shame in the human body. She has worked hard and done well. So what if she had a picture on instagram? Most people dont have that confidence in themselves to do the same so.. more power to her.
    we are all walking around naked under it all.
    I hope one day people can learn to grow the fuck up.

  91. You get punished for being too good. Imagine that.

  92. Correct! I have been a recipient of that pettiness. Denied a track scholarship as a result.

  93. I’m actually glad this photo surfaced as it drew my attention to this matter.. I’m rooting for her to go to the Olympic Games ?

  94. I am praying for this girl. She deserves to represent T and T and that picture only resurfaced out of spite! God is her only hope because it is clear to see that the TTGF is part of this conspiracy to replace her with Ms. Dick.
    All my prayers to her. Please keep us up to date with the decision, because I am waiting with bated breath.

  95. Accord to WOMANTRA and other Feminists, there is nothing significant about Vulgarity and Lewdness.

    So, she really has nothing to be concerned about, according to them.

  96. Agreed Wired 868 “And there will be snakes in the grass waiting for the opportune moment” like Heinz!! that is what you get for living or existing in a third world country…people tend to be small minded and hypocritical; especially in the field of Sports. SMH. Thema Williams should fight for what she believe in and challenge the status quo…good luck to Ms Williams.

  97. Agreed Wired 868 “And there will be snakes in the grass waiting for the opportune moment” like Heinz!! that is what you get for living or existing in a third world country…people tend to be small minded and hypocritical; especially in the field of Sports. SMH. Thema Williams should fight for what she believe in and challenge the status quo…good luck to Ms Williams.

  98. I trust that the TTGF has a credible and sensible Lawyer, who will shake some sense into Ms. Heinz for defaming the character of Miss Williams!!! That is absolutely essential!!!

  99. I only have two questions, what will the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation decide and how long will it take to come to a decision.

  100. This is rather disturbing what I read. There are so many questions going on in my mind. Hmm!!!

  101. Is it that Thema Williams skin tone is to dark?

  102. The other girl’s mom looked at Thelma and probably thought that of all the teammates Thelma had the best chance of being disqualified.

  103. But a serious question I just saw somebody ask. How come we can only have 1 representative?

  104. I know people are going to say that somebody have to make it about race, but these types of events is usually occupied but a certain elite, a certain class, they want it to belong to them, they resent the idea of a lower class outsider being better than them at it.

    • A “lower class outsider”?!!! That’s your description of the young woman???!!!!!

    • nope, that’s their perspective on it, are you that simple minded lol gezz give me a break eh.

    • Firstly, I think you mean opinion and not perspective; one cannot assume or impose perspective for or on another…perspective is single and individual, And no one else, from my exploration, has offered any such, yet unfounded opinion. So no, this is all you. Jeez you are simple minded.

    • lol your understanding of my statement is bewildering lol

    • do have a good day, the argument is unnecessary.

    • no Ken-Ross, Love, your original statement denies this is about race “but”, you then go on to explain race -based dynamics “elite” “certain class” “belong to them” “resent”
      then “lower class outsider” “better than them”

      all race , racists and racism buzz, watch words, aspects, characteristics, dynamics.

      it is you my friend who dont understand the cosmic range of racism

    • I think Ken-Ross was trying to ask the question whether there is “classism” in play here. Of course understanding that “classism” is always subjective.

    • Maven Huggins yout sure you read what I said properly? lol

    • I know exactly what he was trying to say Lasana.

    • if you reffering to my refferemcee to race then going to speak about class, social classification is is also race based, like the upper class being predominantly Syrians and white trinidadains, somewhat chinese.

    • Ken-Ross Renaldo Le’la :
      “but” dismisses everything written before it.
      Or did someone rewrite, retheme, redefine english over night and did not tell me?

      I mean i can really go in and critique at the highest levels what you wrote. I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt.

      to even think or write sports is for a certain class and elite is itself problematic and symptomatic of race and class exclusion and barriers. further to that, internationally, great sports stories are those of people who have broken those barriers, are we not aware of this?

      It is simply that we in trinidad and this is alterworld 1920 america, IN 2016

      • Bakes

        Maven, as I read the comment Ken-Ross never denied that the issue is about race… in fact he underscores that racism persists in the background.

        “I know people are going to say that somebody have to make it about race, but these types of events is usually occupied but a certain elite…”

        To me the statement reads that people might say “people are quick to play the race card…” then Ken-Ross goes on to try to explain why ‘playing the race card’ might be appropriate, if not necessary in this instance, given the historical dominance of a “certain elite” demographic in society. The obvious insinuation is that this pseudo-furore might be the work of a member of said certain elite pushing back against the participation of a perceived non-member, what he accurately describes as an outsider.

        This is where I believe Ucill’s criticism fails, he appropriately describes “lower class outsider” to be the likely perspective (a terminology which is itself appropriate) of the elite classes. Opinion is a viewpoint which is expressed. A perspective is a viewpoint which is held, even if not expressed. Some members of this ‘certain elite’ very likely may hold the views ascribed to them by Ken-Ross, even if not expressed, thus making the use of “perspective” appropriate.

    • I didn’t say sports is for a certain class, but if you are unaware of classism in sports, plz go and do some research on your WI cricket team and how blacks weren’t allowed to play, and when they were allowed to play they were used as bowlers and viewed, (by the elite class) (for the bumber people) as work horses and when they were allowed to bat, they retained a white captain, till the eventually allowed an all black team to play in order to win more and controlled the commercial interest of the game.

      you trying overly intellectual, and presuming anyone with a different perspective is ignorant, get over your self obsessed self lol

    • Why oh why does it always have to be a race war when these unfortunate matters take place. All it does is take away from the real issue that Thema is being victimized because someone else wants to take her place because both are on borrowed time in their discipline and no doubt Thema is the better of the two. TheTTGF better doh play up because it will be real bachanal in this place. NOTHING in her photo warrants her not going to th Olympics and to that nasty,spiteful person who chose to do that remember God does wear pyjamas but he doh sleep.

    • you’re tryna be positive but if you knew about the politics behind these particular organizations you would understand, I would doubt if thay person who is saying they would stop supporting the org, is a rich sponsor who’s daughter I’m or relative is imvloved.

    • No i won’t be surprised at all Ken because i do understand the pressure black athletes face when they excel in what is a predominantly white sport but this i think is a case of one against the other and i suspect it is a relative involved. Lets hope he/she is unsuccessful.

    • Ken-Ross Renaldo Le’la I think I get what you tried to say it just wasn’t carefully worded. I too opened my eyes wide at the lower class statement. I think that could certainly thei r are people that think they are to the manor born and expect certain endeavor S and life opportunities to be their sole rights and will fight down someone they view as an interloper and we good people know that is bullhorn.

  105. A non issue. see nothing wrong with the image. She s no competing for Pope, Nun, Pastor or Preacher . She is a gymnast and that is a sport that is all about the the physical.

    • the hate of black women is beyond real. google images of international gymnasts and see how common that form, uniform, image is. from asia, to europe to america. but why what is the problem here. a sportswoman performing and language of ‘slut shaming ‘ is being used????

      where am i?

    • Bakes

      Agreed. Tastefully done celebration of the body. That this is even something for the TTGF to “discuss” is itself bewildering.

  106. I second the position of Ms. Pascal. As a practicing journalist & blogger myself, the level of research & investigative rigor that clearly went into this story is top drawer. It is indeed a reflection of how lost some traditional media sources have become in the execution of their role as the fourth estate.
    Thema also appears to be made of some strong psychological stuff which is heartening in a young woman of colour. And long may it reign… Cuz clearly she’s gonna need it.

  107. This ‘concerned parent of a young gymnast’..poor taste. The timing of this letter is transparent. The lackluster response of the T&T Gymnastic Assoc is worse, something stinks in there. Thema is the qualified representative. Why did it take them all this time to officially declare her our representative? We, the people cannot allow this young lady to be denied the opportunity to represent her country. Pls share, and comment. Keep the discussion alive.

  108. And there is an alternate waiting in the wings for the outcome of the TTGF deliberation; but nobody could find “a caring mother” named Heinz who dispatched the pic accompanied by that letter?

  109. They need to leave Thema. We are proud of you! Keep up the good work. Walk with the Most High!!!!

  110. I support williams i think that woman is sabotaging t&t chances in rio however after reading the article i wish there is a way to send both girls to compete in rio. Come o. T&Twe more than have the resources for that

  111. Heinz must have an agenda. Nothing distasteful about the photo. Wishing you all the best at the Olympics Thelma.

  112. If those 3 pics with her standing and covering her breast with her hand is a problem, whoever posted this to tarnish her is clearly desperate!

  113. Do not allow this to interfere with your focus. Keep the goal in mind. There will always be naysayers.

  114. The comparison with Tim Key is beating a dead horse. They trying to bust this gyul throat. That is d issue.

  115. Heinz on shite! God please turn away the evil …. Amen

  116. Sadly Vernal, this is not restricted to gymnastics in TT. I hear the same complaints in other sports and know first hand that basketball is far worse. It is something endemic in the TT culture that breeds pettiness. In basketball, we have a legion of international professionals, who are citizens of TT mind you, who have never represented TT in the sport. Why? Because the governing body wants to ‘give locals a chance’. Whatever that means. So the best players available are consistently excluded and TT continues to field last place teams in tournaments where our Caribbean neighbors make full use of their international pros and scholarship players. National teams have become nothing more than a paid vacation, by tax payers of course, for administrators and a handful of players. And they quite happy with that.

  117. Serena Williams, the World No.1 Female Tennis player for the last 3 years, is known for the aesthetically beautiful photos taken of HER body by REALLY high profile magazines!
    Has Georgette Heinz slept through those pages while browsing through those magazines, or, is she just plain jealous.. on behalf of her obviously less talented gymnast daughter???

  118. ..I really don’t see anything wrong with the photograph. And credit to the athlete for her race pride. While any sport’s authorities should always be concerned about said sport’s image, punishment of the athlete for having posted it would be puritanical and retrograde in the extreme. But I always wonder about the compelling need of this “selfie generation” to post every idea that comes to mind. Her coach clearly understood the implications of the posting, which is why he had her remove it. Now she has this to deal with. Reality is reality and the world is not always what we wish it to be. At the end of the day, however, she is correct to focus on her objective..

  119. In all honesty (and I’m not condoning it) this type of situation is exceedingly common. There are precious few popular competotive sports for women and the Olympics offers just one opportunity every four years for those women wishing to shine to show off their skill. These women begin their training from very young ages at great expense and sacrifice to their parents (more so mothers), and they are usually way past their prime by early adulthood. The window of opportunity is minuscule and it comes around only every few years …… is it any wonder that parents try anything to eliminate their daughter’s competition before the actual competition?

    I remember cases were mothers hired hitmen.

  120. Too much hypocrisy in this country.

  121. I viewed the photo which I thought was nude, far from it. Obviously whoever Heinz is has not looked at our carnival. That aside, this person is sick and desperate. Stay strong my dear but you must also be very careful, there is always hate and jealousy, especially being who you are. Need I say more?…..

  122. So a MOTHER further broadcasted a partially nude photo of a girl child to media houses, the gymnastic federation and members of the local gymnastic fraternity in order to make a point! smh smh

  123. Steups! Much ado about nothing. Such narrow mindedness. Thema Lewis you go girl. Let no one steal your courage.

  124. The American athletes did naked campaign.. So what’s the deal ??

  125. Someone tell that sad prude that we don’t operate under Sharia law.

  126. Was showing her back offensive? Was she only in a pair of thongs? Was she in the nude? What, what, what? Was she dress like that in public?

  127. Not surprised. People who sit on an ivory tower, think they are the be all and end all. Bunch of fools! They couldn’t even recognise talent if it came and hit them in the face. They are so dumb, they don’t even know that building, talent and allowing it to flourish makes them successful. Typical trini attitude. We have a lil power so LEWWE overdo it and show dem… Dunces

  128. The TTGF should take note of another example of pride in one’s body from a USA gymnast, Aly Raisman, who posed nude for an ESPN photo shoot and is still listed on the USA Gymnastics website as being on the national team.



    Shouldn’t we be teaching our young gymnasts to be proud of their bodies?

  129. A beautiful black Trinbagoian woman, nothing is wrong with the pic.

  130. 1. This is clearly sabotage and a failed character assassination attempt
    2. This article is impressive and thorough. It further validates my view that traditional news sources have a long way to go. Good job

  131. How can people be so nasty? Woman is really woman worst enemy. I hope this pic does not affect her and that she goes on to represent T&T.

  132. Great story Lasana. Ms Williams qualified under one contract and suddenly a different one was presented to her. One that after the fact seems to want to make her published photo a possible reason for her to be disqualified. Talk about snakes in the grass? Looks like a major lawsuit is on the horizon.

  133. The problem is the TTGF! They have changed the constitution to serve themselves for years and anytime they are challenged they simply place sanctions on the clubs that take them to task. And the TTOC is a toothless bulldog as they simply don’t act.

  134. Pure mischief since it’s “cutthroat time”. I wonder what the TTGF is going to deliberate on, especially since they have not even asked Ms Williams for a response which is a basic tenet of natural justice, the opportunity to be heard.

  135. This type of pettiness is actually common in gymnastics …… gymnast moms are vicious.

  136. And this can’t also be seen as offensive?

  137. Poor child… I always follow her achievements… I hope she doesn’t let this trip up her preparation, which I’m sure is the intention

  138. Pettiness will be the downfall of Trinidad and Tobago. Why cant the best people be allowed to compete? Is that really so hard?

  139. I bet the 2nd part of what they had to sign off on came after she qualified in Glasglow because that photo was saved.

  140. I didn’t know that Tim Kee was a member of the T&T Gymnastic Federation? The real obscenity here is this Georgette Heinz woman, who sent the photograph and the so called T&TGF that is deliberating this non-issue. The IOC is as corrupt as FIFA and they have the audacity to talk about morals and ethics. Why are they hounding this young woman who has done nothing wrong and has devoted her life to the sport? Sick and tired of these postcolonial arseholes!

  141. The things women have to endure to succeed. The outfits she performs in are more revealing that that photo! Hope TTGF steps up to the play

  142. Leave the young lady alone and let her concentrate…..?

  143. She needs foreign citizenship, another country would be proud and appreciative to be represented by her.

  144. Oooooh slutshaming, sexism, colourism and class in TT Gynnastics….is she participating in the Chastity Games?

  145. I do wonder about the timing and the need for a revised contract though. Obviously there is some collaboration going on behind the scenes.

  146. Obviously a thinly veiled character assassination plot, considering the person does not appear to exist, (how convenient is that?) and they claim the photo was found by their child through a Google search. I can vouch no such picture surfaced when I was Google’ing Thema just months ago after the issue of her qualification to represent T&T surfaced…so this must be some genius child to find a photo that was taken down 12 months ago.
    If humans in general and maybe some Trinidadians in specific didn’t have such hang-ups about the naked human form, this would so totally be (as it should) a non-issue. All the best to Thema.

  147. Bananistan’s moral police is on the case, then it’s high council of clerics will convene to deliberate……after that it’s either Rio for this young woman as an athlete or stoning for her as a harlot.

    Right now is ah toss-up!

  148. Totally agree!! This young lady has sacrificed so much to get here and now they want to shatter her dream. Something needs to be done immediately.

  149. We can’t let this happen. We won’t let this happen

  150. I’m waiting to see who will start a petition or March for this, because it’s ridiculous!

  151. This was probably sanctioned by the TTGF. This is their MO

  152. This backwarditis killing us!

  153. I see nothing wrong with the pic, she’s covering herself. This is an attempt to malign her to destroy her chances at representing her country. Firstly the TTGF should investigate whether this woman is who she claims to be before making any decisions regarding this child’s future

  154. The photograph has nothing to do with her performance.
    That Dick would call it a “cutthroat” time is unfortunate and concerning. Not knowing everything that you would like to include in a contract and having to send a second contact is incompetent. That the TTGF would entertain a letter from someone nobody has ever heard of is stupid.

  155. She was an adult..it was a damn nice photo..I don’t see the issue..

  156. Well, classicism and racism will never go away. Ms.“Georgette Heinz” seems to have real issues with her own self. Who stands to benefit if Thelma is struck off?

    The sport of gymnastics has its share of nastiness. Remember what Tonya Harding did to Nancy Kerrigan back in 1994?

    Thelma’s photos clearly show that she is comfortable in her own body. This is something that many young women need to appreciate.

    I hope the TTGF does the right thing and makes its Olympic selection based only on MERIT!!!

  157. Thema related to Serena I see.. the racists hatorade these peewats be drinking

  158. Of course it is, the TTGF board have sidelined Thema on at least 6 other occasions. The board of the TTGF was hijacked years ago, and they have been left unchecked, the entire board has at one time or another shown their pettiness and ignorance, and until the entire board is made to resign the young girls in this country will never get a fair chance to represent their country in the sport they love.

  159. I hope this is not an attempt to assure Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) Gymnast, Marisa Dick, the one and only slot to represent T&T thus foregoing having to compete against Thema Williams in a couple of months to qualify for the Olympics.

  160. They have to meet to deliberate ? For what reason ? There was no nudity. Just to put in perspective remember when Hope Solo’s nudes photos were leaked a couple years back ? Last I checked she’s still the goalkeeper for the US women’s soccer team.

  161. Unfortunately the nepotism and incompetencies of the TTGF have been going for years unchecked. This young lady is of the highest caliber of athlete, the work she has put in to bring her to where she is today cannot be matched. This is obviously yet another attack not only on the young and dynamic athlete, but and ongoing and sustained attack on the tots n tumblers gym which has been on going for as long as I can remember. As long as this corrupt and inept board remains at TTGF the sport of gymnastics is destined to be nothing more than a way for a select few to milk the taxpayers for their own personal gains. Thema Williams you will go to rio, despite what they try to do, and I assure you that T&T won’t stand for this any longer.

  162. Her IG account is private. How did a child happen upon this photo a year later?

  163. I will be surprise if the T&T Gymnastic Federation rules in her favor. We have a high number of ‘righteous’ sporting officials, political leaders and religious fanatics who consider themselves the guardians of morals in T&T. They have already blamed Asami and others for becoming victims of rape, murder and abuse; Thema might be another soon to be victimized.

  164. So…what about US athletes who pose in the nude for magazines and are even celebrated for doing so? Not saying right or wrong, but our local sport organizations have higher standard?

  165. Lasana ….this is a nasty evil person who will stoop at anything….

  166. Frankly i don’t even care if she chose to be in porn. It should have no bearing on her ability as an athlete to represent the country.

  167. To stoop to this level, shows that, that person, has been planning to do something vindictive to this girl, for a long time now. Maybe, another athlete, or athlete’s parent/guardian, envious of her success. Very sad, and disgraceful indeed!!!

  168. What the hell are they ruling on. We continue to have idiots running our sports programs. The pictures she took aren’t even nudes. She’s a gymnast, not Mother Superior.

  169. The timing of this whole thing is striking in truth. An anonymous person has tried to shame and pull down an athlete in a really low manner with a dodgy story. In my opinion of course.

  170. They are trying everything to pull her Thema down wow.

  171. How is this young woman’s use of her own body of any relevance to her ability as a gymnast, and her appropriateness as a representative of the country? Understand that from my perspective this should be entirely rhetorical, so i’d prefer that no-one take me at face value and try to explain it to me. i don’t even understand why this requires ‘review’. Of course, with the matter of the moment in Trinidad and Tobago being the patriarchal policing of women’s bodies, we should see immediately the connection between Mr. Kee’s unfortunate statements and the conversation being had about Ms. Williams’ body. Our Olympic Committee has a marvelous opportunity here. They can suggest that we are moving forward by emerging from their deliberations to say that what Ms. Williams voluntarily does with her body has nothing to do with her being a gymnast, co-incidentally the best one we have right now, and therefore her fitness to represent us.

    • Roger: I don’t think its a review, the statement of the secretary indicates that for them it is a clear cut case too: Immediately after means, that it is more or less clear what they want to say, however procedure dictates that the board/executive talks about it and records the “deliberation” which ever way it goes, it would be the same in our Federation.

    • Now that leaves open what that decision is of course…. my opinion is to be found in the article…

  172. If it is a woman… We don’t know who it is at all because Georgette Heinz might not exist.
    Thema herself said she was not ashamed of her photograph. But she took it down in an effort to do her duty as a positive role model.
    The story that the person’s daughter “found the photograph online” is almost certainly untrue.

  173. Very low and slimy behaviour by the big woman who “leaked” the photo of this young girl. She should be ashamed of her cesspool character