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Judiciary responds to Braveboy allegations regarding Chief Justice

The Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago has denounced former CNMG employee Marcia Braveboy over allegations made on her Facebook page, which questioned the impartiality of Chief Justice Ivor Archie in relation to the UNC’s election petition.

Photo: Former CNMG employee and radio talk show host Marcia Braveboy.
Photo: Former CNMG employee and radio talk show host Marcia Braveboy.

The following is the full press release from the Judiciary:

The Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago denounces the blatant and unbridled attempt to cast doubt on the integrity and independence of the judiciary and that of its judicial officers in the conduct of their duties, which has arisen from certain quarters of the journalistic community.

The statements made by freelance journalist Marcia Braveboy in a recent post to her Facebook wall are totally false, scurrilously abusive and amount to contempt by scandalising the court in relation to the Election Petition appeals currently engaging the Court of Appeal.

These unwarranted and nefarious attacks on the integrity and impartiality of the Judiciary and specifically the Honourable Chief Justice are calculated to engender public distrust in the probity of judicial officers and more so as they relate to the particular matters before the court.

Photo: Chief Justice Ivor Archie.
Photo: Chief Justice Ivor Archie.

The Judiciary is and continues to be independent and is committed, as it always has been, to preserving the rule of law. In this regard Ms Braveboy is urged to cease and desist from her reckless statements and insinuations which undermine the administration of justice and the rule of law.

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  1. I am a little late to this topic, my apologies. I haven’t seen Braveboy’s post but persons need to address their minds as to whether her words can be considered personal attacks, or suggested malice in her motivation as opposed to a fair and balanced critique of the Judiciary. The latter is acceptable in a democracy the former is not. Freedom of expression is not absolute and there is no democracy in the world where it is. This right must be balanced with the competing rights of the preservation of trust and confidence in the Judiciary (as in this case) and the right to privacy and the dignity of individuals (generally).

  2. Satori Fulstrong behave with your ‘faked’ self, lol.

  3. What kind of comparison is that of the greatest calypsonian in the world who either sang or composed and sang some of the most biting social commentary to a disrespectful blogger come on man you can come better than that.

    • it is the IGNORANT comment of these trinis against Grenadians…just comparison about Grenadians…would it be Butler, Sparrow or Braveboy they are all Grenadians..STOP THE HATE…trinis…

    • It’s ridiculous. There is no comparison. One is a great artiste, the other is a sociopathic degenerate. That it is like giving Mano Benjamin the same status as VS Naipaul, just because they are both from Trinidad

  4. Well this one grenadian who doh mind she business . Well she won’t talk about aids prevention cause its too late about that , but atleast she should be interesting in discourses that assist people like her to live with the virus instead of putting her stupid opinions where it doesn’t concern her and by the way , the ex express bandit who was arrested for stealing alcohol a close friend of Braveboy she should make sure he takes his medication too

  5. you could also ask why doesn’t Sparrow go back Grenada. He issued a lot of political commentary in his calypsos. Not to mention the President of the Law Association who hails from Dominica.

  6. We are a lawless society because there are no consequences for wrongdoing at any level….and so we move along.

  7. Just do like he said and all will be ok

  8. The late P.M. Eric Williams said let the J/A bray

  9. One thing you should note is that she is a paid assassin. She has no reputation to protect and is quite willing to make a thorough ass of herself in order to earn her salary. Quite like Wayne Sturge in some respects

  10. We have such a dysfunction legal and police system it is a joke to hear someone who strives off it defend it…we need more transparency in their organizations and meritocracy when it comes to positions held. Sadly in this nation you all a spade a spade and you are blacklisted ( no pun intended)

  11. Allen, you could also ask why doesn’t Sparrow go back Grenada. He issued a lot of political commentary in his calypsos. Not to mention the President of the Law Association who hails from Dominica.

    • Niala Maharaj,neither Sparrrow nor the president of the law association told untruths about any high officials .

    • I think the point is that we should focus on what she is or isn’t doing rather than where she came from. And that is a sound point to me.

    • I believe that serious action ought to be taken against her.Saying these things is one thing,having access to the airwaves to spew such rubbish is another.

    • I agree Lance. Just that we don’t have to bad talk a whole island as a result. It might well that Grenada isn’t proud of her either.

    • I do not agree with bad mouthing the island either Lasana(Im a second generation grenadian myself),but if Marcia is here on a work permit ,i believe she has done enough wrong here to have it rescinded.

    • Were Sparrow or the President of LATT here as mere workers? Or as residents and citizens? Because Braveboy is here strictly as a CSME worker. With no real loyalties to the space. She was hired by the UNC to promote an agenda whether or not it was truthful. How on earth can we rope in Sparrow and Armour with her? This defies logic.

    • Lance Noel perhaps you were not old enough to hear and appreciate Sparrow’s political commentaries, but take it from me, they were highly critical of those holding power in TT then. And the president of the law association (formerly lawyer to one K. Rowley) issues extremely provocative political remarks, but not on FB. I have zero objection to either, but what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander.

    • Lance Noel perhaps you were not old enough to hear and appreciate Sparrow’s political commentaries, but take it from me, they were highly critical of those holding power in TT then. And the president of the law association (formerly lawyer to one K. Rowley) issues extremely provocative political remarks, but not on FB. I have zero objection to either, but what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander.

    • Lance Noel, She’s not on the airwaves, but on the internet. The chinese government controls access to the internet there, but the Trini government doesn’t.

    • Lance Noel, She’s not on the airwaves, but on the internet. The chinese government controls access to the internet there, but the Trini government doesn’t.

    • Rhoda Bharath, Tut. You know Sparrow’s history as well as I do. He came here to seek his fortune, as Walcott did, and they both contributed massively to our cultural development and our sense of who we are. Mere ‘CSME worker’ is a variation of the exact same pattern. Armour came to TT in the same way and stayed. We shouldn’t be too ungracious to our neighbours.

    • Rhoda Bharath, Tut. You know Sparrow’s history as well as I do. He came here to seek his fortune, as Walcott did, and they both contributed massively to our cultural development and our sense of who we are. Mere ‘CSME worker’ is a variation of the exact same pattern. Armour came to TT in the same way and stayed. We shouldn’t be too ungracious to our neighbours.

    • Lance Noel Caricom citizens are free to come to TT for a certain length of time without a work permit. If Marcia has committed either libel or contempt of court there’s legal recourse available to the persons she injured.

    • Sparrow came here to seek his fortune? Niala, Sparrow came here as a little boy. He wasn’t even “Sparrow” then. Just little Slinger Francisco.

    • Of course not. He got the name in the tent. He came with his parents. Why do you think anybody comes to TT other than to seek their fortune? To seek their misfortune?

    • Niala Maharaj, two areas need examination here: origin stories and contribution.
      1. Sparrow came as a child and Armour would have come to study as a student.
      2. Braveboy came here as a journalist and has spent years publishing lies and slander.
      I fail to see why we are defending a person who makes a living off libel. And since Marcia is a worker here and cannot lay claims to residency or citizenship, given the calibre of her work she should be fired and asked to leave the country. Plain talk and bad manners.

    • Niala Maharaj, two areas need examination here: origin stories and contribution.
      1. Sparrow came as a child and Armour would have come to study as a student.
      2. Braveboy came here as a journalist and has spent years publishing lies and slander.
      I fail to see why we are defending a person who makes a living off libel. And since Marcia is a worker here and cannot lay claims to residency or citizenship, given the calibre of her work she should be fired and asked to leave the country. Plain talk and bad manners.

    • We cannot say this woman has committed libel. Innocent till proven guilty sort of thing. And she can only be fired by her employers, not by the CJ or anyone else, so that’s not up to us to decide. There have to be grounds for her to be thrown out of the country. The government could take that step if it wishes, but that would suggest they are indeed in cahoots with the CJ. I think this is much ado about nothing, myself. Trinidad is a land of slander and bacchanal. I am often shocked at the things people post on the internet. If the CJ simply says, ‘I didn’t go to the PNM victory celebration’ the whole matter would be laid to rest. But they deliberately didn’t do that, which now raises my suspicions. Till the judiciary started huffing and puffing, I paid no mind to Marcia’s ramblings, but now I wonder.

    • So the act of defending yourself against slander suggests guilt Niala? Very curious indeed.
      So you are saying Marcia Braveboy is innocent because no one proves her guilty. And when someone publicly calls her a liar, you are saying that makes you suspect Marcia was telling the truth?
      That is some serious gymnastics.
      Again, anyone who would hang any argument on the ramblings of Marcia Braveboy needs to take some time to find themselves. Because she simply is not stable and that should be bleedingly obvious.

    • Wait, Lasana. Let’s put aside the past and your feelings about Marcia and deal with the present. The Judiciary published a statement denouncing something Marcia posted. They didn’t sue her for libel or summon her to answer contempt of court charges. It was clearly bravadange, intended to rile up people who are convinced by big words. They were very very weak on the question of what was false in Marcia’s accusations. THAT is what makes me think it’s all just an attempt to intimidate her and blacken her name in the public.

    • Well, if I say the entire thing is a falsehood then I don’t consider that to be vague.
      I believe she does deserve a lawsuit, which would be the closest thing to a reality check that she can get.
      In that sense, I agree that the response was a bit limp.
      I really have no feeling about Marcia at all. She is just a nutter that spouts ridiculous and often obscene things for payment.
      Whatever you might say about a broken clock being right twice a day, I will still never check one for the time.

    • Lasagna, if what she said about the CJ going to the PNM party was a lie, she deserves to face the wrath of the law. That is serious mischief – bringing the office of the CJ into disrepute. But the terminology in the judiciary’s statement makes it less easy to take a position one way or the other.

    • sorry, that autocorrect thing is a pain.

    • I would like her to be sued. But I think it is acceptable in civil society that we can say someone was totally wrong without necessarily suing.
      And you can’t sue a crazy person and win a judgment because of how our libel laws are worded.
      Otherwise I would have won big, big money from Jack Warner.

    • I really don’t understand your statement Niala Maharaj “… the terminology in the judiciary’s statement makes it less easy to take a position one way or the other.”

      The statement categorically stated that the accusations were false.

      “The statements made by freelance journalist Marcia Braveboy in a recent post to her Facebook wall are totally false, scurrilously abusive and amount to contempt by scandalising the court…”

      How is this vague and ambiguous?

      Also, the very act of suing for libel, which is a convoluted matter, gives senseless comments more life than they deserve much like this entire thread frankly.

      Again, these are wild allegations that had nothing offered as support. Why anyone would take this seriously mystifies me.

      • Kendall, does that “anyone” include the Judiciary as person? Are you of the view that the Judiciary should not have responded as it did. Or are you merely referring to the commenters here who clearly have too much time on their hands?

    • Niala Maharaj ,with respect,your elevator seems to be stopping a long way from the top.Marcia braveboy is a nutcase fullstop.

    • Lance, Honey, at least I have an elevator. Some people prefer to stay on the ground floor and condemn others who disagree with them.

    • Hi Kendal, the Judiciary’s statement did not specify which statements. If they had to go into a law court, the opposing lawyer would compel them to name the statements that are false. That is too vague ‘the statements’. You can’t convict someone on that. Further, look at the language used: ‘scurrilously abusive’. Scurrilous means abusive. That’s a very odd phrase, piling vague accusation on vague accusation. Thirdly, ‘amount to contempt’. If she was in contempt, they would have said so. That would be a serious warning that they could take legal measures and throw her in the clink without any further ado. This is legal robber talk. They could find a way to shut her up or throw her out of the country and they might be preparing the way. But their statement does not convince me of the FACTS underlying Marcia’s accusation. Was the CJ at the party or not? Further, have you noticed that Marcia is now using the CJ’s photo as her avatar? She’s baiting him. I think she got legal advice and was told he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. If the CJ has to go to court and be cross-examined, it would be very damaging for him. So Marcia wining on him now. I don’t always agree with Marcia’s approach. I’m just commenting on this specific issue.

  12. I am simply amazed at times to see how intelligent people allow themselves to be dragged into the many misdirections and distractions of the UNC and their apologists. Simply amazed. It’s a common theme. Forget emailgate and let’s talk about Ken Gordon relationship with Dr Rowley. Forget the shady dismissal of the very same investigation into emailgate and the most shocking accusation leveled against the chairman by the ex Justice Ventour and focus on the fact that there was some vague letter written to the PM by her private attourney. Forget the whole situation with Ramlogan trying to pervert the course of justice by attempting to bribe David West and focus on Gary Griffith and David West himself. It has always been a case of smoke and mirrors with the UNC and I for one, am dam blasted fed up of they sh!t. Had to put up with them for five years and now they continue with the same nonsense in opposition. If I could only wave a magic wand. POOF, VAMOOSE SOB.

  13. This is so horrible I hope that the authorities looking on. Since when Trinidad become communist and Democracy Trown out the window?

  14. Can someone give Archie some legal advice…please?
    If he’s so bothered by Marcia Braveboy’s Facebook posts, why use the Judiciary’s communication’s office, just sue her for defamation.

    I have long campaigned for the end of the CSME accord which has allowed Braveboy and others a one way ticket to Trinidad.
    HOWEVER, with that said, the Judiciary and by extension the CJ Archie have exposed themselves as a bunch of idiots interfering with free speech.

    Archie is a NON PERFORMER and is always on the defensive. Most recently he’s had to issue a media another release again defending himself following statements by the President of the Prisons Officers Association.

    The CJ also had to defend himself against a threat by an attorney to have him impeached following which he also issued conflicting statements, while each year at the reopening of the courts, we have to hear his excuses as to why nothing much has been accomplised in the judiciary since he assumed office in 2008

  15. Because your statements are true they want you out??? The truth always comes out. May not be today, may not be tomorrow but it always comes to light!!!

  16. That is all the nasty PNM and their supporters know. Crime and destruction. Intimidate people and bully their way around. This is shameful. Marcia Braveboy you should report this to the police. This can be considered a threat on your life.

  17. The Law Association is separate and apart from the Office of the Chief Justice. Isn’t that obvious ? Where are these people getting the logic for their arguments ?

    • I think you have a problem with the logic of all your comments

    • If you are looking at my comments from a myopic standpoint , you can never understand its logic . You seem to be so accustomed to the institutions being compromised under the tenure of the last administration , that you find it hard to believe that these entities could exist and operate without political interference . Many are attempting to tarnish the reputation of the Honourable Chief Justice , in an attempt to have him have no other choice but to recuse himself form the proceedings , but where is the evidence of any collusion between the office holder and the PNM – The People’s National Movement ? None whatsoever . Justice Ivor Archie has maintained a cordial and very professional stand with all office holders in the land , and it speaks kudos to his innate ability as a leader . Some are using FB and other forms of social media for their diatribe , but why don’t they make a public statement ? As Colm Imbert would have said , ” if you have something to say , come outside ” !!

    • Chevaughn Bunches Marshall You’ve been smoking too much baliser.
      You’re also very much defending the CJ as if you know he’s PNM.
      The CJ – pnm or not is a NON-performer. He has a track record dating from his appointment in 2008.
      The Judicial system has NOT improved under his “leadership” – if you can call it that.
      He’s constantly making excuses for his non-performance, and looking for scapegoats.
      If you love the PNM so much, then you must also realise that for crime to be controlled the judicial system must become functional.

    • You have your myopic view , because you’re seeing through eyes that have been programmed to see , they’re not really your own . You are saying just as others are saying to attempt to discredit him and bring into question , the deliberations of the Court of Appeal . All of this would not reverse the results of the last GE . You just have to live with that . Your rantings , that attempt to sully the name of someone that you may only know from seeing over the media , will not come to fruition . So go ahead , knock yourself out with that line of thinking , it does nothing for or to me . Point to note nah

    • Ok, you’re taking OPINION, I’m taking FACTS.
      Did you see any opinions on my part?
      If he’s doing such a great job since 2008, then we must have a very functional judicial system, right?

    • If you have evidence , ” come outside ” . Submit it to the relevant persons and places . Stop hiding on social media with all the FACTS

    • Chevaughn Bunches Marshall Again…just your opinion.

    • As Judge Judy says about people like you – you’re living in LA LA LAND.
      It’s a very simple question you were asked.-

    • You live in the real world where everything you say is law , and you are never wrong . Who am I to dispute your intelligence ? One caution though….better you keep your mouth shut and let people speculate , rather than to open your mouth and clear up all doubt . Nothing you have said has stopped the wheels of justice to stop turning . So you stay in your egg shell blue world . Your energies might be better expended chewing your food properly , To avoid indigestion nah

  18. “Just a few days Chief Justice Ivor Archie told British Queen’s Counsel Timothy Straker that he’s not interested in facebook posting or newspapers stories, So I was surprised to see the law association asking the “authorities” to investigate a facebook posting regarding the Chief Justice.. Isn’t that hypocrisy?”

    • He and the law association are one and the same??? what assness i reading here boy??

    • Is that the same Law Association president who said on LIVE TV (CNC3) he saw nothing wrong with the swearing in of the National Security minister FIRST – before the PM and the AG were sworn in – to constitute a cabinet?
      I recall his words: “Don’t make too much off it” – when Golda Lee Bruce raised it.
      The man is a Senior Counsel.

    • Gregory Lal-Beharie you are misquoting what the gentleman said.

    • Lu Lama Which version you heard?
      CNC3 was kind to him by using a sanitised clip in the 7 pm news that day. It certainly made him look good.
      However I was listening to him LIVE during the swearing in. When I saw the absurdity of someone being sworn in as the National Security Minister before the legal establishment of a cabinet by first swearing in the PM, then the AG, I was astonished!
      Only to be further bewildered that the Law Assn President – a Senior Counsel is sitting in CNC3 Studio and when asked about the irregularity by Golda, he dismisses it by saying: Don’t make too much of it.”

  19. evil will continue in TT – when good people do nothing…and STAY SILENT…

  20. unc trolls like Braveboy are the best thing that could happen to the pnm…they helped the unc to 5 elections defeats, soon to be 6 and will ensure they stay in opposition for a VERY long time…Ledharsingh must be proud

  21. If that is her thinking, Rowley flew to South Africa with Kamla for Mandela’s funeral. That was a State visit. Maybe he is a UNC plant.

    • Come on, Lasana! You are better than this. You know the difference between the opposition leader’s role and that of the chief justice

    • What I don’t know Niala Maharaj Is what the exact allegation is. Then I can tell you straight away if it is even good journalism.
      So tell me what exactly is the allegation?

    • Ok. I have seen the allegation. Niala, I think you do yourself an injustice to get so worked up about a statement that doesn’t even attempt to offer proof or corroborating evidence.
      Nobody with journalistic grounding would say such nonsense and expect it to be taking seriously by anyone but people desperate to believe.

    • Lasana Liburd That’s the same problem with the Judiciary’s froth. It just flings words like ‘scurrilous’ around, without telling us what she’s lying about. It looks awfully like sleight of hand. So as far as I’ concerned it’s Satan correcting sin.

  22. The allegations are idiotic, but then it should be obvious that she is confused, or even mentally challenged. As “evidence” of collusion, she produced a photo of Archie standing next to Faris at the opening of the 2015 term of the Industrial Court!!! In previous years, the UNC AG Anand Ramlogan would have attended the function with Archie. Here is a photo of them at the 2012 opening

  23. Anyone have the screen shot? Is it still up? I got unfriended after the election.

  24. She can’t do this crap In Grenada.

  25. There’s a time to talk and also to be serious, somehow she overstepped her bounds. Keep talking Ms. Braveboy .

  26. i hope this means shes getting closer at being deported lmao

  27. The thread has largely tried to discuss the issue at hand, so let us keep the personal attacks out of it as best as possible.
    Can anyone say exactly what the weight of these allegations against the Chief Justice are? Are you all basing it on Marcia’s say so?
    Because I’m sorry to say that based on the many other allegations she has made on Facebook, that does not say very much.

  28. can she be cited for contempt? ————- Justice Volney had summoned Sprangalang and others before him to jusify their contemptuous statements abt a matter before him ——- a similar remedy is indicated here

  29. STOKELY CARMICHEAL better known AS KWAME TURE as shake the foundation of mighty AMERICA in days of the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT WHO HAS COIN THE WORD BLACK POWER WAS,NT he a TRINIDADIAN URIAH BUZZ BUTLER as a GRENADIAN PATRIOT AS LEFT HIS MARK IN TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO fighting the colonial government within his time the truth offend and its a spear in the heart of the wicked

  30. It started pretty good until your contribution , and attempts were made to stem your careening off road , but your demise was inevitable . I’m sorry we tried , you could not be saved . LOL

  31. you call this an intelligent conversation? lol

  32. If only you could tell me what to do eh ?! Like your PR handlers tell you what to do and say on a regular basis , causing you to make fools of yourselves on forum where intelligent conversation is had . Sad

  33. SMH . Amazing what passes as…… ?? SMH

  34. It’s not a simple statement. To call people tribalist is clearly intended to be insulting.

  35. As I said before, the word tribe is a colonial invention to express a lack of respect for the peoples they wanted to conquer and exploit. When Trinis use it, it is meant to convey this same disdain: to assert that you are better, more civilised and worthy to govern over the people you are referring to. Clearly, that is wishful thinking, putting yourself in the shoes of the absent colonials.

  36. tribalism : strong loyalty to one’s own tribe, party, or group.

  37. nonchalant
    [non-shuh-lahnt, non-shuh-lahnt, -luh nt]
    Spell Syllables
    Synonyms Examples Word Origin
    coolly unconcerned, indifferent, or unexcited; casual:
    His nonchalant manner infuriated me.

  38. what is your understand of the word nonchalant my friend ? Seeing that you’re the expert on words and meanings ! because I’m just on FB to use big words without know the meanings nah ?!

  39. why don’t you stop hiding the MASK & FAKED profile…you IMPOSTOR…

  40. I suggest you look up the word ‘nonchalant’ since you are using it incorrectly. The word ‘tribe’ was invented by the colonialists in Africa to express scorn for the cultures of native peoples. African scholars regard it as extremely prejudicial and disdainful. I find it very unfortunate that you should express such disdain of the culture of your fellow citizens. Prejudices blind people to the truth.

  41. The judiciary aint have nothing to do or what?

  42. This is just another calculated move to create an avenue for appeal should the results not be in favour of the UNC. Isn’t it not amazing how ppl from that party all have been afflicted with amnesia? Same ppl who circumvented every legal process to achieve an end are now crying foul and victimization. The same High Court that Speaker Wade Mark brought into disrepute in the Howai matter was never questioned or accused of impropriety but it is now? How convenient.

  43. I think she’s TOTALLY CORRECT and remember the perceived bias of Sherman Mc Nicols …justice must not only be serve it must appear to be serve. …RECLUSE YOURSELF NOW MR ARCHIE

  44. FOOLISH UNC ACTIVIST, somebody should send her back on the fig boat….

  45. Why is the Judiciary making this Imbecile feel important by responding to her idiotic commentary?
    The only response should have been none or a contempt charge

    • She still carries the title of a “reporter.” She is not just a rabble rouser online. There are certain responsibilities that should come with that title.
      She can be held to account for her words. So I suppose the Judiciary is treating with as much respect as it can muster.

  46. As a born Trinbagonian of proud Grenadian heritage, I find the xenophobic calls for Marcia’s deportation odious and nauseating. I also find many of the malicious and vile allegations and provocations Braveboy repeatedly makes equally odious and nauseating. But one has nothing to do with the other!! It just shows proves xenophobic we can be even when half of us come from somewhere else; and how easily we respond to bias with bias.

    I am amused by the folks (I assume you’re UNC partisans) who seem convinced that all someone has to do is jump up and accuse someone else of unproven bias and then ethically the accused is obligated to recuse themselves from a matter. I am equally amused at all the people (some of whom are clearly PNM advocates) who have appointed themselves either the CJ’s valet or spouse since they can swear to the falsity of all the allegations. Mind you, I don’t believe any of them for a minute—but I have no proof of their truth or falsehood.

  47. I think a lawsuit will be the only way she will learn. So far, nobody has been bothered enough.

  48. I was hoping they would have charged her for contempt!

  49. Lasana Liburd, I don’t get it. Who the f…. Is Marcia Braveboy that she is even warranted a response from the judiciary? Why are you all even entertaining her comments. It’s like everyone shooting down ?

    • I have not seen Marcia Braveboy’s most recent FB comments but her consistent behaviour has long said clearly that she is beneath contempt. The Judiciary had a legal obligation to respond to her.
      We ordinary self-respecting citizens do not and we should, therefore, properly treat her with the contempt that she has earned.

    • Super point, Eric. I don’t understand why the judiciary is getting its knickers in a twist. They sound very bad tempered. All kinds of absurd allegations are made on the internet and no-one bats an eyelid.

    • If the Prime Minister said Kamla Persad-Bissessar collected World Cup bribe money from South Africa on behalf of Jack Warner, would you say that Kamla should not bat an eyelid?
      In other words, yes you are responsible for things you say online, particularly if you are someone that people listen to.
      There have already been people kicked off State boards or fired from media jobs for loose statements online.
      So I should think this is an obvious point.

    • I see people defending this nonsense all over and I am amazed. This is a blatant, unsubstantiated attack on the reputation of the Judiciary and the Chief Justice. No evidence was proffered, no sources quoted. You cannot do that in any civilised society with impunity.

      This is unacceptable and I don’t understand how people cannot see that.

    • Lasana Liburd there is such a thing as the right to free speech. If marcia broke the law of libel, she can be prosecuted. if she is in contempt of court she can be jailed. There are legal provisions for those situations. What is silly is the judiciary huffing and puffing and using meaningless big words to impress empty headed people of the weightiness of their pronouncements. When people have a sound case, they are clear and simple. the judiciary should get its act together, because it is bringing itself into disrepute.,

    • Kendall Tull, Welcome to the internet. It’s not a civilised society. It’s a republic of reprobates.

    • … But who the hell is Marcia Braveboy?! Why give her currency ? She is not Raffique Shah, Sunity, Martin Daily, Lasana Liburd or some respected scribe or broadcaster. I’m a fan of wired 868. Just let Jackass bray and keep giving we serious and satirical ting bro. Next!

  50. What a joke.. sweet T&T had become

  51. PP beast still breathing venom at all who oppose the goddess Kamla! UNC has alot to do reform thier party.

  52. The thing about the Law is that any judgement has to be justifiable in Law. They cannot make it up. If the Election Petition must fail there will be legal support to state why.

  53. ….and she’s still pelting bullets. Even though they are blank, she’s still pelting!

  54. Lasana, reading that release by the Judiciary made my day.

  55. The most disgusting, delusional person I’ve seen in ages. She goes on FB talking crap all day long and when you disagrees with her comments she blocks you. That woman needs help and should be deported for her nasty display.

  56. If there was any conflict of interest he would have recused himself . He surely does not need your trumped up allegations as a basis .

  57. The CJ didn’t get to where he is by copying and pasting any certificate . His qualifications as an attorney didn’t come from a diploma mill , so stop trying to defame the character and reputation of an outstanding son of the soil .

  58. You all are dividing a nation for your own selfish political and economic ambitions . Time to stop .

  59. You are regurgitating things that you were told to say without any evidence . Stop spreading propaganda with the evidence to back it up

    • “spreading propaganda without evidence to back it up”…rowlies’ emails ring a bell???

    • You got to be kidding !! The Vice Chairman of the Integrity Commission resigned because of the many discrepancies that surrounded the investigation of the case ! This may not say everything , but it says a lot . You can say what you may but the inconclusiveness of the investigation , suggests some inconsistencies are worth consideration before you speak ” terminological inexactitudes”

  60. Where were the “secret” meetings that they told you about held ?

  61. or are allegations of the CJ attending pnm victory celebrations and secret meetings not serious enough for you?

  62. I’m standing by for the “serious allegations ” leveled against the CJ as regards his impartiality

  63. What are the so called “serious allegations ” to which you refer ? You must know them if you tout them so emphatically , or are you asked to transcribe from a prepared script ?

  64. please stop with the ethnic victim crap…that is so pnm to use that.

    once this allegation hangs over his head there will always be the fear that he may be co-opted!

    THe CJ should recuse himself because serious allegations have been made as to his impartiality .

  65. Since you all think they should deport her well its best they go d full 9yrds and deport all Grenadians and done d woman raise some good questions

  66. Why should the Chief Justice recuse himself ? what evidence is there to substantiate the uneducated comments of the journalist ? Absolute nonsense ! There exists no conflict of interest , only if you want to allude to his ethnicity as the reason that some believe him to be a PNM supporter or sympathizer ? And that would be more hogwash than the previous statements made . You UNC tribalists will never stop eh ?!

  67. as to Ms Braveboy…she is no different to others in her profession!

  68. He should recuse himself from the matter…in the interest of safeguarding the reputation of the judiciary.

  69. The Judiciary should have advised also on the consequences if her choice of action persists . Because from all indications , she has proven to be a crass and uncouth individual .

  70. I just love how good the UNC are at changing the focus of the issue.
    Kamla made a claim that the UNC lost the election because the EBC extended the voting by 1 hour. The Chief Justice in court asked on more than one occasion , without getting an answer , up to this day. WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THIS CLAIM . ? As a result of this he is now labeled a PNM and we going all over the place . So just like the CJ, I am asking . WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THE CLAIM THAT BY EXTENDING VOTING TIME BY 1 HOUR , THAT, CAUSED THE UNC TO LOSE THE ELECTIONS. ?

  71. So what if she is right that he was in Tobago celebrating with Ivor. Ppl do not like the truth. Remember when Rowley said Vollney was in Tobago about section 34 the whole country demanded he be fired. so what ivor higher than thou. He cannot be touched. The truth is the truth. And he should step down. Want to Eat ah food.

  72. She, Marcia Braveboy, has been warned (a warning shot has been fired across her bow)! Her move, now. If she is dumb enough to not understand the potential consequences related to a cease and desist request, so be it. Crapeau will smoke she pipe with a big smile on he face!

  73. Lock her up and then deport her..

  74. With a face like that , you gotta be Brave !

  75. Let the others enjoy making loose statements and comments about the Judiciary be warned!!!

  76. This is a very bland and evasive statement published by the Judiciary. The CJ ought to address the rumours directly and in a clear manner.

    • No he doesn’t. Its a very clear and concise position on the statement made by the Grenadian. The end.

    • Well, she made an allegation that the CJ and the PM attended the same school in Tobago and that they were from the same village. Is that in fact false? Was that the rumour that was addressed?

    • Smart persons dont comment on libelous rumours. If she has proof of something detrimental let her present it instead of constantly flapping her very loose gums trying to incite crap.

    • I tend to agree with you generally on nebulous allegations but where there are specific allegations made that threaten to undermine and erode the confidence in our Public Institutions that are meant to be non partisan, then the onus is on the Public Institution is address those allegations in a clear and direct manner to assuage the fears of the general public

    • Anybody else say it I probably would not have been this dismissive. But this woman has a reputation for coming up with some of the most ludicrous rubbish with the sole purpose of being controversial. Her words have proven time and time again to be nonsense. So forgive me if I dont agree the general public has fears based on her empty allegations. Next.

    • To repeat the specific allegations runs the risk of repeating the defamation. If the Judiciary says the allegations are totally false, I don’t get how it is bland or evasive.

    • It is a set up so that if and when they throw out the opposition’s petition, they could easily say the judiciary is biased and we told you so since when. It is disgusting she need to calm herself right down and stop trying to incite foolishness. The judiciary is clear. The strategy is juvenile and it won’t work.

    • I’m patiently waiting for her to mistep further ….and it’s coming that will get her to spend some of her money on bail as she is charged for libel or what ever rubbish she finds herself in

    • With a name like Aness I could understand the logic. Why should the CJ perpetuate the libel
      by repeating it?
      The denial unequivocally is sufficient.

    • Bigotry is not a virtue Allan. A person’s name is not given capriciously by their parents
      It is a representation of heritage and tradition and it has precious little to do their education and logic. It would bode well for you to remember that social media is a melting point of divergent views and opinions which should be critiqued on the basis of principle rather than the person’s name…

    • Just flushing you out. LOL!!!!
      You sounding off but can’t get a simple point. What a joke. Read the important point northern peripheral. Try to see the tree in the forest.

    • I went to QRC old man, you couldnt flush me out if you tried. What really happen is that you got caught sprouting your prejudicial views which are so deeply ingrained in your psyche that to disabuse your mind of same would leave you in a lobotomized state…

  77. Please send that Grenadian home she could not do that in Jamaica

  78. Somebody put a damn muzzle on this lady gosh man. She never makes any kind of sense.

  79. I don’t understand the comments. The statement clearly states:

    “The statements made by freelance journalist Marcia Braveboy in a recent post to her Facebook wall are totally false, scurrilously abusive and amount to contempt by scandalising the court….”

    Doesn’t that mean that all her statements are lies?

  80. Who will hear the case Mitra? If people continue to hire her, then I guess she can continue to stay in our country, but why would anyone hire her? She is tainted!

  81. Which judges attended UNC functions, Debbie? I believe there are constraints judges are supposed to adhere to. I’m sorry to disagree with you, but in my view what the country needs is to guard its democratic system, and the independence of the judiciary is an important aspect of that.

    • What about the case of a Judge walking off the bench and joining a political party to contest an election.

    • Rich, what about it? He walked. After that he could do what he wanted.

    • Well u mentioned they are constraints that judges have to adhere to. Was he not also supposed to adhere to those constraints. Its protocol that once you leave the bench one ought not to be in a position to be part of the Legal system for 10 years to avoid any conflict. And here the individual became Minister of Justice with oversight for the Judiciary. Is that right.

    • Rishi Maharaj Being Minister of Justice is a government position. In TT’s system, there is separation of powers between government and judiciary. He would not have been entitled to interfere in the judiciary’s exercise of its functions. Or so I think. To be honest, Rishi, I don’t find it wise to defend current actions by saying someone else did it. The populace voted out the former government because they did not approve of their practices. Why should the current government adopt their standards?

    • Rishi I agree with you. And that same judge apologized for a “mistake ” he made in the Brad Boyce case. Now tell me ….in another country every single one of his cases would have been under review. His legal career would be in the toilet and he would be facing so many civil lawsuits from the victims family it would not be funny. But only in Trinidad and Tobago

    • Niala he walked but one must be dumb and doltish to think that they were not talking with him while he was a sitting judge. Come on and to add insult to injury one who has matters pending before the courts was the one doing the courting and walking with the former judge during the campaign. What more you want?

    • So you don’t approve of that, but you do approve if the current CJ has links to the PNM? Isn’t that applying a double standard? I would say it’s extremely damaging to democracy in Trinidad if citizens maintain that one political party is allowed to do something while another may not. Why are you promoting this kind of discrimination?

  82. Do any of the legal minds amongst us know if there is any way legally to expel her from the country?

  83. So defamation lawsuit to follow since the allegations are false.

  84. Why don’t they bring her up for contempt of court, then? All they doing here is frothing at the mouth in rabid fashion. They didn’t deny that the CJ was at a PNM celebration. wonder what that means?

  85. They should charge she arse with contempt. She just doesn’t know when to shut the @#$#@ up. Lady the elections done and yuh party lorse. Deal with it.

  86. Deport !!! Immediately !!! She is a menace to society.

  87. And the usual attacks on journalists too. Same targets as always.

  88. The CJ can initiate contempt charges against her. That would be interesting.

  89. This idiot still spewing garbage? I figured by now she would have been deported.