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FIFA reject Nakhid candidacy; ex-T&T star claims “political sabotage”

Former Trinidad and Tobago national football team captain David Nakhid’s attempt to challenge for the FIFA presidency appeared to have ended today in controversial fashion, as his candidacy was invalidated by a spoilt nomination from the US Virgin Islands (USVI).

Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago international  midfielder David Nakhid celebrates after his team's quarter-final win over Costa Rica in the 2000 CONCACAF Gold Cup. (Copyright AFP 2015)
Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago international midfielder David Nakhid celebrates after his team’s quarter-final win over Costa Rica in the 2000 CONCACAF Gold Cup.
(Copyright AFP 2015)

A FIFA spokesman confirmed that Nakhid’s nomination was declared invalid.

“One of the five declarations of support for Mr Nakhid was declared invalid as the same member association had issued a declaration of support for another candidate,” a FIFA spokesman told Wired868. “In view of this, the Ad-hoc Electoral Committee decided not to consider Mr Nakhid’s application as it did not fulfil the required five declarations of support.

“Per the eligibility requirements set forth in the electoral regulations 13(1)(c), each member may only present a declaration of support for one person. If a member association presents declarations of support for more than one person, all its declarations shall become invalid.”

As such, the seven confirmed nominees for the upcoming FIFA presidential election, which will be held on 26 February 2016, are: UEFA president Michel Platini, Asian Football Confederation president Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa, Jordan FA president Prince Ali bin al-Hussein, UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino, ex-FIFA executive Jerome Champagne, Liberia FA president Musa Bility and South Africa businessman Tokyo Sexwale.

Nakhid was stunned to learn of USVI football president Hillaren Frederick’s spoilt nomination and likened it to another self-inflicted blow by a Caribbean football administrator.

Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago football star David Nakhid (second from right) poses for a photograph during the 2015 CFU Congress in St Maarten. (Courtesy Josanne Leonard)
Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago football star David Nakhid (second from right) poses for a photograph during the 2015 CFU Congress in St Maarten.
(Courtesy Josanne Leonard)

“(FIFA) confirmed that the USVI nominated us and somebody else,” said Nakhid. “This sycophancy is exactly what we have spoken to throughout this campaign; that someone can rob the Caribbean of a voice in something so important.

“Our whole region is now not represented as of this point in time. But we will launch an appeal.”

Nakhid declined comment on rumours of discord about his bid from the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) who, according to CONCACAF insiders, were uneasy about his vow to rotate the CONCACAF Gold Cup throughout the confederation. At present, the confederation’s showpiece bi-annual tournament is held exclusively in the United States.

However, Nakhid gave a scathing admonition of Frederick, who was one of over a dozen Caribbean officials that were punished for their role in the 2011 Mohamed Bin Hammam bribery incident.

“We are hearing now that he said he made a mistake and he didn’t know the electoral rules and nominated someone before,” Nakhid told Wired868, “but you would imagine that would come up in the conversations and emails (we had with him)…

Photo: FIFA president Sepp Blatter (left) and ex-Asian Football Confederation president Mohamed Bin Hammam. USVI president Hillaren Frederick was one of several Caribbean officials implicated in a bribery scandal related to Bin Hammam's push to the FIFA throne in 2011. (Copyright AFP 2014/Kamarul Akhir)
Photo: FIFA president Sepp Blatter (left) and ex-Asian Football Confederation president Mohamed Bin Hammam.
USVI president Hillaren Frederick was one of several Caribbean officials implicated in a bribery scandal related to Bin Hammam’s push to the FIFA throne in 2011.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Kamarul Akhir)

“I never feel betrayed because I have faced people like Hillaren all my life. I faced both attempted character assassination and sporting assassination from (ex-FIFA vice president) Jack Warner and I came out better for it.

“Now, I am facing attempted political assassination from another figure who is happy to betray the Caribbean and his own region.”

Nakhid, who now lives in Lebanon and runs a football academy there, spoke at the 2015 Play The Game conference in Aarhus, Denmark on Monday in front of roughly 300 journalists, officials and academics. He also debated with FIFA presidential nominee, Champagne, who was also present.

The Trinidadian’s presentation was enthusiastically received, as he discussed the supposed failure of FIFA’s economic model to assist around 85 percent of its members and warned about electing a president from UEFA, which, he claimed, has taken more than it has given to the developing world.

“Possession of the ball figuratively is the wealth of FIFA but there is no depth to transfer that commercial value of FIFA… to the developmental level,” Nakhid told Play The Game. “FIFA’s model references 85 percent (of its member associations only) for a vote. So you have 15 percent enfranchised and 85 percent disenfranchised… And this is why the corruption was so focused on the developing world, they created little leaders throughout the developing world that they can reference for a vote at any time…

Photo: Ex-FIFA VP Jack Warner and UEFA president Michel Platini keep each other's company at a FIFA event.
Photo: Ex-FIFA VP Jack Warner and UEFA president Michel Platini keep each other’s company at a FIFA event.

“You have to ask yourself: Is it the time now to have as FIFA president someone who has been a part of that circle?”

At the moment, it appears that Nakhid will not get the chance make his plea to FIFA’s general membership.

However, the former Grasshoppers midfielder, who was the first Caribbean international to play in the UEFA competition, said he has already contacted FIFA, through his publicist Josanne Leonard, and will appeal.

He suggested that the Frederick’s “ploy” was an attempt to undermine and sabotage a candidate and will examine whether FIFA Electoral Committee had a greater responsibility to protect the transparency of the process.

“Up to five days before, he never told us there was a double nomination which was the fair thing to do,” said Nakhid. “This is undermining a candidate and sabotaging democracy. We are waiting for the timeline from FIFA (and) we hope they are bound to transparency. We want to see the letter that pre-dates the (USVI) nomination.

Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago football star and aspiring FIFA president David Nakhid. (Courtesy Josanne Leonard)
Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago football star and aspiring FIFA president David Nakhid.
(Courtesy Josanne Leonard)

“FIFA asked for us for the nomination letter from the USVI (before the nomination deadline), if that was after the USVI had already sent a letter to FIFA (nominating someone else) then the (FIFA) electoral committee asked us for a letter from (a member association) who already sent one.”

About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the managing director and chief editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. ..We are not a nation of MEN Lasana. No offence ladies. FC Santa Rosa called on All Sport Promotions, the administrators of the Super League, to invite all candidates to a meeting with all 25 clubs since they appear disinterested in meeting us. We will see who among them attends. They all want little private meetings with selected officials but none of them is as yet interested in meeting the clubs face to face. Mass democracy. They have no time for it. And, sadly, the clubs couldn’t care less either. It too hard to ensure true democracy works..

    • Keith, it is a misrepresentation to say the clubs “don’t care.” They do…but not about meetings at which EVERYBODY’S problems are to be aired. Essentially, they care only about those meetings at which they might get the opportunity to cut a deal with those who hold the reins of power. It’s not hard to see that it’s the political model that’s fast becoming normative.
      “What’s in it for me?” is the 21st century mantra.

    • Earl is correct. Football’s political culture is rooted in our national political culture..

    • I still hope someone can improve things. And I think there are candidates who can improve our football.
      But i suppose politics means not really speaking your mind and not giving a full impression of what you are about.
      And that bit doesn’t impress me at all. Politics I guess.

  2. David FIFA is BIG BIG MAFIA they will do anything to preserve their status. Wish you all the luck in your quest to change that system.

  3. ..Exactly. This is the real politik of world (and TTFA) football. Nakhid never had even the proverbial snow cone’s chance in hell. Meantime, Tim Kee is reported in the press as saying he is not campaigning for re-election, that he stands on his record. The arrogance..

    • And yet I notice that he calls a press conference and spent a significant portion discussing his record and what he will bring once re-elected. That is using TTFA resources to campaign if you asked me.
      If I was in Trinidad, I would have confronted him right in the press conference. But I wasn’t.
      I asked the contenders if they wanted to comment on that. Almost to a man, they said no. But naturally they would be happy for me to take it up.
      Why must i always fight everyone’s battles for them?
      Sometimes people need to speak up for themselves when they see something that is wrong.
      I might write on it in a general coverage of the election at some point. But doubt I will do more.

      • “Why must i always fight everyone’s battles for them?
        Sometimes people need to speak up for themselves when they see something that is wrong.”
        You ask the question rhetorically but it’s NOT a rhetorical question. The answer is that that is what journalists do. That is why the media have earned the “Fourth Estate” tag.
        Deal with it, Mr Journalist.

        • Lasana Liburd

          I feel we are there to give a voice to the voiceless. But some people have full access to the media and can speak for themselves as well. It would be nice for them to do so once and a while.

          • Ah! Let me suggest to you that the voiceless for whom the media must speak includes not just those who have no voice but also those who cannot find their voice. Remember that evil prevails were good men are silent and good men aren’t always silent for bad reasons.

  4. Lol this is the same nahkid who went to help coach Bahrain when we were headed to face them in the world cup? Snakes weren’t allowed in the garden? Ooo Ooo

    • Nakhid never helped coach Bahrain. It actually isn’t unusual for teams to agree to trade video tapes of games. Because they can be sourced otherwise.
      Just like Chelsea would give the Manchester United coach a first class seat in their stands to scout them. Just a matter of courtesy that was blown out of proportion I think.

    • True… At the height of Trinidad’s career let’s trade information to the team that will potentially stop us from getting into the world cup.. Not a big deal at all :/

    • There was no way to block Bahrain getting information on all our qualifying games which all the teams we played against would have as well as international media houses.
      By giving them yourself, you have the opportunity to request something in return. This is how it works on an international stage.
      It is normal.

    • They asked him to come coach and he flew out… Idk what you think went on but…

    • There was no way to block Bahrain getting information on all our qualifying games which all the teams we played against would have as well as international media houses.
      By giving them yourself, you have the opportunity to request something in return. This is how it works on an international stage.
      It is normal.

    • I personally think there was a sense of disloyalty Mr. David Nahkid went about that issue with Bahrain. To attempt to justify this by plastering it as simply intertional protocol is misleading at least and disingenuous at best.

    • Kelvon Morris, “misleading” simply because you say so? What I said is fact. You can take it however you like it.
      You are entitled to your own feelings on the matter. But to call facts “misleading and disingenuous” is silly. It is a fact that teams share tapes and scouting opportunities. Whether you like it or not.

    • Fact is Mr. Nahkid broke protocol by accepting payment for these tapes unknowing to the TTFF at the time and that to me is unethical Lasana Liburd

    • By the way I respect what you do as the leading investigative sports journalist in the caribbean but I cannot agree with you on this score that it was simple an issue of accepted international protocol.

    • I have no problem with your questioning Kelvon Morris and I thank you for your support. But please be careful about information you hold on to when the source was Jack Warner.
      David Nakhid has said he never received any payment from Bahrain and had only passed tapes on due to professional courtesy. It has never been proven otherwise.
      For you to say he received payment is potentially slanderous. You might say that “Warner said” he received payment, which is different.
      I would be upset too if I thought Nakhid was trying to help a rival team beat the Soca Warriors while he was a paid member of the T&T technical staff. But I don’t think that was the case nor does anyone else apart from Warner and the people he mischievously convinced.
      I covered both legs of the Bahrain game. I travelled to and from Bahrain with the team and I interviewed several players, Leo Beenhakker and then technical director Lincoln Phillips before and after the game.
      There was not one mention of David Nakhid helping Bahrain. Because it never happened. I can only tell you from what I know based on my work with the team at the time.

    • Thanks for the guidance and clarification but i was simply repeating what was well reported in the major dailies at the time (http://legacy.guardian.co.tt/archives/2005-10-26/sports1.html). These are not my allegations, so in my respectful view the issue of slander does not arise.

    • Well, the story you used to support your allegations says that Nakhid was never paid for tapes, he never provided tapes, a Dutch member of the Soca Warriors staff actually gave the tapes to Bahrain and he was offered a job with the Bahrain U-20 team (and not the senior team) after he had been sacked by Warner.
      So I don’t understand how that supports your claim that Nakhid was paid to give tapes to Bahrain. I would say it does the opposite.

  5. well said Korey Vincent after Jack you all really think FIFA wants another Trini their

  6. You just don’t understand, if you realy think you could be the Pope, President of FIFA, six of one half dozen of the other, you living in a dream., Jack was a Tool, who was played the players.

  7. You just don’t understand, if you realy think you could be the Pope, President of FIFA, six of one half dozen of the other, you living in a dream., Jack was a Tool. who was played? the players.

  8. Not being negative but this move by Fifa isn’t a surprising to say he least. Come on a Trinidad and Tobago national isn’t going to hold any administrative or executive post in that organization soon.

  9. Warner had the Caribbean voting as a block through (allegedly) bribery, coercion and fraud if the stories are true. Nakhid would be hard pressed to get more support in his own Confederation and he cannot win even if he had all their support. His chances of winning were nil simply because he would not get support from the other Confederations who had horses in the race.

    • I don’t really get your maths because the other rivals, apart from Platini, were all losing votes to people from their confederations.
      The reason Nakhid was a long shot is he cannot offer anyone $20 million kit deals and so on. That’s it.

  10. It is all a moot point now because he isn’t a candidate.

    I still think that he ought to start smaller in either the TTFA and/or Concacaf first. That way, he can lobby the other members whenever they meet and he can raise his profile as a viable candidate.

    • Well he’s missed the TTFA deadline now.

    • Well, the street cred and oxygen of publicity from seeing this race to the end might have given him enough motivation to take over the TTFA, Caribbean or even Concacaf.
      FIFA need not be the end game. Nakhid is not a stupid fellow.
      A defeat in the FIFA race was always likely to be the start of a career rather than the end of one. Surely you see that Kendall Tull.
      If the US was minded to stop him, it might be that the prefer dealing with the current crop of Caribbean officials.
      But I’m just speculating there. I don’t know what the USVI president was thinking.

    • Wild speculation in my opinion but it’s just that – an opinion. There is no unifying force in CONCACAF so I fully expect the same insularity that destroying our cricket to prevail here. His inability to muster more nominations certainly points in that direction.

    • Usually when people ask for three recommendations on their CV, people send three recommendations and not four.
      I don’t know that he would have been unable to get another one. But speculation again. Don’t know.

    • Kendall – fully agree. Nakhid had his eyes set on the wrong target. Would have loved to see him run for the TTFA Presidency, then establish himself as a leader in CONCACAF. Through the above forums, plus the usual opportunities to serve on FIFA bodies, he would have established himself as a viable candidate for the next FIFA presidential elections. I recall Tim Kee providing verbal support to Nakhid’s FIFA presidential campaign. Nakhid failed to realize that Tim Kee’s support was simply a distraction to keep away from the TTFA head position. I do hope Nakhid is a quick learner. If he is mistakes made this time around will be avoided / minimized once he gets a redo.

    • Carlos – let us see what he does next.

    • # Tull , Just what i had in my mind .

  11. In my humble opinion (and direct experience with high-stakes selections/elections)…this wasn’t an accident but was carefully planned and executed to keep him way out.

  12. Warner had the Caribbean voting as a block through (allegedly) bribery, coercion and fraud if the stories are true. Nakhid would be hard pressed to get more support in his own Confederation and he cannot win even if he had all their support. His chances of winning were nil simply because he would not get support from the other Confederations who had horses in the race.

  13. There are 25 Caribbean votes. Nakhid had five and could feasibly have more by February.
    If you really think none of the candidates are concerned about that then Warner would never have had influence in FIFA nor Webb.
    The media attention is a sideshow. It doesn’t affect the vote or the election.

  14. Btw… is it public knowledge who the other four nominations came from? Did the TTFA support him?

  15. I don’t think the Caribbean vote was ever not for sale if Nakhid couldn’t get more than five nominations.
    But if it does turn out that the US got the USVI to screw Nakhid over because they were upset that the guy that the international media never to rarely included in their articles about who was running for the FIFA presidency wanted to rotate the hosting of the Gold Cup, I might have to start thinking that this whole CONCACAF/FIFA shakedown was based on US bitterness at not winning the 2022 World Cup (as Blatter suggested was the plan in an article published today).

    • Why are the Caribbean votes considered meaningless because the European media ignores them?

    • I never said the Caribbean votes were meaningless. I said it is incredulous to me that the US would go to great lengths to have Nakhid out of the race so early in the game because he suggested rotating the Gold Cup.
      Especially when he was only able to get four and a half nominations from within his own region.
      The Caribbean votes are key as a tipping point…send the win one way or the other.
      International media didn’t ignore the Caribbean votes, it ignored the Caribbean candidate. I find it difficult to believe that the US considered him a real threat to the FIFA presidency.

    • Who said the US sabotaged his presidential bid though? Nobody did. I just said the US didn’t appreciate it much. Apparently.
      Chabeth, what is the international media and what candidates have they focused on?
      The people I know that follow FIFA have certainly enquired about Nakhid. And some have written on him too.

    • Oh, I thought you were suggesting that the US somehow had something to do with it. But ok, if you’re not. I can’t understand why the USVI guy would do this. Maybe you could ask him. lol. 😉
      International media is media outside of Trinidad and Tobago. Most times an article is posted here from an international publication about the FIFA presidency race, there is usually a comment about no mention of Nakhid and the lack of attention he is getting. Almost like he wasn’t even running.

  16. And David had no goodies to offer. The Caribbean vote is up for sale again.
    Tim Kee won’t see whatever else he was promised unless he remains TTFA president.

  17. Who said the “other guy” even sought out the USVI vote? I would guess that the other person already had their five nominations.
    Only the USVI knows why he did it. Maybe someone else intervened.
    The Caribbean has 25 votes. All the other candidates would salivate at that. You say he is the least of the apostles.
    But even Platini would look at those 25 votes and think it might give him the edge over the Sheikh.
    In any case, the Caribbean vote is now for sale again.

  18. ..TTFA is with the sheiks. They just announced a 20M kit sponsorship deal with a Middle Eastern manufacturer. You can’t become FIFA president without at least promising goodies..

  19. Just curious. How come our own TTFF didn’t nominate him? In fact why didn’t many of the Caribbean federations nominate him. Even if only 5 was required it would have been a nice symbolic show of support as well as insurance in case anything like a spoilt nomination came to pass. For such a huge event I would think the Caribbean could have rallied behind Nakhid.

  20. How many countries are in the CFU? I don’t understand how he couldn’t get more than five nominations?
    So the theory is that the US got vex because of his idea to rotate the Gold Cup and got the USVI to screw him over with the double nomination but luckily for the other guy he had more than the five nominations and so is still in the race?

  21. ..Nakhid is a good guy but naive. And presumptuous to think that he, an unknown with no track record or suppport in FIFA, could break into the leadership of that organizarion. If the five FAs that nominated him were scared to do so openly and identify with his chances, according to him, didn’t he see the writing on the wall?..And as for Frederick? More shame for the Carribean..

  22. Exactly Dennis Allen. And he is well heeled, presumably is backed by an entire confederation and might very well be able to relate to Africa and South America better than Platini. Maybe.
    I think he is the dark horse.
    FIFA might have a president who tortures footballers.
    Fitting, n’est pas?

  23. Bahraini Sheikh will win. why?
    cause this planet cannot give more than a rats A$$ for whomever he supposedly tortured.

  24. Why on earth did he only file the minimum five nominations?Couldn’t he harness some more from CONCACAF at least at this early round? So he knows there are snakes like Frederick about and leaves his bid in their greasy hands? Politically naive.

    • All the candidates filed exactly five nominations. Except the one guy who surprisingly had a USVI nomination with his other five.

    • Actually, let me take that back. There is nothing to suggest anyone else had more than five nominations apart from the guy who surprisingly got the second nomination from the USVI.

    • Lasana, next time please use quotation marks around ”surprisingly”. If as you say is true, and everybody else only had exactly five, then might I suggest that uncle who had 6, full well knew that his sixth was solely a dagger for Nakhid.

    • Or uncle with six didn’t know at all and the USVI was just looking for a way to spoil his nomination form. One of the two.

    • Why is everyone surprised?? What has Nakhid done for Trinidad/ Caribben Football over the years beside play some internationals and open his big mouth to bad talk everything about his country. Did he stay here to try and fix anyhing? Maybe he should have run for the Middle East instead. He didn’t stand a chance from the beginning. With all that who ever comes in will change NOTHING in FIFA’s politricks. Just saying.

    • Michael, I just spoke to one international media colleague who said his information was that Jerome Champagne had eight nominations.
      If so, then surely there were other candidates who sailed past the eight nomination mark. Because I’m surprised to hear that Champagne fared so well.
      And, if so, then Nakhid was struggling early on with just the five to nail down.
      Granted that it still does not excuse the USVI president Hillaren Frederick.
      But your initial point is valid!

  25. Platini should not be allowed to contest as he is currently suspended. Remember that there are supposed to be integrity checks which should trip up the Liberian candidate. It will be interesting to see how that shakes out.

    And if you thought that recent events would result in immediate improvement in FIFA governance, I have a bridge in Nigeria to sell you.

  26. It is an interesting election. I know UEFA put a ringer in the race just in case Platini gets busted. The African candidates might split the vote.
    So it leaves an opening there to get off to a good start for the lone CONCACAF candidate and the lone remaining CONCACAF candidate. I think the Asian Sheikh would clean up too.
    So Nakhid could have been a real contender if got CONCACAF solidly behind him. But I don’t know that he has that sort of support from CONCACAF to be honest.
    Platini and the Bahraini Sheikh are the favourites. Watch out for that Sheikh!

  27. You cannot hope to win without support from other federation outside of Concacaf. Furthermore, if you are serious, you would have lined up your support long before announcing your candidacy.

  28. Platini is suspended and the Liberian candidate just returned from a ban

  29. For FIFA to even allow this shenanigan is unbelievable. I see Platini is in pending the outcome of investigation?

  30. I said this morning that this smelled like a set up and sounds very familiar to what Daren Ganga went thru at the TTCB

  31. I understand the US didn’t take kindly to Nakhid’s vow to rotate the CONCACAF Gold Cup among the confederation, including the Caribbean, if he got the possibility.

  32. Chabeth, you were saying this morning…

  33. the FACT that Nakhid only got 4 out of 35 says a lot.
    says a lot about US…this zone needs a serious purge…yes…but it also says he needed to be more mindful of the backbiters

  34. ^^ Best says it best. Nakhid was elbowed out the race at turn 1. that ain sound good.
    FIFA is a clique. to break that you have to first be INSIDE the circle

  35. David you are too non-conformist and confrontational for this corrupt entity called FIFA. Throughout your career you have stood up against wrong doing so you will never be the candidate of choice … Go brave my brother.

  36. I don’t know that anyone submitted more than five nominations. Maybe. But I haven’t seen anything about that.
    Suppose the USVI’s other nomination was someone who wasn’t even running? Or maybe someone else who had exactly five candidates already.
    That would kinda suggest sabotage too.
    Up to FIFA to release the info so we can work out what really happened.

  37. How could you know though Kendall Tull? If the USVI gets your nomination and then sends in another nomination secretly, then should the electoral committee be advised to say something?
    Otherwise it is easy to sabotage a candidate isn’t it?
    I bet there isn’t a presidential nominee who can fully trust any of their nominators.
    I bet it is the same throughout in politics.

  38. They weren’t excluded because they submitted more than five (5) nominations. Had Nakhid done so as well, he would not have been disqualified.

    • I not sure where you saw that regarding them having more nominees…Nakhid actually asked for the entire caribbean to nominate him in order to make a statement. I guess he didn’t get that.

    • Exactly. That Telegraph article confirms that every candidate presented exactly five nominations. Nakhid had done nothing differently.
      Clearly, the USVI candidate gave a second nomination to a candidate who was not expecting it. I smell sabotage there.
      If every candidate had six or seven nominations, then I might say Nakhid erred. But that was not so.
      He did the same as every candidate. The problem is one of his backers may have had an ulterior motive.

    • Apparently you didn’t read the article Lasana.

      “That rendered the nomination void for both contenders, with the other unnamed man allowed to stand because he had filed more than the minimum five.”

      I don’t know where you got the fact that everyone filed exactly five nominations but this article refutes that clearly.

      He is still an idiot for taking a nomination from someone he did not trust.

    • No it doesn’t Kendall Tull. Only person was said to have more than five nominations. Don’t you find that odd?
      I’m saying that it is possible that the “unnamed man” didn’t even know about USVI’s backing. And that USVI could have intentionally spoiled its ballot.
      As for taking a nomination from someone you don’t trust… Who can you trust really? My first thought when I heard of this story was that Tim Kee was flying first class on the Jordanian Prince’s expense just a few months ago.
      Who can you trust?
      FIFA should take responsibility for this process in my opinion. It is too open for manipulation.
      All I had to do as a well-resourced candidate was pay a country to spoil its nomination on deadline day.

    • The article does not say only one person had more than five. It says that the other USVI candidate had more then five.

    • And really, that last part is fantasy Lasana. Nakhid was a rank outsider with very little chance precisely because the other candidates had far more support and resources.

      I actually have no problem with the system itself. It’s quite open and fair in that the bar is set quite low to run. If Nakhid can’t get more than five nominations out of over two hundred, that’s on him.

    • The article says the other guy was allowed to stand because he had more than the minimum five after the duplicate vote was removed.
      But why would they be trying to sabotage the least likely candidate to win?

    • What makes Nakhid the least likely candidate to win? I don’t think he was at all.
      He wasn’t a favourite. But I certainly expected him to get more votes than some of the others once the Caribbean backed him.
      Remember the Caribbean has more than double the votes than the whole of South America for instance.
      Think about it Chabeth and Kendall Tull, six candidates had exactly five. One had more than five which came from the USVI.
      You all don’t think that suspicious? That maybe the USVI guy intentionally spoiled his nomination?
      FIFA asked for the USVI nomination five days before the deadline apparently.
      Did the USVI stick in an additional nomination paper within those five days?

    • Where did you see anything that said six candidates had only 5 nominations Lasana?

    • He was the least likely candidate because he has zero support base Lasana. He is also a complete unknown in World football administration.

    • It didn’t explicitly say that Kendall Tull. But it didn’t say that anyone else had more than five. And it only said the unnamed person had more than five.
      So we would be guessing if we assumed that Nakhid was the only person who offered five nominations. Just as I am the other way.

    • I am not guessing. I am saying that Nakhid only had five and that there is no support in the article that all the candidates only had five nominations. We can take a bet that all the serious contenders had more than five though, if you feel so strongly about your conspiracy theory. I don’t mind taking your money. 😉

    • Lol. Ok. I’m buying. Drinks on me if the other candidates had more than five!

    • I said the serious contenders, not all the candidates. Platini, his proxy and the Sheikh.

    • And Kendall Tull. There are other candidates with less time in football than Nakhid who declared their candidacy much later.
      So he isn’t the least likely candidate anymore.

    • Less time in football? I don’t consider time spent as a player relevant experience to hold the position of FIFA President. I would be more interested in experience in football administration, particularly at the Federation and Confederation level. Experience in running a multi-national company would also be worthwhile. Does he have any of that?

      I think as we discussed previously, I thought his ideas were simplistic. Rotating the Gold Cup is nonsense because the infrastructure doesn’t exist to do so in most Concacaf countries. I also found the rant about the unequal spread of the money a bit silly because it ignores the fact of where the money is earned.

      I am all for change but frankly no candidate really impresses me and none of the ideas I heard sound realistic to me.

      • Bakes

        You don’t need any of that hands-on experience to be FIFA President as the day-to-day running of the organization is done by the General Secretary… no different from the TTFA. The President is pretty much just there to offer leadership, direction etc.

    • I think it would be amazing if the only candidate with more than five nominations is the unnamed guy. He would have to be the luckiest guy in FIFA.
      Is there a reason that candidates would stop seeking nominations once they get to five?

    • Not to worry Chabeth, we drinking on Lasana head when we get the data.

    • But there are more Concacaf nations with infrastructure to host the gold cup than just USA. So I don’t see it as nonsense.
      Why can’t Costa Rica, Mexico or Panama have it? Trinidad and Jamaica at least can hold group stage competition too.
      Even if you don’t count time as a footballer, at least one other candidates have neither played football or been an administrator.
      Come to think about it: it is easier to be a candidate for the FIFA presidency than it is for the TTFA presidency!! ??

    • I don’t think it would be amazing Chabeth. I think it would be something else.

    • Wait… I’m in this drinks thing? Cause I don’t drink cheap eh…

    • Okay. I just got a message from one of my international media colleagues who was following the discussion in cyberspace.
      And he says he understands that Jerome Champagne got eight nominations.
      Not confirmed mind you. But I take that as coming from an informed source.
      I don’t know why the hell he would want to cost me drinks though. Thanks a lot Steve! Lol.
      Ok. I concede that other candidates might very well have sailed past the five nomination mark and Nakhid might have been struggling a bit to raise just five from the Caribbean.
      And there is also the question of whether Lebanon supported him and why not.
      Ok Kendall Tull and Chabeth. I owe some drinks. ????

  39. “Who has more corn feeds more fowl”

  40. What about the other candidate who had US VI? Why can’t they be excluded as well? Unless US VI claims that Nakhid forged their nomination I cannot see them being allowed to withdraw their nomination form without the candidate being notified

    • Bakes

      “What about the other candidate who had US VI? Why can’t they be excluded as well?”

      Not trying to insult you, but it might help if you actually read what the rule states.

      I feel for Nakhid, but if possible, he should have tried to get more than just the bare minimum. His appeal is a none-starter. The Elections Committee does not have an obligation to screen the validity of the ballots/nominations beforehand. An argument can be made that perhaps they should, but as it stands they don’t have any obligation. Therefore even if a second nomination was made after the USVI nominated him, the rules are clear, both nominations are invalidated. Personally, I think that’s a recipe for corruption. Imagine if one candidate is offered the support of backing country A, who then sells his support to another candidate, knowing that both would be invalidated… oh wait, never mind.

  41. Nakhid sounds like a fool. You accepted the nomination from the USVI and now claiming that they sabotaged you? So if you felt that they were untrustworthy, why didn’t you get other nominations from elsewhere?

    I can’t see how there can be any appeal because ignorance of the law is never an excuse.

  42. I heard it and was wondering what’s really going on here

  43. well,

    to be honest.

    he has shown that he is unfit for presidency and leadership….

    He should have never openly spoken about wanting to rotate the Gold Cup until after he was elected .

    That is just political suicide .

    The USA has a lot of influence on small Caribbean nations and can use funding as an extortionary measure ..

    USVI, Bermuda and Cayman Islands are always likely to tow the USA’s agenda ..

    Furthermore Mexico and Central America are unhappy with the dominance of the English speaking territories in CONCACAF and would always support a UEFA or CONMEBOL candidate ..

    There has also been talk about Mexico defecting to CONMEBOL …

    Nahkid outright effed up….

    USVI is only protecting their own interest , and there is nothing wrong in international politics with that ….

    FIFA has more member states than the UN …
    This is international politics …..

  44. The world of international football, Lasana, you and Andrew Jennings have shown all thosee willing to listen, is a hell hole, a den, as my mother might have said, of vipers. What does it say to us about Nakhid’s readiness to operate in that arena when he get caught in the first trap that is sprung? Because, make no mistake about it, that duplicate nomination is as deliberate a move as the revised Section 34.
    I think the same of his appeal against the FIFA decision as I think of the UNC’s appeal against the results of the 2015 General Elections. Give it five years, David, and wheel and come again.l

    • Lasana Liburd

      I find it odd that FIFA allowed the duplicate nomination in the first place. I feel the FIFA Electoral Committee had a responsibility to either reject the second nomination from USVI or disclosed the problem to both nominated candidates.
      I am very curious as to who the USVI nominated. Did they nominate someone who already had five backers or maybe someone who isn’t even running?
      But I won’t hold my breath for transparency from FIFA of course.

    • Bah,

      Andrew Jennings is a paid mercenary ..
      He is a tool of the English FA’s propaganda machinery …

      He has no real credibility in football ..
      only people who read about football in passing take him seriously ….

      • Sir,
        Paid by the English FA? Andrew Jennings’ first book, titled The Lords of the Rings, was a masterpiece and had nothing at all to do with football.
        You should try to get your exercise in some way other than by jumping to conclusions. That would be nice.