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US Embassy denies Warner extradition request

The United States Embassy denied this morning that its Department of Justice issued a formal extradition request for Chaguanas West MP and ex-FIFA VP Jack Warner, as reported in the local media.

Photo: ILP political leader Jack Warner (centre) gets a kiss from an enthusiastic supporter during a cottage meeting.
Photo: ILP political leader Jack Warner (centre) gets a kiss from an enthusiastic supporter during a cottage meeting.

The following is the brief release by the US Embassy, which was sent just after 11 am on Monday June 29:

The U.S. Department of Justice has not yet sent any final requests on the Jack Warner extradition request to the Trinidad and Tobago authorities and is still within the 60 day window specified by the treaty for the final request to be delivered.

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  1. CHEUPS !!!! wha dey aiting for ?!!!!!

  2. Is this really the extent to which a govt would go? This is both worrying and frightening. But what about the publication responsibility?

  3. Lasana Liburd well i totaly agree with your thinking,the angle of revenge is real ,and the maxim that hath no fury than when a woman is scorned.so getting him out of the way in the shortest time possible,i have the sneaking suspicion that the next revaltion will be the icing on the cake,jack prepared himself for this in advance,he had emenmies within ,suraj who he deposed in a palace coup,never accepted his defeat from jack.

  4. Like somebody want Jack to go up the hill without Jill?

  5. And that’s the question Albert. One might argue they don’t have much to lose. It is an unpopular government on its last legs plus a public with short term memory issues. Not to mention the incentive of revenge.

  6. i don’t take they will risk it for a high profile figure

  7. Well said Lasana Liburd ,Glen Ashby was swinging by his neck whilst his attorney were busy filling appeal papers

  8. And if it is a private jet… Whoosh. On and gone.

  9. Albert Edwards a application for a stay is not a stay, that gap or waiting period for the appeal to filed in the judiciary, let us assume the magistrate gave there ruling at 5:50 pm, by that time the judiciary staff would of retired for the day, he have to call out a judge and supporting staff all this time he is on a plane on the tarmac

  10. No. I think it was the Ashby case where the State planned the hanging so he was swinging while his attorneys were filing appeal papers.
    It produced outrage. But it is the same loophole that Richard Mck referred to. They are not compelled to give Warner time to appeal.
    And, if the plan it properly, they can make it very difficult for Warner’s attorneys.
    The interesting thing is that Warner is very close to certain members of the police force. We might even see a stand-off at the airport. The policemen can claim to be thwarting his extradition on bogus grounds just like when Wade Mark refused a debate on Larry Howai.
    Who knows whether his end will be that exciting. Or if it will be a long drawn out process.

  11. the lady in the baliram kidnapping case she was poor had no resources,the ag approved her extradtion,the case of ish and steve is what is the precedent

  12. If nothing I must admit that I love the photo….it says so much in relationship to the story…..

  13. You’re wrong Albert Edwards. There is precedent. It has happened before and it will happen again.
    It is left to be seen whether Warner suffers the same fate.

  14. all appeals must be exhausted before that happens including the privy council,unless mr warner gives up that right he cannot be just bundled on a plane,there are established procedures to follow,if that was the case then ish would have been taken out of the country,a stay is a stay ,,so jack has some time agin he is not a flight risk,no need to keep him incustody,unless he has waived his right he stays

  15. The us marshals would of committed no wrong, they simply used the loop hole, all laws have loop hole it’s the duty of a good attorney to find them, and there is nothing his attorney can do, just my too sense from the back of the class.

  16. Exactly Richard Mck. if a private jet is on the tarmac and US marshals are waiting with police escorts and a PBR pass… Then Warner can be in for a tough time with that appeal.
    I’m sure his legal team would realise that. Whether they can stop it is another matter.
    Of course it might be a scandal if he extradited in that manner. But this is Trinidad and Tobago. We see more Scandal here than Olivia Pope.

  17. The preliminary hearing goes before a magistrate, let us assume jack looses there and the magistrate rules that he be extradited ,he will then file and appeal to the high court for stay, that period between the granting of s stay from the high court, he could be arrested by the us marshals and place on a private jet and taken away, my point and application for stay is NOT a stay! They could have the us marshals awaiting outside the court and as the magistrate give there rulings they snatch him.

  18. How many days left of the 60 day period?

  19. Steeuuppsss he really ain’t coming to my second sweetest country eh. Them really good yes

  20. Warner will be stuck in Trinidad but he will never do a day of Jail time. And further he will probably win his seat in the upcoming elections.

  21. I thought the Express was anti-PP so how could the PP “”set up’ together? The logic is baffling.

  22. 60 days from when the warrant was served on JAW…whatever that day was

  23. i know it have it written down some where,some has it lisanne may have it close at hand

  24. I think its July 17 or thereabouts

  25. Ok. Got it. Anybody know when the 60 day deadline is?

  26. So you wouldn’t cross check your info? You know, actually do some leg work?

  27. false information can be given by a reliable source whose main aim is to create panic and instability,these can be planted by a double agent,it a psychological war also to wear down your opponents,this same tool was used against patrick manning last time around,the ultimate insider can do that,on the other hand the file could be here,but the usual pattern of denials,at the opportune time spring the surprise on warner ,some thing is deliberate here.

  28. Are these investigative journalists filing these stories?

  29. this is a cut and dry case,but persons are not happy with warner around bussing mark,this is just an attempt to shut him up and more revelation on the platforms,similar to reading the charges in parliament,to my understanding there are more revelations this week,if warner did not intervene ,to some individuals it would have been champagne and ice would have been the order,but jack warner threw a spanner in the works.

  30. I guess all these ‘journalists’ should allow due process.

  31. the provisional warrant is just a request to hold the individual,till the file with the details arrive outlining the charges,by creating panic prejudice can be cited about bias and a fair trial

  32. Chabeth Haynes, it is odd that this story was written over the weekend and the Embassy has denied it this morning.
    My guess is there would be an application and then there would be the actual case as to why Warner should be extradited to the US.
    Gavin got a “bulky document” that he didn’t have time to peruse…
    Well, I guess we should not expect any illumination from our Attorney General.

  33. Chabeth, the US now has to make a case ie provide evidence of wrong doing and reasons for extradition.

  34. Kern, Albert how is this creating loopholes? Where did thid story originate? Maybe Denyse Renne has more info to share?

  35. why trigger speculation,it seems some one is pressing the panic button,jack is the most dangerous man in the country,let us see what coming out this week

  36. I don’t understand what the difference between the application and the formal request is.

  37. http://www.trinidadexpress.com/20150527/news/us-makes-extradition-request-for-warner” The normal process for extradition would be that an application is made through the Central Authority and it is processed in that way. I can tell you that an application has been made and therefore the normal process has been triggered and it is taking its course”, said the attorney general.”

  38. They are careless and allowing too many loopholes for Jack’s lawyer. The AG who is now a UNC candidate is the head of the Central Authority, which is responsible for Jack’s extradition. Possible conflict of interest and bias. They making it too easy for Jack’s defense attorneys.

  39. is this a deliberate attempt to plant information to create ,this seems so familiar, the unseen political hand

  40. Maybe. Maybe not Kern A. Spencer. If your memory is good, you might recalled people being hanged while their lawyers tried frantically to file appeals.
    The same could happen to Jack Warner if the Government is determined enough. The law can be manipulated when there is motive. So let’s wait and see.

  41. Between the High Court, Court of Appeal, and Privy Council. If Jack fights the extradition, you looking at 2-3 years minimum in court proceedings, before he is EVENTUALLY extradited.

  42. I fail to see how what you said makes sense Eko Watts. Lol

  43. they denied the report of an extradition request not the request itself

    • “US Embassy denies Warner extradition request” for a moment there I thought Mr. Warner had made a request to the United States to be extradited and they denied his request…what a strange turn of events that would have been… but then anything now seems possible in this story… 🙂

  44. I think Denyse Renne should have some answers now.

  45. I believe he brighter than that…lol

  46. Well, I tell you… Trinidad politics is swiftly seeking an all time low including the journalistic capabilities of the local media corporation that ran with the story….

  47. Allyuh trying to give Jack a heart attack?! Lol