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WI cricketers turn on WIPA: India ODI series in jeopardy

The following is a letter sent today from the West Indies cricket team to West Indies Players Association (WIPA) president Wavell Hinds, which was given to Wired868 from an informed source in India.

West Indies is due to face India at Kochi tomorrow in the first of five ODI series but has refused to play under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed last month between the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and WIPA:

Photo: West Indies cricketers Dwayne Bravo (centre), brother Darren Bravo (left) and Carlton Baugh during a previous tour, (Copyright AFP 2014/Lakruwan Wanniarachchi)
Photo: West Indies cricketers Dwayne Bravo (centre), brother Darren Bravo (left) and Carlton Baugh during a previous tour,
(Copyright AFP 2014/Lakruwan Wanniarachchi)

Dear Mr. Hinds,

We refer to our last correspondence to you dated October 6th, where we the players suggested as a way forward that: “The players are proposing in light of the above and our previous correspondence, that we continue with the same old payment structure which was previously agreed by WIPA and WICB until we are in a position to properly be informed of all the WICB’s finances etc, have an input in the decision making process and more importantly negotiate an acceptable agreement in an attempt to arrive at a win-win resolution.

“For the avoidance of doubt, this old payment structure will continue and remain in effect until a new agreement is mutually reached between the Players and the WICB.”

We are of the view that this proposal would be an acceptable way forward since everything remains the same and more importantly neither the WICB nor the players are in a disadvantageous position while we continue to discuss further.

We are disappointed with the lack of proper representation and the players are now forced to make this proposal without any details as to how this new purported agreement was even arrived at and by whom, since the only advice we have received from you as President and CEO of WIPA is to not sign the contract /agreement that was sent by the WICB.

The players are of the view that as a matter of principle, we should not accept these conditions whereby we are being asked to play a series against India without any certainty of what are our obligations and what we will be playing for.

Photo: The West Indies players refused to sign a MOU that was already agreed upon on their behalf by the West Indies Players Association (WIPA).
Photo: The West Indies players refused to sign a MOU that was already agreed upon on their behalf by the West Indies Players Association (WIPA).

As you would appreciate Mr. Hinds, this is how we as professional cricketers earn our livelihood and provide for our families, our careers are short and uncertain, furthermore it is a highly competitive and stressful environment as one bad performance can see you out of the team forever, a player can suffer an injury at any time which could not only be career threatening but in many cases affect their lives even after their playing days are over.

Mr. Hinds, the list can go on and on.

As we have indicated to you earlier, the players here in India are under tremendous stress and the team morale is at an all-time low.

We believe that this present WIPA Executive under your leadership has failed to properly represent the best interest of ALL the players.

Many are questioning whether there is now some “special relationship” between the WICB and WIPA which may be good for some but has not taken into account the whole picture resulting in what may be seen as embarrassing and demonizing some players who represent the WI, yet signalling to public that this new purported agreement (MOU) is in the best interest of West Indies Cricket.

This is evidenced by the inaccurate WIPA press statement which was sent after we raised our strong objections to you both verbally and in writing.

Mr. Hinds, we have over the past few days raised a number of questions which have not been answered even though you should have firsthand knowledge of the facts. We find it worrying that you would want to have a Board meeting to determine who were the lawyers and IR persons used for the negotiations of this agreement.

Photo: West Indies ODI captain Dwayne Bravo.
Photo: West Indies ODI captain Dwayne Bravo.

This has led us to do our own preliminary investigation which has informed us to date of the following, which we will stand corrected as we await your written response later today.

1) There were little or no legal advice sought in the negotiating of this purported new MOU between the WICB and WIPA.

2) There were little or no Industrial Relations advice sought during the negotiations of the purported new MOU.

3) None of the players were consulted during and after the negotiations of this purported new MOU. This is a process that has been the common practice between previous WIPA representatives and the players. This was completely ignored.

4) The Players were never given the opportunity to consider the document (MOU) and approve it before it was signed consistent with past practice.

5) The first time any agreement was seen by the players was a match/tour contract with a new fee structure significantly different from what we received in the past. This was given to us in India.

6) To date, the players have still not seen this new purported MOU between the WICB and WIPA.

7) The players’ rights which we have protected through many negotiations and Arbitrations have been given away for nothing.

8) Questions raised by some WIPA Board members were ignored.

9) The WIPA Board never approved the new purported MOU before it was signed.

10) WIPA is receiving in addition to the 3% of all players earnings, a sum of $500,000.00 USD annually from WICB (1% 0f WICB Revenue) once this new agreement remains.

As indicated in our earlier correspondence, the reduction is unacceptable and as one of our members put it “it is ridiculously insane” when one considers the massive cuts based on the information we have received:

1)      Our Test/ODI/T20 fees have been decreased by 75%

2)      No compensation for the use of our rights. That has been decreased by 100%

3)      Our ICC fees have been decreased by close to 100%

Perhaps Mr. Hinds, the confusion of the plethora of positions that you occupy being Chairman of Selectors for Jamaica Senior team, a Board member of the Jamaica Cricket Association and the dual role of President and CEO of WIPA have in some way contributed to the confusion or perhaps being a member of the same club as Mr. Cameron in some way may have clouded your judgment.

Photo: WIPA president Wavell Hinds (right) is congratulated Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) president Lyndel Wright (left) while WICB president Dave Cameron looks on. The event was the opening of the WIPA office in Jamaica last month. (Courtesy WIPA)
Photo: WIPA president Wavell Hinds (right) is congratulated by ex-Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) president Lyndel Wright (left) while WICB president Dave Cameron looks on.
The event was the opening of the WIPA office in Jamaica last month.
(Courtesy WIPA)

However, we as players who are paying members of WIPA demand that proper representation is required. We wish to make it very clear that should the players be forced to take matters into their own hands, we will not hesitate to take the appropriate action as see fit. We will hold you and the WIPA Board who support this process liable.

Mr. Hinds, the players have raised some further questions that remained unanswered:

1) Have the WICB Board members and staff taken a pay cut as we are being asked to do or at all. Our information is that staff has been increased both in numbers and their salaries.

2) Have the WICB declared their million dollar television deal

3) Have the WICB declared how much they are being paid extra for the matches outside of the FTP like this India tour.

4) Have the WICB declared what they are getting from the sale of CPL to Digicel our most lucrative tournament.

5) Have the WICB declared what they are getting from Digicel as the team sponsor.

6) Have they declared their financial arrangements with Governments for the international and regional home series.

We wish at this stage to once again reiterate our position as a way forward, let us continue under the old structure until we are able to properly negotiate a fair and reasonable agreement in the best interest of West Indies cricket.

This in our view is a sensible approach since it would give us players an opportunity to have an input, seek the necessary advice and put our house in order. We have articulated this position to Mr. Richardson, Mr. Pybus and Mr. Lloyd who all understand our position.

It is without question that we want to see West Indies cricket rise again and we are very committed to that process, but the way it is being done is most unfortunate and unacceptable.

Photo: West Indies players (from left) Dwayne Bravo, Darren Bravo and Chris Gayle. (Courtesy AP)
Photo: West Indies players (from left) Dwayne Bravo, Darren Bravo and Chris Gayle.
(Courtesy AP)

We believe we are being hoodwinked and are being treated like little school boys, yet we are being asked to perform and play as professionals.

We appeal for good sense to prevail and that you, who have a responsibility until such time that you hold the position as President and CEO to act in all the players’ best interest.

We look forward to hearing from you later today.


The WI Cricket team

(The relevant parties)

West Indies cricket team: Dwayne Bravo (capt), Dwayne Smith, Lendl Simmons, Darren Bravo, Marlon Samuels, Leon Johnson, Darren Sammy, Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Denesh Ramdin, Sulieman Benn, Jason Holder, Ravi Rampaul, Kemar Roach, Jerome Taylor.

West Indies Cricket Board: Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron (president, Michael Muirhead (CEO).

West Indies Players Association: Wavell Hinds (president).


Editor’s Note: Click HERE for why the West Indies players are up in arms with WIPA.

And HERE to read West Indies’ second letter which agreed to play the opening ODI but demanded the resignation of WIPA president Wavell Hinds and a renegotiation of their MOU.

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  1. But Gerard, sooner or later the truth will come out and we will all see who are the villains…..on another note WI teams are always competitive in the 50 overs and T20 it is test cricket over the 5 days we have problems with

  2. Hassan C Araujo, of course the representatives must keep their members apprised of what is going on…in fact, the negotiating team would normally be operating on the basis of a mandate approved by its membership. I really do not know the details of how/whether WIPA kept their members informed along the way, but as far back as September 18 (I think) the new deal was announced publicly. Accordingly, it seems passing strange that the issues would not have been raised (and addressed) much earlier than yesterday (or October 04). As I keep saying, hopefully the truth will emerge sooner rather than later and all will end well for the sake of West Indies Cricket.

  3. Yes but the representatives must inform the membership of what is going on and according to these players who are in India now they were not informed…..

  4. Agreed, Colin Benjamin, and the previous CBA/MOU was an unmitigated industrial relations disaster for West Indies Cricket, at least in my opinion. It was ill considered and seriously unbalanced in many respects – hopefully, the new arrangement is a better one for all stakeholders.

  5. Yes Hassan C Araujo, but remember that “union members” elect their representatives based on democratic criteria and that sometimes means that the minority will not always get what they want.

  6. Agreed, Lasana, the proof of the pudding is yet to come. Suffice it to say though that our Team came up trumps today and played like true professionals against a top team. In my view, they have also greatly enhanced their own negotiating leverage based on their professionalism, firstly in playing the game and secondly via their performance. That of itself is a far cry from the past where we have had mediocre performances and unprofessional approaches from many while demanding the moon and the stars. Dare we hope that at last, despite the hiccups, we are heading in the right direction?

  7. Nobody really knows what up to date because of the understandable silence coming from the WICB/WIPA. But until proven otherwise, Mr Hinds is certainly looking bad here.

    That MOU stuff has been the elephant in the room of windies cricket for a long time, hence all the WICB/WIPA wars in the past. So if the players sense something wrong, until they are also proven otherwise – their concerns have to be taken very seriously.

  8. Gerard, it seems you are get your panties in a wad, buddy… didn’t you read the disclaimer about the joke?

  9. If the players lost all their image rights and sponsorship perks, would that figure not be probable though Gerard Emile Zatopek Pinard?

  10. By the way, the WICB is asking for sacrifice from the players, who on the WICB is taking a pay cut?. Shouldn’t they lead by example?

  11. Sometimes strife brings a team together for a one-off triumph. But long-term success would need to be built on something more than that.
    Remember India would also have been wondering if the game was on and what players they would face.
    They would be better prepared mentally for the next ODI. And, if the WI players are still not satisfied with their contract then, they might be a bit deflated.
    So fingers crossed.
    I’m not able to follow everything from Gerard Emile Zatopek Pinard and Mark Pouchet. But it looks a great tete-a-tete that is capturing all the angles! 🙂

  12. Mark, don’t get your panties in a twist bro, as I said before I do not believe it to be true that the players have had their “salary” cut by 75% at all, and have seen absolutely no evidence that this is factual. And don’t be too concerned about my own past role in the negotiations…as long as my clients are happy then so am I.

  13. Gerard …..maybe my analogy was off a bit a misstep…….WICB is in this plot with WIPA and this is how the players see it……union members dont like to see things taken out of agreements and nothing beneficial to them put in…..

  14. I did not claim that, the players did ….refer to October 4th letter , and I wonder if you would be joking if somebody cut your salary by 75 per cent…..Disclaimer : THIS IS A JOKE, OK?: Gerard, if the WICB paid you on the basis of your successor lack of with negotiations with Ramnarine…..

  15. But somebody is not telling the truth, as I said from the outset.

  16. And if so I agree that is unacceptable…but I’m not about to accept everything said by anyone at this point as gospel eh.

  17. Gerard, The WI players are still to hear from WIPA and president Hinds, about their issues raised in the October 4th letter

  18. Disclaimer: THIS IS A JOKE, OK?
    If it is true as Mark Pouchet has claimed that the West Indies players had their earnings cut by 75%, then today’s magnificent performance is proof positive that it was a great decision. Let’s cut back a likkle more and see if we can win the entire Series nah.

  19. And appears not to have been entirely straightforward with them

  20. Natural Mystic, I wouln’t want to say that Hinds is such, but he certainly seems to have been on a different page from the WI players

  21. Hinds is either a dunce or he taking a lil thing at the side

  22. I am still waiting to hear from the other 95% of WIPA’s membership what are their views on the new CBA/MOU. If they are not happy about it, then WIPA does have a serious problem indeed. I guess we will soon find out.

  23. Hassan C Araujo, your simplistic analogy is really not worthy of a comment eh, but I will indulge you this once. Surely you will appreciate that this entire brouhaha is between a group of players and their representative body (WIPA), though some would be happy to drag WICB into it. I would suggest that a more relevant analogy would be if the CAL Pilots were to mount a revolt against their own recognised majority union, TTALPA. Don’t you agree? And…be careful what you ask for eh, you might just get it.

  24. By the way, Gerard, what does institutional strengthening mean and how exactly do they account to the WICB for this “institutional strengthening”?

  25. Mark….Dinanath soon come back to head WIPA …just wait and see

  26. The move towards improvement should also be reflected in an improvement of how the players are dealt with. The players are obviously not on the same page as WIPA and so this movement forward can not be progressed if the current issues between the WIPA and the players are dealt with properly.

  27. Gerard it is a straight case of employers vs employees……like the pilots vs CAL…just like that

  28. There’s no disputing also that the WICB’s at times inept management also contributed heavily to the state of our cricket, but we must resist the urge to broad brush every move towards improvement as some sinister plot on the part of the Board to deny the players their just rewards.

  29. Yes I did, Mark Pouchet, more than two years ago and as a result I probably have had a good look at the finances and how they were distributed at that time. That is probably responsible, at least in part, for the state of our cricket over the years. At the time, the Board’s focus was on restoring some level of equity between the potential earnings of the “senior” players and those of the territorial and other First Class players, so that there would be a steady ‘pipeline’ of talent encouraged to emerge via the Territorial Boards. It’s no secret that there was a huge imbalance between the two groups at that time and, further, there was no real performance-based compensation system to reward excellence rather than mediocrity (or worse). It seems to me that both WIPA and WICB have reached an agreement on the way forward that both believe to be in the best interest of West Indies Cricket overall, which is what we should all be seeking.

  30. Gerard, I agree and for the purpose of full disclosure for the benefit of people on this thread , we should also disclose our relationship to this story. I am a reporter for the Trinidad Express who has covered the issues involved as part of my duties but I have never been paid by the WICB, WIPA or the WI players in any capacity. I believe you worked as on the WICB negotiating team at some point

  31. Gerard…your mantra seems to be WICB good and Players greedy and selfish……

  32. Institutional Strengthening, as has been done in the past. You should know that, Mark Pouchet. Is it too much to expect at least one or two journalists to delve beyond the usual trite “WICB bad, Players good” mantra?

  33. I hope you also want an investigative journalist to also find out what WIPA received US$500,000 for

  34. Waiting for an investigative journalist to find out who wrote the letter that Dwayne signed….

  35. Whose comments, Mark Pouchet? WICB’s?

  36. Check the comments under the WICB release

  37. But Mark Pouchet, your slip is showing…to what “WICB attempts to paint them as money-hungry, mercenary people only interested in fattening their pockets” are you referring? Seems to me that the Board has been careful to stay out of WIPA’s internal affairs in this matter. Some folks just don’t want our cricket to go anywhere it seems.

  38. Happy for the victory today, and hope that there will be more to come as the players focus their efforts on the field.

  39. Gerard, like you getting flashbacks of a familiar face lol

  40. Indeed Mark Pouchet, this was an excellent effort considering the strike talk etc & its the kind of performance that I’ve generally believed this talented group of player should be doing more consistently ever since they won the T20 world cup.

    This post Tendulkar era India team continues to look average, all year they have been beaten badly by N Zealand, S Africa & England. This game shows shows a windies team playing to full potential, can easily will all series on this tour.

  41. Perhaps WIPA learned negotiation skills from Watson Duke?

  42. Oh yes, glad the players took the field and galloped to victory to neutralise the WICB attempts to paint them as money-hungry, mercenary people only interested in fattening their pockets. Well they dealt with business on the field. Now they will professionally deal with issued off it.

  43. Mark my words Ramnarine on his way back to head WIPA……..

  44. Who is the familiar face you speak of, Gerard?

  45. Even if they do not strike, I can’t see them having confidence in him after this .

  46. Wavell Hinds has undone what Ramnarine has fought so hard and at times bitterly for !

  47. Dear Wavell: The full letter from the West Indies cricket team demanding Wavell Hinds’ immediate resignation and directing the WICB that WIPA no longer has the players’ support

  48. When the smoke finally clears, don’t be surprised to learn that a familiar face is lurking behind all of this….Backward ever forward never yes.

  49. It seems like good sense has prevailed. Rally ’round the West Indies, now and forever!

  50. I agree on both points Fulton. If the players strike, he has to do the honourable thing and resign. Because he would have failed the WICB AND the players.

  51. West Indies cricketers refuse to play ODI; confusion in India as WICB, WIPA and players at loggerheads over controversial new contracts

  52. I can’t see Wavell Hinds surviving this.

  53. I can’t see how I could be negotiating on behalf of someone or a group and that someone or group isn’t fully aware of what I am proposing to the other side and what I have eventually decided except after the fact. It does not make sense.

  54. Mark Pouchet, I am not dodging your point about a 75% decrease…I simply do not believe that it is true.

  55. And WIPA come out rel noce in this deal boy.They getting US $500, 000 from the WICB….somebody was talking about sellout early…(whistling in the wind)

  56. Sure but the fact is 20 workers were working for a certain salary before. So you still dodge my point about the 75 per cent decrease.

  57. Mark Pouchet, I’m sure you realize that WIPA does not represent only the top 15 or 20 players in West Indies Cricket, at least not any longer. It would be interesting to hear what ALL of WIPA’s membership has to say about the new arrangements.

  58. Gerard, if you negotiated for me and came back and told me we got a 76 per cent decrease, i would not wait until court to settle that issue 🙂

  59. The point is a 75 per cent decrease

  60. Those are my figures, should havw said that just as an example

  61. Now WIPA and Hinds have no choice but to release the full details of the CBA and MOU to the West Indian public

  62. But Gerard surely you are not saying if you were being paid 100,000 as your previous fee, that you would expect 25,000 at the end of a negotiation period
    …that could never fly in any other union in the world, they would have been fired forthwith

  63. Hmmmmmm, so what did WIPA agree to? Or rather why did they enter this MOU knowing that it was not in the best interest of the players?

  64. 115 regional cricketers will now benefit from having retainer contracts as a result of the new CBA/MOU, instead of a small group of so-called “elite” players getting very well paid regardless of their performance. Hmm…seems like a positive change to me.

  65. If WICB put $2 for a 10 year tour, WIPA doesnt have to accept it

  66. WICB has to save their blushes because they signed a bona fide agreement with the leader of the players’rep Hinds and WIPA.
    The issues are stemmimg from WIPA

  67. One would think that the WICB had turned a page and would move forward. But it is a wasted thought. Nothing has changed with the WICB !

  68. So wipa & wicb came up with a grand plan to pay the players less? Wow… Bravo should hire Watson Duke to help them with the strike. I would have said Kublalsingh but he’s currently busy.

  69. I understand, like WICB press releases, they are almost always self serving and well angled

  70. And Mark Pouchet, the quote above was taken from a WIPA Press Release eh.

  71. Wait ent the 2 Presidents is from Jamaica WIPA & WICB hmmmmm something smelling nasty

  72. There is clearly a need for some lessons here on Industrial Relations, Collective Bargaining and the status of a Recognised Majority Union. I suspect that these will be forthcoming in the days ahead, but it’s high time that the tail stop wagging the dog!

  73. As soon as Ramnarine step out of WIPA the foolishness started again. The players will not boycott just so.

  74. An article is not proof by the way, the West Indies people need to get the breakdown and the timeline of the players and WIPA interaction with their president and how that led into the now controversial signing of the CBA and MOU with the WICB

  75. The previous CBA/MOU was clearly not working in the best interest of West Indies Cricket and change had to come. It would be interesting to hear the views of ALL of WIPA’s members on the new arrangements that provide the means for engaging over 100 players on retainer contracts rather than just the senior players. I suppose time will tell, but the direction seems strategically sound to me from what I have heard and read.

  76. Everybody gonna fly to cover their ass on this but hopefully the facts will come out

  77. Clearly, the players don’t feel WIPA represented them in this matter.

  78. “The Secretary went on to explain how this was achieved through the sacrifice made by some of its members for the benefit of their fellow cricketers – and had high praise for the gesture.
    This is a true example of players understanding the concept of the “greater good”. Our executive made a presentation to our AGM in February, which spoke to one of the ways in which these new retainers could be funded. It involved allowing the WICB to reallocate about $2.3 million which represented amounts paid annually only to those cricketers who were selected to the senior WI team”, he said. “This amount was paid to WI senior team members for the use of their image rights during the course of each calendar year and was based on a figure of $35,000 for each day of cricket played.
    Lewis explained that during the meeting, players who were likely to be affected expressed a willingness to make the sacrifice, provided that WIPA’s executive made every effort to ensure that the shortfall in their accustomed annual earnings created by their action was made up through the negotiation of increased payments from their other revenue sources.” – Excerpt from an article on WIPA’s website.

  79. Let’s all chant the mystic mantra . All yuh ready? …..”Dinanath,Dinanath,Dinanath”
    Repeat 5,000 times.

  80. WIPA get buy out…. Well yes ah weak lol

  81. Surely, we are better than this latest episode but when the ghosts of mistrust peek their heads in the deal, the results can be dire

  82. Lol! West Indies incompetence exposed to the world
    ….yet again somebody has to step in to save the day for us

  83. The most funny, disturbing and potentially embarrassing rumour I heard since this story drop from my India media friends is that Mahendra Dhoni has stepped in to help ease the situation.

    He offeried to help raise or is asking the BCCI to find the money the Windies players claims has been cut short to them, just so that a full strength WI team can play.

  84. Gerard Emile Zatopek Pinard, my information is that it isn’t an elite bunch of dissenters at all.
    They asked the A team to play in their place. Almost the entire A team refused.

  85. Would it be illegal if they refuse to play knowing that WIPA is their union who signed the MOU on their behalf?

  86. Just when I was beginning to pick my jaw up from the ground trying to comprehend the earlier player vs board conflict with Kevin Pietersen vs England – this Windies madness appears.

    Cricket at times can seem the most stupid sport in the world, they player vs board conflicts that happen worldwide in this cricket is crazy at times.

  87. I agree with you Mark…..all will be revealed in time…..maybe tomorrow….lol

  88. I think your source is oversimplifying the issue and making a facile argument to the “elite” players wanting to keep the lion’s share of the resources. That sounds like a WICB PR angle and we both know how these communications wars have been waged and are conducted. The major issue is if Mr Hinds consulted and got approval for the agreement for the new CBA and MOU from the players and his own WIPA directors and executive…..All will be revealed but it will be revealed to each side’s posturing which normally cloudies the waters of what is fact and truth and what is not.

  89. My sources tell me that the “elite” players are insisting on a guaranteed fee structure as obtained in the past rather than the one based on performance/merit that was agreed in negotiations by WIPA and WICB. Also, that these same players prefer to keep the lion’s share of the spoils to themselves rather than allow the financial resources to be spread across the region to promote development at the territorial board level. Hopefully, all will be revealed soon.

  90. As I said, somebody (either WIPA or the Players) is not speaking the truth…time will tell, I suppose, but it’s deja vu for me.

  91. Oh laaaaaard….. Way ramnarine? We need a real union leader. Lewwe c what that scab Sammy will do. Wavell. Hinds is not up to the job.

  92. Ey Mark he negotiated with home boys…..

  93. They are not signing the contracts, match may not come off

  94. Mr Hinds also showed a high level of incompetence in entering into an agreement and not engaging the services of an attorney at law to advise him and his body

  95. Meanwhile, I hope that Bravo and his team focus their attention on improving their performance in tomorrow’s match after those two defeats by India ‘A’ in the warm-up matches.

  96. Some players will get as little as US$7000 for the tour , a significant decrease from what obtained previously

  97. Jamaicans in charge of both WICB and WIPA……I think

  98. It is now apparent, Emile, based on the players letter, that players werent consulted, other board members also were not consulted and that the terms of the MoU and CBA were never discussed with same.Mr Hinds has, in the first instance a lot of explaining to do

  99. Somebody not telling the truth

  100. Somebody (either the players or WIPA) is not being truthful, it seems.

  101. “The newly- signed CBA / MoU has already gone a long way toward achieving this with the following increases guaranteed for players centrally contracted by the WICB:
    · Annual Retainer Contracts – 20% increase across all categories
    · Match Fees (FTP matches) – 15% increase across all formats of the game
    · Match Fees (ICC Events) – 300% more than the increased FTP match fees”.

  102. All will be disclosed ,once the strike begins….hahahahahahaha

  103. Savitri, I do not have the insider details on the new agreements, but from what I have read WIPA claimed that the “seniors” were consulted and were in agreement with the new terms. As I said, we will see…what happened in the past is that the agreements were extremely lopsided in favour of the few “elite” cricketers, with little left afterwards for development at the territorial and club levels.

  104. WICB dont disclose anything just like some big companies …they lie a lot about it…

  105. If WIPA did not consult with the membership then they are wrong and I mean everyone…..maybe WIPA sidestepped the seniors

  106. Gerard, you have some inside info to share with us? Appears to me (from the article) that they weren’t consulted on anything at all including match fee reduction. Has the WICB really accounted for all their income?

  107. What a shambles! WIPA is the recognized bargaining agent for all West Indies players and has the authority to collectively bargain on their behalf. WIPA therefore has full authority to negotiate and sign the new CBA/MOU on behalf of the players, which apparently is what was done. What remains unclear, however, is whether WIPA sought from its individual membership their views on the agreement reached, in order to ensure that the binding agreement meets with the favour of the majority of its members. If I were to hazard a guess, it would be that the relatively small group of “elite” senior players are objecting to the terms of the new agreement since it seeks to spread the benefits across a wider group of players than was previously the case. If so, it is a straight case of selfish greed on the part of a few. I guess we will see.

  108. Well there is an ODI tomorrow and it may not play

  109. Well, I thought that would be a good starting point for the discussion….no? I wish they go on strike now, Narine issue, now this…hmm

  110. Not even the players know…..lol….all they know is that they are getting considerably less money

  111. So, does anyone know what was signed between WIPA and WICB?

  112. Lorse they cud treat these ppl bad

  113. Will follow up on this tonight or at least by morning.

  114. Seems poor administration is universal in the Caribbean.

  115. I bet this series not going to be played

  116. Narine dont need to play India right now ,they could payoff the umpires to call him for suspect action again…..World Cup around the corner and it gives him a chance to go get tested……

  117. I also think it’s bullsh*t dropping Narine from the team. Some hidden agenda somewhere. Same ole shit different day.

  118. Nobody else does follow cricket?

  119. I thought people used to say Ramnarine was the source of confusion in WI cricket……well, well

  120. About time. They full ah sh*t all ah dem.

  121. Barvo and his pile of 20/20 millionaires should just stop playing for the West Indies. They’re a waste of time. No one believes WIPA negotiated cuts from 75% to 100% for fees and rights. This letter just rings frivolous.

  122. well look ting yaw!
    been saying this for some time now: the WICB is playing a very shifty game with the money.