Tears of a clown: Anil’s resignation letter and the PM’s response

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Anil Roberts resigns as Sport Minister and MP but admits no wrongdoing in Life Sport programme.

To: Honourable Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar,

I write to you today with a heavy heart to inform you of my desire to resign as Minister of Sport and as Member of Parliament for D’Abadie/ O’meara with immediate effect, based on the inexplicable public furore that continued unabated based on misinformation in the public domain.

Photo: Former Sport Minister and MP Anil Roberts.
Photo: Former Sport Minister and MP Anil Roberts.

It is quite unfortunate that I’m forced into this position because I don’t want to have a negative impact upon my team, the People’s Partnership Government.

Having done absolutely no wrong whatsoever, having not been mentioned not even once in a flawed Central Audit Report, in which the Auditors at the Ministry of Finance deviated from the Audit norms, by not allowing the relevant departments in question to respond to their findings and thus allowing to enter into the public domain an erroneous report.

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However, I fully accept that politics has a morality of its own and that the truth is not always sought.

Finally, the claims by so called scribes that the Westminster system dictates my resignation, couldn’t be further from the truth for the Westminster system posits that a Minister’s resignation is unwarranted when departments under his portfolio over which he exerts no direct control nor Ministerial authority operate ultra vires to good cooperate governance practices.

That being so, I acknowledge the unjustified political pressure being placed upon your good self and your Government. Consequently, I offer you my resignation with immediate effect from all portfolios to allow your Government the freedom to serve the people without hindrance.

I must say, that I am proud of my performance over the past four years as Minister of Sport and Member of Parliament.

I do believe I have served the people of my constituency and my beloved country to the best of my ability.

May God bless you and your Government in the future.
Yours truly
Anil Roberts
Minister of Sport
Member of Parliament for D’Abadie / O’meara

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

Press statement by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar:

I continue to be disillusioned, disappointed and distressed by the level of deception and dishonesty associated with the well intentioned Life Sport programme.

The background is well known. At the hint of corrupt practices, I immediately ordered that the initiative be switched to the Ministry of National Security and instructed an independent audit be conducted.

After the findings of this audit were made available, I instructed that the report be sent to the Acting of Commissioner of Police, the Integrity Commission, the Head of the Public of the Service and the DPP for consideration.

But even as we await the finding of these independent institutions on the matter, the usual duties of the Minister of Sport are being burdened with the mounting controversy and questions surrounding the LifeSport programme.

I have allowed due process to occur, I have demonstrated patient allowance for all sides of the story to be heard through an independent audit.

I have given careful consideration to the rapidly emerging issues and have resisted quick judgment and rash decision.

The election of this government has changed the political landscape. The expectation of the public that something will be done when wrongs are committed in public office are (sic) now the hallmarks of good governance.
Consequently, I have decided to accept the offer of resignation as Minister of Sport from Mr Anil Roberts.

Further, I have advised His Excellency, the Acting President of Trinidad and Tobago, Timothy Hamel-Smith that with effect from today Thursday July 31st 2014 in accordance with the provisions of section 3 (9) and 79 (1) of the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago that the appointment of Anil Roberts as Minister of Sport be revoked and that Dr Rupert Griffith be assigned the responsibility for Ministry of Sport in addition to his present duties as the Minister of Science and Technology.

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  1. Warning: Undefined variable $userid in /www/wired868_759/public/wp-content/plugins/user-photo/user-photo.php on line 114

    There is a case for that as well.

  2. Was it MP for toco sangre grande roger boynes called in a media house’s talk show and basically fired Anil? Anil joined the media thereafter tried to pull down the pnm and questioned Calder hart about the meaning of national colors. He got into govt and recently tried 2 pull the same national colors from red steel over some butt people say. Govt buff him through the media and his replacement is another Mp for toco sangre grande!
    You say, “Politics has a morality of its own.” More like, cosmic ironic morality. I hope you found time in between looking like an ass and waiting to get the boot, 2 pull your own boot out of your arse and kick yourself with it.
    You told ttcb, ttfa, Harford not a red cent, blah blah blah; monitored them like a hawk, then say people under you, are responsible for a missing 34 mil and you knew nothing?
    You continued, only just managing, to stick your big head where nothing bigger than a swollen red nose is supposed to fit in e-v-e-r-y-t-h-I-n-g. The seat covers in my lil car have shed more tears for sport than you have. You have almost wrecked mass sport in T&T and Harford’s reputation in the process.
    Imagine, “done no wrong whatsoever!” The resignation letter did not even refer to the political party you are a member!
    “I write with heavy heart!” More like heavy draws, cuz you clearly ‘shit the bag’ on this one too. Now your political career is over, possibly your media, bad pr for your business, the ex lookin better than how u left her; is your life now a meaningless waste??
    As Minister you sucked as a pageant promoter, sucked as a social worker, I’ve never met you but you seem to suck as a person and according to you…you suck as a big thief too! I hope for your sake there are are more things besides an orange you can suck. Keep in mind that Dwayne is an all rounder!
    I cannot begin to insult you for the damage you have done, even perhaps to your own self! insulting you would be an insult to my own intelligence as I consider myself to have very little to none. Why have you bought out all the bolts of polka dot cloth in this country? Why?
    You are getting a better deal on stripes for 34 milllion. Be proud buddy. Why cry?

  3. well friends i am signing out on anil unless some thing dramatic happens,then my comments will be submitted. nothing will come of this. past history shows the prosecution will be outgunned and over matched. Qc don’t come cheap. The learned gentleman had enough time to cover his tracks. this investigation calls for a forensic investigation,my doubts that Linquist has not delivered despite the handsome of money expended. not one successful prosecution. the losers are the people of Trinidad and Tobago. the taxpayers have to foot the bill for corruption.

  4. So is the police not taking into consideration that he was forced to resign due to corruption? The police are supposed to charge him aren’t they?

  5. He is a Bandit ,not to mention a big waste of time…if he had nothing to do with the millions that missing y resign??? fight for the integrity of your office and investigate who thief all the money

  6. the game of musical chairs continues ,all this make me remember nursery rhymes ,there is a brown girl in the ring ,she looks like sugar,fa lala

  7. Member he said he’s soft and felt to cry after the parliament. Well he shedding them now

  8. What an ass especially when u take into consideration the individuals he took to task prior to 2010. Mr x sports minister u r accountable to the people if this country for the slush fund that somehow u knew nothing about, and u were supposedly in charge of! Kindly explain this to the people of TNT !

  9. Who told you I haven’t already been writing the PM’s speeches for years?!

  10. Tears of a clown indeed – the circus leader is Queen Mamala!


  12. Ok – I thought about it and I have decided that the only possible explanation is that Mr. Live Wire wrote the letter to Anil as a joke and he then used it. Either that or Live Wire is moonlighting on the side as a political writer. The satire, inane excuses, insulting people’s intelligence. .. It has all the trademarks of Mr. Live Wire’s style.

    I an therefore calling on Wired868 to ask the PM to commission a report on the matter so we can all sleep better at night knowing that her crack(ed) team is on the case.

    Lasana Liburd – you know what to do.

  13. Good riddance that’s what I’m talking about

  14. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Got much more house cleaning to do in so little time that’s left.

  15. But but but…of course the Central Audit Report is flawed…it didn’t call out the Line Minister or the Minister of Finance.

  16. Kendall Tull it is the actual letter. CNews reports it verbatim

  17. The worst government in this nation’s history. every law has been broken ,tabla head mohamed ,section 34 ,the longest acting commissioner ,name it and it will fall in line most corrupt ,the eat ah food mentality

  18. Debbie, I guess my explanation above is not clear. The GE is constitutionally due in May, so a by-election cannot be held in the 12 months. A caretaker MP can be appointed by the COP, who Anil Roberts represented in 2010. Hoe this is clearer

  19. Albert Edwards, did you notice your mistake? “We have a pussy doctor as the minister of education.”
    I think you meant to delete “doctor” but forgot.

  20. in all my years, this beats the cake. anil is the most bold face person who i have met and seen. the guy just does not give a dam to any one but himself. With that kind of attitude, persistent denials, he is just an embarrassment to the nation. my contention he should have been dismissed. all this is just a ploy to divert people’s attention from the issues affecting the nation.

  21. Anil should not have been elected in the first place, from early he started showing his true self, apparently he was spoken too, and he became quiet for awhile, he has worked himself back to where he belong.

  22. I always thought Anil comical but he beat out Bill Maher and Errol Fabien with this one.

  23. hahahahahah allyuh not easy but at least allyuh right

  24. Sigh and I was just about to say Mr. Live Wire went too far with that letter

  25. we have a pussy doctor as the minister of education

  26. Lance Noel i am in exile self declared political exile when these jokers are removed from officers i will then come home and weather the years,soon as elections are declared will be there to lend support

  27. Have you heard some of our present parliamentarians?

  28. The boy cannot even speak properly in the public domain

  29. Albert Edwards,with this government ,ability is not a prerequisite.Daren Ganga is a supporter of the PP.At the launch of Ganga’s cricket coaching DVD last week,the minister of education said that each school in the country will have a copy.Care to calculate an approximate cost for this?

  30. Kendall Tull and Debbie Espinal, I was just coming on to say that I planned to satirise Anil. But he beat me to it. Mr Live Wire didn’t write that letter.

  31. Soooooooooooo leh meh get this straight HE is clean but his department (the one HE created) is corrupt and deceptive and his lack of knowledge makes him innocent??? look na Trinidad doh play dotish fuh me here na…. Stewwppssss #anilstayawayfromweedyumakingitlookbad…

  32. I really could have sworn LiveWire made up that letter as a satirical piece. Wow. Would have been comedy except for the kidnap of both our money and our sport under this man.

  33. Griffith is Tertiary education and now Sport.

  34. okay I forget that there are two griffiths WHew could not stick it if GG had another ministry

  35. Paragraph from the Express article Leslie:

    Minister of Science and Technology Dr Rupert Griffith has been assigned the responsibility for the Sport Ministry in addition to his present duties, she said. Persad-Bissessar made the statement at the post-Cabinet media conference, held on the 18th floor of the San Fernando Teaching Hospital, Chancery Lane, San Fernando.

  36. Rhoda, I think she mean Rupert (RG) not Gary (GG). Leslie, Sport (temporary) and I think minister in Science and Technology.

  37. Yes due to pressure and it would seem as though the wool has been pulled off of the public’s eyes Anil had to resign not fired which I honestly believe more heads should have rolled. My problem with this and others….NO one gets prosecuted be it by the DPP or the ruling party nor will it ever be done by the incoming Government. It’s similar to a Lodge. We look after our own!! KPB is still saying her mantra of BS about good Governance. This isn’t over as tax payers 34 million is still in a bank account not the treasury.

  38. Im not aware that Griffith has two. I only know of Ministry of Insecurity.

  39. It is too real call in the clowns:)

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