Dutch party: Inspired R&R haunts Spanish champs on Friday 13th

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Spain football fans might one day log their 2014 World Cup adventure in a file titled: “How to lose a World Cup in five goals.”

Defending World Cup champions have made losing starts before; France lost 1-0 to Senegal 10 years ago and, 12 years earlier, Argentina was stunned 1-0 by Cameroon. But neither result was as emphatic as this 5-1 humiliation.

Spain could hardly have suffered a more crushing defeat if Ashworth Jack was head coach.

Photo: Netherlands forward Robin van Persie (left) celebrates with Netherlands' coach Louis van Gaal during their 5-1 dismantling of Spain. (Copyright AFP 2014/Lluis Gene)
Photo: Netherlands forward Robin van Persie (left) celebrates with Netherlands’ coach Louis van Gaal during their 5-1 dismantling of Spain.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Lluis Gene)

The Netherlands troops hid in the trenches and waited patiently for the chance to spring a forward pass to either of Robin Van Persie and Arjen Robben. And each time, Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas looked like a damsel surprised in her shower and looking frantically for a towel while a knife-wielding intruder made his mark.

God knows what the Dutchmen are capable of if Robin and Robben actually start passing to each other.

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Earlier, Mexico shook off a horrible qualifying campaign to deservedly defeat a Cameroon team that never really showed up. Mexico’s 1-0 win places “El Tricolor” second in Group A although Brazil coach Luis Scolari probably won’t lose much sleep about the host nation’s next two fixtures.

If Spain recovers, though, it will set up an intriguing second round match-up between the hosts and reigning champions.

Spain might fear that contest more than the “Samba Boys” on this evidence.

Brazil is the only South American nation that was never conquered by the Spanish Armada and coach Vicente Del Bosque’s record in Brazil now stands at one goal scored and eight conceded from its last two outings, which includes a 3-0 loss to the host team in last year’s Confederations Cup final.

Photo: Brazil-born Spain forward Diego Costa (left) tries to get his shot past Argentina-born Italy defender Gabriel Paletta. (Copyright AFP 2014/Dani Pozo)
Photo: Brazil-born Spain forward Diego Costa (left) tries to get his shot past Argentina-born Italy defender Gabriel Paletta in an international friendly.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Dani Pozo)

Del Bosque hired a Brazilian guide this time in the form of Chelsea-bound striker Diego Costa. And Costa did show the value of local knowledge with his Fred-esque tumble for Spain’s opening penalty.

But then an alert Van Persie header seconds before the halftime break and a Robben finish, seven minutes before the interval, swung the initiative.

Del Bosque responded by introducing attacker Pedro for midfield workhorse Xabi Alonso rather than decorative playmaker Xavi.

Not since Pink Panther’s “Misprint” did a tiny typo produce such uproarious results.

Xavi was as anonymous as Emmanuel George, the Minister of… Ahmmm, let me get back to you on that one. And Netherlands took full advantage with three goals and umpteen more chances in the following 16 minutes.

Headlines would no doubt claim the demise of “tiki taka.” In truth, tiki taka died a year ago when Barcelona was humiliated by Bayern Munich and Spain was ripped apart by the Selecao in the Confederations Cup final.

Photo: Spain's defender Gerard Pique (right) trips Brazil's forward Neymar during the 2013 Confederations Cup final in Rio de Janeiro. (Copyright AFP 2014/Christophe Simon)
Photo: Spain’s defender Gerard Pique (right) trips Brazil’s forward Neymar during the 2013 Confederations Cup final in Rio de Janeiro.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Christophe Simon)

Del Bosque has been walking around with a stiff for the past 12 months like the two dudes in “Weekend at Bernie’s.” There was no hiding from that fact on this Friday the 13th.

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    Just want to say if David Silva scored right before Van Persie wonder goal Spain’s up 2-0 and it’s a different game. Don’t right them off just yet. Lasana Liburd are you happy? Your new Manchester United coach look a good one

  2. Kirk A Inniss do you watch WI sports on a Sunday night or listen to Andre Baptiste’s I-Sports? I picked HOLLAND to BOTH beat Spain AND win the World Cup on those two shows…one aired 2 weeks ago the other last week..Lasana Liburd was also on the WI Sports program and can verify this, and my name is NOT Nobody lol

  3. Colin Benjamin unfortunately that article doesn’t suggest that tiki-taka is dead or that it means the decline of Barca/Spain. And I read the key points twice for good measure. I saw a suggestion that now teams (as expected) have developed or understand or evolved enough to not be consumed by the tactics that Barca/Spain employed earlier.

  4. The problem with Spam eh they are missing alyuh football God Messi ent and I didn’t know why he didn’t do like the Brazilian and give up his citizenship and play for Spain nah because that is the only way he wudda win any World Cup. Them really good yes.

  5. Mr. Live Wire didn’t include meh Brazilian team in the finals eh. Mr. Live Wire really good yes.

  6. I no expert nor trying to be & I don’t know if anyone was talking about it here on this wired868 forum – all I saying I’ve been hearing the suggestions about the death of tiki-taka/decline of Spain/Barca for a good few months now.

    This is one notable article from a major world football journalist – http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2014/may/01/the-question-is-this-the-end-for-tiki-taka-football

    And basically everything he said here, has come to pass

  7. Btw Prince loads of teams try to keep the ball. Only one percent of those can say they are trying to play tiki taka though. Real doesn’t play anything remotely resembling that.
    The closest to that philosophy might be Arsenal.

  8. We talking a lower level of rum talk than present government officials, but rum talk all the same:) Nobody seriously expected Holland to dominate Spain the way they did today. And nobody expects Holland to win the World Cup either. Therefore I am hardly impress with all the experts on Spain/Barca tactics, that now creeping out the woodwork. If this convo started yesterday morning, I would have been a believer instant, like coffee. But after the facts? Forgive me..

  9. Also ever since Puyol stop playing regularly beside Pique and he got his celebrity wife Shakira – his defending has gotten worse. Is their a connection here? Ha..

  10. Atletico won the La Liga and reached Champions League final. Barcelona won nothing and got nowhere.
    Barca had seven players used today and Atletico had one.

  11. Brian Springer can vouch for my selections as I made them on an Andre Baptiste program. My final eight was Holland v Ivory Coast; France v Germany; Spain v Italy and Argentina v Ghana.
    And an eventual Germany v Argentina final.
    But it already looks like Holland will top the group which changes things a bit. And I hope Cameroon didn’t set the tone for the Africa nations.

  12. Agreed. But if you add up their confed cup final loss to Brazil, Barca’s humbling champions league semi’s defeats in the last two seasons to Bayern/Atletico & Bara general struggles in La Liga this year – then this Holland defeat, is a continuation of this trend. Thus is a strong indication that the Barca philosophy, that Spain have used over the last 6 years of dominance is done.

    But as I mentioned before, they have other players in their squad that allows them to change to styles off the Madrid teams this year.

    The million dollar question however, is whether coach Del Bosque believes this and would drop the Barca contingent & change tactics.

  13. Well they have shown up but I want to see Germany play also Italy.

  14. Who here betting Holland going all the way to the football promise land? Who here believed that before today? I holding on..

  15. Well then the facts remain. Four years is a lifetime in football. Spain ia clearly not the same. But that result was not a clear indication that Spain simply done, just like it doesn’t prove Holland going home with the title. Holland had a great day at the expense of Spain. Basically..

  16. “Been sort of suggesting”:) That is like saying it have a politician, in office now, who may be caught in a lie tomorrow..

  17. i will say spain has lost there steam for a good while…..if people don’t wanna look at it as that then sorry!! and second.. i knew holland would have beaten then but like prince said!! not by 4 ………..!!the most spain will do is make it 2 the quarters if anyting buh nun further

  18. Obviously nobody predicted the extent of this result – but I watch ESPN FC basically every night & technically all season a few of their pundits, Tommy Smith, Craig Burley etc have been sort of suggesting Spain could loose to Holland & not come out this group for reasons already mentioned

  19. Friday the 13th – the day Tiki-Taka Football died a horrible death …

  20. Tomorrow’s prediction Columbia 2 Greece 1, Uruguay 2 Costa Rica 0. The big one. England 2 Italy 2

  21. True kirk A Inniss added to that it’s the same barca midfield that has no title this season, what are they going to do that’s different to win a world cup.

  22. I predicted holland winning! Not by 4 though

  23. And rum talk aside, show me one person or post that predicted such a one-sided result. Not one sport pundit saw this coming. Holland had a great day at the office, let’s not get besides ourselves thinking they have turned the entire competition on it’s head..

  24. Tiki taka must have an outlet. Spain at the moment have no strikers. Torres is lost, Costa adjusting, Fabregas is make shift and villa is fourth choice

  25. anyone who thinks spain is !! is in denial!!………spain demise has been consistent!!! i must say!!……i dont say spain going 2any finals

  26. But seriously. Holland was glorious today. But anyone who thinks Spain simply out the competition might as well buy a dozen eggs and pretend they have 12 chicken..

  27. Real Madrid keeps the ball against weaker opponents.

  28. Atletico and Real don’t play anything near to tiki taka on their best day regardless of the opposition.

  29. That is a good point. Del Bosque is extremely loyal to his players, which is why he still carries Torres and Villa around like good luck pendants.
    Time for him to get ruthless though.

  30. I wouldn’t go that far as Spain I think is still a force to reckon with. Don’t underestimate a wounded animal ppl.

  31. I made that same observation about bayern and barca. Truth is tiki taka has an output in Neymar and messi. Right now costa is trying to adjust and torres is no where to be found. David villa looks like fourth choice.
    So expect to see xavi, iniesta, alonso battered bruised and pressed hard by the teams that are capable. Tiki taka is dead, if barca could not muster any trophies this year with it, It’s hard to see the same guys lifting the world cup.

  32. It maybe the end of Spains dominance but not the wat they play. Athletico Madrid had an inspirational season. And Real Madrid only plays counter attacking football against teams they know will keep the ball better than them. Like Bayern, like Barca. And why not. You play to your personnel.

  33. One Spaniard saw this coming. Juan Carlos take in front and bus it before the corta-burro (cut-ass).

  34. “…Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas looked like a damsel surprised in her shower and looking frantically for a towel while a knife-wielding intruder made his mark.” Bwahahahah! Love it!

  35. Spain might just refuse to play any more matches on Friday 13th….

  36. And chilli waiting on them……

  37. the funeral is in Holland@la horquetta

  38. its the end of spain! cause they get buried to day !!!!! lmao!! !!! spain eh geting out with dat goal against them ratio lmao!!

  39. good read if Spain can escape with 2nd in the group then they vs Brazil in the Round of 16 should be another interesting viewing bearing in mind the Confederations Cup Final result

  40. Take that in alyuh mass ahhhhhhhhh ah weak lol

  41. why people acting like its the end of Spain or as if they have been booted from the world Cup? what i do know is that we wouldnt want to go down to goal difference with no one else lol

  42. Where is Spain funeral keeping…….. Anyone know ahhhhh haaaaaa lol

  43. loool. lmao!! i never laughed so hard at spain in my life!!! loll

  44. this brought tears to my eyes ..smh, nonetheless, lets go Spain

  45. It’s not over till its over. Remember 2010

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