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Moyes leaves Everton a four million pound tip

New Manchester United manager David Moyes finally pulled off a notable signing and it was arguably £4 million (TT$40) too much and a month too late.

Moyes always made his interest in his former Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini clear. And he could have him for the start of pre-season training since the Belgium international had a release clause of £23.5 million (TT$230 million) that expired on 31 July 2013.

Instead, Moyes let the clause expire and ended up paying the “Toffees” £27.5 million (TT$270 million) for Fellaini on transfer deadline day.

Photo: Manchester United manager and ex-Everton boss David Moyes. (Courtesy Adelaidenow.com.au)
Photo: Manchester United manager and ex-Everton boss David Moyes.
(Courtesy Adelaidenow.com.au)

Was it panic induced by incompetence? Or was there some other reason why Moyes allowed Manchester United to eventually pay £4 million more than the player’s value?

Perhaps the “Red Devils” should take their latest transaction to the ombudsman.

If Moyes’ stint in Manchester does not work out, he is surely qualified for a job at Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Sport; or a vice-presidential post in FIFA.

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  1. Lasana Liburd

    I suppose the eye-watering contracts Moyes handed to Nani and Wayne Rooney and his abysmal moves in the transfer market suggest that he wasn’t playing dumb when he overpaid for Fellaini. Go figure.

  2. Scotty Ranking

    As the immediate past manager of Everton, I find it strange that he did not use this knowledge of Fellaini’s contract clause to save his new employers 4 million pounds. Perhaps he was waiting to see if there were any other serious suitors for Fellaini; or perhaps he wanted to see how the Manchester United midfield performed before adding in another ingredient.

    Whatever the reason, that amount of money is nothing to sneeze at … Ask Anil! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!