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Anil’s ADD-ing problem

Sport Minister Anil Roberts offered to resign, with conditions, on the TV6 Morning Show on Tuesday. So far, so interesting. Not surprisingly, the problem lay in the thought process.

Roberts, who is also the D’Abadie/O’Meara MP, vowed to leave public office if a series of emails allegedly sent between the Prime Minister, Attorney General and other Cabinet members and advisors are proven to be genuine.

Photo: Let the Lady PM do her business, Sport Minister. And you do yours.
Photo: Sport Minister Anil Roberts (left) shows his respect and devotion for the Prime Minister. And to sport? Not so much.

“If it comes out to be genuine, I would resign within five minutes, five minutes of independent forensic expert stating categorically that those e-mails are genuine,” Roberts told Morning Show host Fazeer Mohammed.

Focus, Anil, focus. The reason you should walk the plank is because: you failed to account for over $12 million in taxpayers money to the Auditor General, the Ministry of Sport continuously fails to complete projects and cannot even maintain the stadia already under its care, your Ministry has created its own URP-type set-up with the scandalous Life Sport program and you and your Permanent Secretary insult the country’s athletes and pick fights with administrators while sporting bodies go unassisted.

Mr Live Wire thinks Anil should be responding to the Auditor General’s report that all but accuses his Ministry of fraud; not discussing emails that may or may not have been sent by the Attorney General.

Don’t fake ADD. Anil, you’re not IT. Stop trying to fool we; and do what’s best for T&T.

Sans humanité.

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  1. Well there we go!!!..Members from the Honourable Minister’s constituency are happy.

    I too have been observing that commuters at the ARIMA terminal at PTSC receive prompt service. Not waiting in long queues for an hour or so before leaving for their destination, like travellers to Chaguanas and San Fernando.

    And if I may venture into this arena that is Parliament, he puts up a brilliant and lively debate, certainly not pretentious and boring as some.

    Keep calm people.

    Claudette Ross

    • I for one would love to hear him put up “a brilliant and lively debate” about the Auditor General’s report and his failure to account for millions of tax payers dollars!!

  2. Here I am again,

    Any individual is entitled to his/her opinion. As for resigning..What does his constituents have to say about his performance as their MP?

    C Ross

    • I am no supporter of the ruling coalition but I must say that as a constituent our MP Anil Roberts has done more in my area than his predecessor. We got an additional basketball court and the existing one refurbished and outfitted with seating accommodation as well repaving of roads and a few exercise equipment.

      • Well I am not a member of his constituency but I am a tax payer and I want to know about the unaccounted millions. Talk nah Anil……or resign. Stop ranting and raving about emailgate and the firetruck and address your own “discrepancies”…

  3. Even if he had a little pinch of decorum i would try to find a reason why he should remain in his capacity as sport minister but it seems he don’t know the boundaries of his portfolio and his mouth. In my opinion having this braying jackass as part of anything renders it less credible, unless it be a shouting match. I rate him as the most unprofessional MP in the world, along with Tropical Bear…

  4. I well remember Anil beating the 2 million dollar Flag and the Minister like a GOOD FRIDAY Bobolee. He has come in and has done worse in my estimation, and answers to no one when questions are asked. I thought some one with a big mouth would have been willing to talk.