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Principal suspended for slapping standard three boy

A Rio Claro primary school teacher has been suspended and may face criminal charges after slapping a standard three student. The student, according to the Trinidad Guardian report, was allegedly struck with such force that the principal’s hand printed out on his face.

Medical officials, we cannot confirm, said the child got the “full Donna Cox treatment.”

Photo: You mean to tell me that Sir thought I wanted his political seat?
Photo: You mean to tell me that Sir thought I wanted his political seat?

Mr Live Wire understands that the principal’s enraged attack occurred while he was trying to show the young man the need for emotional control and self-discipline. Lesson delivered, sir.

Sources from the Education Ministry confirmed that, yes, corporal punishment is still forbidden.

The PNM, when contacted, probably did not say that these things happen at political screenings.

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  1. steupsssssssssssssss

    Yuh see, now this continues to be the problem in our society……the principal trying to let the child know that he should be in control of his emotions and be more disciplined and he himself unable to do it. So then what does he expect from a child when as an adult he can’t even master his own emotions and discipline himself. But you know that is human for you…..do as I say not as I do….so the lead by example thing is really not a practice it is just prate.