The Jack Warner story: Made in Trinidad and Tobago

EPL Infrafred Sauna

Chuck Blazer, former CONCACAF general secretary and chief financial officer, in Jack Warner’s authorised biography “From Zero To Hero”, which was written by Trinidad Guardian sport editor Valentino Singh.

“Jack (Warner) is a measure of reality for those who like bullshit.”

Photo: Fifa vice-president and TTFA special advisor Jack Warner (centre) chats with then Fifa president Joao Havelange (left) and Germany World Cup coach and captain Franz Beckenbauer.
(Copyright AFP 2014)

National Security Minister Jack Warner initially offered a trademark response to the latest and most deafening furore to engulf him in relation to his lack of restraint around other people’s money.

“I tell you on Friday when I reply to [Opposition Leader Keith] Rowley make sure you have a front row seat,” Warner told CNC3, “because I’ve been quiet on Rowley for far too long and the time has come now for me to go after Mr Rowley frontally.”

Exactly what did PNM leader Keith Rowley have to do with Warner’s 21-year stint as CONCACAF president and the Confederation’s subsequent investigation headed by former Barbados chief justice and attorney general Sir David Simmons?

Let FIFA, Warner said, worry about FIFA.

Photo: Former National Security Minister and FIFA VP Jack Warner (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar at the 2010 FIFA Women's Under-17 World Cup opening ceremony in Port of Spain. (Courtesy
Photo: Former National Security Minister and FIFA VP Jack Warner (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar at the 2010 FIFA Women’s Under-17 World Cup opening ceremony in Port of Spain.

It was a desperate and ultimately unsuccessful plea.

Trinidad and Tobago is believed to have a short attention span. Next Friday will be exactly seven days after the damning CONCACAF report.

Warner deduced that, if  he could ride the outrage out for that long, he might survive. He could not.

This evening, Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar announced Warner’s resignation but gave every indication that he was pushed. And the politician whose personal email address reads ‘dsurvivor2011’ was finished as a cabinet member.

It was in 2011 that Warner beat a hasty exit from FIFA in the wake of bribery allegations. He thought he could use his government post to survive but it proved to be the start of the end for the former history teacher.

Three years ago, then Integrity Commission chairman Eric St Cyr recommended that Warner choose between his government portfolio and his FIFA position. Had he left football then, the Chaguanas West MP might have avoided the fall-out with Blazer and FIFA president Sepp Blatter  and lasted the term as a cabinet member.

Photo: Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter (right) and then FIFA vice-president Jack Warner (left) pose with former Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan during the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Nigeria.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Pius Utomi Ekpei)

If Warner gave up his government post, he might have continued to benefit from the lax scrutiny afforded to most sporting administrators.

But, like Icarus, Warner was intoxicated with his own success and it was a matter of time before he flew too close to the sun.

It is ironic that after years of using his FIFA credentials to buy and bully Trinidad and Tobago citizens and, quite possibly, commit crimes within this country’s boundaries, it is the football body that sent him to his political grave.

Two years after his promised tsunami barely produced a ripple, Blatter had the last word and his new CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb pulled off a remarkably clean hit.

The FBI, in all likelihood, will be next in line for its pound of flesh.

But what does it say for Trinidad and Tobago that its Government, watchdog bodies and many of its citizens were so willing to bend over at even the promise of a sniff of Warner’s ill-gained wealth?

Photo: Former Honourable Ministers Anil Roberts (left) and Jack Warner were members of Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s People’s Partnership government.
(Copyright Trinidad Guardian)

What country is so morally bankrupt as to allow itself to be lectured to on matters of corruption by FIFA?

Warner was no aberration. He was a product of Trinidad and Tobago society; a larger-than-life amalgamation of all our worst qualities.

First Citizens Bank, with present Finance Minister Larry Howai as CEO, approved suspicious mortgages on his behalf. The Trinidad and Tobago Customs allowed ex-FIFA vice president Mohamed Bin Hammam to enter local soil with over a million US dollars cash and then looked the other way when close to two dozen Caribbean officials departed with US$40,000 each in envelopes.

Former President Maxwell Richards, Persad-Bissessar and almost everyone else stayed silent as 23 Chaconia medal recipients and World Cup 2006 players were cheated out of bonus payments promised to them.

Police and Fire officials did nothing as fans cheered on the Strike Squad in a shamelessly, over-packed death trap on 19 November 1989.

Photo: The Port of Spain National Stadium was well above capacity on 19 November 1989 when it hosted a World Cup qualifier between Trinidad and Tobago and USA.

According to Warner, these are all FIFA crimes that should be of no interest to the Prime Minister. And all aided and abetted by supposedly distinguished countrymen whom Warner understood better than they knew themselves.

Warner never tried to convince anyone of his innocence. He does not have a record for facing his questioners be they FIFA, CONCACAF or other investigators, Andrew Jennings, James Corbett or this reporter.

Stripped down to its bare nucleus, Warner’s argument has repeatedly been the same: Does this really affect you? Would it not be easier to look the other way?

For decades, the answer was ‘yes’.

Persad-Bissessar and then United National Congress Deputy Chairman Fuad Khan refused to probe Warner when Haiti accused him of stealing US$690,000 in aid money after its tragic 12 January 2010 earthquake that caused over 300,000 deaths.

Photo: Then CONCACAF and CFU president Jack Warner takes some cases of water to Haiti.
Haitian football authorities say Warner did not pass on money donated to them during the humanitarian crisis.
(Copyright CONCACAF)

Former Commissioner of Police Dwayne Gibbs and Police Service Commission (PSC) Chairman Ramesh Deosaran tried to abort police probes into the Minister’s role in the Bin Hammam bribery affair while present acting CoP Stephen Williams has displayed no stomach for this investigation.

Integrity Commission chairman Ken Gordon looks set to leave office with several files on Warner still in the to-do box.

Congress of the People (COP) founder Winston Dookeran, Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) leader David Abdullah, National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) Chief Servant Makandaal Daaga, former attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, ex-prime minister Basdeo Panday, Sport Minister Anil Roberts, Downtown Owners Merchants Association (DOMA) head Gregory Aboud and other prominent businessmen and, of course, the constituents of Chaguanas West all played dumb when it suited them.

From Daaga to Roberts to Persad-Bissessar, Warner spotted a trait that runs deep in Trinidad and Tobago. It can be summarised in two words: ‘Me first’.

Photo: Then Prime Minister Basdeo Panday (right) and Fifa vice-president Jack Warner walk off the field before kick off in an international friendly between Colombia and Trinidad and Tobago at the Orange Bowl in Miami on 8 September 1999.
T&T won 4-3, inspired by a Stern John hattrick.
(Copyright AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

Trinidad and Tobago, despite over 50 years as an independent nation, still appears too politically immature as a people to see the link between corruption and hardship; we seem unable to grasp that millions pocketed and wasted by politicians and their cohorts might have a direct relation to ill-equipped hospitals, unsafe roads, the loss of our gas subsidy,  inadequate basic services like water and, of course, the enduring crime scourge.

Warner knew a population inclined more to self-preservation than communal love would turn a blind eye to its neighbour’s suffering once someone felt there was a dollar in it for him. And he preyed on Trinidad and Tobago’s selfish streak for decades.

As Blazer sagely noted, Warner exposed Trinidad and Tobago’s safeguards for its sportsmen, supporters and taxpayers as bullshit.

He cheated footballers, bullied fans, manipulated auditors and ignored lawmen and the courts. Everyone was at the mercy of his greed.

Be good, sang American rapper Lil Wayne, or be good at it. Warner was very good at it.

Photo: Suspended Fifa vice-president Jack Warner is greeted by supporters shortly after his arrival at the Piarco International Airport on 2 June 2011.
Warner is battling extradition to the USA on corruption charges at present.
(Copyright AP Photo/Shirley Bahadur)

‘Together we aspire, together we are achieve’ became ‘when it suits me I will conspire, when it suits me I will deceive’ as Trinidad and Tobago hurtled down the international transparency index.

There will be a feeling of relief that Warner has finally left Cabinet. But he does not fall alone. He has never operated in a vacuum.

Warner is a product of Trinidad and Tobago. His departure is not the end of our society’s longstanding romance with corruption. But, if the two-island republic looks inward, perhaps his fall from grace might be the start of something more dignified for us all.


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About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd is the managing director and chief editor at and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. Lasana, i feel the passion in your writing. It is well written, fair and honest. Jack Warner must be held accountable for his actions not only to Fifa, Concacaf, Haiti et al but especially for his dishonesty in not paying the footballers. Keep up the good work my brother!!!!!!

  2. After the dust is settled and all is exposed- It is clear that the main person responsible for “outing” Jack Warner is

    Mr. Andrew Jennings-

    He trailed Warner from dusk to dawn from the East to west to North and to the south, asking the hard but very relevant questions-
    The Abuse He took from warner was well worth the end result-

    Trinbgonians should take offence to the way Warner treated Mr. Jennings and he should be made to pay. Mr. Jennings as a gentleman thus far has been and is beyond reproach in his investigative reporting. I was especially appalled when I saw him put his hands on Mr. Jennings and it does not stop there- he tells him to “go meet his mother”, knowing Mr. Jennings’ mother is deceased.

    This alone shows the vile and cantankerous attitude of Warner- A man that believes his ability to avoid detection over the years of en mas corruption entitles him to act “above the law.”… We have the PM of TnT and her Cabinet, who at all times and even now defend his atrocious and corrupt behaviour, to thank for that.
    What a country we live in- Where corruption and the corruptor are showered with love and adulation and the meek and humble are fed to the wolves…

  3. I see where you’re going with your comment- but this story and comments is not about anyone else but Jack Warner- What he had done has blithed the entire country- The one specific Act…..Stealing from Haiti- A nation suffering endlessly from a natural disaster and whom is our neighbour…..It’s like stealing from a baby!! and you know what- JW alone don’t get blamed- its the entire country…

    eg….”The people of Haiti was granted hundreds of millions of dollars, but most of it was filtered to Trinidad and Tobago by their Minister of National SEcurity, Jack Warner- Put that in your pipe!


    After reading this story on the Newsday – I hung my head in shame. The people of Chaguanas often complain about crime affecting thier community – They hold protests, burn tires and organize march against the criminal elements and for government to act – yet, they embrace and place on a pedestal, a man whom have singlehandedly stolen from them and the rest of the country- the only difference is that the People of Chag.W- have also benefitted from the funds he stole from them.

    How do we explain this situation to foreigners when they ask “why do your people support someone that has stolen hundreds of Millions of dollars from the tax payers, from the poor and devastated people of Haiti?

    One old woman was put up on stage to uplift JW and equated him with “hanuman” and other Hindi Gods- Even the “great” Sat Maharaj wore his blinders to edify JW and these are the very people that claim to be “community leaders” and call on the Name of God when they say they pray!

    These and other reasons is why God has turned his back on the Nation! A bunch of hyppocrites that never really worship God- at least not the spiritual God- but rather the almighty $$….

    Jack warner pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to Sat Maharaj in order to call himself an “African Hindu.”- You think Sat will Embrace Jack for free? Not a chance.

    Now the people of Chag. Have shamed all of the country by openly and publicly vouching and embracing a known Fraudster, Thief and white Collar Criminal.

    However, they alone cannot carry the blame- Our courts, our Judges are just as guilty….anyone “non powerful” citizen who blatantly disregards a Judges’ order is thrown in jail- even if it’s for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his children- Yet, an order was passed down for JW to produce several documents and ignored the judge- what was done? Nothing. Nada, Nunca.!!!!

    The S.34 Was crafted by JW, AR and Volney- However, the true aim of the s.34 fiasco was unknown to V and he was the ultimate sacrificial lamb in that affair.

    The fact is, JW throws his / our money around at Lawyers, Doctors, Sports men and women and most of all – Several Judges that sits in high places- The ministers like Moonilal and Anil Roberts are paid handsomely to maintain support for Jw- Jamal gets a huge chunk of change to use the media to anounce “We all support” the minister- You think they support for free? not at all, nada, nunca, nadie’…..

    That is why i’ve said many times before- our only hope for Tnt to get out from under this spell that Jw has cast with the millions he stole- is through our young people! Our young people are the savious of tomorrow; but, who will teach them? JW? Are we really gonna let him preach to our young people about morality and ethical standards? I sincerely hope not!

    The next one for the scandal to hit the fan Is Anil Roberts- That “Life Sport” program is corruption if you look it up in the dictionary! Groups of Muslims are being paid a stipend for “not attending” any of the programs! The Leaders (IMam’s) are paid $30 Grand a month for teaching young men how to steal, rape and murder” innocent people- And this is what Anil Roberts support…

    Anil is a dangerous man- if you go up against him and his corruption, he gives your name to the organizations and tell them “all yuh have a problem, and is all yuh have to deal with it”…what does that mean? You people come to your own conclusions!

    His entire staff in the Arima/O’MearaConstituency are stealing and forcing the poor to pay for squatting land, for food that was donated by businesses in the area….i’ve seen it first hand…..

    They have 30 Ghost Gangs in the Omeara Const. And is a female that is running the gangs- Quessa- She’s the second in command at that Const…..

    None of the current or past poltician are worthy of holding office- We have to get new blood- and our most honourable peole amongst us have to take the lead and provide leadership for our young people!!!

    Men like martin Daly who have the experience, the honour and the integrity, must stop talking and do something- They need to help organize and educate the young and the old- who are blinded by race and the texture of the hair!!!! We must change or people like JW and Anil Robets will change us!

  5. I think I will enlarge, print out and frame this piece of journalism. Warner should spend time in jail… along with Teixeira, Duprey, Harrinarine, Monteil, Galbaransingh, Fergerson, et al.

    What we allowed this man to get away with for so long, is just embarrassing and shameful. If I had money, I would pay for this article to be published in each of the daily newspapers.

    Please keep doing what you do, and do not ever let us forget. Thank you:)

    • WHat about calder hart , manning, landate man, ect, ect they can thief from t&t and walk free.

      • Thanks for your feedback, Ken. As a football writer of over a decade’s experience, I’m very familiar with Jack Warner and his wrongdoings over the years. The other names you mentioned do not operate in my field and I am not as knowledgeable on them although I do remember some bits of information that certainly seemed damning.
        Firstly, I hope that all wrongdoers are penalised appropriately by the law.
        Secondly, and more to the point, what has Calder Hart got to do with Jack Warner? Is that the argument you would recommend he uses if the police ever calls him in?

      • Smh @ this PP sycophantic response

  6. I’m truly pleased I found this site. Great article. First I’ve discovered that goes beyond finger pointing at the criminal du jour. Corruption is a community endeavor.

    As a Trinidadian living abroad, I am always amazed when fellow Trinidadians tell me stories, about special deals and/or benefits they have received because of their connections. Yet they see no correlation between their “small” corruption, and that of the politicians or better connected. It saddens me, this blindness. Then again, this problem is not unique to T’n’T.

  7. Truth well spoken .

  8. As a trini looking on & reading about all of this from Jamaica, the entire situation reeks of blatant corruption and abuse for far to long and embarasses me to the core. It’s quite refreshing to be able to read an article that so pointedly cuts through the ‘niceties’, and lays on the table so fearlessly what we have all been thinking for quite some time but lacked the will to openly question, far less put ‘pen to paper’ to reveal our perspective on situations that just did not sit right with us…for years in some cases. Without a doubt, we as Trinidadians and Caribbean people have to take a good hard look at ourselves…there is so much cupability in knowing something to be wrong & opting to look the other way. Indeed we are not only our neighbour’s keeper, but we need to be ever mindful of being in integrity and truthful to ourselves first.

  9. As the investigative reporting continues with regard to the opaque governance and financial ‘bobol’ within FIFA, CONCACAF & the TTFF, I await to see if Mr. Valentino Singh would have any contribution to this issue & on his ‘Zero to Hero’.
    Concerning accountability, the focous is on Austin “Jack” Warner but what about Richard Groden and Oliver Camps. It can’t be accepted that these ‘responsible’ men would just sign cheques & other important documents without a clear level of transparency. Surely they won’t fade into oblivion. Most importantly, we need to find out where all the money has gone.

  10. Andrew Jennings, One of the best in this field, expresses his pleasure in the analysis and writing of this. T&T and the outer world is looking at the good work you are doing .

  11. Firstly let me say that most of this information about Jack Warner being corrupt is not new, just ask most footballers in T&T, he has always been corrupt, but not only him as that well written article suggests, but we as Trinidadians continue to accept the incompetence and lack of accountability in our elected officials. As children we are thought with bad behavior comes consequences and if they are not implemented bad things happen. Trinidad is reaping the effects of bad behavior without any consequences, (CRIME) in all its forms. That ME FIRST attitude as the article suggest is real and not only by elected officials but as a nation. Why do we continue to accept bad infrastructure, poor hospitals, etc? Corruption is imbedded in every part of our government. To the youths, let your voices be heard.

    • I agree Richard and thanks for all the great comments so far. It is very encouraging that we are prepared to look inwards and wonder what role we might have played. That includes me. When the TTFF announced that Simpaul Travel would have the monopoly on 2006 World Cup tickets, it raised a red flag for me because that company had been mentioned so many times in relation to local football. So I started digging.
      But I never committed myself to writing the story until Warner announced a ludicrously overpriced ticket package. The fact is that even if he requested just a small profit, it would still have been wrong. But would I have written if it was a “minor crime?” I’m not sure. Are there levels of wrongdoing that we are all prepared to overlook?
      We all need to remind ourselves of our right to defend our neighbours from time to time in the same way we would like them to watch out for us. Thanks for the encouragement and support everyone.

  12. Lasana excellent work, your objectivity and perseverance as a professional reporter is reason for hope for our country. I have followed you, as a young man who was not overawed by the money or travel or fame. You stood strong; I remember the abuse you experienced when you spoke out on sporting issues based on principles, from then radio Host of Power 102 Anil Roberts, now Minister of Sport, and several other journalists, who claim to be “fearless”.

    The insults from Warner that you endured when you wrote the truth, the many journalists who preferred to stay quiet to get in to World Cup games. They are now coming out of the wood works to report and regurgitate and sometimes plagiarise stories that you wrote years ago.

    Keep honest and strong my friend!

  13. Thank you for continuing to pursue a story that has been on my mind since 1989. A new page is now being written, hopefully it will lead to a just end.

  14. Lasana stand firm, truth will always set you free. Your article is spot on, it reflects my sentiments exactly about why we are at this point in our stagnation,
    With the amount of monies that was wheeled and dealed if the trickle down effect was to be applied to every citizen and public utility in T&T can you imagine how much better off persons would be? Hospitals would most likely be equipped with all that is necessary, schools will also be properly outfitted etc………but then the me first attitude still exists most of us don’t give our all at work so it may have all been for zero as it is presently.
    As you rightly said we as a people need to figure out what is right from wrong and never allow crooked and wicked individuals to lead us astray. I’m saving this article forever as I think younger persons need to read it and analyze it, well written and with emotion embedded. I’m still proud to be a Trini because with people like you and Camini Maharajh fighting for justice it keeps hope alive. We simply need to weed out the bad apples and run them.

  15. Great piece of writing that show ‘how we do thing in t & t’. Every sector of the society made Warner the person that he is because we feel people in society are always right and must be looked up to or turn a blind eye to their dealings.

  16. Well said, it is time as a society we recognized that morality in all areas of public affairs are needed, we have too many leaders, followers and politician who are in it for themselves at the expense of the country, imagine previously when you travel and you tell people you are from T&T they would say oh Brian Lara, now you shame to say where you from because this government has tarnish this country name by holding on persons of dubious character. Question, can you say if Dr. J. Havelenge is a director in the Brazilian company OAS that has the contract to build the point fortin highway?

    • Hello Rudy. OAS appeared to have had considerable help from Havelange’s former son-in-law Ricardo Teixeira (another disgraced ex-football administrator) in their bidding for World Cup-related projects in Brazil. And many Brazilians, along with FIFA, are concerned with their work. But there is no paper trail that I have been able to find from this distance that links Teixeira directly to OAS as an owner or director.

  17. Praise the LORD GOD!!! Honesty is still alive and well. Having just read this article I am truly inspired. It is truly a sad day in our country’s history books, especially when our children, (who are really brilliant, of course), will have to remember such a decorated soldier, as mr. Warner, as self made, selfish, self-centered and self-opinionated. Just breaks me. But you know what? I am not one to gamble, but once or twice my now deceased husband tried to teach me the game of “all fours”, telling me that no matter what, if I got a “JACK”, to never give it up or I might get it hanged, and that was the end of the game, for me. I think I remember correctly. I stand corrected if I am wrong. So I guess this “Jack” just got hanged huh. Again, how sad. Yet we must not forget to encourage our youths, even using this sad tale as an example as ” how not to be”. Wonderful, and well written mr. Lasana. Do keep up the great work. Hats off to you parents. Love on now.

  18. This is one of the best written and most passionate articles I have ever read about Trinidad and Tobago. The content was honest and objective. Anyone who is a Trinidadian with 2 functional eyes and one functional brain knows that all that was stated is true. I could not have said anything better. On this day I am very ashamed to be a Trinidadian.

  19. Great writing as usual! An article of fearless truths.

  20. Sheppy…Burd to be honest when I first became aware of the Warner concerns after UWI 1997 where I limed with Darryl from time to time…I felt it was much to do about nothing… even adopting the at least its a ‘black man’ position. Then when Mr. Jennings and Lasana started writing there stories…(you) Wayne Sheppy sat and explained to me about those five uniform contracts and the TTFA elections when the Warner faction assumed control and my eyes opened up to what was nothing less than dishonest, disheartning and I want to thank you Sheppy, Lasana who never gave up and stuck to facts even when personally attacked not to mention Mr Jennings. I am sure all the mothers in T&T are glad you asked Jack and not any other member of your family for the truth. Eh them maths captha questions hard…

  21. great article, well written!

  22. Proud to call you Friend, …Friend. For years and years you have suffered for your honesty, for your integrity, and your refusal to compromise one iota on your principles. You have been the most consistent friend of the truth. You have always written with élan, with style, and with a knife at the throat of the wrongdoers.

    Thank god!

    Mike Townley
    Soca Warriors lawyer

  23. Finally! An article that not only contains actual reporting, but that is clearly and well written. Many in the media would do well to follow your lead

  24. This is a powerful piece and real cause for introspection…

  25. Well researched… well written. This is the perfect example of what journalism should and could be. Fair, fearless and enlightening. Well done, Mr. Liburd!

  26. Brilliant Lasana, just brilliant! Because you too are made in Trinidad and Tobago, there is hope for us all.

  27. Lasana I can only think of the most positive superlatives to describe this piece. A name is a powerful thing, and this piece is a true reflection of the meaning of your name! You are indeed a poet my friend.

  28. Shouldn’t that title be “Made UP in Trinidad and Tobago?” Just axing!!


    Complements to media for continued fearless journalism with checks and balances. When corruption of this nature takes places its the people who suffer, football in the Caribbean region and by extension, countries who have suffered under this man.

    Corruption is eroding the fabric of development infrastructural and the time had come for corrupt official weather in government or private sector, NGO, they must pay the price and be prosecuted by any applicable law enforcement agencies and governments.

    Trinidad and Tobago CCNTV6 and the Express news papers must be complemented for high level investigative journalism.

    Wired 868 excellent article keep up the good work


    Julien Mervyn Dedier

    Senior Vice President
    Director of President
    Administration Director
    IT & Development

    9Z4FZ Trinidad & Tobago
    M0JDD United Kingdom

    Special Consultative Status
    Economic and Social Council
    United Nations.2012

  30. Warner’s leaving means nothing…another “Warner” will come along. Another man who flaunts the “Me First” trait which we seem to have and take advantage of it for their own gain.
    The “Warneresq” character has had many incarnations in our country, and we are yet to find leaders who would ensure that the necessary laws are put in place to deal with corruption and unethical governance…….
    We lack real leaders who put country first. Every time a new government is installed there is a new “feeding frenzy” as persons get thrown out of their employ to be replaced by party hacks….whether they an do the job or not……
    The cycle continues and one wonders if it even makes sense to vote anymore. .. 🙁

  31. Lasana! Brilliant writing and analysis in such a short time. I am tweeting this because the world needs to understand how this disgraceful, foul-mouthed thief survived for long. Hope the Warriors get their money before the FBI arrive with manacles.

  32. Very insightful piece. Open your eyes my Trini people! We have to overcome petty bullshit and work together to make our politicians accountable. We have just as much responsibility for the current state of our country as the people we put in power. Understand they are public servants. Our tax dollars pay their salaries and they are answerable to us. Jack must be channelling Donald Trump with his arrogance but his wealth is made on our backs. How much longer are we going to allow our country to be raped by his kind?

  33. I 100% endorse Clarence Rhambarat’s comments. Thank you Lasana.

  34. Lyrical and sobering stuff. Really sobering. Thanks for your courageous work on this for all the years LL.

  35. Brilliantly well written! All involved in Jack’s web of corruption and deceit should hang their heads in collective shame: from those who supported him (and still do now) relentlessly politically, to those who facilitated his thievery, to those in a position to investigate and prosecute but failed to so do. Take a bow Mr Liburd!

  36. Well said !!!

  37. Thanks for standing by your personal conviction in the face of all temptation. You would have lost personal opportunities because of your unrelenting pursuit of truth and fairness. And, instead of relishing Jack’s exit, you refocus on what lies ahead, more battles,a deeper quest for truth, fairness and decency in leadership. I am proud of you and Camini Maharajh, two young nationals, unrelenting and unyielding.

  38. Really well written and insightful. This is just the beginning. JW has a long way to fall still and being the true hero that he is he will take along a few others on his way back down to zero.

  39. WELL said my brother I hope the people see it for what is and not how they feel it should be

  40. As always well written…well researched. Question to you : do u know what was the total amount of money paid to TTFF over the years for kit deals with Finta…Atletica…LSporto…Umbro and Adidas……and were these payments ever reflected in any TTFF financial statements?

    • Wayne, I’m almost certain that there were no kit details in the financial statements that leaked from the TTFF in the period around the 2006 World Cup. And I don’t think anyone Trinidadian barring Jack Warner knew what Adidas paid to sponsor Trinidad and Tobago after our country qualified for the showcase tournament. An Adidas official, speaking anonymously, did tell me then that it was much more than the TTFF declared to the public.

  41. WHAT A STORY…Lasana you are the best.

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