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Integrity Combobulation gives Minister Raging Bull wings

Former Trinidad and Tobago Boxing Board of Control (TTBBC) member Ricardo Phillip filed a complaint with the Integrity Commission regarding Sport Minister Anil Roberts, his permanent secretary Ashwin Creed and special advisor Boxu Potts.

The Integrity Commission referred the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

So, you might deduce, the Sport Minister was referred to the DPP then?

Of course, you would be retarded to think that.

Roberts, a former radio talk show host and stadium announcer, launched one of his trademark boisterous and longwinded verbal assaults on Trinidad Guardian journalist Anika Gumbs-Sandiford, its editor-in-chief Judy Raymond and the entire company for being so dumb that it could not spot the difference.

Photo: Sport Minister and COP MP Anil Roberts.
Photo: Sport Minister and COP MP Anil Roberts.

He suggested too that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar felt Gumbs-Sandiford was “wicked, malicious and untruthful.”

Integrity Commission PRO Mervyn Crichlow confirmed that Roberts will not be probed by the DPP but rather “certain issues” in relation to the complaint regarding the Sport Minister and his staff were passed on to the higher office.

Naturally, the Integrity Commission did not suggest how the “matter” could be divorced from the people involved in it. And, since bullet proof vests are not standard issue for reporters, no one approached Integrity Commission chairman Ken Gordon for comment.

Mr Live Wire wonders if the Integrity Commission’s stance on the matter is equivalent to a mechanic telling you that your car is in great condition but the brakes don’t work.

Regardless, Roberts is insisting on monetary compensation from the Guardian for the error.

Incidentally, five days before Roberts’ attack, a Guardian story claimed that Roberts was on the receiving end of some picong when PNM MP Marlene McDonald supposedly responded to cross-talk from the Sport Minister by declaring:

“When I learn to speak Spanish I’ll go and talk to him, I’ll go to Room 201.”

The Guardian did not suggest any meaning for McDonald’s quip.

Earlier this month, in an obviously unrelated incident, an unnamed government minister was rumoured to have shared the company of a Latin lover for hire. Mr Live Wire cannot stress enough that there is no proof the romp actually happened.

Within days of a possibly phantom tryst, though, a police raid was conducted at the Classic Seamen Hotel and approximately 75 women from Venezuela and the Dominican Republic were charged with prostitution-related offences.

These women will be deported and will take their secrets from the two-island republic with them.

Now what does a possibly immoral minister, a prostitution raid, a story about political picong and a barrage of libel lawsuits have to do with each other?

Absolutely nothing, of course.

Just like referring a matter involving the Sport Minister to the DPP in no way suggests that the Sport Minister was referred to the DPP.


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