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Machel floats away… and takes Warner and Heeralal to safety

There is nothing to suggest that Trinidad and Tobago soca star Machel Montano is in any way linked to the Flying Squad that Jack Warner is supposedly innocently guilty of restarting.

But, when Machel floated out the Magistrates’ Court today, he was not alone—in a manner of speaking.

Machel was fined $27,200 today after being found guilty of assaulting four persons and using obscene language on 26 April 2007 in what was presumably a memorable night out at Zen for the “winerboy.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago soca star Machel Montano
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago soca star Machel Montano

More relevantly, since the soca star is easily more important to the majority of the population than renegade police groups or impoverished families, Machel might have succeeded in replacing National Security Minister Jack Warner and ex-WinTV reporter and budding cabbage farmer Darryl Heeralal as the nation’s main talking point.

In an ironic twist, the verdict was delivered four hours late after Magistrate Maureen Baboolal-Gafoor was caught in traffic caused by further protests in Sea Lots. Heeralal was supposedly fired during that time.

He might still be a WinTV reporter if those lovable protesters had not delayed a verdict that was sure to distract most citizens. But don’t get the “Cabbage Patch Kid” started on the topic of Sea Lots demonstrations. Or, at least, don’t do so on Facebook.

Machel’s own response to the verdict was: “God is great.” Although somewhere on the fateful Friday night, God was surely holding a service that the soca star did not attend.

So why involve Him now?

In truth, Machel may not have been especially worried about today’s verdict.

The reigning Soca Monarch was already booked to perform at the 9 Mile Music Festival, which will be held in Miami this Saturday. A custodial sentence or even a poorly timed community service schedule would have been a humbug.

At a cost of $27,200, Machel would probably do a tad less shopping in Miami than he might have envisaged.

Mr Live Wire hopes that Machel still returns with a shovel for wanna-be farmer, Heeralal, though.

Actually, make that two shovels. The National Security Minister can help clear the fertilizer himself whenever next he is discussing the Flying Squad in public.

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