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The myth of Warner’s amazing crime plan

This Friday on the Trinidad Guardian’s front page, PSC Chairman Professor Ramesh Deosaran was quoted as saying the crime plans have failed. I didn’t even know we had a crime plan presented to us, far less multiple ones.

What I do know is that since being appointed Minister of National Security, Jack Warner has announced the coming of a crime plan and even released a long list to the media of many crime initiatives that are under consideration. But, to date, neither Warner nor the National Security Council has come forward and outlined for the country what will be their actual thrust to stem criminal activity in the country.

Photo: National Security Minister and Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner.
Photo: National Security Minister and Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner.


And I mean all kinds of criminal activity: from corruption in public office, to the drug trade, to gang warfare to murders to robbery.

Because you see, whether the government will be so bold as to admit it or not, everything is related.

On today’s Trinidad Express front page, a severed head made waves. The last time I saw a severed head on the front page, it belonged to Thakoor Boodram, relative of convicted criminal kingpin Dole Chadee, and was in a whisky box at a cremation site.

Back then, severed heads were a message. This week, I wondered who exactly the message was being sent to and why.

And while the nation gasped with shock over the severed head left in plain view of the public with the body some miles away in a cane field, the town of Phillipine, the Prime Minister’s back yard, was rocked by the murder of a 70-year-old grandmother, who was ostensibly killed for her car.

Could that car have been stolen to commit a crime? Could the crime have been drug-related?

Might gang members be the foot soldiers of the drug trade? And if they are the foot soldiers, then who are the middle-managers and kingpins?

Anyone seeing dots that might be connectable?


Please read the conclusion of this column at its source, the Eternal Pantomime, here

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