Rhoda Bharath

Rhoda Bharath works as a lecturer by day and remains obsessed with politics by night. Follow her blog here: https://rhoda-bharath-jxtv.squarespace.com/

True Silk: What Dana’s passing means to T&T

If the assassination of Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal is a wake-up call to you; then something’s wrong with you. If a little boy being raped and killed in a swimming pool at a birthday party wasn’t a wake-up call then, Dana’s assassination can’t wake you up to nothing. You’re in …

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Keep Calm and Change Yuh Password!

Three days ago Keith Rowley had my jaw on the floor. Three days later, it’s still there. But for entirely different reasons. By now you’ve heard about “EmailGate”, or as I like to call it: “Keep Calm and Change Yuh PassWord!” Opposition Leader Keith Rowley lead another No Confidence Motion …

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The myth of Warner’s amazing crime plan

This Friday on the Trinidad Guardian’s front page, PSC Chairman Professor Ramesh Deosaran was quoted as saying the crime plans have failed. I didn’t even know we had a crime plan presented to us, far less multiple ones. What I do know is that since being appointed Minister of National Security, …

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