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Integrity isn’t integral in these parts

The Integrity Commission publicly and erroneously named and shamed Brian Manning, son of former Prime Minister Patrick Manning, for failure to declare his assets in accordance with the Integrity in Public Life Act.

Yesterday, the Integrity Commission responded publicly with a timeline of the error, which sought to lay the blame squarely with NIDCO.  The Integrity Commission “was informed” and the Integrity Commission “was advised.” At no point, though, was the Integrity Commission sorry about using public funds to unjustly embarrass a private citizen.

There is no suggestion that the Commission, chaired by former media mogul Ken Gordon, sought to personally apologise to Manning either; even by letter.

Integrity and decorum apparently do not go hand-in-hand.

Mr Live Wire is now of the opinion that integrity in Trinidad and Tobago is as useful as a cassette player.

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  1. Yes. It is very useful for those many who only still have old 8-Track tapes.