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Education Minister prompts spontaneous RC retreat

Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh had a dilemma of 124 RC students without a school and a nearby government school short of 130 pupils and had an idea.

The Roman Catholic board and parents treated Gopeesingh’s brainstorm—that the two batches of students and teachers could harmoniously co-exist—like one of the 10 plagues.

One Pt Cumana parent declared that he won’t let his two sons near government teachers for fear of their low standards. Wired868 can only suppose the parent is doing his best to raise conscientious adults who won’t put selfish interests ahead of the collective good.

An irate Archbishop Joseph Harris said the RC teachers and students will be moved with immediate effect and accused the Minister of trying to determine the religious school’s right to exist.

Wired868 cannot confirm whether the teachers and students will be hidden behind a bushel.

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