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Doggone luck for dangerous dogs

A release from the Attorney General’s office revealed that the Dangerous Dog Act is finally set to be proclaimed on 1 August 2012 after being declared by the Parliament, 12 years ago.

To put the passage of time into context: Basdeo Panday and ANR Robinson were Prime Minister and President respectively, Dwight Yorke was Manchester United’s prized possession and basketball legend Michael Jordan was between jobs and moonlighting as a baseball player.

From August 1, anyone owning a pitbull terrier, a Fila Brasileiro, a Japanese Tosa or a dog bred from any of those three must have insurance of $250,000, a $500 annual license and must have the pet neutered or spayed within three months. Dogs, in other words, are set to become more expensive than most motor cars.

Importation of dangerous dogs will also be banned while anyone in breach of the Act will be fined $50,000 and jailed for one year.

The Minister of Local Government, under the Act, also has the power to declare what he considers to be a dangerous dog and apply the same restrictions.

Eccentric public servants should be advised that there are worse things a Minister can do to you than an enforced two-week paid vacation at St Ann’s.

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