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Critical experience overrated

The ERHA board is reportedly furious over Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan’s reinstatement of the allegedly 20-something-year-old Stacy Harricharan as CEO although the post supposedly demands 10 years’ experience as a senior manager.

Fortunately for Harricharan, who presumably bought aspirin for her school nurse as a teenager, she did not make Reshmi’s mistake of sending her CV to CCN.

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  1. I work at the ERHA and she’s a great CEO. I have worked for 5 health authorities in 3 countries over 20 years and she’s one of the best.
    Labeling her a “Reshmi” based on age, gender, nationality and /or ethnicity is stereotyping of the worst kind. Misogynist, racist, or ageist, take your pick……
    She is a forward-thinking, action oriented CEO and I would rank her high above many of the do-nothing, out-of-touch, golf-club and cocktail-party CEOs I was accustomed to in some of my previous workplaces.

    • Now, now. Let’s be fair Ravi. Reshmi might have been an excellent head as CEO of the SIA too. We will never know. I believe certain qualifications are requested to give employers the best possible chance of getting the right person. That’s the point. Your CEO might indeed be wonderful and the exception to the rule. But rules are there for a reason. Consider that first.

    • Ravi as someone who has worked in health care so extensively I am somewhat surprised at your response. I know Ms. Harricharan as well. She worked as a high school teacher and subsequently as Mary King’s personal assistant until Ms. King’s fall from grace (google her to confirm – her name is mentioned in the GOPAC report as well as articles). Within a few months of this debacle Ms. Harricharan became CEO of the ERHA. Note that the post required at least 10 years senior management experience, while Ms. Harricharan has absolutely none. She also has no experience whatsoever in health care or any related field. Thus, her posting reeks of corruption. Your stance in my view supports corruption at its highest and shows that the betterment of the T&T public will never occur because of the myopic view of persons such as yourself.