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Dear Editor: Racist, dehumanising language and militarised approach to crime will make things worse

“There’s no serious analysis of the observation—that even the Acting Commissioner of Police once made—that ‘crime’ is as much a social issue as it is a law-enforcement/security issue. “No, it’s easier to use words like ‘pest’ and ‘cockroaches’, strip the criminalised elements of their humanity—which they themselves often do as …

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Police penpals dodge Jack issue

If there was ever the need for a press conference, one might think an issue that entails an international crime allegedly executed by an Acting Prime, suspiciously limp action from the Police Commissioner, the willful misrepresentation of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and a rogue press officer at the …

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Wired868 examines Warner’s supposed police acquittal

Trinidad and Tobago’s national security bodies marked a new low this week in terms of organisation, investigative work, communication and, arguably, credibility. Minister of Works and Infrastructure and ex-FIFA Vice President Jack Warner was at the heart of the chaos. On Monday, the PSC issued a press release which claimed …

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Gibbs’ Hart problem

PSC chairman Ramesh Deosaran complained that Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs refused to update the board on the police probe into the Commissioner’s Canadian compatriot Calder Hart and instead asked Deosaran: “What you want this (information) for?” Ex-parliamentarian and social activist Lincoln Mayers is allegedly trying to provoke police action by …

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