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Hip, hip, hip, who raid? Three cheers for Gary Griffith and a suit for Ralph Maraj?

The commissioner of police has a problem; in fact, he has more than one. You are probably thinking crime, but you’re wrong; crime is not his problem, it’s ours! The problems to which I want to call attention are not communal but personal. And they could cost him his job, …

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Media Monitor: Maraj and Maharaj tell why we jamming the criminals but we still in a jam 

“Why should people be sacrificed so as to allow others, wrongdoers, to prosper? That is what we are being called upon to do, colleagues, […] What we are being called upon to do by a small clique of people in the country is to support wrongdoing, pretend not to know …

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Bim at 45 (Pt 3): Melodies from a master craftsman; is Tanker the Derek Walcott of Caribbean music?

Bim Singh’s final fall is the harsh culmination of the metaphor of entrapment that runs through the film. A mesh, inescapable, awaits Bim everywhere, even in his opulent, new haven. It is an element of the past which refuses to go away that jumps out of nowhere on his return …

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Bim at 45: Production far from perfect but Andre Tanker’s music scores big

“Revisiting Bim four and a half decades later, thanks to the 40th Anniversary Film and Music Pack, I find the film’s imperfections all the more endearing, its shortcomings charming. Perfection in any home-grown Trinidad film product back then would have been out of sync with place and context; it remains …

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Letter to Editor: Ralph Maraj is trying to rewrite Kamla’s political legacy and fool T&T

“What [Ralph] Maraj failed to indicate in his column [“Kamla’s Return”] is the fact that the UNC administration either changed the names of already-existing units, or simply completed projects started by the previous People’s National Movement (PNM), in the area of fighting crime?” The following Letter to the Editor on …

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Maraj holds TV6 panel hostage for three hours

TV6 journalist and moderator Marlan Hopkinson successfully defused a remarkable hostage situation at the CCN building last night that involved a former Minister, a veteran journalist and an elderly gentleman who claimed to be a political analyst. TV6 had constructed a panel to discuss the Chaguanas West by-election but, inadvertently, …

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