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Come better than that: Sex and the State

Three years ago, at a workshop on women’s health, a street-smart 23-year-old from along the East West Corridor asked me, “If a man — in my mouth, I could get pregnant?” It will shock many to know that while in popular discourse about sexuality, young people are stereotyped as sexually …

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Ebola: How worried should you really be?

2014 has seen more Ebola infections and deaths than any other year in the past. As a mother and a citizen of a country which allows visa-free entry to some affected African nations, how worried should I really be? That’s the question I asked myself when news broke of the infection and subsequent death of …

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MC Lara caught at slips after “unimportant” stroke

It turns out that arguably the greatest batsman of all time is a below average MC. Brian Lara, former Trinidad and Tobago and West Indies cricket legend, took the microphone at the “Yorke Beach Party” during the Carnival season, hopped around the stage like Courtney Walsh with a bat and …

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Dr Death: Health Minister puts common sense on life support

One in five persons who buy pharmaceutical drugs today will be given counterfeit products. Some of those unwitting customers will suffer fatal reactions. That’s all. Have a nice day, Trinidad and Tobago. Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan again demonstrated his profound usefulness and suitability for a managerial role by scaring …

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