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Dear Editor: Our treatment of Venezuela migrants will reveal Trinidad and Tobago’s true character

“[…] We should ask ourselves, ‘what would compel a mother to embark on a treacherous and uncertain seven-mile journey with her young child?’ They are human, not faceless migrants/refugees. This simple fact seemed to have been forgotten and disregarded by the authorities…” The following Letter to the Editor on Trinidad …

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‘Trinidad and Tobago football needs realists’; Clayton Morris throws hat in ring for TTSL presidency

“[…] There is a saying that: ‘The Pessimist complains about the wind; The Optimist expects it to change; but The Realist adjusts the sails’. “Trinidad and Tobago football is in need of realists—persons who want to serve and adjust for the betterment, enhancement and development of our young players: boys …

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Dear Editor: Auto insurers underpaying claims

“[…] by underpaying settlements, insurance companies pressure consumers to use low-cost repair shops, regardless of expertise, tooling, workmanship or repair methods that are compliant with manufacturer warranties. Consumers are incentivised to buy used or substandard parts, which not only puts unsafe cars on the road but also supports car theft …

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Dear editor: There was nothing ‘pyrrhic’ about Wallace and the UTTFA’s fight, history will smile on them

“[…] The UTTFA and supporters of its stand against the mighty Fifa might also be encouraged by the words of a martyr for the cause of Poland’s Solidarity Workers in the 1980s. “Before he was brutally murdered on 19 October 1984, Father ‘Pop’ (Jerzy Popiełuszko) reportedly urged embattled workers with …

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