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Dear Editor: Hope for change; how we can avoid Demming’s five reasons to fear for T&T’s future

“Inequality begets further inequality as the elites furiously kick down the ladder by which they ascended, only lowering it to bring up their friends, families and allies. This happens everywhere but we may be more keenly aware here because of the political rivalry and our multi-ethnic makeup… “Jared Diamond, in …

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“Chauvinistic and misogynistic!” Women’s team manager Jinelle James hits out at DJW-led administration

“As it pertains to the latter part of Item 2 [in the TTFA release] that refers to a member of the Technical Staff [who] reached out to the Ministry without the consent and knowledge of the TTFA Secretariat, please be informed that I had a conversation with the General Secretary …

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Dear Editor: PM Rowley can’t count Indians; Dr Mahabir disputes claim of 50% Indian gov’t

“According to Government’s CSO population survey in 2011, Indians consist of 35 percent of the population, the largest ethnic group in the country. Comprising 26 percent in the government, Indian ministers are, therefore, underrepresented and do not find a proportionate ‘equal place’ in Rowley’s PNM administration.” In the following Letter to the …

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