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Dear editor: The issue of African hairstyles in T&T schools is neither resolved nor frivolous

“At issue is the widespread, pernicious and fundamentally racist belief that the hair and hairstyles of African people are not suitable for formal settings and are intrinsically messy, unkempt, unhygienic and even disruptive. The insidious nature of this deeply ingrained idea encapsulated in the popular phrase ‘bad hair’ guarantees that …

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Noble: The ‘underbanked’ and the $100 bill; the real solution is accessible electronic banking for all

Much of the discussion about the introduction of the polymer $100 bill conflates the evil of ‘dark’ money with persons who have been shut out of the banking system. The persons who deal in ‘dark’ money have self-selected to operate outside the system; but there are those who are unable …

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‘Caribbean people […] think they can say what they want to you’! Day in the life of a flight attendant

“Caribbean people tend to be so ‘familiar’; they seem to think that they can say what they want to you, however they want. Also, I’ve noticed while travelling with other carriers that passengers aren’t as demanding and difficult to the North American or foreign crew members. “Something that I still …

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Communications Minister: TTPS on patrol around banks; we will help T&T through TT$100 bill transition 

“The Central Bank is committed to providing updates and public education about the new TT 100 dollar note while the TTPS has given the assurance that officers are on foot and mobile patrols around the banks. “[…] The new note is part of a national security measure which will assist …

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‘Shameful, reprehensible, misogynistic, attack on women!’ Smith investigator slams Rowley and Faris

“The very public and pejorative characterisation of the report as ‘unusable’, and words to the effect that the methodology used by the Committee resulted in the denial of natural justice, callously sacrificed the professional credibility, competence, and reputation of anyone who served on the Committee, including myself. With every public …

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