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Demming: Rowley should set positive precedent, give us the 2020 Election Date

The PNM Manifesto 2015 begins: “In summary, we in the PNM envision a society where integrity and morality in public life is of the highest priority and the Government serves the public good above all else, and where decisions are made and actions taken by the Government in the best …

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Daly Bread: Grow room of topics; the bad news never ends in T&T

Trinidad and Tobago lives on nervous energy. We are constantly rattled and are set talking, messaging and posting, prompted by extraordinary and usually negative events. At times, things happen so quickly that another event erupts into the headlines before the shock and full implications of an earlier one can be …

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Cockroaches must stay out fowl business! T&T Shia Muslims condemn Trump but pledge peaceful approach

“Based on our faith and understanding of Islam, we are sworn to the protection of the realm of Trinidad and Tobago and to peaceful coexistence with persons of all faiths… “The AIATT—nor any Shia Muslim organisation or person of Trinidad and Tobago as far as we can tell—[is not] a …

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Claude’s comments: Only Africans forced to deny heritage to be ‘appropriately groomed’; that must stop!

The following is the final instalment in Dr Claudius Fergus’ three part series on African textured hair: a historical, cultural and legislative perspective: Unlike what obtains in many Caribbean Commonwealth states, Trinidad and Tobago’s Education Act does not define responsibilities of students or speak to the obligations of principals toward …

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“People follow instructions to the letter of the law, [which] can be good and bad”; Day in the life of a Trini oil expat

“[…] The work ethic [in Azerbaijan] is completely different. People [here] once they are told what they need to do, they usually follow instructions and carry it out to the letter of the law. This can be good and bad because you do want people to have the ability to …

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Claude’s Comments: Education Ministry is allowing discrimination against African hair

One does not have to be a legal expert to recognise that hair-shaming, such as reported in the St Stephen’s College incident, is a violation of our Constitution—‘the supreme law of Trinidad and Tobago’ (Article 2). I want to submit further that the incident is also a clear violation of …

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