‘Do the right thing please!’ Daly knocks ‘silence’ from President’s House over PolSC collapse

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It is not surprising that this government, which has lost its way in a fog of authoritarianism, believes that it can dismiss the collapse of the Police Service Commission (the PolSC) as a trivial event for which it is not obliged to account.

However, what does the President of the Republic intend to do?

Photo: President Paula-Mae Weekes (right) and then Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.
(via Office of the President)

A member of the PolSC at the material time has alleged that, on 12 August, the Chair of the PolSC went to the venue of the highest constitutional office in the nation where the Chair was met by an unnamed public official; as a result, she did not carry out her duty to deliver an agreed list of candidates for appointment to the office of commissioner of police to the President.

This act of interference precipitated a collapse of the PolSC.

Her Excellency has remained silent. With respect, if she values the credibility of her office, it is not open to her to avoid accountability with reference to what allegedly happened at President’s House on 12 August 2021.

We are entitled to hold the office of president to a higher standard than the one that currently prevails in partisan politics. Do the right thing, please.

Otherwise, if the President does follow the government’s lead and simply proceeds with business as usual, we will soon pay for the failure of the Office of the President to fulfil its responsibility to disclose what happened on 12 August in order to unmask a constitutionally dangerous cover-up.

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