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Health and education ministries reschedule holiday vaccinations, due to PM’s new SoE amendments

The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education have rescheduled all Covid-19 vaccination appointments on Monday 31 May and Thursday 3 June—the Indian Arrival Day and Corpus Christi holidays respectively—after the operations of its public health facilities were severely curtailed by an amendment to the state of emergency regulations this weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley stated that citizens will be forced to stay indoors on the two holidays this week, in an effort to thwart the movement of people.

Photo: A nurse administers the Covid-19 vaccine in Trinidad.
(via MoH

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi dutifully made it legally enforceable with article 14 of the regulations stating that ‘for the purposes of the public holidays on Monday 31 May 2021 and Thursday 3 June 2021, during the hours of 5.01am to 10.01am on each day’ only essential duties are allowed to take place, which includes religious ceremonies, weddings, funerals, and pharmacies.

As such, doctors, nurses, support staff and persons scheduled for vaccination would have only between 5am and 10am to operate.

With barely 24 hours notice, the Ministry of Health responded by calling off vaccination altogether on Indian Arrival Day and Corpus Christi.

“The Ministry of Health advises the public that all Covid-19 vaccination appointments, which were originally carded for the two upcoming national holidays on Monday 31 May 2021 (Indian Arrival Day Holiday) and Thursday 3 June, 2021 (Corpus Christi Holiday), are being rescheduled,” stated a release from the MoH.Regional Health Authorities are currently contacting persons with vaccination appointments for the days indicated above, to provide new appointment dates and times. All persons who had appointments on these days will be given new appointments in a timely fashion.

As is customary, the Ministry of Health will continue to update the public on  Covid-19 vaccination roll-out developments.”

Photo: Nurse Keisha Gomes Prevatt (left) was first to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.
At her side is Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh.
(via TTT online)

“The Ministry of Education wishes to advise of the rescheduling of the vaccination appointments of Ministry of Education (MoE) staff,” stated a MoE release. “This has become necessary due to the curfew hours on Indian Arrival Day (Monday 31 May 2021) and Corpus Christi (Thursday 3 June 2021) outlined in the Emergency Powers (No 2), Regulations Legal Notice No 176.

“All MoE staff appointments will be rescheduled to Tuesday 1st, Wednesday 2nd and Friday 4th June 2021. All MoE staff with previously confirmed vaccination appointments will be contacted to confirm the details of their new appointment date.”

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