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Covid counter: T&T suffers nine deaths for third straight day, but slight dip in infections

The Ministry of Health confirmed 294 Covid-19 cases today from 944 tests on ‘samples taken between the period 13 May to 16 May’. There were also nine deaths, for a third successive day.

From the 294 fatalities suffered by the twin island republic since the onset of the pandemic, 125 of them occurred this month.

Photo: Physical distance signs on the floor during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mondays generally return lower infection figures from health authorities, since less testing is done on Sunday, while the  government’s inability to test samples within a 24 hour period makes it difficult to be conclusive on the daily rate.

However, since the high of 565 new infections on Friday 14 May, the Ministry of Health reported: 520, 356, and 294 cases over the past three days.

Any figure below 356 tomorrow would suggest that the novel coronavirus may be slowing down, even if ever so slightly. The potential reduction in infections is not yet sufficient to cause a drop in the local caseload, though, as Trinidad and Tobago moved from 5,762 to 5,885 active cases.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley declared a state of emergency as a health measure designed to ‘flatten the curve’—a term that has largely given way, in recent weeks, to ‘don’t jackass de thing’.

The initial deadline given for the current health measures was Sunday 23 May.

Image: A message about tackling the Covid-19 virus.
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Trinidad and Tobago has had 16,549 positive cases since March 2020 with more than one third of those, 5,725 cases, coming in the 16 days of May 2021.

The Ministry of Health continues to urge citizens to follow the three Ws: Wear your masks, Watch your distance, and Wash your hands.


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