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Hadad and his crew are the only ones earning from football, while they suffer T&T players and coaches

The only people making money in football in Trinidad and Tobago for the last year have been non-football people.

Robert Hadad is drawing upwards of TT$40,000 per month while Judy Daniel, Nigel Romano and Trevor Gomez are banking over TT$30,000 per month—based on the standard sums given to Fifa-appointed normalisation committee members elsewhere.

Photo: Fifa-appointed normalisation committee chairman Robert Hadad.

They are all gainfully employed in other fields and have been touted and paraded as successes there.

Yet Hadad says he won’t pay the local-based national players a stipend when they have no club football to draw a dollar from—although the normalisation committee got at least US$1.5m (TT$10.2m) in Covid-19 relief funding on top of its US$1.2m (TT$8.14m) annual subvention. 

None of the other committee members objected to his statement, so it stands to reason that they agree.

Hadad lied and said he paid the national coaches. He didn’t. The rest of the normalisation committee said nothing; so they too lied.

Yet without those very players and coaches who they refuse to pay, there would be no football and no need for their committee.

Those are not the actions of successful business persons. Those are the actions of scabs.

Photo: National football coaches were initially denied access to the Ato Boldon Stadium on 25 August 2020 to deliver their appointment letters for normalisation committee chairman Robert Hadad.
(Copyright Ghansham Mohammed/GhanShyam Photography/Wired868)

About Wayne 'Barney' Sheppard

Wayne 'Barney' Sheppard
Wayne Sheppard is the Arima North Secondary technical director and ex-Men's National U-15 assistant coach. He holds a TTFA 'B' coaching license and diplomas from USC, CANOC and TTOC. He is the co-host of the Burdie and Barney Show and a former T&T National U-23 and U-17 player.

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  1. Hadad and his crew are earning Fifa paid salaries. Remember, Fifa HQ spends their member’s money as they see fit and to achieve the objectives that they at Fifa HQ choose. They make the rules and break them when it suits them at Fifa HQ. I think it’s called corruption.

    How else could DJW do what he did? How else could JW do what he did? How else can what is being done in the present be done?

    United TTFA did try to shed some light on all this but Fifa removed them and installed Hadad and his crew without an election while the Government cheered on. The Government said Fifa law allowed it and it was good for Trinidad and Tobago’s football anyway.

    There is hope though, because elections are promised. When the Normalization Committee’s term ends and the debts are cleared, the TTFA membership will then have a debt-free association handed back to them. The Government will cheer again.

    Prepare for the day and vote wisely when the opportunity presents itself.

    • Lasana Liburd

      “The TTFA will then have a debt-free association handed back to them”? By magic? You haven’t been following closely?

      • Yes, by Magic!…I hear many of the TTFA members and some former officials are firm believers in it :-)…Venture, if you will.

        • Lasana Liburd

          Venture would have a lot of writing off to do for sure…

          • A draft offer of 25 cents on the dollar across the board for the debts should have already been prepared, with the Government waiving the due statutory payments as its contribution. Prelude to the white magic to come.

            Then Fifa can then dazzle all with its own sweeteners. Full subscription? or be branded anti-football?

            Pick your choice, they all nice.

  2. Barney, I in more hell than Brown.

    I trying to decide which one ah these two definitions fuh scab is appropriate here: “a dry rough protective crust that forms over a cut or wound during healing” or “a person who refuses (…) to join a trade union or who takes the place of a striking worker.”

    I’m satisfied that a third definition works for me. It says this: “a person or thing regarded with contempt.”

    But the William Wallace, who has been in my view so badly served, is my friend so there is probably prejudice at work there. I confess that I pronounce this last one differently, as in “scyab.”

  3. You cannot trust a single soul on the NC committee. To be a part of a literal highjack says a lot about their character.

    Even more so, the General secretary Amiel. Very niave. He’s being very secretive but deadly. I’m sure he dont run Can Bou play in the manner in which he is a part off and supporting the icecream man wickedness…..