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Hadad BOLS Soca Warriors, ‘Ice Cream’ man adds another scoop of indignity

The clothing company is eight-months-old, its only existing client is Montserrat, it said it is on the lookout for ‘men’s, women’s, and youth teams that aren’t typically showcased on the international stage’…

Stop me when you’re BOL-ed over! Nothing?

Well, Fifa-appointed normalisation committee chairman Robert Hadad apparently got that sales pitch and said: put me down for two years please!

Photo: Robert Hadad is co-CEO of Hadco and board member at the International School in POS.
Hadad was appointed head of Fifa’s normalisation committee in Trinidad and Tobago on 27 March 2020.
(Copyright Gary Jordan Photography ©2017)

If David John-Williams, with the permission of Fifa president Gianni Infantino, put Trinidad and Tobago’s football on life support; then Hadad might be the dude sneaking into ICU with a pillow and an evil stare.

“Shhhh… Don’t fight it, Mr Football… You will only delay the inevitable!”

It has now been 13 months since Hadad was installed at the helm of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association, in the sort of takeover that would make CIA-operatives blush.

In that time, the ‘Ice Cream Man’—as so coined by one enthusiastic coach—has not held a single general meeting, coaches are unpaid, creditors are snubbed, and the association is so unashamedly anti-transparency that media manager Shaun Fuentes allegedly got head-butted for assuming it would be a good idea to invite the press to a press conference.

The TTFA has a total of three active teams at present: the Men’s National Senior Team is run by an Englishman, the Futsal Team is run by an American, and the Beach Soccer Team is run by a Spaniard.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago footballers show off the new BOL kit.

All while local coaches wait quietly for money due to them since last July.

Mr Live Wire thinks it is a matter of time before Hadad is secretly recorded chuckling to a pardner on his yacht: ‘[…] and they ain’t riot yet?’

That is BOL! Walk it off Soca Warriors; and hope nobody noticed. 

T&T football could hardly have been in a worse place if Infantino hired ‘Fireman Kelly’. At least he cleans up his own mess.

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