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2021 Carifta Games in Bermuda postponed to July due to Covid-19

The 2021 Carifta Games will not be staged on the traditional Easter weekend. Instead, the regional junior track and field championships will take place between July 2 and 4 in Bermuda.

The North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association (NACAC) made the decision at a council meeting on Thursday night. NACAC president Mike Sands explained that the Covid-19 pandemic was the catalyst for shifting the Carifta dates.

Photo: Track athletes compete at Carifta Games (via www.caribbeannationalweekly.com)

“Time is running out, and the situation is not improving globally. The NACAC family, the Carifta family is affected. We took a decision at council level to do a survey with membership to determine the best course of action. There were several options for a date change, and we ultimately decided on July 2nd to 4th.”

In a letter to Bermuda National Athletics Association (BNAA) president Donna Raynor yesterday, NACAC general secretary Keith Joseph officially informed the host country of the decision to shift the Carifta dates, keeping the existing programme of events as well as team quotas.

Covid-19 had forced the cancellation of the 2020 Carifta Games in Bermuda. The BNAA, however, was preparing to host the 2021 edition between April 3 and 5. Covid-19, however, forced postponement of the three-day meet.

Raynor said she was pleased with the decision to postpone Carifta 2021.

“We created a position paper in which we stated that our preference was moving the games to a later date. That first weekend in July is a good weekend for us. It fits in well with our calendar and our school system. School is out in July. It’s the perfect weekend, and the weather will be great in July, not as cold as in April,” she said.

“Covid is going to dictate what happens,” Raynor continued, “but from a preparation standpoint, we will be prepared. As long as Covid allows us, we will be ready to host the games.”

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