Major Gen Brown: Griffith showed ‘total disrespect’ to prime minister and should ‘rethink’ or resign

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“[…] My concern here is not for the legalities of the issue at hand—I leave that for the lawyers—but for the total disrespect shown for the Office of the Prime Minister.

“I am certain that Commissioner [Gary] Griffith was not taught to be disrespectful of authority at the prestigious Sandhurst Military Academy that he so often reminds us he attended…”

The following Letter to the Editor on Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith’s response to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley on the policing of the Covid-19 public health ordinance, was submitted by retired Major General Ralph Brown—a Chaconia Medal (Gold) recipient for his role in the 1990 attempted coup:

Photo: Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.
(via TTPS)

It is with a feeling of great sadness and concern that I feel compelled to comment on the utterances of the Commissioner of Police concerning the Honourable Prime Minister and head of the National Security Council of Trinidad and Tobago.

My concern here is not for the legalities of the issue at hand—I leave that for the lawyers—but for the total disrespect shown for the Office of the Prime Minister.

I am certain that Commissioner Griffith was not taught to be disrespectful of authority at the prestigious Sandhurst Military Academy that he so often reminds us he attended.

If Commissioner Griffith felt so strongly about the issue, he should have sought an audience with the Prime Minister through his line minister, the Minister of National Security. This conduct is not one expected from a military officer and by extension the Commissioner of Police.

Commissioner Griffith needs to rethink his position on this and other issues which have not gone unnoticed. If not, he should tender his resignation immediately.

Photo: Major General Ralph Brown.

Were he still a member of the Defence Force, this conduct would have been considered prejudicial to good order and military discipline.

Editor’s Note: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley shared on his Facebook page today that: “Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith and Acting Deputy Commissioners of Police Forde and Jacob attended a meeting this morning summoned by Prime Minister Dr the Hon Keith Rowley.”

In a subsequent release, the TTPS stated that: “Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith was invited and not summoned… It is unfortunate that the Communications Unit of the Office of the Prime Minister does not understand the difference between ‘invited’ and ‘summoned’.

“The TTPS says it was also unfortunate that the Communications Unit at the OPM could try and put the prime minister in such a bad light, when that certainly was not the atmosphere and purpose of the meeting at the Diplomatic Centre this morning.

“The TTPS notes that the meeting was very cordial, and now the emphasis will be on parties moving forward to ensure that the public health ordinance regulations are adhered to by members of the public during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Photo: (From left) Acting DCP Jayson Forde, CoP Gary Griffith, acting DCP McDonald Jacob, National Security Minister Stuart Young, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and AG Faris Al Rawi at the Diplomatic Centre on 14 September 2020.
(via Office of the Prime Minister)
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  1. He clearly remembers nothing of his training. You don’t have to still be in the army to observe the valuable protocols instilled while you were there.
    Major Brown is echoing the sentiment of all logical thinking people. Anyone who disagrees with this is a secret sycophant of the big GG and there are quite a number of them around, unfortunately. GG would also do well to remember what good manners look like. Hopefully he’s not too far gone to remember.

  2. This is a total crazy issue. The PM called out the COP, there was no malice nor was there any wrong doing. I think that it is important that the COP takes care and stay the course in leading the men and women in the TTPS than getting his feeling hurt. No one was thrown under the bus and no one was being singled out, PM was simply stating that everyone regardless of social structure or color of skin is treated equally under the law. I totally disagree with the COP comments about violating someone rights when entering private property. When there is a generated radio call, with information provided that pertains to private property, officers have every right to enter premises to enforce the law by either spirit of the law (warning ) or spirit of the law (citation). My advice to the COP stop always getting on TV and always being defensive. Its does not show strong leadership skills. Stop the bantering and do your Job!

    • Donald Trump is not the only narcissist we know. And narcissists, it has long been clear, hear only their own voice or voices which echo their own.

      Don’t hold your breath, bro!

  3. I dont agree with Brown

  4. I think the Major is missing the point that the COP is no longer in the army. He does not have a line minister. The fault is the unfortunate communication from the PM’s office. The seperation of powers is critical to democracy. I am guessing that we still want a democracy??

    • What he does not have, as Major Brown makes clear, is any sense of what constitues proper conduct for people in public office. He may not have any sense of what is proper for people period.

      But day does run until night ketch it. Let him run fuh now…

  5. I agree with Major Brown

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